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Growing up in a backwoods, dead-end town, Jaclyn is a 17 year old girl who is about to inherit her late daddy’s lottery winnings which everyone wants. Fighting to support her decadent, wicked parents and mentally-challenged brother, who is the only person she loves, finds herself surrounded by secrets and spiraling events that can only end in sacrifice or death.


Time flies...faster than you can ever imagine. MOVING DAY DIR: SAMUEL Z. P. THOMAS / CEDAR HILL, TX / 18MIN Carrie’s illness has come back strong, and now she and Pete are separating. Her friends are confused and blame Pete, but is it really that simple? Is this a mutual separation, or is Pete kicking her out? Today is moving day. While everyone else struggles with their decision to part ways, Pete struggles with a secret burden that only he can carry. SWEET TALK DIR: LUCIANO ARTURO GLAVINA / SAO PAULO, BRAZIL / 8MIN In a café, a man sits down at a table to meet a woman . A chit-chat unfolds in a beautiful, human and very sensible dialogue. The short is a tribute to an Uruguayan poet and writer Mario Benedetti. ANOTHER LOVE DIR: VICTOR PEREZ / LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM / 20MIN A pregnant married woman struggles to tell a much older man that their affair is over. THE VOICE IN THE HEAD DIR: CYRUS TRAFFORD / LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM / 12MIN Psychologist David Rosenhan PhD, “If sanity and insanity exist, how shall we know them?” 400 MILES DIR: FELIX MARTIZ / CULVER CITY, CA / 30MIN At his father’s request, a young man returns home after several years to make peace with the man he vowed never to see again. FEIK FAMILY ROTUNDA



ONE DAY ON CARVER STREET DIR: AZURE ALLEN / CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA / 4MIN Charlie’s Place was a stop on the famous Chitlin’ Circuit, and hosted the hottest musicians of the day. In the post-war Jim Crow south, Charlie’s Place was a rare pocket of diversity in a world where the lines between black & white were firmly drawn. Charlie’s Place gave birth to the state dance of South Carolina, the Shag. Charlie Fitzgerald and the music he brought to Carver Street inspired many people regardless of color to come together. This simple act of dissent angered some people who would be driven to violence to stop it. CODA DIR: CALVIN J. WALKER / ALLEN, TX / 10MIN Two songwriting strangers are haunted by the same melody. PORCUPINE DIR: SABRINA DOYLE / CULVER CITY, CA / 15MIN W. Earl Brown (DEADWOOD, TRUE DETECTIVE, and the new ABC hit, AMERICAN CRIME) stars in this classic country music tale of heartache, loss and hope. On the eve of a country music star’s induction into the Hall of Fame, a mystery woman from his past appears at his dressing room door. They discover they have much in common: music, whiskey, and their prickly personalities. Can these two porcupines lower their quills long enough to form a bond, or are they destined to forever be alone? THE WRITER DIR: EMANUELE MENGOTTI / LOS ANGELES, CA / 6MIN A story of love and sin, passion and revenge; join together in a surreal frame narrated by a damned writer. HER SONG DIR: GREG PRINCIPATO / NEW YORK, NY / 8MIN Short narrative film that combines dance, and music to illustrate the lives of 3 generations of women as they cope with passing from this life to the next. BRAVE DIR: REGGIE TALLEY / NEW YORK, NY / 23MIN A young NY street performer battles against adversity while pursuing his passion over profit. THE TENOR DIR: DAMON CRUMP / WACO, TX / 12MIN A whimsical comedy about a Prima Donna Tenor sent to participate in an experiment conducted by an overbearing Military Scientist who is testing the powers of the human voice.


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22nd San Antonio Film Festival  

July 25 - 31, 2016

22nd San Antonio Film Festival  

July 25 - 31, 2016