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The Alzafar Achbar is the Official Membership Newsletter of Alzafar Shriners: It is published monthly by Alzafar Shriners Stated Meeting ………………………….. 2nd. Thursday Monthly Chartered ………………………………………………… July 13, 1916 PHONE: 210-496-1625 San Antonio Shrine Auditorium: 901 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, Texas 78232: www.thesashrineauditorium.com Alzafar Shriners E-mail: alzafarrecorder@gmail.com Official Website: www.alzafar.org 2018 ELECTIVE DIVAN Potentate …………………………………………………….Jason Triggs Chief Rabban ………………………………………………..Eric DeWalt Assistant Raddan ………………………………………Marty Bartlett High Priest & Prophet ………………………….Travis Elmendorf Oriental Guide …………………………………………Robert Norman Treasurer ………………………………………………………….Ron Trine Recorder ……………………………………………….Thomas Leverett 2018 APPOINTIVE DIVAN 1st Ceremonial Master ………………….Edward C. Rodriguez 2nd Ceremonial Master …………………………..James C. Hoyo Director ……………………………………………………Walter Koehler Marshall …………………………………………………………Ken Propes Captain of the Guard ………………………………Ralph Flanigan Outer Guard ……………………………………………….David Hadley Chaplain ……………………………….P.P. Gregorio “G.I.” Flores 2018 IMPERIAL REPRESENTATIVES Potentate …………………………………………………….Jason Triggs Chief Rabban ………………………………………………..Eric DeWalt P.P. Reese L. Harrison, Jr. ………Emeritus Representative P.P. Robert “Bob” Jett …………….Emeritus Representative Daniel M. Hutchison III …………..Emeritus Representative P.P. Robert “Bobby” Hunt P.P. Stuart H. “Stu” Simms 2018 FINANCE COMMITTEE Potentate …………………………………………………….Jason Triggs Chief Rabban ………………………………………………..Eric DeWalt Assistant Rabban ………………………………………Marty Bartlett Kyle Jackson ……………………………………………………….4 Years Richard Reyes III …………………………………………………3 Years Garrett Ethridge …….……………………………………………2 Years Gary Bausell ………………………………………………………….1 Year ALZAFAR SHRINE PHOTOGRAPHER ………….Art Loera STATED MEETING The next Stated Meeting of the Alzafar Shriners will be held on October 11 th 2018 at the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium, 901 N. Loop 1604 West San Antonio, Texas 78232. Dinner is at 6:00pm on a first come first served basis. The purpose of the Stated Meeting is to receive and ballot on petitions, to receive committee reports, to discuss and take possible action on agenda matters and any such other business, as might come before it YOUR 2018 DUES CARD WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ADMITTANCE TO STATED MEETINGS. BE SURE TO BRING THESE THREE THINGS:   

Your fez on your head Your dues card in your pocket The spirit of fun and good fellowship in your heart

Potentate Recorder

Jason Triggs Thomas D. Leverett

ILLUSTRIOUS SIR JASON R. TRIGGS POTENTATE OF ALZAFAR SHRINERS Rounding 3rd and heading home… It’s hard to believe that 3 quarters of the year has already passed us by. It seems just like yesterday we were all heading down to Laredo for our first parade of the year in February. So much has happened throughout the year we’ve barely had enough time to slow down to take a breather. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. A HUGE “At a Boy!” to our Chief Rabban, Eric DeWalt, and his Lady Suzy for hosting a great circus. You guys did a fantastic job of bringing everyone together in the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork. I’m sure you guys are very thankful it’s all over, but cherish the memories. Not many people can say they put on a circus, but you can and you both did great! Our Assistant Rabban, Marty Bartlett, and his Hospital Gala team are reaching the “main event” of their fundraising efforts for the year in this year’s Hospital Gala. Noble Bartlett and his Lady, Martha, have been at it all year raising funds for the hospitals and our transportation fund. Golf tournament, street collections, serving steak dinners, all for the children in our hospitals. I’m very anxious to see the outcome after the dust settles after the gala. I just know all the hard work will pay off. Just as important as raising funds for the hospitals, Our High Priest & Prophet, Travis Elmendorf, has devoted himself to helping with membership efforts this year. Besides seeing him coordinate membership events we have at Alzafar, I’ve spotted him at several Masonic Lodges in the area raising awareness of our hospitals as well as introducing many to our Masonic fraternity. As for our Oriental Guide, Robert Norman, it seems it was just yesterday he was biting his fingers trying to get enough baskets for the children’s Easter party. It’s been a quiet several months for you but your time is coming with the Halloween and Christmas parties. Don’t sweat it and have fun with it. We’re all here for you. I’m proud of all you guys and I look forward to what the last quarter of the year will bring.



Shorter Days & Longer Nights

I hope this article arrives to your mailbox before October 6th. I wanted one last chance to remind you about one of our biggest events of the year. We have planned a very big party–our Grand Ole Opry themed Gala!

As the days start getting a little shorter, the nights a little longer and, hopefully, the weather little cooler, the Shrine continues to hum at a steady pace with Nobles and Ladies busy working on events and projects. I am always humbled by the generosity of spirit and effort that is given so willingly by our Shrine family to ensure that each activity and/or event is a success. As you read through this edition of the Achbar newsletter, the 75TH ANNIVERSARY ALZAFAR SHRINE CIRCUS will have already entertained and delighted the young and old alike and the elephants will have moved on to their next show. I thank you all in advance for the hard work and commitment that everyone put forth to ensure the Circus’ success. These large events are not possible without the dedication of so many Nobles and Ladies from Alzafar. As I write this article, the preCircus financials are better than expected and it looks like we will be able to add funds to our coffers for 2019. I look forward to sharing with you actual numbers in the near future. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for embracing change, giving guidance, words of encouragement and sage advice as we embarked on this huge undertaking. It has been a pleasure working with you all. We have also enjoyed an evening at the Grand Ole Shrine Hospital Gala. Hopefully, you danced the night away, bought some items to take home from the Silent Auction and made the winning bid on one (or more) of the amazing Live Auction items. I have no doubt that Marty and Martha Bartlett, along with their hardworking volunteers, made the event a spectacular success and we are able to provide the much needed funding to the transportation fund. Also, Please remember to always support our new guy, Mr. Robert Norman, as he shifts into high gear to showcase his leadership with the end of the year Children’s parties. I am sure he has great things in store but one man cannot do it alone. Please give him your time, your talent or tithing. We all have something to give. It is truly an honor and privilege to know you, work with you and serve you on the Divan. Please continue supporting your Nobles and Ladies–you all are what makes our Shrine shine bright.

On October 6th, our largest annual hospital fundraiser, the Hospital Gala, will be held. Have you heard who our special guest will be? We are fortunate to have Alec – the international ambassador for the Shriners Hospitals for Children as our guest of honor. We have lined up some exciting country music talent to sing for us that night (including some big surprise entertainers), have a great meal planned, and the bar will be open all night. Here is your chance to dress up in your tux, your tux and jeans, your cowboy boots, your fancy dress or your best cowgirl outfit and come out for a glitzy, country – western night. It will be an amazing night of entertainment with the Shrine Center looking like the actual Grand Ole Opry, and lots of silent and live auction items for you to pick up. Tickets are $750 for a regular table of 10, $1,000 for a VIP table of 10 (private waitress and best placement in the room), or $100 per person (if you don’t have any friends you want to sit with at a table). Assuming the Gala has not yet occurred, it is not too late to call Maria or Carol in the office to reserve your space. Make sure you don’t look back and wish you had attended this special event.



Volunteer- person who freely donates his/her time or efforts for a cause or organization without any expectation of financial gain.

WOW!!! What a great time we had last month at the 75th Anniversary Shrine Circus. I hope everyone had a great time like I had. The laughter of children and adults alike was something to remember. Although this year’s circus was different from years past, it was a huge success. Congratulations to Eric and Suzy DeWalt and the endless amount of volunteers for a huge job well done.

Fraternity- a group of people associated or formally organized for a common purpose, intent, or pleasure. Early last month Alzafar, Al Amin, and Anezeh held a meeting in Laredo, TX. The Potentate of Anezeh Shrine, Illustrious Sir Perez Perez was on an official visit to Nuevo Laredo; to present the charter and swear in the officers of Anezeh’s newest Shrine Club. In conjunction with this visit he wanted to meet with the Texas Border Shrine Temples that facilitate the movement of Shrine patients across the border. These patients either headed to one of our clinics or on to one of our Hospitals. Besides the shared camaraderie a discussion on the topic of: Issues that continue to impede the ease of movement on both sides of the border for the children seeking care from the Shrine Hospital system. Input was provided by the Shrine Clubs as well as the Transportation Unit from Al Amin. I was humbled and proud to witness this exchange between Countries, Temples, Nobles, Friends and first most VOLUNTEERS. With the dialog begun and the next meeting set, we will move forward ever striving to provide the finest assistance to the children who come for our care.

It’s hard to believe we are already into October. This has truly been a ride to remember. The year is just rolling on by. The month of October will be just as busy as the rest of the year has been. We have three big events going on this month. Our first event this month is the Hospital Gala, which is October 6th. Marty and his team have been very busy preparing for this year’s Gala. It should turn out to be a great evening. This is the last charitable fundraiser to raise money for the Hospital Transportation Fund for 2018. The second event is October 13th out at Camp Alzafar. It will be the Masonic Picnic and Chili Cookoff. In addition to the Masonic Picnic and Chili Cookoff, there will be an outdoor degree, which will feature the Oklahoma Native American Degree team. This is one event you don’t want to miss. Travis and his team are hard at work to ensure this is one special day. The last event of October is hosted by myself, the Oriental Guide, and my Lady. It is the Shrines Halloween Kids Party. The party will be on October 28th from 2-4. We are still in the planning stages, but it is shaping up to be a spooktacular time. We ask for units to please come out and pass out candy to the children that will be trick or treating throughout the building. This event is always a great and safe time for our children. Please call the office and RSVP so we can plan accordingly.


RECORDER T-Bone Tommy Leverett

Summer is clearly behind us. Circus as well as the Gala was a huge success. Camp had their labor day closing and can now settle in for the fall and winter, planning on another new start next year. While we still have several events yet this fall to participate in, I personally, would like to thank all who worked so hard on all the events thus far this year. It really demonstrates who we are and what we do to support our Fraternity and Philanthropy. Our Fraternity and Shrine Kids can only exist because of us.

2018 Alzafar Shrine Circus: By the time you read this article, assuming somebody does read this article. Our Wonderful Shrine Circus has come and gone. The format has changed, but the Brotherhood will always remain the same. Our Assistant Rabban, Marty Bartlett, has to put the pencil to the paper and decide if we continue on as Eric designed the Circus or make some changes for the 2019 Shrine Circus. I have always thought of myself as being one of the young Nobles, but with age 62 coming this month the old legs are not what they used to be and having a three day circus rather than a 4 day circus sure helped me this year.

Next up, our Masonic picnic and Chili cook off, Halloween and a few parades. Come on out and have fun with Fraternity and family.

Circus Tickets paid...check. 2019 Alzafar Dues paid…check. Camp Alzafar assessment paid…check: The Noble tickets ($64) are one of the biggest fraternal fund raisers we have to pay our bills and keep the lights on. We had many generous Nobles give us $75 and $100 for their Nobility Circus Tickets. For everyone that sent in a check we would like to say “Thank You” for some of our Nobles that can’t afford to purchase the discounted tickets and return them “We Understand” and for the few Nobles that use the tickets every year without helping us out with a check we know who you are. The dues for 2019 will remain at $85 this year. If you don’t want to send a check you can call us and give us a credit card. Once paid you will get a 2019 sticker for your current dues card. Finally Camp Alzafar owners please send your money prior to December 31, 2018. If you pay anytime in January it will cost you an additional $100. The fine goes up $100 per month so please pay before the end of the year.

Of special note, please congratulate the membership committee again this year headed up by Al Rapoza. We learned at imperial we are still in no. 1 position for creations and we received a life achievement award. This as you know, is no small feat. The team was focused and diligent, never giving up. That is the spirit it takes to make a difference. Please plan to continue to support and encourage our new members. Please continue support your local blue lodges each month. It is making a huge difference. The more we can help them increase their membership, the more opportunities we will have to do the same. Last but certainly not least, please remember our HTF in any of your fundraising plans. Remember haircuts for Gary? That generated nearly $2,500. Thank you David Hadley!!!! And all who participated. As always, I am proud to serve you and if there is anything I can help you with, please contact me. A wise man once said, “ If the World were perfect, it wouldn’t be” Yogi Berra.

The 2018 GALA: this is by far the largest Hospital Fund Raiser of the year. We hope that you made it out to this event on October 6th. If you were unable to attend and would like to help with a tax-deductable contribution please send in a check made payable to the Alzafar Hospital Gala. Any amount will help as this money all goes to transporting our Shrine Children to our hospitals. Isn’t that really the main reason you became a Shrine to help the Children? Parade weather is almost perfect: Come out and join the fun and let the public know why we are so proud to be Shriners. Look in this Achbar for the dates of the next parade. Come out and join us at the next event or Shrine Parade and find out why I say “Alzafar Rocks”!

ANTIQUE CARRIAGE By: Rick “Tater” Reyes

MEMBERSHIP By: Al Rapoza Shriners come from all walks of life. We are plumbers and professionals, salesmen and CEOs. We are fathers, uncles, and sons. We are also brothers. When you become a Shriner, you become part of a brotherhood of men committed to family, engaged in ongoing personal growth, and providing care for children and families in need. While our backgrounds and interests may be diverse, what binds us together are shared values and a desire to have fun, do good and build bonds that last a lifetime. There are many benefits to becoming a Shriner. Membership in a well-known fraternal organization recognized for its social and philanthropic activities. Opportunity to develop lasting relationships with like minded men from all over the world engage in social activities and events that are available for the entire family. Participate in many special interest groups with Shriners that allow like minded men to enjoy a little high-spirited fun. Motorcycles, trap shooting, parades, golf, flying and sports cars are all examples of these types of groups. The privilege of supporting the "world’s greatest philanthropy,” Shriners Hospitals for Children offers Shriners many opportunities to find personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Let’s continue our membership momentum. You rock and so does Alzafar.

It’s already September and our Antique Carriage Club has already started the conversations on next years car show. Our hope is that the 2019 car show will far exceed this year’s car show. Keep your eyes and ears open for more news to come on the event. For the month of September, the ACC has been busy having participated in the Boerne Kendall County Fair parade, the 2018 Circus parade at the Freeman and the Sabinal parade. In addition to parades, we also decided to honor our ladies with a night out for our monthly stated meeting. It was held at Mamacitas and fun was had by all. As we move into the end of the year, we have some great events coming up that we hope you will join us at. First and foremost, the unit will participate as always in each parade for the rest of the year. The honor guard has the privilege of leading the Shrine but followed just behind them is the antique carriage club with the Divan in tote. We also have our annual Christmas party just a few short months away which will be held at the Barn Door off of New Braunfels and 410. Dates will follow but if you’re interested, please feel free to reach out and we can pass the info to you. Lastly, as a reminder, you don’t have to be an antique vehicle owner to be in the Antique Carriage Club. As you may have noticed, many of the vehicles in the parades are newer vehicles and we welcome anyone to join. We only ask that you bring good vibes, a positive attitude, and a willingness to support the unit, our fraternity, and our philanthropy. Talk to everyone soon!


CAMP ALZAFAR By: Rick “Tater” Reyes

The Boerne Shrine Club hopes that everyone had a great time at the Kendall County Fair Parade and tailgate this past Labor Day Weekend. We all enjoyed the fellowship and great camaraderie that comes with being a Shriner.

Camp has officially closed! Wait... what? This is a question that I have heard many of times. As a reminder, camp closing in September isn’t the closing of camp to the public in as much as it is a closing of the summer activities at Camp Alzafar. Please feel free to continue to go out to your Camp Alzafar and enjoy all that it has to offer. Speaking of Camp closing, the Camp officers did a great job of putting yet another fun filled event together for everyone to enjoy. From a bean bag toss competition to a fish fry, to a great country band, The Camp Alzafar end of the year celebration was an event you should not have missed. The day started off with the Boerne parade, then a meal put on by the Boerne Shrine club, then the official Camp festivities.

Although we had a last-minute change in venue due to weather and logistics, the club was able to pull off a great tailgate. We are extremely thankful to Kendall Masonic Lodge for allowing us to have our tailgate at the Lodge and we look forward to future collaboration for next year’s events. Our members will be hard at work later this Fall preparing for fundraising activities and next year’s round of parades in Boerne. If you live around Boerne you are more than welcome to attend our meetings and join our club. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at a different restaurant around Boerne each month.

DIRECTORS STAFF By: Miguel Inclan The Alzafar Directors Staff would like to thank all members who helped during the August Ceremonial, the Circus Weekend and other events over the past 2 months where our unit members have been hard at work. We have 2 great events coming up in October, the Shrine Hospital Gala on October 6th and the Masonic Picnic and Indian Degree at Camp Alzafar on October 13th. Please come out and join us during the CookOff and Picnic at Camp Alzafar. Our next meeting will be on October 9th with dinner at 6:30 pm and the meeting to follow directly after the meal. Come on out and see what we are up to. If you would like to join our unit please speak to one of our members or come by the office.

The next morning our very own Chief Rabban, Eric DeWalt led everyone in Church service followed by the Camp Association meeting. Our new officers for 2018 are Secretary- David Hensley, Treasurer- Mike Calloway, 2nd Vice President- Marco Zuniga, 1st Vice President- Kyle Jackson, and President- Rick “Tater” Reyes. When you see the new members of the board, make sure you introduce yourself if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet them. We’d like to send a huge thank you to our immediate past Camp Alzafar Association President Luis “Bet-O” Cardenas and his lady Dyana for stepping into the role and doing an excellent job at camp for the last 2 years. Up next is Camp’s annual Halloween party which is planned for Saturday the 20th of October, times to follow. Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone who helped make camp a success this year. Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to say thank you to everyone but to all of you who came out to support our efforts, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much. We couldn’t have done any of it without you. We hope to see you all very soon!


HILLBILLY CLAN #152 By: Rich Orr

By the time this article hits the streets, 15 golf unit members would have completed working at every performance of the Circus, opening and closing the curtains for the entrance and exit of every act. They also manned the controlled entrance to the Branding Iron Club by identifying and issuing ID bracelets to eligible personnel. Great work Nobles.

At r Awgust meetin we handed out tha tickets fer tha $200 gift card. We’ll pull tha winning ticket at r Christmas party in Decimbur. Tha proceeds will go ta pay fer tha work done on “Betsy”.

After spending a week, 1-5 Oct, during the President’s Annual Golf trip in Ruidoso, playing three different golf courses, and having fun shopping and hanging out at the casino, 16 nobles and ladies had to head back to get ready for the Gala and fill the two tables reserved by the unit. No rest. Preparations for the Alzafar Children’s Halloween Party were the main subject at the September unit meeting. SURE we had time to play the two fun golf tournaments and the official monthly tournament on the second Tuesday. Nobles and Ladies, golfers or non-golfers. All Shriner’s mission is to support The Shriner’s Children Hospitals and our temple Alzafar, so why not join the Golf Unit and do all that plus enjoy the fellowship, fun and work. Come check out at our monthly meeting the 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 in room 7 . F




HILL COUNTRY SHRINE CLUB By: Jim Bobbitt We participated in the Gillespie County Fair Parade in Fredericksburg in August and the Kendall County Fair Parade on September 2, 2018. We will be showing our support for the Shrine Circus in Kerrville on September 13, 2018. We invite any Nobles in the area to join us for our monthly meeting. Beginning in October, we will be back on our regular schedule of meeting the first Monday of each month at 11:30 am. We meet at the Inn of the Hills, 1001 Junction Highway, Kerrville, Texas 78028. Any further information, please contact Jim Bobbitt 830-895-3615.

“Betsy” didn’t make tha last cupple of parades, as she needs sum work done. We have now been able to get sum of tha work done but she’ll need more work. If’n yu know a friend who would like ta become a Hillbilly, have them cum out ta r meeting an see what we are all about. We’ll meet Oktoebur 14, 2018. We ask everyone ta continue ta keep all r cuz’ns that r ailin in yer thoughts an prayers an hope they git back on tha Hillbilly trail real soon. We’uns hope ta see y’all at r next meetin Oktoebur 14, 2018. HOSPITAL CORPS By: Roger Hopkins The Hospital Corp met on Tuesday, August the 21st and had a very busy evening. The meeting was gaveled to order by our Commander, Noble Gordon McKinnie and Noble Ed Tuma gave an invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to nation and state (and no one took a knee). The Commander then recognized Past Commanders and we got down to the business. Members of the Board briefed on upcoming events. The Halloween Party, the Holiday events at Camp Alzafar, the Gala and the Circus. The Commander reviewed the business of the various committees and ensured that everyone had “signed in” and drawn for September trips. Our Secretary/Treasurer reported on our last meeting and our finances. We reviewed the upcoming Parade Schedule (and had 7 riders planned for the Kendall County Parade in Boerne). We planned for our upcoming Clinic in Laredo and Noble Lackey was asked to serve as senior driver for the clinic. We discussed our upcoming potluck supper scheduled for September 18th and finally agreed to reserve a table for 10 at the October Gala. The business meeting was closed, and we were given benediction from Noble Tuma. We look to those of you in our Shrine that are as committed as we are to come out and support our mission.

HONOR GUARD By: Al Aranda Starting off again, asking everybody to keep our members in your prayers, the ones that are not in full speed. Our Past Illustrious Sir G.I. Flores, is still flying with just one motor; Noble John Mauro had to go for thirds to get another spare part; Noble Jerry Hockman is still rolling with an unbalanced wheel; Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Stevens are also flying low. Need to thank the line up at Boerne and the Stated Meeting, and the Ladies that supported the club at Boerne and at the circus. All you girls give yourselves a big pat on your backs, as you all did a super job decorating the room at the circus. Nobles, you also get a big atta boy and Ladies you get a big atta girl for all the support at the Octoberfest, everybody really supported the club. A big thank you to all the other clubs that supported this big event as well. Our next event that we need the support from all members, is the “chile’ cook off. We need to bring the trophy back to the room. We will be there with bells on, so we need the support from all the members. Almost forgot to thank the lineup at the Gala. Everybody was super spiffy. Also forgot to mention that another of our members is flying low as he had some repairs on one of his wings, Noble Ron Trine. May the Great Architect put his arms around all of us, so that we may be safe and in good health.

LAREDO SHRINE CLUB By: Larry Lowe The Laredo Shrine Club hosted a bowling tournament on August 30, 2018. It wasn’t as successful as we hoped. But a good time was had by all. The Club is wanting to host a Bingo in the future. Our Masonic Lodge will be hosting a Christmas party for its members and has asked our Club to assist. We will be looking for a “Santa’s” helper for the evening. The expenses of our last Outreach Clinic were discussed. We had added cost of having to put up several families in motels rooms for Wednesday & Thursday nights. This is a huge expense that we had not incurred during previous Clinics. The Club decided that for the remainder of the year any fund raising will be to support our Club in the Clinic expenses. It was also suggested that those Club members that would like to donate food items for the Clinic may do so. This will help relieve some cost to the Club. Some members have already signed up to do this. THANK YOU! Lastly, we would like to congratulate our own Larry Lowe for being selected Alzafar Shriner of the Month for August, 2018.

ALZAFAR ROD & GUN CLUB By: Craig Noyes Hello everyone. With all of the rain we had in September, the annual Dove Hunt at the 2nd Year Director Frank “Rocky” Rivas ranch in Hondo, had to be postponed due to the conditions of rain and mud. We will try to have the hunt in early October when Rocky gets back from his duty along the Border. In other business, I would like to start fishing again and may plan on making a trip to the Coast to see how the fishing is and scout some areas to drop a line. After watching a special on TV about one year after Hurricane Harvey, Port Royal is still damaged so, it may be a while before the club can find accommodations. Vice President Mike Barnes has some great plans for next year and it should be fun. We still need to fill the spot for our Gambling Coordinator and if anyone is interested should contact one of the officers of the Rod & Gun Club and volunteer. That is about all I have to say in this Achbar so I thank you and may there be many fish on your stringer.

Need A Venue For Your Next Special Event?

Look No Further! Contact Lynda at (210) 496-6334 sashrineauditorium@gmail.com

Lynda Hall Director of Sales and Marketing San Antonio Shrine Auditorium

NEMNUF By: Rick "Tater" Reyes


Well, another month of 2018 has gone by with a flash. Your Alzafar NEMNUF clowns were out and about around the city bringing smiles to the masses. Most recently, we found ourselves entertaining the crowds in beautiful downtown Boerne Texas. The weather held up just long enough to make the parade seem flawless. In attendance was the usual suspects. Our 2nd vice president Garrett “Popp-E” Ethridge, Billy “buckethead” Peche, Eddie “Hubba” Bowers, Viv “Buttons” Pena, Mike “Tiddlywinks” Long, and myself, Rick “Tater” Reyes.

The Alzafar Legion of Honor is reaching out to members who quit participating for one reason or another. Our Commander sent an email to past members asking to return or at least speak to the Commander the reason they left.

Our families and friends adorned the streets and as always, the crowd participation didn’t let us down. Up next for the clowns is the Circus followed by our annual summer party, then the Sabinal parade. For those of you wanting to join the unit, don’t forget, you don’t have to be an active member to be a part of the unit. You can always be a social member and just come hang out at our meetings or wherever we go. If you’d like to learn more about the unit, just pull a clown aside and ask. Until next time nobles… Bump a nose

We want your input. We meet the second Monday room 4 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Alzafar Shrine. Please consider returning.

ALZAFAR SENIORS By: Roger Hopkins The Alzafar Seniors met in the Parlors on the 6th of September with 27 members and guests in attendance. The meeting was opened by our President, Noble “Tex” Phillips. An invocation was given by our Chaplain, RW Noble Donald Garrido, PP, who provided a bit of humor before the blessing. We then rendered honors to the America flag. Noble Phillips opened with a brief business meeting that involved recognition of Nobility, birthdays introduction of members anniversaries and sickness and distress. Our Secretary reported that the minutes were in the recent copy of the Achbar and the treasurer reported that we were “still solvent”. Then we enjoyed a delicious lunch of Chicken Fried Steak, Potato Salad, salad and break from Denny’s provided by Jerry and Bonnie Hopkins. After our delicious lunch, we were provided an update of the history of the Panama Canal by RW Noble Garrido, retired Chief Pilot of the Canal. The meeting was closed following a benediction by RW Noble Garrido, PP. We meet next on October the 4th and look forward to seeing many of you there.



NEKODAH TEMPLE NO. 44 DAUGHTERS OF THE NILE Welcome our newest Princess, Cynthia Horgan. Another ceremonial is scheduled for Oct 13th at 1:00 pm. Watch for emails on the Derby Day in Texas event on October 20th. Texas Days in Houston Nov 1st-4th is almost here. We have many ladies of the household planning to attend this annual event. Nekodah will be well represented in support of our Queen Carol Carpenter. Note: The November session is being moved from the 8th to the 15th due to the building being rented out. Save the date on your calendar for the Supreme Queen visit on Jan. 13th at 1:00 pm with a banquet to follow. Help us keep the household roster up to date. If you have new contact information such as mailing or email address or phone, you may send it to the Nekodah group account: nekodahtempleno44@gmail.com.

It is with heavy heart that we bid goodbye to a long time friend and our long serving drill captain; Jim Lacarde. Jim laid down his working tools last week and quietly passed to that celestial lodge above where the Supreme Architect of the universe presides. In truth, Jim never recovered from the passing of his Lady Margo last year. To just say he wasn't the same is an understatement. True love is a beautiful thing, and they had it. So long Jim, we will miss you. We were able to obtain Jim's Roadsters and now have them available for new members. The unit established a program where someone wishing to become a member of the Red Roadsters can lease a Roadster from the unit for a small deposit and be able to drive it immediately. If properly maintained, can get back their deposit when they turn it back in. So, a chance to get into a Roadster with a small outlay. Call Andy Perez at 210-259-7953. There are several parades coming up this fall as usual and we need to make a good showing. We need the public to remember the Shrine and the Shriner's Hospitals for Children. The hospitals are half of our mission; having fun and helping children. Let's go have some fun and resultantly we will help the children. Uncle Bud wants to know if Jimmy cracked corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about him?

RV CLUB By: Dave Browne The August rally was held at Miller Creek RV Resort near Johnson City. Miller Creek RV Resort is one of our favorite places to go even though we had not been there for a couple of years. This is a very nice park, except the creek was dry. I was looking forward to taking a dip in the creek. The park is located just south of Johnson City, so exploring the city is a must. We did a tour of the LBJ ranch which was impressive. For entertainment, the town square has a micro brewery (Pecan Street Brewing Co.). If you go there, try their sampler so you can taste all 8 of their brews. The food they serve is very good. For those that want to visit wineries, there are several close to Johnson City, and many more between Johnson City and Fredericksburg. There is also a bourbon distillery in nearby Hye. They offer a good tour for those that like bourbon. It is a very informative tour showing the advantages of ageing the whiskey in Texas versus Kentucky. The city held their annual trade days on the town square where all kinds of goods were displayed and available to purchase. The September rally is going to be held at the Pioneer RV Resort in Port Aransas September 27th through 30th. The October rally will be held at the Lake Medina RV Park near Lakehills, October 25th through 28th. If you have a RV and want to have a lot of fun in a relaxed atmosphere with Brother Nobles and their Ladies, come out and rally with us. I know you will have a great time. Call Wagon Master Jim Miller (210-415-4358) or assistant Wagon Master Dave Brewton (210-643-0314) for information about the next rally. You can always call me at (210-679-7356).

ORIENTAL GUIDE MUST BE SELECTED WISELY When members of a Shrine Center elect a Noble to the office of Oriental Guide, they are virtually starting that Noble through the Divan on the assumption that he will prove qualified for and worthy of advancement to the high office of Illustrious Potentate. Hence it is quite evident that the nomination for Oriental Guide should be based upon through and accurate evaluation of character, ability, prestige, interest, and experience. A Noble can be a good fellow, a hard worker, and a loyal Shriner…and yet lack the basic qualifications, which make a good Potentate. Unless a Noble is fully qualified for the job, he is unfair both to himself and to his Temple in seeking the office or in permitting his fellow Nobles to support and promote his candidacy. Each Shrine Temple needs and requires able high-type leadership. The normal starting out point of that leadership is the office of Oriental Guide. The following checklist may prove helpful in evaluating potential candidates for the office of Oriental Guide. However, no thinking man would be so naïve or presumptuous as to believe that any one Noble could possibly embody all the virtues, talents, and qualifications which are set forth in the checklist. Nevertheless, the list has practical value…for self-evaluation by the Nobles whose ultimate aspiration is the office of Illustrious Potentate…and for advance evaluation of candidates by the voting members. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

He should have good business judgment. He should be friendly and outgoing, a good mixer. He should have the ability to express himself clearly in language that will make us proud of him, rather than apologetic. He should present an imposing personal appearance. He should be able to hold his own and advance the interest of his Temple and Freemasonry in high places as well as among the humble. He should be a devoted Mason and constantly promote the interest of Freemasonry everywhere. He should be proud, yet humble. He should have good character and a past open to investigation. He should be a leader, have good standing in his community, and be influential in its affairs. He should be financially secure. He should be in good health, full of energy, and vitality. He should be able to devote ample time to his duties. He should be a man who, when he appears anywhere in public, you will be proud of and not be apologetic for his shortcomings. His wife should be able to understand his devotion to duty; realize that he is Potentate and not she; be able to dress and wear appropriate clothing, and be familiar with the social amenities. Remember she is destined to become Alzafar’s First Lady.

Nominations for Oriental Guide should be based upon thorough and accurate evaluation of character, ability, and interest. Remember, you are electing your spokesman and standard-bearer and the one who will represent you throughout the World. We have a great talent in our Temple. Let’s seek it! Let us be fair and sincere. Let us get the very best we can. 325.11 Election Regulations (a) Electioneering. The printing, publication, circulating, or distribution of resolutions, letters, telegrams, tickets, email or other devices, by a Noble, suggesting, recommending, opposing or containing the names of proposed candidates for office in the temple is prohibited. (b) Violation. For any violation of (a) above, the Imperial Potentate may suspend any offending Noble, and he may declare the election of the officers void and order a new election. (c) Notice. At least one week prior to the annual meeting or any election the temple Recorder shall mail to each member a notice thereof containing this section.

OFFICIAL CALL OF THE POTENTATE Annual Election of Officers

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Election of Officers will be held at a Stated Session of Alzafar Shriners, at the time and place show below. Attest: Thomas Leverett Recorder

Jason Triggs Potentate

Thursday, December 13, 2018 7:30 pm Alzafar Shrine Center 901 N. Loop 1604 W. San Antonio, TX 78232 MEETING WILL BE TILED MUST HAVE 2018 DUES CARD

Tentative Parade Schedule… Year, 2018 Note: Subject to change! DATE





Sat. Feb. 17th…… Washington’s Birthday..................... Laredo……………7:00AM……..… 9:00AM Sat. Apr. 14th…… Strawberry Festival………………………... Poteet.…………. 8:00AM……….10:00AM Sat. Apr. 28th…… Fiesta Flambeau………………………… San Antonio.………5:00PM……...… 7:00PM Sat. May 5th ……. Cornyval…………………………………….…... Helotes…..…...7:30AM………….9:30AM Sat. May 26th…… Memorial Day…………………………..….. Bandera…..……..9:00AM……….11:00AM Sat. June 16th…… Berges Fest………………………………………Boerne….………7:30AM……….10:00AM Wed. July 4th…… July 4th…………………………………………….. Seguin..…………8:00AM……….10:00AM Fri. Aug 24th……. Gillespie Co. Fair…………………………. Fredericksburg.…8:00AM……….10:00AM (Optional) Sat. Sept. 1st……. Kendall County Fair…………………….…. Boerne…..………8:00AM……….10:00AM Sat. Sept. 29th……Homecoming Parade…………………..….Sabinal….……….8:00AM……….10:00AM (Optional) Sat. Oct. 27th……Medina County Fair……………………………Hondo………....8:00AM……....10:00AM Sat. Nov. 10th……Veteran’s Day……………………….……...San Antonio……..10:00AM……...12:00PM (Alzafar Ladies and Family)

Sat. Dec. 8th……..Christmas Parade……………………….….. Sattler…………...9:30AM……….11:00AM (Alzafar Ladies and Family)

IN MEMORY OF Betty Wheeler Bobby Brennan Bobby Brennan Bobby Brennan Bobby Brennan Frank Gabin James "Bill" Gooden James Stultz James Stultz James Stultz James Stultz Joe Hope Lewis Gimbel Mary Beal Mary Molnar Ray Gilliland Richard Baldarrama Richard Baldarrama Shirley Kastner

DONOR Retha Spaulding & Family Alfred G. Gray Alzafar Rod & Gun Club Peg Tindall Stephen McMahan Alfred G. Gray Bob & Mava Prichard Charlene McGuire Jerry & Pat Rhein Alzafar Golf Unit Bob & Mava Prichard Alzafar Rod & Gun Club Alzafar Rod & Gun Club Will & Kathy Beal Charlene McGuire Dottie Griffin Richard Wallace Alzafar Shrine Band Charlene McGuire

Willis F. Musser

M. Roy Sterling, Jr.

James “Jim” Lacarde

Marvin R. Roever

James Richard Coleman FOR SALE: 2015 Honda Shadow Areo. 750 cc; 3,000 miles. New in 2017. Many extras. Asking $6,500.00. Call Noble Tom Kopcho @ 210-414-9495. FOR SALE: Purchased new, 2004 Jayco Flight Travel Trailer. 27 ft. long, sleeps 7. Must sell due to illness. Asking $5,000.00 OBO. Trailer in storage at Camp Bullis. One owner. Less than 200 road miles. Call Jesse Araiza @ 512-769-0014. FOR SALE: 2 crypts at Anchor Lodge Cemetery. Make offer. Call Bob @ 210-824-4689. FOR SALE: 2 burial plots at Sunset Memorial Funeral Park. Asking $4,000.00 each. For more information call Noble A. G. Pinson @ 615-746-6888. FOR SALE: 4 burial plots at Sunset Memorial Park in the Masonic Section. Asking $4,000.00 each or negotiable. Call Judy Phillips @ 210-2747713.

FOR SALE: 2 burial plots at Sunset Memorial Park in the Masonic Section. Asking $4,000.00 each. Please contact Vicki Gann @ 210315-1325. FOR SALE: 4 adjourning plots in Brookside Memorial Park Cemetery, Houston Texas. Section 26 (Masters Lawn-Masonic Section), lot 251, spaces 3,4,5 & 6. Asking $4,995.00 each. Sell all or part. Call Noble Johnny @ 210-328-1776. FOR SALE: 4 cemetery plots in Historic Hollywood Cemetery, Houston Texas. Perpetual care included. Price is $5,000.00 each. Contact Betty Chalfont @ 830-237-3229. FOR SALE: Corn roaster, like new condition. Nat Washer Lodge paid $13,000.00, will take reasonable offer. Please call Noble Andrew J. Perez @ 210-259-7953. FOR SALE: Ben Hur #12 at Camp Alzafar. 2 bedroom cabin with cathedral ceilings. For more information, call Noble Billy Steele @ 210-402-1578.


3RD Tuesday Each Thursday 4th Wednesday 2nd Wednesday 2nd Thursday Memorial Day

July 4 & Labor Day

7:00pm Room 9 6:30pm Room 7 7:30pm Room 5 7:00pm Room 5 12:00pm as desig. 12:00pm Camp Pavilion 7:00pm Room 4 6:00pm as desig. 7:00pm Directors Rm. 7:30pm Directors Rm. 7:30pm Room 8 7:30pm Room 7 6:30pm Room 9


1st Monday 2nd Thursday 3rd Wednesday 2nd Tuesday Each Thursday 2nd Tuesday Each Thursday


1st Monday 3rd Tuesday

7:30pm Room 12 7:00pm Room 6 Wed. Before Stated 7:00pm Pavilion 4th Monday 7:00pm Room 11 2nd Monday As Designated 2nd Tuesday 7:30pm Room 10 3rd Monday 7:00pm Room 5 2nd Monday 7:30pm Room 11 Each Wednesday 7:00pm Room 8 4th Monday 7:00pm Room 6 1st Wednesday 7:00pm Provost Gd. 1st Tuesday 7:00pm Room 10 1st Sunday 12:00pm Dining Room 1st Wednesday 6:00pm RoustaboutRm 4th Weekend As Designated 1st Thursday 12:00pm Parlors 2nd Monday 7:00pm Directors Rm. 1st Monday 7:00pm Parlors 1st Wednesday 7:00pm as desig.


3rd Wednesday 2nd Monday 4th Saturday 3rd Monday 1st Monday 1st Wednesday



Sun. Feb.,Apr. 5:00pm Roustabout Rm.

June, Aug.,Oct.Dec.


6:30pm as desig. 6:30pm Lakeside GC. 6:30pm Ramada Inn 6:00pm as desig. 11:00am Inn of the Hills 7:00pm as desig.



4th Monday 1st Tuesday 2nd Tuesday 2nd Thursday


1st Monday

7:00pm Parlors


7:30pm as desig.

7:00pm 7:30pm 7:00pm 7:30pm

Alzafar Annex Alzafar Annex Alzafar Annex Parlors

PAST POTENTATES OF ALZAFAR SHRINE 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966

Frank R. Newton, SR.* Ted Millburn* J. A. Patterson* Henry Rabe* Robert Burne* Sylvan Lang* Robert S. Michael* Nathan K. Tracy* H. W. Weber* Herman Horner* Charles D. Hall* S. X. Callahan* John Lomax* Henry A. Hirschberg* A. J. McKenzie* Louis P. Hartung* Anton N. Moursund* G. G. Grebenheimer* Porter Loring* P. D. Mathis* Geo. F. Dullnig* Willard E. Simpson* C. Baumberger, Jr.* William Eifler* William H. Wallace* Daniel O’Connell* O. J. Solcher* Rennie Wright* Albert A. Green* W. D. Turbeville* Ted E. Poppe* Alfred W. Harlos* Sam A. Chapman* Richard Adams* Roy Akers* Glen K. Schuepbach* W. C. “Pat” Welch* Elliot J. Bilhartz* Ray H. Trimmier* T. M. McCormick* H. S. Norman* W. B. Jack Ball* Floyd J. Griffin* Henry W. Eitt* Harvey McDonald* L. L. Woodman* George W. Henry* Barney Norris* Jack B. Lee* Robert B. O’Connor E. Jeff Ashcraft, Jr.*

1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015 2016 2017

D. Neal Talley* Wm. H. Ferguson* Keith Gerstner* Jack W. Cones, Jr.* Bruce Waitz* Floyd F. Graham* Drue H. Floyd* Jack O. Dietz* H. C. Kopplow* W.H. “Bill” Elmore* Thurman Barrett, Jr.*

Floyd O. Schneider* Reese L. Harrison, Jr.

Burdit W. McCoy* James V. Gullette* Joseph M. Clark* George D. Van, Jr.* Joe Roy Halloway E. C. “Bud” Jordan* Sidney D. Autry* Terry McGuire* James Dockery, Jr.* George J. Labinski* James W. Todd Ray Fuller* Robert “Bob” Jett Emmett C. George* E. C. “Ed” Vest* Tom Boothe* Jerry Krupp* Harry D. Rose* Robert D. “Bob” Green

Robert “Bobby” Hunt Bob Stephens* Loren Hayes J. Phillip Knight-Sheen

Wayne R. Duncan Steve R. Molnar Stuart H. “Stu” Simms

Frank B. Hunter* Joseph Calvey Paul F. McCombs James “Jim” Strayer* Richard “Rick” Reyes Gregorio “G.I.” Flores

Robert “Bob” Jones Tom Young Jay Dee Thomas John Dunn Gary R. Radvansky

MEMBERS OF ALZAFAR AND WHO ARE PAST POTENTATES OF OTHER SHRINE CENTERS 1964 Roy Reynolds (El Bekal)* 1970-71 Eldon Wesner (Anezeh)* 1979 Ray Robison (Suez) 1981 Donald Garrido (Abou Saad) 1983 David Martin (Suez) 1998 Terry Zittle (Abou Saad) * Asterisk Denotes the Passing of Our Illustrious Sir

OCTOBER CALENDAR OF EVENTS 4th 6th 8th 11th 13th 27th 28th

Forget-Me-Nots/Room 4 Seniors Meeting & Luncheon/Parlors LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors Alzafar Hospital Gala/Ballroom COLUMBUS DAY-SHRINE CENTER CLOSED Finance/Divan Meeting/Conference Room Alzafar Stated Meeting/Ballroom NILE Stated Session/Parlors Masonic Picnic/Camp Alzafar Medina County Fair Parade/Hondo Children’s Halloween Party

10:00 am 12:00 noon 7:00 pm 6:00 pm 5:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm All Day 10:00 am 2:00 pm

_____________________________________________________________ NOVEMBER CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1st 4th 5th 10th 12th 15th

Forget-Me-Nots/Room 4 10:00 am Seniors Meeting & Luncheon/Parlors 12:00 noon LOS Stated Meeting/Parlors 7:00 pm Alzafar Memorial Service TBD Finance/Divan Meeting/Conference Room 5:00 pm Veteran's Day Parade/San Antonio 12:00 noon Veteran's Day Observed-SHRINE CENTER CLOSED Alzafar Stated Meeting/Terrace Room 7:30 pm

__________________________________________________________________ DECEMBER CALENDAR OF EVENTS 6th 8th 10th 13th 16th

Seniors Meeting & Luncheon/Parlors LOS Christmas Party/Parlors Sattler Christmas Parade/Sattler Finance/Divan Meeting/Conference Room Alzafar Stated/Election of Officers/Ballroom NILE Stated Session/Parlors Children's Christmas Party/Ballroom

12:00 noon 7:00 pm 11:00 am 5:00 pm 7:30 pm 7:30 pm TBD

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