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Advocate Volume 38, No. 1

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Spring 2014

Q & A With David Twiggs National Trends Impacting HSV Future Development


More than 65 million Americans live in community associations. That's 24 percent or almost 1 in every 4 homes. Yet over the past five years, the priority of living in a golf course community association like Hot Springs Village has become lower according to research by Urban Land Institute, said David Twiggs, HSV Chief Operating Officer (COO). As a community development planner for the past 20 years, Twiggs has extensive knowledge of the evolution of the community association. On staff as COO since the summer of 2013, Twiggs has spent the past nine months applying his knowledge and experience in Hot Springs Village. In the Winter 2013 edition of the Advocate, Twiggs focused on the plan for keeping Hot Springs Village a relevant community for the current market. In this edition, Twiggs talks a little Property Owners’ Association Advocate Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association 895 DeSoto Blvd. Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 Telephone: (501) 922-5556 Email address: Website: Managing Editor: Linda Mayhood Editor: Lisa Watson

Volume XXXVIII, Number 1

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2 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

Brian Martin, Arkansas singer-songerwriter, performs at a recent Rock Porch Session.

more about what is happening in similar communities nationally and why it's important for Hot Springs Village to stay relevant in coming years. Let’s talk more about how HSV was developed and what has happened in the market to date. When planned communities like Hot Springs Village were developed, all that was needed to create value was an emphasis on golf and country club living. In the 1970s to early 2000s, banks were willing to finance these types of communities. It didn’t really matter where the communities were built. As long as the community had gates, nice homes and an emphasis on golf, then the lots could be sold. For Hot Springs Village specifically, the model Cooper created was a lotselling model, not a build-out model. With multiple golf courses stretched out over such a large area, Hot Springs Village offered diverse "buy-in" pricing which made some areas more prone to development. This means we had a wide variety of home prices but little building concentration in areas without amenities. Over time, some development migrated to other areas of values such as lakes and views. However, the amenities Hot Springs Village offered were

never diverse enough to level these development patterns across the entire 26,000 acres. In fact, efforts to maximize frontage sold on golf courses, lakes and views served to undervalue nearby properties by cutting off access to those amenities. In other words, there has been a lack of ultralocal value for building in Hot Springs Village. What I mean when I’m talking about ultralocal is this – what is it that makes the area around your home special? What is it that makes it special for you to live where you live? This could be proximity to a lake or golf course or other amenity. However, in many areas, there is no specific attraction. So, what has happened in the market in recent years and how does this affect Hot Springs Village? When many of the gated communities were built across the U.S., there was no emphasis given on quality of place. You could have a gated community located next to a freeway and people would live there. For a while, just the presence of gates and golf was enough to guarantee lots would be sold. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. There’s been a shift among

Q & A With David Twiggs

TWIGGS continued from page 2 consumers to a lifestyle that’s more focused on doing, serving and learning. Conspicuous consumption is no longer seen as a value by today’s consumer or by banks interested in financing these types of communities. One area where Hot Springs Village does have an advantage over other communities is quality of place. We live in the middle of a national forest. If that’s not quality of place, I don’t know what is. In addition, today’s consumers are much more interested in moving to a place that’s authentic and offers opportunities for connection. So, what we want to do is maximize what we already have here in Hot Springs Village while increasing opportunities for authentic living and connection with others. So, what does this look like in 2014? To begin with, we want to develop amenities that require lower capital investment, offering natural (i.e. authentic) places for folks to gather. Here are some examples. We kicked off the Rock Porch Sessions back in

November. This free music event features local artists performing in a laid back atmosphere. So far, they’ve been great, with members and guests flocking to listen to the music and connect with others. And we are currently building Grove Park, which is set to open up in the late Spring. We are working with a farmer’s market that was already meeting in the area, to provide a permanent area for the vendors to sell their produce (see related article on pg. 18), as well as provide a place for craft markets and other music and entertainment events. The first membership event for the Ouachita Rod & Gun Club is set for April 26 and coincides with the Kayak Fishing Tournament on Lake Cortez (see related article on pg. 6). We are also starting a Chef series in July that will feature local chefs cooking with regional ingredients. These items are really just the start of many new and unique amenities that are coming to the Ouachita region this year and in the future. So, how do these and other upcoming amenities impact the na-

tional market? We have a unique opportunity here in Hot Springs Village to create a new type of community. In the longer term, we will have to make more investments in "bricks and mortar" amenities like a village center, an art village and creating better accessibility to trails and lakes. Many of the newer communities that are being built today already have these type of amenities built into the structure while the older communities are not necessarily moving toward these ideas of authentic living and connection. We want to add to what we already have here in Village, keeping the amenities we have in place like our great golf courses and outstanding fitness center. And by doing this, we can create a unique, authentic place where people will want to live. You know, there’s a natural tendency to avoid change. However, the world has already changed around us. The new economic reality has changed it. The new generations coming of age have changed it. Communities that ignore these changes are being seen as relics by these new generations – and are becoming increasingly obsolete and irrelevant. We can keep the things we love about our Village but we must expand to meet these changes. Here me say this – it’s not about losing anything, but about creating additional lifestyles that will both enhance our lives and create a more meaningful place to live. This is a time of great opportunity - to create more to love in our Village for ourselves and others. I’m excited about the future of Hot Springs Village and thankful to be part of what’s happening here. Spring 2014 Hot Springs Village Advocate 3

Update with Board President Keith Keck

Board Explores HSV Finances, Safety Legislation


When will it ever warm up again, whether you are here in Hot Springs Village or across the United States ... enough is enough of winter. Kudos to our POA Staff for keeping us safe and the Village running well during all the winter storms. The cold wet weather continues to challenge us financially. Closing out 2013, the weather conditions did put us behind on golf revenues, and the cooler summer impacted our water revenues, but the POA Staff did an excellent job controlling other expenses, so that we were only about $400,000 below budget projections. Rolling over into 2014's cold weather, your POA Board continues to keep an eye on our financial health. Especially as our golf courses sit idle and our POA employees are spending extra hours keeping our community safe for property owners to get around in the snow and ice. If this "polar vortex" effect continues each year, the work of the Future Financial Task Force is even more vital to the long-term financial health of our community. Led by POA Board Vice President, John Cooney, the task force is diligently working to iden-

tify the projected infrastructure and sure consistent and standardized pet amenity capital costs to go along with control ordinances in both Garland the basic day-to-day maintenance and Saline County portions of the costs of running the Village out until Village. This consistency is key in the 2020. The second key aspect this expectations we will place on task force is researching is viable pet owners of court-determined funding alternatives to meet the vicious dogs and ordinanceprojected costs. identified high risk breed dogs. This task force will soon be Second, we need to ensure reporting to your POA Board our law enforcement and aniKeck on their ideas and recommendamal control officers have strontions. From there, your POA Board ger mechanisms to encourage those will address the potential options for less responsible pet owners to become capital improvements, day-to-day more responsible. Specifically we will maintenance costs and funding alstrengthen the restraint/control and ternatives. Then the most important registration expectations for pet ownaspect of this overall financial converers. sation will ultimately occur...bringing Not being a law-making body, your it to all of you as property owners to Board is working with the Garland have your voice in the final decision. and Saline County Quorum Courts STANDBY FOR A LOT MORE TO to enact these HSV-specific pet conCOME ON THIS CHALLENGE!! trol ordinances. The ordinances are Changing gears, the Village was available on the POA website. saddened by the fatal dog attack last Your POA Board's ultimate goal November. The tragic death of Joan is to PROMOTE RESPONSIBLE Kappen motivated your POA Board PET OWNERSHIP! and POA Staff to review the current Lastly, a big thank you to Tom Brypet control ordinances, rules and regant and John Cooney for their service ulations within Hot Springs Village. on your POA Board for the past three Our review highlighted several aryears. Godspeed in your future reeas for action. First, we need to entirement endeavors. ď ¤

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Regional Events Calendar

Ouachita Regional Events Offer Springtime Fun


It's time to shake off the chill of winter and step out into the springtime sunshine. Celebrate the season at the First Ever 11th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade, set for March 17 on Bridge Street in downtown Hot Springs. The world-famous parade’s entire route consists of the 98-foot length of Bridge Street, the world’s shortest street in everyday use. Actor/comedian Jim Belushi is this year's grand marshal. Stay a little closer to home at HSV's own St. Patrick's Day party, scheduled for March 14 at the Balboa Club Lounge. Bring the kids and grandkids to the Easter Egg Hunt at the DeSoto Golf Course on April 19. And celebrate Mexican independence with great food at the Cinco de Mayo party on May 5 at the Balboa Club Lounge (see article on pg. 7). Relive history at the Titanic Dinner Theater on April 14-15. The dinner, cosponsored by the Hot Springs

Site work has begun on the Green Market at Grove Park. See related article on pg. 18.

Village Players and Hot Springs Village Lifestyle and Recreation Services, will commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the sinking of the mighty Titanic. Meals will be based on the actual dishes served in the various shipping classes aboard the Titanic on April 14, 1912, the actual date of the sinking of the ship. Test your endurance at the Little Rock Marathon (March 1-2), Warrior Dash Mud Run (May 10) or HSV's third annual TRI-the-Village Sprint Triathlon (June 14). Score at one of the many tennis tournaments at the Coronado Tennis

Center (see related article on pg. 19). From the laid back sounds of the Rock Porch Sessions every first Saturday in the Village to the high notes of Voces8 at the Woodlands Auditorium in HSV, there's something for everyone's musical taste. Best known for the hit songs “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head” and “Hooked on a Feeling,” B. J. Thomas performs at the Woodlands Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. April 18. Cast a line at two kayak fishing tournaments. The Collegiate Kayak Fishing Tournament is set for April 12 and the Kayak Fishing Tournament is April 26. Connect with other outdoor enthusiasts by joining the Ouachita Rod & Gun Club (see details below). Celebrate America's Independence Day at the Hot Springs Village Stars and Stripes 4th of July Extravaganza. (see article on pg. 7). To purchase tickets for HSV events, go to 

April 26: Sunrise Kayak Fishing Tournament 8:00 a.m. –1:00 p.m., Lake Cortez, Hot Springs Village Entry Fee: $10.00, includes Ouachita Rod & Gun Club Annual Membership and Meal/Drink Ticket to Membership Party (details below)

Upcoming Membership Events

April 26: Ouachita Rod & Gun Club Membership Party 5:30 p.m., Balboa Pavilion, Hot Springs Village Club Annual Membership: $25.00, includes meal catered by Fat Buoys Rolling Diner May 9: Rod & Gun Club Membership Party & MVSA Trap Shoot 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Mountain Valley Shooting Association, 320 10 Mile Rd., Hot Springs. $5.00 per round of 25 birds. Bring your own shotgun unloaded with actions open and minimum of 50 rounds of target shotgun ammunition and ear and eye protection. Non-MVSA members must sign waiver of liability. (MVSA membership not included with Ouachita Rod & Gun membership). Club Annual Membership: $25, includes meal catered by Fat Buoys Rolling Diner. “Bag” a sticker & membership card: $25.00 annual membership

6 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

Regional Events Calendar

Ouachita Regional Calendar

Celebrate the Holidays in HSV


Celebrate the holidays in Hot Springs Village with events for young and young at heart. Toast the luck o’ the Irish at the Best of Both Worlds Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, set for 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 14 at the Balboa Club Lounge. With corned beef sandwiches for $5, cash bar, live music and dancing, the event promises to be a great time. Bring your kids and/or grandkids ages 12 and under to hunt Easter eggs on the DeSoto Golf Course April 19. The Hot Springs Village Easter Egg Hunt begins with crafts at 11:00 a.m. The hunt kicks off at 12:00 p.m. Food, a moon bounce and the Easter Bunny, of course, will be available. Say ole’ at the Cinco de Mayo celebration, scheduled for Monday, May 5 at the Balboa Club Lounge. The event, which is $20 per person, includes a Mexican food buffet and a DJ. Celebrate America's Independence Day in Hot Springs Village July 3-5. This year’s events include some new offerings such as a sand castle contest, beach blanket blast, as well as kayak and paddleboard racing. The festivities will also include some events from years’ past like tournaments for 3-on-3 basketball, mini-golf, and fishing. Of course, the events wouldn’t be complete without the incredible fireworks display over Lake Balboa. Stay tuned for the full schedule of events in the Summer Advocate. For more information about these and other events sponsored by Hot Springs Village Lifestyle and Recreation Services, call 501-922-5050. 

Mar. 1-2 Little Rock Marathon Mar. 1 Rock Porch Sessions, HSV Mar. 8 Voces8, HSV Mar. 14 St. Patrick's Day Party, HSV Mar. 17 World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade, HS Mar. 20-23 Inherit the Wind, Village Players, HSV April 1-4 HSV Concerts Association Event, HSV April 5 Rock Porch Sessions, HSV April 12 Collegiate Kayak Fishing Tournament, HSV April 13 Voices of the Titanic, HSV April 14-15 Titanic Dinner Theater, HSV April 18 BJ Thomas, HSV April 19 Easter Egg Hunt, HSV Apr 24-27 Arkansas Literary Festival, Little Rock Apr. 26 Kayak Fishing Tournament, HSV Apr. 26 Ouachita Rod & Gun Club Events, HSV Apr. 26-27 National Real Estate Open House, HSV May 2 Chamber of Commerce Business Expo, HSV May 5 Cinco de Mayo, HSV May 10 Warrior Dash 2014 Mud Run, Amity May 15-19 Little Rock Film Festival May 23-25 Riverfest, Little Rock May 29-31 Couples Invitational Golf Tournament, HSV May 31 British Car Show, HSV June 5-7 Arkansas State HOG Rally, HS June 14 TRI-the-Village Sprint Triathlon, HSV July 3-5 Stars & Stripes July 4 Extravaganza, HSV July 11-13 Ike Eisenhauer State Farm Junior USTA Tennis Tournament, HSV July 28 The Chef ’s Table, HSV Aug. 16 Back to School Beach Bash, Lake Balboa Aug. 25 The Chef ’s Table, HSV Sept. 22 The Chef ’s Table, HSV Sept. 25-27 Member/Guest Golf Tournament, HSV Sept. 26-28 Riser Ford Nissan Adult USTA Tennis Tournament, HSV Sept. 27 Village Walk for Cancer Research, HSV Sept. 30 Chamber of Commerce An Evening of Wine & Roses, HSV 

TRI-the-Village Sprint Triathlon  Saturday, June 14 Swim, Bike, Run, Join a Relay Team, or Volunteer Learn More: Spring 2014 Hot Springs Village Advocate 7

2014 Board Candidates Three to Vie for Hot Springs Village Board Seats THREE CANDIDATES have submitted applications and have been certified to be placed on the Hot Springs Village Board of Directors election ballot. Two seats are up for election in 2014, replacing Directors John Cooney and Tom Bryant. Applicants are Mike Medica, Mary Neilson and Lu Otto. Candidates must be members in good standing and may not be Property Owners Association employees. Candidates are required to submit a statement of up to 500 words representing individual views including

background information, number of years as a property owner, current community involvement, and reasons for wanting to serve on the Board of Directors. Candidates were also required to submit a petition with 50 signatures of members in good standing requesting that their name appear on the election ballot. Ballots will be mailed on Friday, March 7. All ballots must be received back to the Hot Springs Village Administration Office no later than 4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26. On Thursday, March 27,

staff will count the ballots and submit the results to the General Manager, who will notify the current Board of Directors, all candidates and issue a press release with the results. Newly elected board members will be seated at the conclusion of the Wednesday, April 16 HSV Regular Board Meeting. Statements for each of the three candidates are included on the following pages. The Hot Springs Village POA does not attest to the accuracy of any facts stated in the candidate resumes. 

Mike Medica

have had gross receipts of $10-18 thousand that fund many youth projects in our Rotary Club. I had a 30 year career working for H. Ross Perot’s Electronic Data Systems. I started with them in San Francisco CA, and then moved to Plano TX in 1977. Most of those years were in management positions. The largest responsibility was building data centers and procurement of all computer hardware and mechanical equipment to run them. I wrote Request for Proposal bids to vendors for large quantities of computer equipment and ancillary equipment. This led into vendor management that in-

cluded purchasing agreements, vendor performance and other related processes. Benefits were cost saving efficiencies, volume pricing when applicable with delivery and installation processes that met all requirements. My background would lend itself to offering some guidelines to the POA in these areas. During the past year, I have attended most of the POA board meetings to familiarize myself with our issues. I am encouraged with the hiring of our new general manager who has some fresh ideas on how to grow our Village. Our amenities and facilities need to be kept in top class condition so our residents and visitors feel they are getting value for the dollars they spend. I am fiscally conservative, yet I am committed to the growth of our Village. I will support fiscally responsible proposals that benefit all resident and non-resident property owners. I respectfully ask for your vote in the coming election. 

My wife Sharon and I have lived in the Village for 16 years, moving here from Plano, Texas. Before moving here full time, we owned a townhouse for several years in the Village. I was born and raised in Seattle WA. I served four years in the U.S. Air Force with two years in Japan and two in Florida. We are members of Village United Methodist church. I served on the church Finance Committee for three years. I belong to the Rotary Club of Hot Springs Village and have served as the “head flea” for what is considered the largest annual flea market sale in the area. For more than ten years we

HSV News Briefs

Village Digest: Stay informed about the latest Hot Springs Village news and events in the Village Digest eblast. To subscribe, go to and click on the Sign Up for POA News button located on the top of the home page. Annual Meeting: The Hot Springs Property Owners Association Annual Meeting is set for May 5 at 3:00 p.m. at the Ouachita Activities Building, Ponce de Leon Center. For more information, call 501-922-5530. 8 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

2014 Board Candidates

Mary Neilson I am Mary Neilson. I have lived in Hot Springs Village almost 7 years and am actively involved in the Hot Springs Village community. I am currently serving on the Governmental Affairs Committee and I am seeking a position on the POA Board of Directors to serve my community. I believe in being involved and working for both the resident and the nonresident members. It is critical that people of different backgrounds and stages in life serve in leadership roles in order to strengthen our community and contribute to its growth and development. Hot Springs Village is a great place to live, a great place to retire, and a great place to enjoy every stage of life. I will promote the board’s role of establishing policies and supporting

Lu Otto

I believe the best days of the Village lie ahead – but that’s up to us. I offer relevant leadership experience, critical thinking abilities, proven communication and people skills. That’s why I want to serve on the POA Board. Following my MDiv, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, I was Senior Pastor of two large parishes in Madison, Wisc. Following my MS and PhD, UW, I was Director of Research Centers at Washington State University and Boys Town, then Department Head at North Carolina State University, where I retired as William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor in 2000. At Boys Town, I had a lead role in creating the nation’s premiere center

the general manager and department heads in executing these policies and their management of day-to-day operations. I believe that the role of the board is to participate in the preparation and monitoring of the 5-year Strategic Plan to assure goals are being achieved and financial resources are available to support the efforts for its implementation. My goals are to make decisions that provide the best living environment for current members and make the Village a community that will attract new members well into the future. To accomplish this, the Village needs to be competitive with other communities across the country. This should be done by: 1) promoting fiscal responsibility, 2) pursuing attractive amenity offerings and 3) exploring creative land planning alternatives.

I am an Arkansas native. After living in Wisconsin, Washington, and California, my husband and I moved back home to Arkansas to raise our children. I am a member of the Village United Methodist Church, a founding member of the Jessieville School District Foundation and PEO. My husband Robert is the general manager of the Hot Springs Village Wal-Mart, and both of our children attend Jessieville schools. I am presently a sales manager for the Hot Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau and have coordinated the Hot Springs Sister City Program for the past five years. The Hot Springs Sister City Program was recently named the 2012 Best Overall Program by Sister Cities Internation-

for youth studies. At NC State, I restructured and refocused an old, large, deeply conflicted department that, by the end of my tenure as Head, raised its ranking more than comparison universities. Also, I was: • Board member and Secretary, Executive Committee, Lutheran Hospitals-Omaha. • Member, North Carolina Governor’s Trade Mission to Japan. • Member, National Institutes of Health Research Review Council-Washington. • Member, National Academies of Science Military Recruitment StudyWashington. These rich and diverse experiences have direct application to today’s Vil-

lage leadership requirements. Nancy and I became property owners in 1997, homeowners in 2000. • I’m on the Governmental Affairs Committee, head the Village Demographics Project, regularly attend POA Board meetings, have followed and spoken out on issues. • Active member, Presbyterian Kirk in the Pines. • 8-yr volunteer, Jackson House. • Member, former officer, Village Camera Club. • Contributed extensive photography to the Arkansas Dept. of Tourism and Recreation, Village Voice, POA departments, publications and See OTTO page 12 Spring 2014 Hot Springs Village Advocate 9

See NEILSON page 10

2014 Board Candidates NEILSON continued from page 9 al. I have worked closely with schools and students across the county and have been instrumental in enabling over 75 Garland County students to travel to Japan. I organized adult delegations to travel to Japan each year and in October 2013 coordinated the 20th Anniversary Celebration which included 45 visitors from Hanamaki, Japan. Prior to moving to Hot Springs Village my professional experience included marketing management in the wine industry in Sonoma Valley California, management in the personnel industry in Upland, California. I also have 7 years experience as an insurance agent. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from University of the Ozarks in Clarks-

ville, Arkansas where I graduated enthusiasm and experience to work magna cum laude. MIDD-02143-HVS.pdf 1 2/20/14 4:16 PM for the future of Hot Springs Village. I look forward to using my talents, I will appreciate your vote. 

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A letter to the non-resident members… Please read about my background in the POA article about candidates in this publication, but I’d like to specifically address this letter to the members that do not currently reside in Hot Springs Village. I understand you have unique concerns about owning a lot or home that you may not be able to watch over daily or visit frequently, and may want to sell but not give away. Our new CEO, David Twiggs, has innovative ideas for the future of the Village. I will support him as we explore ways to grow the Village by marketing and planning for future development. Maintaining our Village amenities and the security that led you to purchase a retirement or investment property is my priority. In addition, adding offerings to draw new residents will translate into increased property values and return on your investments. If you have any questions, please email me at . I would appreciate your vote for HSV POA Board of Directors.


10 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

2014 Board Candidates OTTO continued from page 9 websites. • Created “Birds of the Village” and “The Beauty of the Village” PowerPoint presentations, shown to many groups. We have charged our General Manager with making the Village a more competitive relocation destination. Property values are a strong indicator of community desirability, which means that we all have a vested interest in his success. Together we move forward. • GM needs our support. Board members owe his emerging proposals our practical evaluations and constructive criticism. • The job of the Board is to grasp the big picture and set appropriate courses of action. Wherever possible, it must remove itself from POA daily operations, for which the GM and Ast GM have responsibility. • Concurrently, the Board must remain an accountable trustee of our finances, quality POA services, uncompromised public safety, and excellent amenities. • The Board must address delinquent assessments and backlogged maintenance. Both threaten our fiscal stability. • Provision must be made for property owner input and

members must be kept informed. • The Village Demographics project, which documents who we are and how we are changing, is emerging as a useful data-based planning tool. A complementary study of non-resident property owners should be done. • Going forward, we must monitor the needs of advanced-age Villagers, also the emerging interests of nonresident members who have yet to enjoy this special place we call home. I respectfully ask for your vote.

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800-364-9007 12 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

Money Matters

FY 2013 Year End Financials Report Highs, Lows FOR HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, 2013 provided funds and resources to make some major improvements to infrastructure as well as improvements and renovations to amenities. Several projects were started and funded during 2013 and will be completed in 2014 including the Water Treatment Plant Expansion, updates and reconstruction of the West gate fountain and entrance area, and the DeSoto Golf Course renovation (see related story on pg. 20). Other 2013 projects include the Coronado Fitness Center HVAC system totaling $528,000 replacing the geothermal system, approximately 30 miles of roads paved in 2013 at a cost of $1.4 million, and rolling stock for all departments totaling $1,035,962. Hot Springs Village concluded FY 2013 with a deficit of $-388,687. Though this figure is negative, there are several positives to consider. Preliminary estimates from as late as July 2013 indicated the deficit to be more than $800,000. Because of better than expected assessment revenues, and less than expected expenses, that deficit was reduced dramatically. 2013 Revenues totaled almost $27 million. Though this is less than what was budgeted for 2013, assessment revenues were better than forecast. 2013 Operating Expenses totaled $24.5 million. 2013 Capital Expenses totaled $6.5 million, coming in under estimate by $1.7 million. $1.35 million of this

Work continues on the Water Treatment Plant Expansion.

amount stems from three projects that will be carried over and completed in 2014: • Water Treatment Plant Expansion project, $925,551; • West Gate Entrance Renovation project, $387,467; • DeSoto Golf Course Renovation, $35,000. Net transfers of funds from reserves to operating totaled $3.9 million mainly due to the use of reserve funds for the Water Plant Expansion Project. 

HSV Board Approves Policy for Budget Amendments THE HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE Board of Directors voted at the Jan. 15 regular meeting to approve a budget

amendment policy. This policy will provide a formal process for budget amendments to the POA's adopted annual budget. It also allows for tracking and reporting of adjustments reallocating or restating budgeted funds. The policy has two levels. The first level gives the HSV General Manager/Chief Operating Officer authority to approve inter- and intra- departmental changes that do not impact the budget's bottom line. The second level requires Board approval for overall budget changes increasing revenues and expenditures, adding additional capital expenditures that change the budget's bottom line. A copy of the amendment is available on the Governing Documents section of the Hot Springs Village website,  Spring 2014 Hot Springs Village Advocate 13

Hot Springs Village News Fire Department Events Offer Options for Learning, Fun THE HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE Fire Department is offering several opportunities for Villagers to learn more about fire safety and have fun while doing it. Enjoy a cup of coffee and talk with fire fighters and others at the Cortez Fire Station Quarterly Coffees. The events are scheduled for March 13, June 13, Sept. 11 and Dec. 10. Bring the family to the Cortez Fire Station Open House set for Saturday, April 5 from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The Open House includes family fun activities including touring the fire station, training tower, fire engine and rescue truck. A bouncy house, games, activities and goody bags will

be available for children, along with hot dogs and refreshments, making the event fun for all. Another Open House is set for Saturday, Oct. 4 dur-

ing Fire Prevention Week. The Cortez Fire Station is located at 110 Cortez Rd. in Hot Springs Village. 

Train with HSV’s Finest at Citizens Police Academy





TRAIN WITH Hot Springs Village’s finest at the upcomTraffic Responsibilities, Detectives and Investigations, Ofing Citizens Police Academy. The six-week training ficer Safety, and Crime Prevention in Today’s World as C I E L course, which will start Tuesday, April 1 at 6:00 well as tour the Police Department and 911 DisACA S PO D EN p.m. at the Coronado Community Center, will patch Center, and ride-along with an officer. The provide an opportunity to learn more about the Citizens Police Academy program is free, and HSV police department. This is a two hour, one space is limited to the first 25 Village participants. night a week, six week program. All applicants must pass a screening process. ApOT AG SPR L L I I V Although the Citizens Police Academy is not plications are available at the Police Department. NGS intended to make police officers out of regular citiFor more information, contact Chief Gary W. Adzens, those attending will learn more about Patrol and ams at 501-922-0011 or 

Are you new to the Village? Then consider attending an upcoming Newcomers’ Coffee. The meetings gives new residents an opportunity to hear about organizations, activities and governance in Hot Springs Village. Upcoming coffees are set for April 24, June 26, August 28, October 23, and December 4 at 9:00 a.m. in the Ouachita Activities Building of the Ponce de Leon Center.

Register Your Shelter and/or Safe Room Today DOES YOUR HOME have a storm shelter or safe room? If so, consider registering the location of the structure with the Hot Springs Village Permitting and Inspections Department. The department is collecting a list of safe room and shelters throughout the Village which will be distributed to emergency personnel to be used in a natural disaster or other emergency. All information collected is confidential. To register your home, call 501-922-5562. 14 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

Please provide the following information when registering: the exact location of the storm shelter or safe room in the home, and whether the vault is steel or concrete, and located in a stairwell or basement. Please note that exterior key accessibility will be required for post storm entry by emergency personnel if latches are engaged from the inside. For more information, call 501-922-5562.

Banks & Shane Live at the Woodlands “They Are the Party”

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Saturday, March 29 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $20 Tickets Available at Check out the band at A portion of the proceeds benefits the Paul Bewie Boys and Girls Club

Hot Springs Village News Dog Park Card Entry System Online THE DESOTO Dog Park, located on DeSoto Park Drive next to the Lawn Bowling Green, is now utilizing a card entry system. Dog owners who wish to use the facility MUST register their dogs at the Administrative Building, located at 895 DeSoto Blvd. in Hot Springs Village. When registering, bring a current rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian, and completed Pet Registration and Dog Park Waiver forms. The pet registration fee is $11.00 per pet. Pet Registration and

Dog Park Waiver forms are available online at Please note: Even if you have already registered your dog, you must also submit the Dog Park Waiver form to have access to the Dog Park. Once registered, your electronic HSV gate card will be coded to enter the dog park. You must have an electronic gate card in order to use the dog park facility. Cards are available for purchase for the one-time fee of $12.75. For questions, call 501-9225556. 

THE HOT SPRINGS Village Board of Directors approved an ordinance on pet control at the Feb. 19 Regular Meeting. The ordinance was drafted after a resident was killed by a bullmastiff/pit bull mix in Hot Springs Village on Nov. 21, 2013. The ordinance will be presented to the Garland and Saline County Quorum Courts for review and enactment. At a town hall meeting on Jan. 23, Keith Keck, Hot Springs Village Board president, said the ordinance would encourage more responsible pet owners by “increased awareness of expectations for restraint and control of any dog,” allowing an understanding of “personal strengths and weaknesses in controlling and handling a dog,” and a better understanding of a dog's personality. Keck said the ordinance would allow consistent and strengthened regulations for HSV because it standardizes laws for Garland and Saline county and has a stronger mechanism to encourage less responsible pet owners. The ordinance was adapted from and includes language from ordinanc-

es in Garland and Saline counties as well as Hot Springs Village rules. Specific language on the following items are outlined in the ordinance. Vicious Dogs: The ordinance outlines specific and detailed requirements for pet owners of court-determined “vicious dogs,” of any breed including secure confinement requirements, muzzle/leash specifications of at least three feet and 300 lb. tensile strength, the potential for court directed liability insurance requirements, a spay/neuter requirement, immediate notification of escape and a penalty for non-compliance of a minimum of $500 and maximum of $1,000 and possible jail time. High Risk Breeds: The ordinance defines high risk breeds as “gripper” breeds, commonly identified as the pit bull breed, and specifies secure confinement requirements, leash specifications of six feet and 300 lbs. tensile strength. At-large dog owners are subject to court of jurisdiction action and a penalty for non-compliance with a minimum fine of $500 and a maximum fine of $1,000 and possible jail

New Ordinance Promotes Responsible Pet Ownership

16 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

time. Restraint/Control: The ordinance incorporates a Village rule already in effect requiring dogs to be under restraint/control on common property, and this ordinance expands the lease requirement to all common property with a court determined penalty for unrestrained/uncontrolled dogs sited multiple times. Dogs would be allowed to be unrestrained for the following reasons: shows or competitions, on the private property of the owner or property of others with their consent, for law enforcement purposes or to help a disabled person, or under owner control at the Desoto Dog Park or other common property as approved by the Board. Pet Registration: The ordinance requires mandatory registration with the Property Owners Association for dogs living in the Village for more than 30 days and includes breed identification and proof of rabies vaccination. To view the ordinance, go to http:// Ordinance.pdf. 

Spring 2014 Hot Springs Village Advocate 17

Hot Springs Village News Permanent Farmer's Market Site Under Construction in HSV IMAGINE JUICY Arkansas-grown strawberries, vine-ripened watermelons and garden-grown vegetables. A bounty of produce and more is coming soon to the HSV Green Market at Grove Park. Farmer's market planners are working with local vendors to provide a permanent location for

the vendors to sell their wares in a centrally located area. Grove Park, which is located adjacent to the Woodlands Auditorium on Ecuestre Drive, will also host craft markets and serve as a music/entertainment venue. It it set to open later this Spring. 

John Paul, Director of Golf, has announced plans to retire in October of this year following 16 years of service in Hot Springs Village. He and his wife, Jackie, will continue living in HSV.

Hike the New Coronado Fitness Trail HOT SPRINGS Village's (HSV) newest trail, the Coronado Fitness Trail is now open. Run, walk or even stroll along the trail, which begins

at the Coronado Fitness Center and continues for one mile to the HSV RV park. A ribbon cutting was held on Feb. 18. 

DeSoto Golf Course Opens in Late April THE DESOTO Golf Course Renovation is almost complete. With only minor projects remaining, the course is set to reopen at the end of April allowing at least 30 days of good weather to give the greens as much time as possible for grow-in. At the end of 2013, the project was $35,000 under the $525,000 budget. The monies were carried over into 2014 to be used to renovate the 45year old DeSoto golf maintenance 18 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

building, which needed a new roof and gutters. In addition, the slope around the building was regraded to eliminate rain water infiltrating the building. The interior of the building has also been renovated. The Hot Springs Village Men's Garden Club helped with landscaping design and planting on several greens and tees. Tee times for the course will be available for booking mid-April. 

Course News Tournaments: April 4-6: American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), Balboa Golf Course, volunteers needed. May 7: Adult Beginners Golf Clinic, sponsored by Junior Golf, for details, go to May 29-31: Couples Invitational Tournament, call 922-5549 to get on the waiting list. 2014 Medical Flags: 2014 Medical flags (3/2014 - 3/2015) are now available for $7.00 each at the Golf Department office. Call 501922-2858 for questions. Aerification: First round of aerification at Balboa will be postponed due to cold temperatures. Remaining courses will be aerified in March. Schedule changes will be posted on the web site. Isabella: Golf construction crew renovated the area between the cart barn and the parking lot, removing the rock and replacing it with concrete, with two stairways. This renovation should be safer for foot traffic. Granada and Ponce: Rough areas along cart paths at Granada and Ponce are also being renovated. All Courses: Spring projects including weed control are now underway.

Notable In Hot Springs Village "Sport for a Lifetime" Offers Physical, Mental, Social Benefits


Tennis has historically been called the “sport for a lifetime.” Those who espouse the game offer a host of physical, mental and even social benefits for those who play the sport regularly. Health experts claim playing tennis just three hours a week may cut risk of death in half, according to Healthy Magazine. Tennis players often exhibit more vigor, optimism and self-esteem and less depression, anger and confusion, according to experts, who also say that the alertness and tactical thinking required to play the game may actually generate new connections between the nerves in the brain, continuing cerebral development throughout life. For these reasons and more, this traditional sport is growing “by leaps and bounds,” said Bob Wagstaff, Coronado Tennis Center pro and manager. It’s never too late to take up the sport, continued Wagstaff, noting the Coronado Tennis Center’s participants range in age from 6 to 86. “Though many people play tennis for most of their lives, some players here at the Coronado Tennis Center didn’t start playing until after they retired and they continued to play the sport for the next 20 years,” he said. Ten of the Center’s 13 courts are clay, which is made of volcanic rock

Nutrition Classes April 15, 22, 29 & May 6 12:30 - 1:45 p.m. Coronado Fitness Center $10 registration For more information and to register call 501-922-1230.

Upcoming Tennis Center Events March 10-13 Tennis Free For All 14-16 HSVTA Combo Tournament 17-20 Tennis Free For All 20 HSVTA Newcomers Party 23 HSVTA Papa Murphy's Fun Sunday


1-4 USTA Adult 70s & 80s Multi-States 8-11 HSVTA Super Bowl of Tennis 23-26 HSVTA Generations

June 7 HSVTA Summer Picnic 15 HSVTA Papa Murphy's Fun Sunday

and is easier on the body. The unique surface offers less chance of injuring an ankle or knee while playing. In addition to physical and mental health, the game also offers social health benefits. Playing tennis with others is a great way to meet new friends, said Wagstaff, noting the sport brings people together, whether celebrating a win or dealing with defeat. “Tennis communities become like families,” he said. In Hot Springs Village, the Coronado Tennis Center offers a variety of programs and events that fit the needs

and wants of players of all ages and abilities, says Wagstaff. “We have people from age 7 to 70 training to improve their games,” he said, noting the differing ability levels of players helps the staff to more easily pair up those with similar abilities. And the cost to play at such a great facility is minimal, thanks to the Hot Springs Village Tennis Association’s (HSVTA) administration of most events. The HSVTA, an association of over 400 members, offers league play at all levels including mixed leagues, women’s and men’s doubles, USTA Team Tennis, and junior training. The tennis center also offers other organized play on a weekly basis, USTA-sanctioned tournaments and court reservations. Village tennis players may choose from a variety of programs ranging from league play to fun social events. The Tennis Center is currently undergoing some upgrades. Six of the Center’s 10 clay courts are currently being rebuilt with a new sub-surface watering system. This update will help alleviate reoccurring leaks in the current pressurized system. The contractor, Australian Courtworks, is also changing the slope of the courts to drain toward the north to deter erosion of the facility’s sidewalks. Conduit will also be installed for adding lighting in the future. The Center’s hard courts will also be resurfaced during the renovations. Please note: Refunds for annual passes will not be given because of the renovations. The Coronado Tennis Center will remain open and clay courts 7-10 and hard courts 11-13 will be available for play at most times.  Spring 2014 Hot Springs Village Advocate 19

Notable In Hot Springs Village

Improvements Continue in Hot Springs Village HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE infrastructure continues to improve with several projects set for completion in 2014. Water Treatment Plant Expansion: The Water Treatment Plant expansion, which began in January 2013, is set for completion in July of this year. This $6.5 million dollar project will increase the number of gallons of treated water per day from 4 million to 6 million, and includes a number of improvements over the current system. Crews are currently working to restore the second clarifier, filter media and start up, and install Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) controls for the plant and distribution system. The SCADA system is a computerized control system that can automatically start and stop pumps, open and close valves, display temperatures and pressures, monitor water quality, generate reports, and much more. The system can even be controlled remotely from a smart phone or tablet. The fluoride and phosphate feed facility and building are currently under construction. Crews are also working on improvements to the bulk feed system, high service pump and intake pump station. West Gate: West Gate Entrance Improvements were started in 2013 and will be completed in June 2014 at a projected cost of $400,000. Bennett Brothers Stone Company is currently rebuilding the stone weir on the waterfall portion of the project. Jason Temple, HSV Director of Public Works, has secured the original plans for the E. Faye Jones sculpture 20 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

from the University of Arkansas and bids for construction are currently being solicited. The north pond has been cleaned out and a concrete liner will be installed to help facilitate better maintenance.

East Gate: Public Works has completed survey work around the guard house at the East Gate. Staff is currently working with the Police Department on signage and layout of the bySee IMPROVEMENTS page 21

Notable In Hot Springs Village Home Constructions On Upswing in 2013, Off to Great Start in 2014 HOME CONSTRUCTION in Hot Springs Village is looking up ... way up. The Permitting & Inspections Department closed out 2013 with 79 new home permits issued for the year. That's up from 57 permits issued in 2012. Adding to the increase was the construction of 16 garden homes as part of the second phase of the Mt. Carmel Retirement Community. The community also completed construction of its first phase in 2013, building 75 assisted living units. Coronado Baptist Church completed construction of a single story

18,895 sq. ft. worship center, located on the northwest corner of Coronado Dr. and Minorca Rd. All Saints Anglican Church has begun constructing a 3,650 sq. ft. wor-

ship facility. Home construction in Hot Springs Village is off to a great start in 2014 with nine new home permits issued in January and February. 

Marketing Promotes Hot Springs Village in Materials, Trade Shows THE MARKETING staff has been promoting Hot Springs Village at several Golf Trade Shows in February and March. These shows include the Michigan Golf Show, St. Louis Golf Show, Chicago Golf Show, Kansas City Golf Show and Omaha Golf Show.

The 2014 Golf Guide, Recreation Guide and Welcome Book are in the final stages of production and should be available within the next few months. The Golf and Recreation Guides will be inserted into the Voice again this year. The Chamber/Community

Permitting & Inspections Hosts Home Building Series PERMITTING & Inspections will be hosting quarterly builder-series meetings for those interested in building a new home or remodeling an existing home. Guest speakers including home and remodeling IMPROVEMENTS continued from page 20 pass lane construction. Work should be completed in late Spring. Paving: The Public Works Committee and staff have been measuring streets in Hot Springs Village in preparation for soliciting more accurate bidding for the 2014 Street Overlay Project. Mitchell’s Asphalt Seal Coat-

contractors will provide information on home-building trends, services and roles in the HSV permitting/inspections process. More information including dates and locations coming soon. ing has been striping roads and golf course cross walks as weather permits. Lake Dredging: Crews are dredging Lake Isabella and the pond at the Magellan Golf Course. Dredging on Lake Coronado is currently underway. Lake levels will be held down at least 5 feet below the spillway until the work is completed. 

Association Visitor Guide has been completed and is available at the Visitor Center or from any golf display located by each Pro Shop. Follow the Marketing and Recreation Blog: and the Golfing Blog: HSVGolfingBlog. com.  “Your HSV Connection For All Of Your Insurance Needs”

“Call Steve”

Steve Romine, CIC

Life • Health & Group Health

Call 915-2360 or 315-8011

Email or Julie Roltsch 501.315.8011

RobeRson & AssociAtes insuRAnce 315 N. Market, Benton, AR 72015 501-315-8011 or Toll Free 1-866-315-8011

Winter 2013 Hot Springs Village Advocate 21

Upcoming Events March



1 Village Merry Mixers Dance, CCC 4 Valentine's Cabaret, CCC 5 Board Work Session, Ponce 5 A Team, CCC 6 GM Planning Coffee, CCC 7 Lions Bingo, CCC 8 Breakfast Lions Chili Day, CCC 8 Voces8, Woodlands 8 Country Two Steppers, CCC 10-20 Tennis Free for All, CTC 11 Ouachita Speaker Series, Ponce 12 A Team, CCC 14-16 HSV Combo Tournament, CTC 14 Rock with Elvis, CCC 14 St. Patrick's Party, Balboa Club 15 Village Merry Mixers Dance, CCC 18 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 19 Board Regular Meeting, Ponce 19 A Team, CCC 20 HSVTA Newcomers Party, CTC 21-23 Inherit the Wind, Woodlands 21 Lions Bingo, CCC 22 Beboppers Dance, CCC 23 HSVTA Papa Murphy's Fun Sunday, CTC 26 A Team, CCC 27 Last Thursday, CCC 29 Rotary Flea Market, CCC 29 Banks & Shane, Woodlands

1-4 Concerts Association, Woodlands 5 Gangsters, Gospel & Bluegrass, Woodlands 2 Board Work Session, Ponce 2 A Team, CCC 3 GM Planning Coffee, CCC 4 Lions Bingo, CCC 4-6 Jr. Golf Tournament, Balboa Golf 5 Rock Porch Sessions 5 Village Merry Mixers Dance, CCC 9 A Team, CCC 10 Ouachita Speaker Series, Ponce 10 Candide, Woodlands 12 Collegiate Kayak Fishing Tournament 12 Kiwanis BBQ Day, CCC 12 Country Two Steppers Dance, CCC 13 Voices of the Titanic, Ponce 14-15 Titanic Dinner Theater, CCC 16 Board Regular Meeting, Ponce 16 A Team, CCC 18 BJ Thomas, Woodlands 18 Lions Bingo, CCC 19 Art in the Courtyard, CCC 19 Easter Egg Hunt, DeSoto Golf 19 Village Merry Mixer Dance, CCC 22 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 23 A Team, CCC 24 Newcomers Coffee, Ponce 24 Last Thursday, CCC 26 Kayak Fishing Tournament 26 Ouachita Rod & Gun Club Membership Party, Balboa Pavilion 26 Beboppers Dance, CCC 26-27 National Real Estate Open House 27 Concert Band & Ice Cream Social, Woodlands 30 A Team, CCC

1 GM Planning Coffee, CCC 2 COC Business Expo, CCC 2 Lions Bingo, CCC 3 Rock Porch Sessions 3 Village Merry Mixers Dance, CCC 5 Cinco de Mayo Party, Balboa Club 5 Cedar Mtn. Singers, Woodlands 7 Adult Golf Clinic, Magellan 7 Board Work Session, Ponce 7 A Team, CCC 8 Ouachita Speaker Series, Ponce 9 Ouachita Rod & Gun Club Membership Party, MVSA Trap Shooting Facility, HS 9 Beboppers Dance, CCC 9 Holistic Health Fair, Ponce 10 Country Two Steppers Dance, CCC 10 Evening Lions Hamburger Day, CCC 8-11 HSVTA Superbowl of Tennis, CTC 11 Symphony Guild Youth Orchestra Concert, Woodlands 12 L'Audible Arts, Ponce 13 Village Chorale, Woodlands 14 A Team, CCC 16 Lions Bingo, CCC 17 Spring in Bloom, CCC 17 Evening Lions Hamburger Day, CCC 17 Village Merry Mixer Dance, CCC 21 Board Regular Meeting, Ponce 21 A Team, CCC 23-26 HSVTA Generations, CTC 27 Arkansas Blood Institute, CCC 28 A Team, CCC 29-31 Couples Invitational Golf Tournament 31 Sounds Spectacular Orchestra, Woodlands 31 British Car Show, Ponce

June & July 6/7 6/14 7/3-5 7/28

Rock Porch Sessions TRI-the-Village Sprint Triathlon Stars & Stripes July 4 Extravaganza The Chef ’s Table 

700 Balearic Rd. 501-922-4503 (corner of Balboa & Balearic Roads)

SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES: Adult Sunday School 9:00 & 10:15 a.m. Nursery Available All Services

8:40 a.m. Traditional Service 10:15 a.m. Traditional Service 11:20 a.m. A casual, come-as-you-are service

Senior Pastor —Dr. Walter L. “Bubba” Smith

22 Hot Springs Village Advocate Spring 2014

A Stephen Ministry Caring Congregation

Hot Springs Village Important Numbers EMERGENCY Main Number COO/GM Assistant GM Accounting Fire Non Emergency Golf Marketing P&I Police Non Emergency Public Works Recreation Tee Times Visitor Center

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