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Making Facebook Work for Small Business Social media is one of the best and effective tool when it comes to boosting a small business' popularity and growth. If you are a wise business owner, you would surely make use of this super tool to your utmost advantage! One notable example is facebook. Facebook is not just a place where you strive on getting people to like your page, it is the best place to start a campaign that will complement your existing marketing strategy. To effectively utilize the opportunities that Facebook could offer, here are some bits of info regarding creating pages in facebook and what to do so people will like your business. The famous 'like' button. This is the most-used feature on facebook. Hence, if you wanted to find out if your business's blog posts and website content are likeable to the public, a 'like' button should be added to your facebook account. Furthermore, if some random visitor 'likes' your post, such visitor is impliedly advertising such post of yours to his or her friends and thus providing them a link to your site. Create a group on facebook. Using this facebook feature will surely segment your friends. Here's the basis of this idea: Even if you do have a facebook account for your business, it could be really possible that you still have different kind of friends in there, so in order for you to send an appropriate content for each of your facebook friend, it is highly recommended for you to sort out your friends in your facebook account. The group could be sorted out to categories such as, clients, partners, suppliers and prospects. After you have sorted your friends, now you could post special contents in accordance to what they may be needing. This another exciting feature in facebook is the send button which is just like the same with the 'like' button, however the user here is given the option to choose who among his list of friends would they like to share their action with. This allows business owners with facebook accounts to share information only to those who thy think would be most interested. This is helpful so as so you could focus more on your targets or potential customers. After getting the like button, making a group and subscribing to send button. Tell people that they will benefit something by liking your page! Give them a good reason to like your page so as they will be interested to always look fro you page whenever they are in facebook. You can offer freebies, coupons, and other types of benefits and promos. Then, for more people to like your page you also have to define your business. This is specifically important to small businesses. Why? Because it is important for people to know what kind of business do you have. Remember, you are not as famous as other leading brands out there so you have to take this opportunity to post your logo in your facebook page, a video maybe of what you do, a review, photos and the like. You may also add a tag line of your business for people to remember your facebook page. To recapitulate, if you think you are going to try this facebook campaign, just remember these following reminders: Quality Content. As what they usually say, content is king. Hence, it is essential for you to create quality content to create an impression that you are in a serious business and also to build credibility. The content you made will be shared by your facebook friends to their fellow friends, hence you must create content that is interesting. Landing Page. Maker sure that your landing page briefly informs the viewer as to what business do you have. It must also state what benefit the viewer will get when she like your page. Make sure that the image on your facebook page is dazzling and enticing for you to have new fans quickly. Coupons. Be kind. Offer you customers a token fro promoting you product or service. Lastly, don't be short of Updates. Your facebook friends will eventually get bored if you do not post updates or upcoming promos regarding you business. Be consistent in posting updates, new photos, videos, announcements, offers, reviews and any other marketing strategy you could think about. Interested to boost the growth of your small business? What are you waiting for? Try this absolutely brilliant idea NOW!

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Making Facebook Work for Small Business  

This another exciting feature in facebook is the send button which is just like the same with the 'like' button, however the user here is gi...

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