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Jean Seo

$V ZHOO DV VHOHFWLYHO\ FXUDWLQJ WKH Ă€QHVW SURGXFWV IRU KHU OR\DO customer base, owner Jean Seo has now created her own line of eco luxury skincare. “Evolue Skincare was formulated for my most discerning clients who wanted the best-performing EXW QDWXUDO EHDXW\ SURGXFWV DQG FRXOGQ¡W Ă€QG ZKDW WKH\ ZHUH looking for,â€? says Jean. “And they were happy to be test bunnies to help create an effective, anti-aging and nourishing skincare, which uses the freshest and most effective ingredients available.â€? Such is her dedication to the quality of Evolue Skincare, Jean sources both locally and globally for pharmaceutical-grade, natural ingredients. In ensuring the product’s authenticity, she KDV DOUHDG\ JDUQHUHG $ OLVW IROORZHUV VXFK DV 0HODQLH *ULIĂ€WK and Demi Moore, and attracts global attention from around the world, from Mexico to South Korea and beyond. As a make up artist I have a few personal favorites that I highly recommend. The Gentle Cleanser & Makeup Remover is a PXVW KDYH IRU WDNLQJ RII DQ\ NLQG RI FRVPHWLF VSHFLĂ€FDOO\ KDUG to remove eye makeup. When I’m on set I can change looks fast, and the creamy consistency is effective and nourishing, as opposed to traditional oily, liquid makeup removers. As an DGGLWLRQDO EHQHĂ€W LW GRXEOHV XS DV D QXUWXULQJ KDQG FUHDP ZKHQ I’m in need. To combat dry or aging skin, I recommend the Exotic Oil. It is luxurious and lightweight, utilizing a byproduct of Omega-3 Ă€VK RLO VXSSOHPHQWV XVHG LQ .RUHD DQG &KLQD IRU FHQWXULHV WR K\GUDWH VNLQ 7KLV PLUDFOH VHUXP VPRRWKHV Ă€QH OLQHV DQG wrinkles, restoring elasticity, and promoting a glowing youthful appearance while working its magic to repair elastin

“ EVOLUE SKINCARE WAS FORMULATED FOR MY MOST DISCERNING CLIENTS WHO WANTED THE BESTPERFORMING BUT NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS, AND COULDN’T FIND WHAT THEY WERE LOOKING FOR.â€? The ultimate in anti-aging treatments, the Royal Jelly Peel is pure opulence in a jar, and made of 100% fresh organic royal jelly. Royal jelly is not only the food of queen bees; it is also a potent super food. A powerhouse of antioxidants, it is the world’s richest source of pantothenic acid (also known as Vitamin B5), known to combat stress, fatigue and insomnia, and is a vital nutrient for healthy skin and hair. A great alternative to alpha hydroxy acid, it removes dead skin safely, without burning new skin or the need for an aesthetician. Leave on for 45 minutes for a natural, luminescent glow. (YROXH 6NLQFDUH KDUQHVVHV QDWXUH¡V Ă€QHVW LQJUHGLHQWV FUHDWLQJ an eco-luxurious and effective beauty experience. One that is quite simply, evolved.