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Utilize Your Brand Best Through Social Commerce

Social Commerce is now evident among online marketing platforms. But what is it, and how does it work? We are already familiar with shopping in stores and online - social commerce is just buying and selling those same items we already shop for, except it's done through social media platforms like Facebook. Using Facebook the right way is the biggest opportunity in all small business marketing plans. Like all marketing tools, Facebook can be used the right way, and it can slow be used the wrong way. So businesses need to come up putting together a great social media strategy first.

1. Set up Social Commerce App It's a fact that 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook and it is still growing. Businesses usually announce the launch of Facebook store to fans. Promote their store opening through social media like blogs, newsletters and Twitter.

Like the Brand on Facebook Liking the brand gives access to their updates. Pick up exclusive promotions and insider tips as a fan. 56% of fans say they're more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan.

2. Update strategically Keep your Facebook fans in the know. Update them on special deals, new products, and upcoming projects. 77% of fans read the posts, news feeds and offers by the brand.

Read news feeds and updates 45% of Facebook users' time is spent on the news feed. People should always be the first to know. Learn about special deals, new products, and upcoming projects on your news feed.

3. Interact with fans Treat fans as if they're stepping into your store. Greet them, talk to them, ask questions, offer help and establish a relationship Did you know that 34% of people who interact with their favorite brands do it over Facebook?

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Browse and like items Like new and trendy merchandise you find. Share and recommend items you are interested in with friends 51% of fans say they're more likely to buy a product since becoming a fan

4. Create exclusive deals Studies claim that 77% of people like getting exclusive offers that they can redeem through Facebook. So entice fans to shop with exclusive deals. Share exclusive products and deals only found in your Facebook store.

Purchase items Buy new items through Facebook stores. Purchase exclusive items only available through Facebook. On average, people say they will spend up to $85 while shopping on Facebook

5. Promote with fans Fans' purchases help promote your brand. Encourage fans to generate interest in your brand by sharing their activity with friends. 53% of people said they were more likely to buy from brand if it was recommended by a friend.

Share items Did you know that 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook every 20 minutes? Show your friends what you just bought. Share your purchase stories with all your friends on Facebook. In a 2011 prediction, there is $5billion Global Social Commerce Revenue and this is expected to grow in a whopping $30billion by the year 2015. Even if you are a beginner, you need to have a plan of how you will use Facebook for your business. The plan needs to detail who will be responsible for the Facebook page, if you will allocate any funds to designing a profile image and/or landing page, as well as if you will use Facebook Ads to promote your business. It should also stipulate how you plan to attract fans and how often you will engage them. It should also determine, in the process, if Social Commerce is the right promotional platform for your brand.

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Utilize Your Brand Best Through Social Commerce