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How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month From the outside and to the uninitiated SEO can look very expensive. Many companies charge hundreds of pounds per month and monthly charges in the multiple thousands are commonplace. It can leave you wondering just how much does SEO cost per month? It is easy to baulk at these figures and wonder how it can be justified. Jargon and sales tactics are used to pressure business owners into taking on their services without understanding why the service costs what it does. Don’t they just tinker on computers and hope for the best? Not at all. A good SEO can provide significant return on the investment in their services. I’ll show you how.

SEO ROI (Return on Investment) An example is necessary. Lets take a roofing company to demonstrate. According to Which, the average cost to replace a roof of an average home (3 bed, semi-detached, two storey house) is £5,600. Next, we need to know how many people are searching for that service. For this example, I will use my hometown of Cardiff. The variations of ‘Roofers Cardiff’ is searched 300 times on average every month. Thats 300 potential customers actively looking for a roofer each and every month. ‘Roof repairs Cardiff’ is searched another 480 times a month. Lets say, after hard work for a few months, the SEO gets the website to number 2 on Google for that search. The number 2 position is clicked by 19% of searchers on average (according to Advanced Web Ranking). In this scenario, that is 57 people. Next lets say that company manages to sell its services to just 5% of the people that visit its website. Thats 2.85 people a month. With rounding for ease of calculation, lets say thats 3. Therefore the work the SEO has done has managed to get the roofer 3 new customers a month. Based on the average cost of a roofing job by Which, thats almost £17k in extra revenue every month.

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How much is reasonable to pay to get £17,000 extra revenue every month? At a reasonable rate of 15% of the revenue, thats £2,500 a month. Now, £2,500 is a lot of money. But in this scenario thats a 680% return. Every single month. Can you get that with an advert in Yell or a local magazine?

How much does SEO cost per month? Hopefully the example above has demonstrated the value a SEO can bring to your business. But its time to give you the information you came to this page for, how much does SEO cost per month? The answer is simple, but probably not what you want to hear. It depends. How much you should pay per month for SEO depends on the following 5 factors:

1. The search term Each search is different. The search ‘Weight loss pill’ is extremely competitive. It would take years to rank there. Whereas an obscure search like ‘best barnacle remover for a hot tub’ isn’t going to be too challenging.

2. Competition ‘Wedding photographer + location’ is generally a competitive term. The website owners are more technology savvy and aware of the benefit of SEO. It will take more effort and longer to rank well there (but probably worth it). Whereas commercial drain unblockers probably won’t be as competitive.

3. The website A website that is brand new is not trusted by Google and will take 6-9 months to start ranking anywhere. A website that is 10 years old but not optimised will be a lot easier to rank.

4. Experience The SEO’s experience will have a bearing on their price. A rookie won’t be able to charge much, whereas a seasoned pro can easily charge £150+ an hour.

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5. Availability An SEO may quote a high fee because they are busy and the extra work would only be justified at a higher fee. A SEO with a work drought will be more keen to win work. But you may want to ask yourself why they haven’t got work.

Circumstantial How much you should pay an SEO is circumstantial to your website, the keywords you want to rank for and your competition. SEO is not a uniform product that can be picked up off the shelf. Any standard packages that you can find online will not be a fair reflection of your circumstances. You may be overpaying (where the competition doesn’t warrant the cost) or you may be underpaying (fairly common). What good it is paying someone £300 a month who will do some work but ultimately work that won’t get you anywhere? It would be better to triple that and get someone who will actually make a difference. For example, offer a £299 a month package. It sounds tempting. Their pricing table says the right things. The website is decent. They do SEO day in day out. But according to their website, for this price you only get 2 links a month (see here for explanation of why links matter). Their explanation of the links states they’ll obtain these links from directories and forums. Add your website to and and in 20 minutes you would have saved yourself £300. This would be a case of under paying. 2 links a month will not get you to the top of Google for any search term that has a reasonable number of searches a month. It would be money wasted in my humble opinion. If you can’t afford more than this a month, then I’d suggest using Adwords themselves. That will get you to the top of Google and probably more business then this service.

I hope this page has helped give you some clarification to the confusing world of paying for SEO. If you have any questions on how much you should pay or if you would like a quote for me to do SEO for you then please email me your details, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress

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