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North American B2B Execs European B2B Execs Australian B2B Execs Asian B2B Execs African B2B Execs South American B2B Execs UK B2B Execs Global SMB/SME Execs

19 Million 5 Million 1.2 Million 830,000 125,000 50,000 3 Million+ 5 Million+

Real Estate Agents/Brokers Insurance Agents/Brokers Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, etc. Architects Lawyers/Attorneys

235,550 195,550 500,000 85,500 185,550



High Profiled B2B execs Chief level Execs/ CXOs Medical Practitioners Business Owners Sales & Marketing Execs HR & Payroll Execs Accounting/Finance Execs Fortune 500 Fortune 1000

800,000 2.5 Million 600,000 310,066 815,550 210,985 528,200 213,419 425,450


Advertising & Marketing Aerospace Agriculture Automotive Biotechnology Business Services Construction & Materials Finance & Banking Food & Beverage Govt. & Public Sector Hospitality HR & Recruiting


210,950 70,400 35,550 30,545 60,150 652,550 380,665 500,450 85,550 150,500 250,550 130,225



Insurance Legal Services Manufacturing Media & Publishing Metal & Mining Non-Profit Org. Oil, Gas & Energy Pharmaceutical Real Estate Retail Education Technology Telecom Transportation & Logistics Veterinary Wholesalers ERP Users

200,550 250,550 1 Million+ 300,450 60,550 350,275 220,500 142,000 250,850 510,550 425,550 800,350 205,650 175,125 18,250 86,850 2.5 Million+


200 Million+

KEY SERVICES: Mailing Lists (email, ph & postal), Email Marketing, Targeted Email Publishing, Data/ Email Appending,

Email Hygiene, List Cleansing, Data Entry, and much, much more... LIST FIELDS: Our lists contain full details like Company names, Website addresses, Contact names, Job titles, Email

addresses, Phone numbers, Postal addresses, Fax numbers, Industry type, Company sizes (employee size & annual revenue); SIC/NAICS codes, etc. CUSTOM LISTS: You can select and obtain lists by sharing your targeted audience/ list criteria as below:

• Geography (city, state, zip, country): • Contact Type (Executive title/job function): • or any other specifications of your choices:

• Industry or SIC/ NAICS codes: • Company Size (revenue type/employ ee size):

EMAIL MARKETING: We have a private platform with specialized emailing servers in house from which we carry out email

marketing campaigns on your behalf, through the fastest, effective & most efficient delivery mechanism. Our sophisticated Servers & CRM generates stats report featuring the output that includes Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribe as well as complete DBMS (Database Management System) SAMPLE STATs: Click on the below links to preview the stat reports (this proves the quality of our lists & e-blast platform) 539617: http://softwarelogin.com/report.php?id=539617&r=fb07ce5f795a97958325df014bb188cabf1ef844 518231: http://softwarelogin.com/report.php?id=518231&r=bc8ceca3d3f053b0c3324fb177b6b880c12c6994 APPENDING: Add/update info to an existing list. You can append the most current contact information to your clientele

list/append only missing info into required data fields such as emails, telephone, titles, physical address, web addresses, etc. List Cleansing: If you have an existing clientele list that you would be managing internally from years and want to get them

cleaned and updated with the most current information, we can cleanse and provide you with the refreshed lists.

Our lists are 100% Dual Verified (ph & email), Regularly Cleansed/ Updated, 90% Assured, Reusable, and Pre-Qualified before Delivery.

Looking for a quote? Choose your Service/List and call us @ +1 302 503 5008 or write an email to marketing@united-esolutions.com Last updated: June 9, 2018

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