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“Diamond buying can be overwhelming. Educating yourself through literature or speaking with a certified gemologist can make purchasing a more fun and enjoyable experience, rather than something scary.”

Designed for bold simplicity yet regal elegance, our white gold diamond ring is a statement of individuality. A stunning 3.9 carat emerald shines amongst 106 diamonds in a truly glamorous setting. Price upon request: (305) 374-0739


hat happens when a descendant of jewelers with a legacy that began in Austria takes over the family business in Miami, Florida? Pure magic. “I am the seventh generation in my family to run the store,” says Beau Hequin, CEO of Morays Jewelers. “It was always a goal of mine to keep the tradition within the family of being a jeweler and expanding on the success that my parents had built for Morays.” While Morays offers some of the most luxurious, rare and sought-after items available for purchase, this scion of jewelers offers an approach and atmosphere that is warm, welcoming and inviting — like a family environment. All of his staff have been with Morays for at least five years and have a minimum of 20 years in the industry. With a family tradition of priding themselves on customer service, buying jewelry and family heirlooms with diamonds, gemstones, minerals and stones from this family is a very special process. WHAT’S HOT RIGHT NOW IS COLOR “There is a strong trend of color right now as opposed to only diamond pieces, whether that be the use of rubies, sapphires or emeralds that also includes semiprecious stones like amethyst, aquamarine, peridot and citron,” Hequin says. “We have even seen some clients opting to use colored stones in place of diamonds for their engagement and wedding bands.”


A striking combination of the eye-catching beauty of emeralds with the classic elegance of diamonds, Moray’s Platinum Emerald Diamond Flower Earrings feature over six carats of diamonds complementing over seven carats of Emeralds. Price upon request: (305) 374-0739

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