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EAST HENDRED CATHOLIC PARISH St Mary’s East Hendred St Patrick’s East Ilsley Fr. Tom Taaffe EpV Fr.Bob Jennings KHS Week Commencing Sunday 30


March 2008

Sunday Cycle A Weekday Cycle 2

Second Sunday of Easter SUNDAY MASSES: St. Mary’s, East Hendred 9.30am People of the Parish St. Patrick’s, East Ilsley 11.15 am Millie Charlton (FM) WEEKDAY MASSES Wednesday 12.15pm St Mary’s East Hendred Frank Mullins (FM) Friday 8.30am St Amands Chapel, Hendred House John Sheehan RIP (Sr Monica’s Brother) Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament takes place every Friday between 3 and 4 pm. in St. Amand’s Chapel, Hendred House. Anniversaries Elizabeth McElroy, John Doyle, Ted Moore, May Thacker, Maurice Barret and Isobel Rivers,. May they rest in the peace of the Risen Christ EASTER, EUCHARIST AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE The Oxford Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) we will be holding an Open quiet Day of Recollection/Reflection On Saturday 12th April at Elmthorpe Convent, Oxford Road, Cowley. The Theme of the day will be Easter, Eucharist and the Christian Life. See poster for more details, St Amand’s Catholic Primary School St Mary’s Road, East Hendred, Wantage, OX12 8LF Tel: 01235 833342 Fax: 01235 861320 This week St Amand’s said thank-you and goodbye to Mrs Margaret Walker. Mrs Walker has worked at the school as a teaching assistant and dinner lady for 24 years. On Wednesday there was a special lunch and presentation where Mrs Walker received flowers, a cake and a set of luggage for all the travelling that she plans to do in her retirement. The staff and children all wish her well. Maths week, which was held in the school a few weeks, ago not only taught maths in a fun way, it also raised over £300 for CAFOD and Book Aid. Class 6 raised over £140 through their jumble sale. The week was a great success. Date for your diary: Summer Fate – Saturday 21st June. St Amand’s is your local Catholic primary school, with a free school bus from Wantage, Grove and Didcot. You are welcome to visit at any time. Please phone Debbie, the school Administration Officer to make an appointment.

Applications are also welcome from children new to the area for other classes. Please remember our school in your prayers.

TODAY'S REFLECTION We know from the Gospels that the apostles were not perfect. Peter, Thomas and the others blundered. Yet, to these the risen Lord said : 'as the Father sent me, so am I sending you'. His faith in them was vindicated. Despite their shortcomings, they handed on the faith, many of them giving their lives as martyrs. We in our day are far from perfect. Yet, once again, the risen Lord is issuing the same invitation - "As the Father sent me, so am I sending you". This time the invitation is addressed to you and me. He is asking us to take his message to our contemporaries. He wants us and them to hand it on to the next generation. May we do just that.

Gift Aid envelopes are ready for collection in each church . CHILDREN’S LITURGY This will take place next Sunday during Mass. All primary school age children are welcome. Please come and join us. TEENAGE LITURGY There will be a separate liturgy of the Word during mass in St Mary’s on Sunday, April 13th, for those attending secondary schools. We will leave the body of the church before the first reading to go into the day chapel and return after the bidding prayers. All teenagers welcome. GATHERING TOGETHER IN CHRIST We intend to meet on the following occasions over the next six months. They are the first Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of each month. The dates are: Wed. 2nd April; Thurs. 1st May; Tues. 3rd June; Wed. 2nd July; Thurs 7th Aug; Tues 2nd Sept. These will take place at 7.30 in the parish rooms. On the first occasion we will be reviewing the DVD ‘Catholics Listening to God: Sharing the Bible’ to help us explore our faith and as an aid in praying together and then deciding how to structure our future meetings. ROSARY GROUP The Rosary group will meet this Tuesday, 1st April in St Amand’s Chapel, Hendred House at 7pm. All Welcome MILTON MANOR MASS There will be Mass at Challoner Chapel, Milton Manor next Sunday at 6pm. All welcome. ADVANCE NOTICE The 12.15pm Wednesday Mass on 23rd April will take place in the Eyston Chapel, St Augustine’s.

Parish Newsletter 30 March 2008  

30/3/2008 Newsletter of St Mary's and St Patrick's

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