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THE ST. JOHN RESTAURANT St. Martinville eatery surprises with Cajun excellence By Angie Dumas,

Destination location: The St. John Restaurant is located on the beautiful Bayou Teche. This unassuming casual restaurant serves delicious Creole/Cajun food and boasts a menu filled with a variety of flavorful options sure to please guests and regulars alike. Concept: This Cajun/Creole steakhouse also serves delicious seafood and salads. Behind the name: It is named after St. John Street, which is a few blocks away. Little known fact: The St. John Restaurant revolves around family. The owners, waitresses and servers are majority family, and they know how to make their guest feel like family too. For the health conscience: The grilled seafood options will please the pallet without the guilt. If you are watching your waistline, try the seafood salad.

Catfish Plantation - Fried fish topped with lump crab and shrimp served in a Creole sauce and served with rice and a side salad.

Crabcake – Made with pure lump crabmeat and no fillers, these crabcakes are a Cajun delicacy at its finest.

Local Favorites: Word on the street is that The St. John Restaurant’s ribeye steak stir-fry may be the best around. One thing is for sure: you would be remis to dine here and not try the crabcakes, which are made with pure lump crab. Manly options: When you’re looking for a meal that is as filling as it is satisfying, go for


Grilled Shrimp – The fresh shrimp come in a buttery herb sauce and are served with a sweet potato, grilled vegetable medley and garlic bread.

the 16-ounce angus beef ribeye steak or the seafood platter, complete with a cup of soothing shrimp gumbo.

Romantic spots: Those looking for uninterrupted conversation should request the porch area. It comes with a scenic view!

Skip the mess and pick up a pot of delicious gumbo! When the weather takes a turn toward freezing folks in the 337 turn to the trusty ol’ gumbo. For those days when you don’t have the time to cook it from scratch (or for those of you who never knew how), The Corner Pantry Grocery and Restaurant can save the day! Give Connie DuBose a call at 981-1658 and the next day you can either pick up or have delivered a pot of homemade gumbo ready to heat and eat. As if that’s not great enough, Corner Pantry includes rice, potato salad and bread (your choice of rolls or French loaf) as well as bowls, spoons and napkins. For those interested in smaller portions, you can stop in any time for brown bag gumbo (single serving or quart) or homemade veggie soup. Bon appetit!


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