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Clegg Industries is a certified woman owned small bus siness.


John and Judy Clegg Started the Business in 1971. Socializing in transporting mobile homes. The business changed over time and the last 25 years has been focused on ground-up design, engineering and manufacturing of unique custom-made vehicles, trailers and structures for government agencies, the military, and civilian industry. In almost every project, Clegg Industries has utilized commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) trailers and equipment for the customized end-product. Our hallmark is meeting the strict MIL-SPEC, MIL-STD, FED-STD, ASME and SAE speciďŹ cations and regulations required by each of our customers. High-tech equipment and innovative engineering skills enables Clegg Industries to transform any customer’s vision into a specialized design. Our emphasis on Baldrige and ISO 9001-2000 based performance improvement criteria enables us to transform an idea into a high-quality product at a competitive price.


Judy Clegg

John Clegg



Richard M

Chris Gilig




uardi Merryn Diog OFFICE ADMIN


ash COL. Mike Petr GR SR. PROGRAM M

JB Clegg

Chana Clegg



John Miles


Tim Guajardo ASST SHOP MGR


Devon Dioguar Q.A.




an Patrick Freem WEB. MASTER






ehart Curtis Cap FACILITIES MGR

les Michael Gonza GR M T ASST PROJEC

tt Wesley Parre . PRODUCTION TECH




Clegg Industries staff will design, engineer and manufacture speciality vehicles to suit any special needs you may have. Our professional craftsmen are able to produce speciality vehicles by: Taking a basic concept and bringing it through all stages of development, meeting detailed specifications Working from blueprints provided by the customer. Taking an existing vehicle and making necessary modifications These speciality vehicles are not in stock. These speciality vehicles represent past custom jobs for specific customers and are for examples of what we can build for you.

U.S. Air Force High Deck Patient Loading Platform Ambulift Vehicle

Ennis, Texas Fire Department Command Center Vehicle Navistar Custom Diesel Truck

Dyno Load Car

N.A.S.A. Specialty Vehicles


U.S. Department Of Veteran Affairs Mobile Pharmacy

Our ďŹ nish carpenters and cabinet builders can ďŹ nish out your project any way you want it. We offer cabinets in wood, laminate, aluminium and steel.


Clegg Industries manufactures a wide variety of custom speciality trailers for industry, institution and defense. Clegg’s experienced staff offers a full range of custom speciality trailer services including: Sandblasting and Painting • Electrical Installation or Service • (AC and DC) Air-Conditioning and Heating • Transportation • Interpretation, Design and Fabrication of Military and Government Specifications.These custom speciality trailers represent past custom jobs for specific customers and are examples of what we can build for you.




Clegg Industries can modify and customize all sizes of ISO standard sea containers to meet your needs.

Interior Expeditionary Repair Center ManTech TSG/Ground Services Operations

Oil ďŹ eld Company Processing Unit

Interior - Shell Chemical - CRI Mobile Laboratory Blast Resistant Structure

Portable CNC Machine Shop - Army Mobile Parts Hospital

Custom ISO Cargo Shipping Container - Joint Force Headquarters, Washington National Guard, Staff Shelter Suite

Custom ISO Cargo Shipping Container - Joint Force Headquarters, Washington National Guard, Staff Shelter Suite

Expeditionary Repair Center ManTech TSG/Ground Services Operations


Custom built steel buildings, metal buildings, storage buildings, portable buildings and offices, modular buildings, customized prefabricated buildings, medical laboratory buildings and much more. Clegg Industries is a designer and manufacturer of specialized buildings and structures that can be used as laboratories or other special purposes. These special structures can be built out of wood or metal. Clegg Industries has specialized trucks and trailers to transport these buildings and special structures anywhere. These special structures represent past custom jobs for specific customers and are on this website for examples of what we can build for you.

Portable Guard House / Security Booth

Oil field Company Processing Unit Loaded for delivery to customer - Unmanned aerial vehicle equipment control shelters.

Loaded for shipping - Expeditionary Repair Center ManTech TSG/Ground Services Operations


Features Available Include: • Power Panel Entries • Signal Panel Entries • HVAC Cutouts (any size) • Shock Skids • EMI Shielding • Custom Paint • Tapping Plates

• Masts • Antennas • Integration • Custom Sizes • Leveling Jacks & Interior • Jack Stowage • Inclinometers

• Lifting Sling • Recessed Step Pockets • Ventilation Openings & • Louvers • Cable Entry Doors & Hood And Many More...

S280 Military Communications Shelter

EMI Shielded Military Shelter - With ExtremeTemperature Wire Rope Vibration-Damping Mounts

Unmanned aerial vehicle equipment control shelter.

S280 Military Communications Shelter


“Clegg Industries’ craftsmen can fabricate just about Anything with steel or aluminium.”



Oak Ridge National Laboratory Department Of State Kidde Fire Fighting Neany, Inc. ManTech International Corp. Caterpillar Washington National Guard MPR Services, Inc. Key Energy Services Pioneer Natural Resources Radiance Technologies, Inc. Cubic Advanced Tactical Systems Shell Chemical HEB Grocery Stores L3 Communications - Randtron Antenna Systems Arkansas Air National Guard GAF Materials Corporation Aerial Film Works Victoria County Sheriff Department Boeing Aerospace U.S. Customs U.S. Postal Service U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Geological Survey

Department of the Air Forces Department of the Army Department of Commerce Department of the Navy Westinghouse Handford Company (Under contract with U.S. Nuclear Regulator Agency)

Panama Canal Commission CDM Federal Program Co. (Under contract with EPA)

LTV Aerospace and Defense Co. TRW Enviromental Services David Taylor Research Center / U.S. Navy

Texas Eastman Co. Halliburton Ind. Services Port of Seattle E.I. DuPont de Nemours U.S. Veterans Administration Lockheed Support Systems Combat Mobile Support Systems Texas A&M University NASA Langley Research Center Chemical Research & Licensing \ Group Spill Response, Inc. & many more...



Clegg Industries  

June 2014

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