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EAST HENDRED CATHOLIC PARISH St Mary’s East Hendred St Patrick’s East Ilsley Fr. Terence FitzPatrick OSB Douai Abbey Week Commencing Sunday 25th January 2009 Sunday Cycle B Weekday Cycle 1

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time SUNDAY MASSES: St. Mary’s, East Hendred 9.30am Ada Daubenay (FM) St. Patrick’s, East Ilsley 11.15 am Hilda Balcombe (FM) WEEKDAY MASSES: St Mary’s Wednesday 12.15pm Tony McCormack RIP St Amands Chapel, Hendred House 8.30am Elizabeth Eyston (FM) Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament takes place every Friday between 3 and 4 pm. in St. Amand’s Chapel, Hendred House. Anniversaries.Albert Howard, Elizabeth Eyston, Agnes Eyston, Patricia Bridger, Frances Rivers, Helen Patterson and Tony McCormack May they rest in the peace of the Risen Lord Last weeks collection raised £611 of which 59% was Gift Aided. Thank you. .

BIDDING PRAYERS REQUESTS Before Mass please have a look in the book of prayer requests at the back of the church and if possible include briefly any recent requests in the Bidding prayer. St Amands Catholic Primary School St Mary’s Road, East Hendred, Wantage, OX12 8LF Tel: 01235 833342 We have had a busy first few weeks of term. The school council, which has representatives from each class, has been recruiting pupils to join the recently formed Eco-Committee. They will be working on various projects to encourage children and the school to become more environmentaly friendly. Watch out for news of our “green” projects! St Amands is your local Catholic Primary School, with a free bus from Wantage, Grove and Didcot. You are welcome to visit school at any time.Please contact Debbie in the school office to make an appointment. Applications are welcome from children for all classes. Please remember our school in your prayers. FINANCE AND PPC MEETINGS The next finance meeting will take place on Thursday 5th February at 6.30pm in the Parish Rooms followed by the meeting of PPC at 7.30pm.

True Life in God Discussion and Support Group. ‘True Life in God’ is a collection of Divine Inspirations given to Vassula Ryden for each of us since 1986. They help us to understand the scriptures more deeply, to get to know God more intimately and to recognise the signs of the times. Whether you are a reader of True Life in God or not, come and share your thoughts on this unique work, which is filling thousands of people with hope and overwhelming joy. Pray for discernment and come with an open mind and hear Next meeting Date: Thurs. Jan. 29th Time: 7.30pm Place: St Mary's Rooms, East Hendred Contact: Mary Harrison 01235 833584

CLUTTER IN THE PARISH ROOMS These items are now under the stairs to St Cecilia Guild (In the Parish Rooms) They will be there for one more week, then any unclaimed items will be offered to a charity shop.

PASTORAL AREA UPDATE On Monday evening the parish pastoral councils from the Thames Isis Pastoral Area (Hinksey, Didcot/Wallingford, Abingdon, East Hendred/East Ilsley) met to discuss the changes that are likely to be taking place in the next couple of years as the current pastoral area becomes one parish being served by two priests and a deacon. Discussions centred around where and when Mass should be said and what will happen with the communities if they do not have a regular Sunday Mass. This, of course, will have impact on our current Parish of St Mary's and St Patrick's. Nothing was decided so we will keep you updated on information as we receive it.

CHILDRENS LITURGY GROUP This group will meet at St Mary’s next Sunday, 1st February during Mass. All primary school aged children welcome.

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