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Does Your Orthodontic Business Measure Up? Access key insights and trends in our 2016 Practice Comparison Report

Get your complimentary copy of our report by visiting us at the MKS Forum, or online at The 2016 edition of our Orthodontic Practice Comparison Report provides valuable insights for assessing the operational and financial health of orthodontic practices. With five years of data from our survey, you can compare your new patient growth, production and collections, as well as other practice performance indicators to a cross-section of CWA orthodontic clients nationwide.


Key trends in 2016 include: • Production has grown an average of 8.51% annually (2012-2016)






• An overall average of 504 new patient starts in 2016 • Collections have grown an average of 8.79% annually (2012-2016) • Staff salaries average 17.09% of overall collections

Want to assess your practice progress? Talk to our team at the MKS Forum to help you stay on track. | 972.233.3323 | Cain Watters and Associates LLC is an Investment Advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Information provided does not takeQ4 into account individual financial circumstances and • 2017 | 43 should not be considered investment advice. Request Form ADV Part 2A for a complete description of Cain Watters financial planning and investment advisory services.

The Progressive Orthodontist  

Q4 2017

The Progressive Orthodontist  

Q4 2017