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Beautiful Brides

Look your best! Feel your best! It’s the most important day for your looks. Learn how to “wow” not only your groom, but all of your guests on the happiest day of your life!


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n the morning of the day of your wedding, you’ll wake up knowing that the cake will be delivered on time, that the reception venue will be completely decorated and waiting for your arrival, and that your dress will fit you perfectly. And you’ll be confident that you’ll look radiant and feel wonderful because professional makeup and hair artists will spend the time to soothe your nerves by accentuating all of your best features. Several types of makeup artists and hair stylists are out there, and to be sure you choose the right types for you, you’ll need to know a bit about them first.

for you that you do for yourself almost every day. After all, you can do your makeup just fine for everyday wear, and sometimes even for special occasions. But consider this: what will you remember the most — how you know you looked on your wedding day, or how you looked in your photographs from

MAKEUP ARTISTRY Professional makeup artists have experience with all skin types and colorings, face shapes, and hair shapes. A licensed esthetician is one who has studied skin and skin care, has hours of training, is skilled in the sterilization process (to eliminate cross-contamination from tools), and has much practice and work experience with actual people. These exceptional artists have the talent and training to camouflage any scars or blemishes and to bring out your best facial features. You may wonder why you need a professional to do something

your wedding day? Trained makeup artists know how to make you look good, not only in person, but for photographs as well. Makeup for photography is a learned skill and one most women don’t have. In planning what you want to look like, don’t forget your eyebrows! They can make all the difference in a polished look. If your brows look good and are shaped to complement your eyes, your whole face will look more finished. Have a professional do this, as often women tweeze too many hairs out of their brows and come away with having to resort to pencil lines.


Trained makeup artists know how to make you look good, not only in person, but for photographs as well.

HAIR ARTISTRY Many, many things can go wrong when people try to not only style their own hair, but also use harsh chemicals at home. A trained colorist has the chemistry knowledge to change the color of your hair slightly or altogether differently, while still making it look natural. Some eager people even try perming or straightening their own hair at home, and some of these people have horror stories to tell. Rather than becoming a casualty, hire a professional to design the look that’s right for you and your hair. If you’re one of the lucky women who has long, healthy hair, there are countless ways your hair can be styled. Be sure the hair artist in which you are interested has experience with long hair, whether you just want it styled or want a chemical process. It behaves nothing like short hair, and if you mess it up at home, it just takes that much longer to grow it back out to the same length again. SCHEDULING About six months before your wedding you’ll want to start a skincare program designed especially for you — and stick with it! During stressful times your skin can do all sorts of panicking on its own, so if you start being good to it you shouldn’t have as many problems when that special day arrives. Licensed estheticians can help devise such a regimen with you and can lead the way to healthy skin. If you are considering changing the look of your hair, whether it be the cut, style, color or texture, now is the time to book those appointments, too, so the person working on your hair can have the time to perfect your new look before the last minute. It is wise to choose your hair and makeup artists early so that you’ll be working with the same people throughout the whole process; not only because they will become familiar with your skin and hair, but because when you look back at the photographs, you will be looking at your wedding as an event, rather than something occurring over a few months, and you’ll want to have the same look in all of them. Be sure to make all the necessary appoint-

Bride & Groom Fall 2013  

Dallas & Ft. Worth, TX.

Bride & Groom Fall 2013  

Dallas & Ft. Worth, TX.