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EAST HENDRED CATHOLIC PARISH St Mary’s East Hendred St Patrick’s East Ilsley Fr. Tom Taaffe EpV Assisted by Fr. Terence FitzPatrick OSB Week Commencing Sunday 7th December 2008 Sunday Cycle B Weekday Cycle

Second Sunday of Advent

SUNDAY MASSES: St. Mary’s, East Hendred 9.30am St. Patrick’s, East Ilsley 11.15 am WEEKDAY MASSES Wednesday 12.15pm St Mary’s East Hendred Canon Raab (FM) Friday 8.30am St Amandrs Chapel, Hendred House Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament takes place every Friday between 3 and 4 pm. in St. Amand’s Chapel, Hendred House. Anniversaries. Francis Leo Stibbs, Hilda Balcombe, Catherine Couling, Rear Admiral Peter Gibson, Ann Collett, Robert Driscoll, William Brown, Kevin Mulhern and Harry Wells May they rest in the peace of the Risen Lord Last weeks collection was £519 of which 74% was Gift Aided. Thank you ECUMENCIAL ADVENT SERVICE The Ecumenical Advent service to be held this year in St. Augustine’s THIS EVENING at 6pm. Please come join with our friends in the St. Augustine’s Benefice in an uplifting, thoughtful musical evening service. The choirs of St. Augustine’s, St. Mary’s and the churches of Lockinge and Ardington will all join together for this service. Wine and nibbles are served after the service.

Advent at the Monastery This year we shall be taking a look at the liturgy of Advent, especially the prayers and readings of the four Sundays of Advent. We shall begin with a brief overview of the Advent season before tackling the 1st Sunday readings and prayers and end on 17 December with a talk on the "O antiphons" and liturgy of the week before Christmas. Meetings are open to all and will take place in the monastery as follows: 3. Wednesday 10 December at 2.30 pm, repeated at 7.30 pm 4. Wednesday 17 December at 2.30 pm, repeated at 7.30 pm. Please bring a Sunday missal if you have one. Refreshments will be served. RECONCILLATION SERVICE

This will be held at St Mary’s on Thursday 18th December at 7.30pm. CHRISTMAS FLOWER COLLECTION There will be a second collection for Christmas Flowers at St Mary’s today. Thames-Isis Confirmation 2009 Are you in Year 8 or above? Would you like to be Confirmed? Next year’s Confirmation in the Thames-Isis Pastoral Area will take place on Tuesday 2nd June. Preparation will start in January. Please contact Helen Sutherland for further information by 21st December.

ADVENT PRAYER AT ST PATRICKS Thursdays 11th and 18th December. 7p.m -8 p.m. St Patrick's will be open for a period of quiet prayer and reflection followed by a short Eucharistic Service at 7.45p.m.

St Amands Catholic Primary School St Mary’s Road, East Hendred, Wantage, OX12 8LF Tel: 01235 833342 A big thank-you to everyone who contributed to our Christmas market a few weeks ago – it raised £1,100 which the PTA will use to support activities in the school. Thanks also for the contributions to the Blue Peter Disc Drive – we collected over 1000 discs and have had an email of thanks from Bernardo’s. Everyone is busy practicing for the various Christmas plays and concerts. The choir are looking forward to coming to English Martyrs on Friday to sing carols. Hope to see you there! Dates for your Diary Friday 12th December – St Amands Choir visit English martyrs for a Christmas concert.

St. Amands is your local Catholic primary school, with a free bus from Didcot, Wantage and Grove. You are welcome to visit the school at any time. Please contact Debbie in the school office to make an appointment. Applications are welcome from children for all classes. Please remember our school in your prayers. CHILDREN’S LITURGY This will take place at St Mary’s during Mass today. All primary school aged children welcome. TRANSPORT TO CHRISTMAS MASSES If you or someone you know would like a lift to church to enable you to attend Mass, please contact Chris Holmes or email PARISH CLEAN AND PREPARATION FOR CHRISTMAS Calling as many volunteers as possible to help clean and prepare St Mary’s church for Christmas. This will take place after the 9.30am Mass on Sunday 21st December.

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