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The Top Ten Reasons You'll Know You're A Facebook Fanatic Are you restless every time you haven't opened your facebook account? Do you usually check your facebook account more that once a day? And you think your day is never complete whenever you haven't updated you status message? If you answer in affirmative to these following queries, then you really are a certified facebook fanatic. Indeed, facebook has influenced the lives of people coming from all walks of life. It became a source of friendship because in facebook, you can meet up new friends, keep in touch with your old friends, and get latest updates from your present friends. Also a source of income, as when a certain business creates a fan page in facebook and through that fan page such business could keep in touch with its customers and potential customers. And keep them updated with what's the latest about their respective businesses. As gleaned from this point of view, facebook is indeed a great and helpful thing. However, to those people who overdo their time facing facebook...maybe its time to ask your self this mind-boggling question – Am I a facebook fanatic? So are you? Well, if you are not sure about it, here are the top ten reasons you’ll know you're a facebook fanatic. 1. You chat more online than having a conversation face-to-face. With the advent of facebook, you tend to just chat your friends and relatives through facebook. You didn't even bother to meet up with them because you think that through facebook, it will be a lot more easier. You forgot to value the thought that in depth conversations with your friends and relatives face to face is much more important than just chatting with them in facebook. 2. You tend to check your facebook account more than once every hour. Signs? You get restless every time you cannot open your facebook and you can't stand the fact that you don't have any idea what is going on in the facebook world. Other might have a sudden impulse of logging in on their facebook accounts first thing in the morning. Another sign is that you think you can't survive the day without checking your facebook profile just to see if somebody commented on their photos, posted or shared something on their wall and tagged them in the most recent photos uploaded by their friend. And the worst? Wherever you may be, at school, in the office, in a meeting or attending a ceremony you think of facebook all the time. 3. You take too much pictures of almost everything, sometimes even unnecessary ones. You take pictures of your dog, your new cellphone, your new dress, and of course you take pictures of yourself in different beauty poses that is possible. And after taking these photos, you immediately upload it to facebook and you take pictures for so you could tag your friends, and in return for you to receive likeable comments or 'likes' from them. 4. Updates! You think that you must tell all your friends on facebook every time you are doing something. When you are with friends in a mall, when you failed in math class, when your guy did not text you, when someone just had his awkward moment – literally, almost everything. You forgot to think that some things are better kept to yourself. Aside from this, you think you must always be updated with what is happening to your frenemies or your boy friend. There's even one incident that somebody updated his relationship status 2 minutes after getting married. 5. You don't have time to do all other necessary things in your life such as doing your homework, projects, or doing your household chore. If you see that your clothes are piling up or your dishes are overflowing in the sink all while you are on facebook, then you really are a facebook junkie. 6. You stalk people on facebook. You use facebook as a tool to trail on somebody's facebook profile. You always check your boyfriend's ex girlfriend, or your husband's past girlfriends. Or just spending hours scanning the wall of somebody you might be interested in. 7. If you meet an old friend who doesn't have a facebook account you tell them to have one so that you cold keep in touch with each other. Or you tell your certain relative to have a facebook account once and for all so he would at least be up to date with the latest trend nowadays. 8. You have several facebook friends that you've never actually met in person. You keep on sending friend requests to random people that you do not even know. As a result you had a Russian , an Italian and a Pakistani facebook friend that floods your wall with posts you do not even understand. Aside from sending friend requests to random people you also accept friend invites from some random people who just like you are also sending friend requests randomly. 9. You don't bother to check on your calendar or memo notes to check if its your friends' birthday or not. You tend to forget their birthdays and if it was not for your facebook reminders. It only shows that facebook definitely runs your social life, you forget important dates because you always think that there is facebook to remind you everything.

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10. You are over-sharing. You share stuffs to the extent that t wasn't necessary anymore. You don't have to broadcast everything that just happened to you. You break up, your success in a contest, your frustrations, failures and your awkward moments. Have you ever thought that the information you just shared is too much? So guys, did you experience one of the things mentioned above? Well then, if yes its time to ask yourself again 'Am I really a facebook junkie?' And if you are, better combat it and cut your facebook time. Remember, too much of something is not good.

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Top Ten Reasons You'll Know You're a Facebook Fanatic  

3. You take too much pictures of almost everything, sometimes even unnecessary ones. You take pictures of your dog, your new cellphone, your...