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Contents 1 Introduction Nick James, Producer, Digital Marketing Show 3

Blogs are the secret sauce that make your Digital Marketing Great Jonathan Wall, Ektron


Email Automation: 64% of Email Marketers are Missing a Trick Charlotte Sumner, Email Strategist, Pancentric


The Integration of Search and Social Andrew Girdwood, Media innovations Director, LBI


How to drive customer loyalty with a digitally connected leadership approach Shawn Cabral, Marketing Director, Sitecore UK


Leverage your assets Dixon Jones, Majestic SEO


10 Gen Y Evolutions for brands to connect with millennials Joeri Van Den Bergh, Co-Founder of insites consulting


The changing psychology of the social shopper Peter Briffett, Managing Director, livingsocial UK and Ireland


The Future of Online Content – Link Attributes & Authorised Web Nichola Stott, Founder & Managing Director, The Media Flow


Why brands shouldn’t treat social media as a one night-stand… Jeremy Waite, Head of Social Strategy for Adobe


5 Ways to make your content EPIC Jonathan Wall, Ektron


Advertising needs more people who understand the data Rob Weatherhead, Head of Digital Operation, Mediacom


Don’t mistake reach for influence Azeem Azhar, Peer Index


The rise & rise of the influencer- what it means to today’s marketers Andrew Grill, Global social business partner at IBM


Stop, Look and Listen - The First Step in SEO Donald Macgregor, Mediaco


How to take relationship marketing to the next level Tim Langley, CEO, Canddi


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DIGITAL MARKETING IS PROBABLY THE BEST OPPORTUNITY THAT UK BUSINESSES, LARGE AND SMALL, HAVE TO PUNCH ABOVE THEIR WEIGHT. But, and it’s a BIG But, digital is both revolutionary and evolutionary and it’s really difficult to keep up! Our websites, magazines and events have been designed to provide information and advice to mainstream marketers. Digital need not be the preserve of techies or geeks and we see our job as helping non-tech businesses and marketers navigate the digital maze. We hope you enjoy reading, visiting and engaging with our contributors, advertisers, speakers and exhibitors. They’re here to help. Nick James

Editor Francesca James Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies Sales Director Luke Neel Sales Manager Jonathan Walker Show Manager Ray Clark Senior Sales Executive Benjamin Thomas Partnerships Dom Vaughan-Fowler Marketing Executive Alex Shea

Producer, Digital Marketing Show

Marketing Executive Hannah Durham

Content Co-ordinator Lynette Lisle


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Blogs are the secret sauce that make your

Digital Marketing Great

BLOGGING? REALLY? THAT WAS SO 2004. Here we are with 2014 right around the corner and blogs have been mainstream for more than a decade. For many organisations, setting up a blog was something that was done in the mid 2000’s, using technologies like Blogger or Moveable Type. Chances are though that that blog was started by an individual, not connected to the main website, and inconsistent with brand. You could have had a myriad of individuals on different platforms, blogging in different places. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 77% of organisations already have a blog. But having a blog and actually blogging, are two different things. So while most organisations may have a blog, only 15% of them are actively blogging, with more than 5 posts (that’s according to research we’ve done here at Ektron).

So why are we talking about it now? Why are blogs the secret sauce of digital marketing?

Marketing is changing The world has changed, and traditional marketing approaches that worked 15, 10, or even just 5 years ago, no longer work. For example, direct mail (or even mail in general for that matter) is dying. How people find and interact with brands has changed, and how people buy products and services has changed with it as well.


OF A BUYER’S JOURNEY IS DIGITAL, AS NOTED PERCENT BY SIRIUS DECISIONS. That means people that want to interact with you have already done their homework, and they are coming to your website with more knowledge than ever.


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The only way to compete for visitors and customers today is to ensure that you get found when an individual is searching for an answer to a question that they’ve entered into a search engine. That’s not to say that you should completely forsake traditional outbound marketing entirely, but if you aren’t doing the right stuff to help you get found, you are making your job much, much harder.

Blogs are different So that’s where blogs come in. While you may only update your website periodically, in general most of how you explain what you do stays more or less the same. With the exception of things like press releases, announcements, or new resources like a knowledge based article, most websites don’t change that much. Think about it for a moment. How often do you go in and update, say, the products or services sections of your website? How often do you update management bios? You may update the homepage with new offers frequently, add new resources, but in general, you may not actually update the site that often. And while most websites don’t change significantly over time, the content also tends to have a fairly professional tone that may not resonate with people that are searching for solutions to their problems, and may not immediately be thinking they are ready to buy anything.


Those are both things most websites don’t do. Blogs tend to have a different tone than the rest of your website, one that is much more conversational. And blogs are usually written by individuals, giving a face and name, as well as a personal story, addressing the who, what, how, and why behind your organisation. People like connecting with and having conversations with individuals, not a faceless organisation.

THAT’S THE SECRET SAUCE - BLOGS ARE THE ENGINE BEHIND CREATING GREAT CONTENT THAT HELPS SEARCH ENGINES INDEX YOUR STUFF, AND ALLOW VISITORS TO FIND YOU. They let you, for example write out an answer to the exact question that people are searching for. This does 2 things. First, it drives traffic to your site, and second it provides an entry point for that person to engage with your organisations further. If you aren’t blogging, then it’s very likely that the next time someone is looking for an organisation just like yours, that they won’t be able to find you. And even if they actually found you, without that blog and a conversational way to interact you may have missed an opportunity to actually form a connection. From there you could engage them further with additional content like a white paper or eBook. So if your organisation isn’t blogging, then the time to start is right now. í


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Email Automation:

64% of Email Marketers are Missing a Trick

IN THE DMA’S RECENT EMAIL MARKETING CENSUS 2013, 36% of email marketers and companies surveyed said they use an Email Software Provider (ESP) for automated email campaigns. This however, still leaves 64% of marketers running their campaigns manually and missing a trick.

software based on an event or ‘trigger’. A trigger could either be a customer action or behaviour, for example getting a quote online and receiving a confirmation email, or generated by pre-defined rules in a customer life-cycle, for example a cross-sell email 6 months after purchase.

Automated emails have been making the lives of email marketers easier, and helping companies achieve better ROI, for years. And if you’re one of the 64% still not taking advantage of the numerous benefits of email automation, or not convinced by the idea, then I intend to convert you.

The most common use of email automation is transactional emails. When you purchase something from your favourite online retailer, I guarantee you will always receive a purchase confirmation email that was automatically triggered. If you can find a company that doesn’t do this, then let me know and I’ll introduce them to Enabler.

Email Automation

The Benefits of Automation

What is Email Automation?


So let’s start at the beginning, what is email automation? In its simplest form, automated emails are emails sent out by a piece of

There are many benefits to email automation. First and foremost, it saves us email marketers heaps of time. With


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some up-front effort, research and careful planning, you can implement a well thought out strategy that, in the long run, will essentially look after itself and your customers, while saving you time and allowing you to focus on the other items on your to-do list. Consistency Secondly, automation means your communications with customers remain consistent. Consistency is key to building a good brand reputation in all digital channels, but particularly email (providing your emails are well designed and tested). Therefore automation increases the chances of your email communications being effective, and customers engaging with what you send them. Customer Acquisition Automated emails can be extremely effective in the customer acquisition environment. For new customers, an automated acquisition strategy is paramount to a successful business. When a prospective customer signs up for more information, gets a quote, or subscribes to a service, this is the prime time to convert them into a customer. This is the time they are most engaged with your brand. If you ignore someone at this stage, the likelihood is they will ‘switch off’ to your business. If you hit customers with some well thought out emails in the first 7 days of them engaging with your brand, you’re dramatically increasing your chances of conversion. We spent a lot of time testing and developing an automated strategy with

one of the UK’s leading insurers, and found that by following up with a benefits email 48 hours after quote to non-converters, conversion rates dramatically increased. Since implementation, we’ve seen quote-tosale conversion increase by 2.5% from this campaign. This may not sound like a lot, but in the context of their multi-million pound online sales, it’s not something to be overlooked. Customer Retention It’s easy to get caught up in sales funnels and ROI and forget the other wonderful uses that email automation has to offer. Retention and maintaining your customer relationships is just as important, if not arguably more so, and there are many automated campaign tricks you can use to make a customer feel ‘special’ and loved. According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of selling to an existing customers is 60-70%, compared to between 5-20% for new customers. Amazon’s retention strategy is one to be admired. They collect every bit of data possible around customer purchases and behaviour, following up regularly (a little too regularly for some) with suggestions, recommendations and relevant emails based on purchase history and even what you view. It would be unreasonable to expect the rest of us to replicate this with the resources we have available in comparison, but there’s still a lot we can learn from big brands like Amazon and best practices we can adopt to suit our own business models. í


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The Integration of Search and Social

MARKETING MANAGERS have enough challenges to deal with than cope with incumbent SEO agencies pitching to do work that sounds suspiciously Social in nature. Nevertheless, SEO has changed and requires lashings of Social engagement for success. For results; SEO agencies must now be allowed to engage with audiences and influencers. The immediate solution is to integrate Search and Social. That sounds easy but it isn’t. Most brands have separate Search and Social budgets, managed by different people and Marketing and PR are completely separate departments. I blame the PR industry’s failure to get into digital until it was too late. SEO grew as a specialism and Social followed. The circle is complete and now all three disciplines are straining to unite again despite corporate and agency structures that resist it. What can you do if you can’t find an agency with Search and Social chops or are unable

to execute the dramatic internal restructures necessary to manage the channels? One solution is to use frameworks. Get your Search and Social experts (be that one or more agencies) to work within the same artistic vision as your Creative agency. That might mean agreeing on themes, the types of messages any engagements would create and styles up front so that any outreach assets created fit the overall plan. Equally, that means getting the Creatives to agree on ideas that are useful and interesting to audiences. Media transforms Creative work from art to marketing, after all. A similar approach is to ensure your Social and SEO agencies coordinate and cooperate on outreach. It is likely that both agencies will want to do it. If the Social agency insists on doing it then establish what good looks like in terms of results and hold. For balance you must also give them the chance to review and feedback on the engagement plan before they begin the outreach. í


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- 10 -

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How to drive customer loyalty with a digitally connected leadership approach

CUSTOMER LOYALTY SHOULD BE A TOP PRIORITY, No 3 for any firm pursuing business growth, and can be assisted by CEOs and business leaders that are willing to personally connect with stakeholders via digital platforms such as their own social media feeds or blog. Having a leader who understands digital media and the importance of listening,

responding and anticipating the needs of customers and stakeholders on these platforms is proving key to encouraging a long-serving, sustained customer relationship. Research recently conducted by Sitecore reveals that CEOs and business leaders who enter into this type of two-way digital communication, also known as the ‘Personal

- 11 -

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Touch’ leadership style, are more likely to manage organisations that have a healthy business-to-customer relationship. This is fuelled by the general interest which surrounds CEOs and business leaders, with the research revealing that FTSE 350 companies embracing a Personal Touch approach benefit from an increase in online traffic. Furthermore, more than half of the Personal Touch firms have around 150 authors writing about them on the internet, compared to 33% of the companies that use a PR or marketing agency to manage their digital channels. The research also reveals that the performance of Personal Touch firms since 2009/10 has exceeded all other firms in the FTSE 350. This is demonstrated by annual growth rates in turnover and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in turnover and profit. Additionally, Personal Touch firms recorded a CAGR of 27% from 2009 to 2012 and a rate of 30% for 2010 to 2012. This compares to a rate of just 9% from 2009 to 2012, and 13% from 2010 to 2012 by the next best performing group; corporate two-way firms, compounding the commercial advantages of the Personal Touch leadership style. However, despite the benefits of this digitally connected leadership approach, just 7% of the businesses analysed are adopting it. This means that in sectors where building strong customer relationships are particularly vital, a large proportion of leaders are missing the opportunity to interact effectively with their customers or stakeholders.

Customers today expect to have direct contact with brands and their leaders through digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or company blogs. In the ever-changing digital landscape, where the number of social media users is continuing to grow, the majority of CEOs are missing out on a valuable opportunity to engage their stakeholders in a meaningful dialogue directly, and boost the commercial growth of their firm as a result.

IF BUSINESS LEADERS SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ACTIVELY ENGAGE IN CONVERSATIONS WITH CONSUMERS ONLINE, THE WIDER CUSTOMER BASE GAINS MORE INSIGHT INTO THE BRAND AND ITS LEADER AND ARE MORE LIKELY TO TRUST THE BRAND AS A RESULT. More widely, across the organisation, listening, engaging and taking care of customers’ needs remains vital to building strong relationships. This can only happen when organisations have the ability to use the knowledge about their customer across all interactions - on and offline, using digital marketing systems that can manage these interactions. This ensures the dialogue is real-time and relevant to each customer. Having a forward-thinking leader or CEO who is digitally connected is a relatively easy and effective way of enhancing customer loyalty and building relationships, which will stand the test of time. í


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- 13 -

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Leverage your Assets! DIGITAL MARKETING COMES IN SO MANY SHADES, THAT MANY BUSINESSES DO NOT REALIZE ALL THE DIGITAL ASSETS THAT THEY HAVE. But it’s the business that not only “audits” their digital assets, but joins them up so that every asset gains leverage from, and lends leverage to, other assets that will win almost any digital marketing war. A simple example is the link between the Newsletter and the Blog. In isolation, a blog only attracts readers that will click on the blog. However good the content, it needs to be fed to the audience. At the same time, the Newsletter comes around every month for companies struggling to manage day-to-day resources and often the content is thin and rushed. By linking the Newsletter to Blog posts, the Newsletter content is already written and the Blog Content already has an active marketing campaign. Now link in automatic Tweeting of new blog content and mentions within your own company’s social

circles and the leverage of the blog content starts to have real meaning. As this idea of connecting the digital assets into a coordinated campaign develops, it becomes easier to see where that “URL shortener” suddenly becomes a valuable click tracking tool and where that technology that you invested in for showing different phone numbers to different users to track phone calls in your web analytics can connect the dots even further. By concentrating all the digital marketing efforts around one piece of online content – be it in a blog post or on the main site – you also go a long way towards giving the search engines a clear signal of where the authority content is surrounding a campaign, whilst at the same time allowing the audience to engage at a time and a place that suits them – whether through Facebook, a Press release on a respected industry blog or a QR code from their mobile phone. All roads should lead to Rome. í DIXON JONES, MAJESTIC SEO - 14 -

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10 Gen Y Evolutions

for Brands to Connect with Millenials

THIS YOUTH GENERATION IS THE MOST MARKETING SAVVY GENERATION EVER. On a global scale, this new consumer cohort is much larger than the previous generation X and their impact on society will soon surpass the Babyboomer’s largely documented influence. But what drives this fickle generation and how can global brands really connect with youth worldwide?

1. Social media as their most important news channel Because they are the most up-to-date news channel and also the most tailored and targeted since you choose yourself who you follow or what kind of information you want to receive. In the same way brands should empower Gen Yers to tailor their product experience to their wants and needs.

- 15 -

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2. Minimising environmental impact

3. Renting and sharing property

This generation feels ecologically responsible. Organic and green products will find a more interested audience in this age group and they stress the importance of locally produced stuff. Responsible branding is also about PEOPLE. Creating safe working places and offering a fair wage instead of exploiting them are synonyms to social branding. They like companies that put clear societal goals forward and act upon them without bragging. They dislike companies that actively communicate about CSR programs, which is seen as “green washing” with McDonald’s as a bad example. Because eco-claims became just another advertising strategy in the first decade of the 2000s, Gen Yers are very cautious in really believing what a brand is telling about protecting the environment. When sports fashion brand Puma worked together with Yves Behar’s Fuse project to design a shoe box that would reduce the ecological footprint, many of them reacted sceptically on blogs. Puma’s viral movie explained that using a bag instead of a box reduced the cardboard by 65 per cent, eventually resulting in lowered usage of paper (trees), energy, water and lower emission of carbon dioxides. But youngsters called it brand propaganda, questioning the positive impact of the design, uttering that 77 per cent of the carbon footprint in shoes come from raw materials (leather, rubber and cotton) and only a mere 5 per cent from the packaging.

Economic downturn on one side and exponential house pricing on the other have spurred youth to rent properties rather than buy them and even share flats to cope with the high costs of living. Sharing expensive stuff is not only smart but also has positive side effects on the environment. That’s why recent start-ups like Buzzcar in France (to share cars) or Frents in Germany (sharing and renting belongings whenever you don’t need them) are getting the attention of youth worldwide. Gen Y will embrace brands that show the same type of smart thinking. Think of the way Apple is positioning all its innovations as cutting edge examples of smart and efficient design.

4. Working or studying a semester abroad Life is all about experiencing something extraordinary or new. Young people have always been involved with exploring the unknown, but today they have so many more possibilities to make that happen. Studying at least a semester abroad or - 16 -

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18/11/2013 21:29

starting an international career is seen as a must to obtain language skills and improve intercultural understanding. Taking a gap year is much more common today than it was for past generations. Brands that radiate this cosmopolitan feeling, connecting youth from all parts of the world with shared interests and passions will hit a sensitive spot of Gen Y.

5. Settling down late As stated before, Gen Yers want to get the best out of their lives and really enjoy it before getting married or leaving the family home. The ‘Hotel Mum’ trend has been boosted by the economic recession. It has also led to an increase in ‘boomerang children’, returning to parental homes after

brands targeting Gen Y, this means they’re often also targeting parents of Gen Y since they are still very much involved with the buying decisions of their children.

6. Reality TV It’s been on every possible channel in every possible format since the start of the new Millennium and yet it still doesn’t really get boring for the Millennials who grew up with reality TV content such as Big Brother, Expedition Robinson (a.k.a. Survivor), the Osbournes or Pop Idols. Like Rose & Wood stated in Journal of Consumer Research, the popularity of these shows on TV can be seen as a quest for authenticity within the traditionally fiction-oriented entertainment industry. (Rose, Wood, 2005.)

7. Urban cycling

a period of independent living. In 1980 in the United States, 11 per cent of the 25- to 34-year-olds were still living with their parents. By 2008, this figure had already risen to 20 per cent. (Robert, 2010) For

From the colourful scraper bikes craze in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, to the cheap fixed gear bikes painted in bright colours (“fixies”) in Jakarta or even the more organised urban bike renting in cities such as Barcelona or Paris: urban cycling is big. It’s the easiest way to get from A to B without traffic jams or the need for scarce parking spots and like Graham Brown mentioned in his Youth Marketing Handbook: it’s all about reclaiming the social space in busy city centres around the world. (Brown, G. et. Al., 2011) Nike has launched some brilliant campaigns (Run Unleashed) to activate leisure running with Gen Y. In a number of cities like Stockholm and Antwerp the brand set up a competition between runners living in different districts of the city and “take Stockholm”. The campaign was an enormous success.

- 17 -

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18/11/2013 21:29

8. Customising, co-creation and smart crowds Generation Y believes in the social economy. If they had to start up a business today, it would incorporate social networking. They believe in this medium since involving and engaging them individually and communicating with them on a real oneto-one basis to build a sustainable and meaningful relationship is essential. It’s about giving the brand back to the fans/ consumers. Gen Yers firmly believe that both products and marketing actions should be co-created and they feel the crowd will always outsmart the individual. Peers are the most trusted source of information, which explains why user ratings are very important to them and will always be consulted before making purchase decisions. Their favourite brands are the ones that offer customisation of their products and communications. Ben & Jerry’s in the Netherlands for instance co-created their Facebook fan page with Millennials.

9. True heroes are close to them For young people emotional connection (closeness and friendship), real humanity and achievement are the most important aspects of “heroes”. They are rather sceptical about traditional celebrity role models. They see their friends and parents as the real heroes. The former because they can always rely on them personally and the latter because they were capable of raising their children in more difficult and challenging times. This shift means that brands should be careful when

picking celebrity-endorsed campaigns, and think through how they can use the feeling of closeness, humanity and achievement in communications.

10. Everything starts with an E(xperience) Gen Y is an emotions-driven generation and more emotional than previous generations. Especially the quest for happiness is key in their lives. (Van den Bergh, Behrer, 2011) Leisure time activities such as going out, food and drinks, travelling will all need a strong emotional component that allows them to escape and relax from everyday reality. They are looking for both indulgence as well as adrenaline provoking thrills. The trend of “gamification” of society, offering competition and challenge, fits perfectly in this experience driven life. Brands should challenge their young target groups and position their products as achievements or a moment of indulgence or escape after hard work. í


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- 19 -

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The changing psychology of the social shopper THE WAY WE SHOP IS CHANGING. From the moment we start our day, we are inundated with information, suggestions and recommendations, through mobile and social sources, online and from our friends and family, rendering social media more important than ever before. From a business perspective, with consumers increasingly conversing, reacting and transacting through social channels, communicating with customers through social media is key to building sustainable relationships. Recent research by LivingSocial clearly highlights this need, with 68% of small businesses failing to make the most of social media.* Of the 4.8 million small businesses in the UK, nearly a quarter (23%) earn over £1000 per annum through connecting with consumers on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Research also shows that small businesses are potentially missing out on a staggering £554 million each year by not using social media tools fully.* So, what defines this new breed of consumer? As well as responding to

social media recommendation, there is a strong hunter-gatherer instinct at play, giving some interesting insights into the psychology behind this purchase behaviour. Research show online bargains inspire strong emotional reactions, with 92% of us experiencing a real buzz from discovering and purchasing an online deal. Conversely, 74% of us also experience Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) worrying that we may miss the experience of a lifetime if we do not stay abreast of social commerce sites, and regularly check social media platforms for ideas and recommendations. ** Our propensity to give recommendations to friends and family also has roots in consumer psychology, stemming from a desire to play a leadership role within our online and offline peer networks, becoming the “social discoverer” by suggesting experiences, services or products to the group. All this combines to remind us that for all our talk of technological innovation, digital media and emerging social networking platforms, it really all still comes down to communicating with people, and learning to speak the same language as our customers. í


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18/11/2013 21:29

The Future of Online Content –

Link Attributes and the Authored Web

LINKS ARE THE VERY STUFF OF THE WEB. It is how information is architected, how the reader traverses, how search engine crawlers discover content and how algorithms calculate equity to pages. With the appendix of a rel attribute a hyperlink can have additional meaning attached to it; giving a richer dimension to the link graph and in many cases describing the interpersonal relationships between

the real people who have written the content of linked pages or who are the subject of a page. On my company website, I regularly write blog posts and news updates about the company therefore we mark-up links to my Google+ profile with rel=author. On my Google+ profile/About section I’ve added a list of other social profiles e.g. Twitter, Quora and Linkedin and Google marks these

- 21 -

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18/11/2013 21:29

profiles up with the rel=me link attribute. In addition I can list the blogs and websites I write for and these links are marked-up with rel=contributor-to.

WHAT THIS MEANS IS THAT I AM GIVING SEARCH ENGINES AND OTHER WEB CRAWLERS A PICTURE OF WHO I AM (FROM A DATA PERSPECTIVE) AND MY RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER SITES ON THE WEB. There are a myriad of applications for this data from social graph tools and databases to verified identity methods for social media participation; however from a search perspective this gives an additional, deeper method of qualifying a page quality by including the equity and authority afforded an author; which theoretically is harder to game than previous iterations of link-based algorithms.

In the past decade Google have filed multiple patent applications for what is defined as Agent Rank and in an August 2011 filing “The digital signatures can be used to influence the ranking of web search results by indicating the agent responsible for a particular content piece. In one implementation, the reputation for an agent is expressed as a numerical score. A high reputational score indicates that the agent has an established positive reputation.“ (Source: Whilst we’re yet to see concrete evidence of author/agent algorithms impacting ranking pages or have any formal confirmation from Google that this is now certainly a factor, from my decade of experience of working in search I’d support this to be the future of the authored web. í


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18/11/2013 21:29

Why brands shouldn’t treat social media as a one-night stand...

JEREMY WAITE IS HEAD OF SOCIAL STRATEGY FOR ADOBE. Jeremy is speaking at the Digital Marketing Show in the Like Minds London Theatre on Thursday 28th November at 4pm. LinkedIn first suggested that 85% of the people who work in social media have been

in the industry for less than two years, which I believe explains why there is so much bad advice floating around, so many poorly devised strategic plans, and so much money wasted on failed campaigns. This lack of experience often causes a misunderstanding of what an actual social strategy is, which is simply this: “Strategy

- 23 -

Digital Marketing magazine_v5.indd 23

18/11/2013 21:29

Does NOT Involve Emotion”. Indeed, the best strategies are not shaped by the opinion of an individual but around the evidence and insight gained from working closely with an organisation. The issue here for social media strategists is that they also believe that: “Social Media Users Share Emotions Not Facts” to be true and it often blurs boundaries. However while emotion has everything to do with social psychology and why people behave the way that they do online, it has no place in the strategic process.

Customer Acceptance

Many social strategists have migrated from the advertising or brand comms industry, which goes some way towards explaining the reliance upon “fluffy” awareness metrics. I’m talking about the kind that are focused solely on engagement – the likes of which you often

Brand Resonance Customer Judgements Brand Behaviour (People & Product

Customer Emotions

Brand Communication

Brand Silence

hear when discussing the relative success of a TV, press or outdoor campaign – instead of looking at the data, finding out exactly what it is telling, and building a strategy that rocks instead. I believe in Lovemarks as much as the next brand strategist (the term referring to an emotional attachment with a brand coined by Saatchi CEO, Kevin Roberts) but it’s easy to confuse an “emotional strategy” that will raise awareness with a business strategy that drives sales – the latter including a specific ACTION plan. The problem with all of this is that, while good social media people understand that great campaigns are built on emotion (in order to get someone to share, RT, or view it), the strategy that campaign is founded on should NOT be built on emotion.

Personal Relationships

Loyalty beyond reason

What about our future

Brand Preference


What about you and me?

Brand Liking

Positive Reactions

What about you?

Brand Consideration

Points of difference

What about you?

Brand Knowledge

Brand Awareness

Who about you?

- 24 -

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18/11/2013 21:29

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m mildly obsessed with Richard Rumelt’s ‘Good Strategy Bad Strategy’ and the reason I harp on about this book so much is because I hear almost daily a business executive describing a “strategy” which isn’t strategy at all; e.g. “In 2013 we’re going to become the world’s largest fashion brand on Facebook with the most engaged audience”. Brilliant. And…. how are you going to do that…. exactly? Just so as we are clear: “A strategy is a coherent mix of policy AND action, designed to solve a difficult (usually high stakes) challenge” and has to contain 3 components: diagnosis, policy, and coherent action. Aspirational Values




Specific & Tangible

Strategic Objectives

Actions & KPI’s

It feels that when the internet exploded in the late 90’s, people headed towards the shiny lights of digital marketing, but many of them forgot to bring what made print marketing SO effective. It was print that coined the phrase “Relationship marketing” (David Ogilvy delivered the most wonderful speech on the subject over 40 years ago.) and Don Draper that reminded us all in ‘Mad Men’ what it was that got people so excited about a great piece of print advertising (in the now famous “Kodak Carousel Pitch”). People share emotions. They don’t share facts. This is why good copy writing in print advertising works so well. It is also what makes social marketing considerably more potent than traditional digital marketing. My point is this. Print advertisers (whether direct response, press or outdoor) recognised that more often than not, a message had to be seen 7 times before it was effective. I think it is this “long-tail” approach to relationship marketing that is often poorly lacking in the transactional instant-click digital marketing campaigns we see today. Brands are looking for one-night stands with their customers, through instant

Values - What do they stand for? Ethics, Principles, Beliefs Vision - Where are we going? What do we aspire to achieve? Hope, Ambition Mission - What do we do? Who do we do it for? Motivation, Purpose Strategic Objectives - How are we going to progress? Plan, Goals, Sequencing Actions & KPIs - What do we have to do? How do we know? Actions, Owners, Timeframes, Resources, Outcomes

- 25 -

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Digital marketers need to start looking at social marketing as print advertising. It is building a relationship, one that will possibly take a while to build. It is about storytelling. Of course it will be harder. Of course it will be more difficult to measure. And, yes, you will need Don Draper-esque creative skills to keep people’s attentions but the fruits of your labours will be paid back ten-fold.

The Purpose Pyramid Entertain




Solve problems

For the Heart


For the Head

win direct-click campaigns, SEO campaigns, and bland re-targeting ads. It is time for digital marketers to focus more on building the foundation for a long-term marriage with their customers [strategy], and less time planning an exciting wedding day [campaign] with balloons and fireworks. Events like this impress everyone but are soon forgotten. Building a community is not about responding to your tweets, queries, or comments and other one-to-one transactions either; it is about care and the sort of love that wants nothing in return.

UNDERSTANDING WHAT MOTIVATES PEOPLE TO SHARE IS AT THE HEART OF ALL SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL MARKETING. ALL THE BEST BRANDS I’VE EVER WORKED WITH HAVE CONCENTRATED ON PRODUCING JUST SIX KINDS OF CONTENT AND IF YOURS DOESN’T DO AT LEAST ONE OF THESE THINGS DON’T DO IT. It is now widely accepted that social marketing is worth something but we are still in a phase of experimentation and its value is hard to measure, as it is harder than ever to identify what led the purchase decision. CMOs and COOs are more interested in ROI than in Facebook likes or Twitter follower numbers, so the industry needs to gain trust and credibility. This can only happen through strategising and being able to prove the positive effects these activities are having. Moreover, as social media is even better at saving money than making money, it is too valuable to remain confined to marketing and going from the bottom up...í


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5 ways to make your content EPIC

I WANT TO SHARE A FEW THINGS THAT CAN HELP YOU MAKE YOUR INBOUND, CONTENT AND DIGITAL MARKETING, WELL, EPIC. Now you may be thinking, what’s content marketing? Is it the same as inbound, is it the same as social? Inbound marketing tends to be focused on the top of the funnel, on getting found. Social is about sharing authentic communications via social channels and

ideally having conversations. Content marketing cuts across all of that and is about creating stories and content to engage your visitors along all stages of their journey and via all channels.

1. Content marketing is only as good as your strategy In the most recent research from the Content Marketing Institute, 44% of marketers have

- 27 -

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a documented content strategy. Those that have a documented content strategy, and someone to oversee that strategy, are seeing better overall effectiveness from blogs, articles, social media and other forms of content shared across channels.

For example, Inc. Magazine’s content marketing mission is “Welcome to, the place where entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information, advice, insights, resources and inspiration for running and growing their businesses.”

Lastly, 93% of B2B organisations are engaging in content marketing. It doesn’t matter if your site is targeted at businesses, consumers, students, patients, or some other audience though. If you aren’t actively creating and sharing content, now’s the time to ensure you have the right technology in place to deliver great content, and start content marketing.

By writing that down, and getting alignment around that mission, your organisation can more quickly create content that tells the best possible story to help you meet your content marketing goals.

Percentage of B2B Marketers Who Have a Documented Content Strategy Unknown

6% 49% No

44% Yes

3. Content marketing takes time to realise your return Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to commit to it and do it for a year or longer. 1 month of blogging, or even 6 months doesn’t cut it. But if you stick with it, you will start to see a return on objective. That’s right; I didn’t say return on investment. It’s not about what you’ve spent; it’s about whatever your initial objective was when you started. For example, that could be to increase sales, to reduce costs, or improve customer satisfaction and retention.

2. You need a content marketing mission You may be asking, a content marketing what? It’s pretty simple – a content marketing mission is a clear, concise explanation of who you are trying to reach with your content, what you will deliver, and what outcome those visitors will achieve.

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4. Measure and communicate the right stuff

5. Target, target, target

Different people in your organisation will want to see different metrics of your content marketing effort. For example, some might want to see how many views your content is getting while others will want to know how it is helping to convert leads. Your job as a content marketing practitioner is to measure it all and communicate what each of your core stakeholders needs to know. For the C suite, use primary indicators like number of converted leads and total cost per lead. For managers, use metrics like blog and email subscribers, lead quality, lead source, and cost per lead. And for the analytics folks, look at user indicators like page views, visitors, engagement, top content, keywords and page rank. Here’s a useful guide below courtesy of Joe Pulizzi and the CMI.

If you follow all this advice and want to make the most out of your content, it’s critical that you do everything to deliver the right message to your visitor at the right time. The best way to do this is by creating personas both for your overall content creation and your website. You wouldn’t write the same blog post for a marketer and an IT person would you? By using data about your visitors that lives in your CMS, Marketing Automation, CRM and other systems you can easily target visitors based on industry, location, customer status or many other attributes.


Primary Indicators (For C-Suite Reporting)

# Converted Leads Total Cost Per Lead Secondary Indicators (For Managers Reporting) Blog Subscribers Email List Subscribers Incremental Leads Lead Source %

Lead Quality Cost Per Lead (each stage) Cost Per Visitor

User Indicators (For Analytics Team) Page Views Visitors Visitor Trending Top Content Keywords Top Landing Pages Referrers

- 29 -

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A/B Tests Conversions PPC Bid Mgmt Page Rank Ad Quality Scores Lead Scores Comments

Engagement Blog Traffic Content Shares Email Subscribers Followers/Likes/+1’s


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Advertising Needs More People who

Understand the Data

DATA IS A HOT TOPIC IN DIGITAL MARKETING. The plethora of information available through adservers, analytics packages, CRM systems, and numerous other sources is one of the greatest benefits of digital advertising channels. The problem is, whilst nearly all agencies will claim to be ‘analysing’ this data

and ‘optimising’ campaigns based on their findings, the majority are not even scratching the surface. Looking at the performance of an individual keyword, or an individual placement over time and making adjustments to your strategy based on its performance will produce small incremental improvements,

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but there is so much more that can be achieved if you are making decisions based on the myriad of other information at your disposal. What about if we overlay time of day on all clicks and transactions generated by the placement being analysed? And day of week? And what about the ad or the offer it was promoting? And then what happens if we look at weather patterns? Or the location of the user? And that’s before we start to introduce the data we know about the user. Do we know their sex? Have they been exposed to an ad before? Have they interacted with any of our other ads or other digital channels? Have they visited the site before? What do we know about other sites they have visited? Do we have any CRM data on them that indicates they have purchased before and what they bought?

wastage for the advertiser and a greater return on their advertising spend. The challenge for agencies and media channels is to be able to take all of this available data, understand it, model it, and use it to make campaigns more effective. The problem is there aren’t many people out there who can do that.


The big agencies are doing their best. More appointments can be seen of ‘Data Scientists’ and ‘Head of Data’ roles and more people from Maths and Econometrics backgrounds are being recruited into the world of advertising but we still need more. All forms of advertising are becoming more digital, and therefore more data driven and so no matter what your role you are going to need to understand the data, or have the support of somebody who does.

Above I listed 13 variants which could be used to make optimisation decisions but there are many more. If you layer on the potential answers to the questions then you are quickly up above 50 different data points. And this is before you start looking at things like socio economic and lifestyle indicators. All of this information makes for more targeted advertising and hopefully less

Much of the talent coming into the world of advertising, both on the agency and the client side, is coming from a marketing and business background. This leads to a lot of people who can comfortably talk demographics and socio economic groupings but not many who can talk regression analysis and modelling. And equally as few who can develop ways to gather all of the data points we have access to and create ways of feeding them back into campaigns.

As one anonymous observer put it “analysis is only as good as the data on which it is based and the skills and experience of the analyst.” We have the data, we just now need the analysts. í


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Don’t mistake reach for influence

WHEN ON THE HUNT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS to build relationships with, the modus operandi for many marketers is to look for their most-followed followers. When a celebrity retweets, let alone follows the brand, the whole social media team is in joyous uproar. There is definitely value in having a high-reach individual engage with you, but be careful not to mistake their reach for influence. To clarify: while it’s obviously brilliant to get your brand mentioned by Justin Bieber, he doesn’t necessarily carry influence where it matters - by which we mean the ability to directly drive your target customer to perform the desired action (purchase, recommendation, trial...).

INSTEAD, TRY THINKING OF YOUR SOCIAL COMMUNITY AS AN ICEBERG. Your celebrity followers are the visible part above the waterline. If it’s brand awareness

and high reach you’re looking for, engaging these people is a good idea - though you may have to accept that it’s very hard to build a relationship without sponsorship dollars, in which case the authenticity of your campaign will be impacted. At the bottom of the iceberg are the hundreds or thousands of inactive or spam accounts which aren’t really worth counting as they only make you overestimate your reach. They’re just one of the reasons why orienting strategies on follower and ‘Like’ numbers is so dangerous. Between these two groups lurks a vast amount of potential in what we call the ‘magic middle’. These people don’t have the enormous reach of a celebrity, but they are respected and connected within specific contexts, and most importantly, can drive action within their social circle. Take into account their high impact on purchasing decisions and opinions, and you’ll see why these magic middle influencers are at the heart of influence marketing. í AZEEM AZHAR, PEER INDEX - 34 -

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The rise and rise of the influencer – what it means to today’s marketers

MARKETERS THE WORLD OVER ARE STARTING TO REALISE THAT ACHIEVING “LIKES” AND “FOLLOWS” is only scratching the surface of social media’s potential as a marketing and sales vehicle. To turn social media into a viable tool with real top- and bottom-line impact, Marketers need to develop content,

tap into relevant communities and build relationships with key influencers. One way to leverage social media engagement is to use big data – Big Social Data – to zero in on communities of like-minded people, and then identify which members are most influential.

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Find and Engage Once you’ve found your on-the-street influencer, how do you nurture them without compromising objectivity and turning the individual into nothing more than a paid tweeter or blogger? There are two considerations here: Getting the influencer on your team, and then keeping them fresh, alert and genuine. The way to do this is not simple, and human intervention is necessary. A brand advocate needs several touch points and a steady stream of quality content and product samples to keep their social conversations interesting. Conversely, a brand advocate who suddenly turns on your product or service becomes a liability, and should be managed accordingly. Ongoing monitoring will keep your team of influencers functioning according to plan.

What influencers mean to marketers For brands seeking to use social media as a tool to boost sales, receiving mentions, likes and follows isn’t enough. Companies need to identify those who are most influential in their subject areas, engage more deeply with their target audiences, nurture and amplify them.

Marketers have been trying to get to this level of information out of social media for a long time. Big social data is now providing answers – listening in real-time to make distinctions between people, and then grouping them into localised communities where true influencers can be identified. These communities are easily addressable, if you know how to find the influencers who start discussions, state opinions and engage others. A vast number of people are now active on social media worldwide. The interrelationships between those people, and the valuable data they generate, is too important to ignore. í

Both B2C and B2B consumers are looking for authenticity, and will gravitate to those in social media who are speaking with passion and intelligence. Thus part of your digital content marketing strategy should be social media content – provided by real people with real opinions. ANDREW GRILL, GLOBAL SOCIAL BUSINESS PARTNER AT IBM - 36 -

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Stop, Look and Listen – The First Step in SEO


can learn a lot from that school of thought.

It’s a phrase that people of my generation will always associate with a shocking rail safety video they made us watch in primary school. I’ve never played on train tracks since.

During the course of discussions with prospective clients you’d be amazed at how often I hear of how their last agency “thought it would be a good idea for us to target these keywords”.

Aside from a few sleepless nights, it also encouraged us to practise patience, conduct careful examination of our surroundings, and to step back and review a situation before committing to a course of action.

Upon further investigation, it soon emerges that the motives for such a campaign were to benefit the agency and not the client. It usually revolves around improving rankings on phrases with low search volumes and competition.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agencies - 37 -

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On the surface it appears to show the agency in a great light, but actually neglects what’s really a conversion driver for the client.

bounce rate on a traffic-generating page to increasing views on the company YouTube channel.

This is primarily due to the evaluation process being flawed.

No “one size fits all” approach will satisfy these requirements. So it’s important at this stage to dedicate the time to create an original campaign. In doing so, we always learn even more about the client’s business in the process.

Continuing the metaphor, it’s important to: •S  TOP the rush to implement your evaluation process. • LOOK at the client face-to-face in a strategy meeting. • L ISTEN to their goals and what they are explicitly hiring you to deliver. These goals go beyond merely “increasing sales”. Sure that’s important, but that should be a by-product of successfully implementing a campaign. At this stage, conversations need to drill down to a granular level. Here, this requires us to ask the right questions to the right stakeholder to get to the crux of the company ethos. It might mean seeking an audience with a key internal decision maker if the marketing coordinator can’t satisfy our queries. Ultimately, someone in-house knows the KPIs to which their marketing department and we will be evaluated on. So it’s about making sure that we know them, too, and can keep all parties happy. Goals and KPIs will be all across the digital marketing spectrum so we always require to be prepared to develop a tailored proposal. They could be as varied as decreasing

The afore-mentioned examples demand input from different departments so at this juncture we introduce our skilled team members to the client. We’re surrounded by great designers, copywriters and technical wizards so are never afraid to show them off!

THIS ALLOWS THE CLIENT TO APPRECIATE THE VARIED SKILL SET HERE WHILE ALSO ENSURING OUR TEAM MEMBERS ARE ENGAGED IN THE PROJECT FROM THE OUTSET. Making this effort during the early stages of the relationship means we set forth in the right direction and reduce the risk of disappointment and confusion further down the road. It also sets a precedence of open communication and transparency which should lead to a stronger relationship throughout the campaign’s life cycle. So, to keep the SEO train firmly on the tracks and avoid any costly accidents… it’s a case of Stop, Look and Listen! í


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How to Take Relationship Marketing to the Next Level


when you’re trying to identify barriers to making a sale, or when a customer keeps coming back to your website, but just hasn’t made a purchase yet?

sales and develop new customers. The majority of buying decisions start with a web search these days. Yet most companies have almost no visibility of who is visiting their website, what they are looking for and whether they actually found it.

Standard analytics packages provide population data, but don’t give you details of the individual customer journey, and let’s face it, you can’t sell to numbers.

In fact, 98% of website visitors do not make an enquiry. So it’s worth implementing a system to improve your conversion rates and identifying reasons why visitors would not make an online query or purchase.

The majority of people visiting your website are expressing an interest in your products, but they might not be ready to buy. They might just be doing some browsing or some research.

Of course, it is easy for any business to examine their web analytics and get lots of numerical data. Google Analytics is fantastic free software, which can give businesses vast amounts of information.

Therefore, it would be extremely useful to digital marketers if they know if and when the same visitor came back and what they had previously viewed. By examining more detailed visitor data, a business can begin to discover how customers move through the website as they search for what they need.

But how useful are numbers and statistics

By combining visitor analytics with the sales

- 39 -

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process, digital marketers can get insights to convert a new sale, as well as discovering what works about promotions and new products.

THE SMART MARKETER CAN USE VISITOR ANALYTICS TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS CUSTOMER JOURNEY AND IMPORTANTLY, INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS. FOR HIGH WORTH PRODUCTS, THIS KIND OF INVESTMENT IS WORTHWHILE TO CONVERT AN INDIVIDUAL PROSPECT. Relationship marketing relies on communications to keep in touch with customers, but by taking this tactic to the next level with visitor analytics, a marketer

can see exactly who opened a newsletter communication, for example, and then which product pages they went onto view, which PDFs they downloaded or which videos they viewed – and importantly whether they went on to make a purchase. By examining visitor analytics, a relationship marketer is essentially given the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. To make the marketing and sales process fall into place, looking at individual actions means the company can quickly identify when to send out a trigger email, promotion offer or put in a followup call to urge a prospect into action and complete a sale. In short, without the ability to track activity and associate this to known individuals then relationship marketing is almost worthless. í TIM LANGLEY, CEO OF CANDDI

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Company profiles 123rf 123RF is a royalty-free digital media library that offers a wide variety of budget-friendly commercial and editorial images, video footage, audio clips, logo designs and illustrations. From its humble beginnings in 2005, 123RF now ranks as the leading global provider of content. Stand E40

Adam Street Since 2001, ADAM STREET’S entrepreneurial members have been mixing business and pleasure in the underground vaults of No.9. Built in 1769, the club hosts a dining room, bars, a gallery, private rooms, a library, meeting rooms, events, parties and services primarily designed for people who work for themselves. Of course, not everyone at Adam ST fits in the entrepreneur category. In practice, fun and interesting people from all walks of life are encouraged to apply. The club is really just a space for individuals with a desire to create, connect, think and do, to come and do just that. For more information please visit: or call 0207 379 8000 or email Sari Easton:

Alchemy Expo As leaders and innovators in the design and implementation of unique cutting-edge architectural exhibitions, and new technology multi-shape state-of-the-art modular digital displays – from compact displays to massive screen pillars and video walls – Alchemy deliver a holistic expo-service that encompasses planning advice and ideas-development; design and visualisation, and logistics and installation. Commissioned by many of the best-known corporates and brand names in the world, Alchemy create inspiring designs for all types of event and environment in the commercial, industrial and retail sectors. Event applications include exhibitions, conferences, visitor centres, museums, fashion shows, shopping centres, window displays and in-store promotions. For more information please visit: or call 02920 460 670 or email Stand E34

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Anicca Anicca Digital Ltd was formed as a web development company in 2004 with the aim of producing websites that are well designed and easy for the customer to maintain. Our expertise is not only in producing a website that is easy to update, but also ensuring your customers can find you easily and quickly in search engines such as Google. For more information please visit or call 0116 298 6460 or email Ann Stanley: Stand Digital Hub

Associated Press The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. Founded in 1846, AP today is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. On any given day, more than half the world’s population sees news from AP. For more information please visit: or call 020 7482 7400 or email Antoine Vessaud, Elisabeth Quesseveu: Stand B65

AtTask AtTask Marketing Work Management solution helps marketing teams like RAPP, House of Blues, Disney, Dell, REI, and Cisco win at the game of marketing by providing real-time visibility into work and resources and social collaboration, increasing productivity across the board. Join Timon Rumbold, AtTask Director of EMEA Marketing Solutions, in the Social Theatre at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday 26th November, as he shows you six key strategies to eliminate work chaos and gain control of the social marketing game board. Stop by the AtTask stand at D50 (near the interview stage) afterward to see a free demo of the AtTask solution. For more information please visit: or call +44 (0) 7769 909 394 or email Timon Rumbold: Stand D50

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Bank to the Future is an equity CrowdFunding Platform that allows anybody to invest in private companies starting from as little as ÂŁ10. The government offer up to 86% tax relief to those that invest in businesses and allows you to build your portfolio online and invest in businesses that have all completed an investment-ready incubator. For more information please visit: or email Stand D55

Blonde Fish Blondefish provides RFID, NFC and technology for events. B2C - We support agencies and brands to engage audiences, amplify to social media and measure results. We can engage a live audience of a thousand people and amplify to over a million on-line at the same time. B2B - Blondefish automates the whole process of engagement, personalisation and analysis for business events. We automate data capture, information delivery and tracking attendees. Understanding movements, preferences and interactions gives valuable insight to engage the audience post event and help shape future events. For more information please visit: or call 01727 701 031 Stand E35

Blue Ocean Blue Ocean Search are a specialist search engine marketing company with 8 years’ experience. Our core services cover SEO, PPC and Social Media delivered to clients via three different vehicles; managed services, consultancy and training. Our SEO service focuses on semantic search and we apply new age techniques such as high quality content, infographics and videos. Our strategies have been designed with Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin in mind to give you piece of mind that your SEO work meets Google’s latest algorithm changes. We also strictly do not buy links. For more information please visit: or call 0800 0029222 or email Geoff Parker: Stand Digital Hub

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Blue Sheep Blue Sheep are leaders in the world of marketing data and solutions giving businesses unique insights into their data, and help identify high-spending, long-lasting customers to improve marketing results. We can deploy multi-channel marketing products and solutions that integrate all online and offline marketing channels combined with reporting and modelling capabilities. Through our revolutionary ‘Money Mapping’ services, we help marketers to recognise where to spend their budgets and improve their data quality. From the analysis we then provide more high-spending, long-lasting B2B and B2C prospects from our Blue Sheep Universe® of 40million records, and work with you to improve ROI. For more information please visit:, call 01242 545300 or email Stand F48

Brand Electioneering Brand Electioneering is a new way of thinking that harnesses cultural, social and technological changes to connect consumers with each other and with brands. This is ultimately the business of influencing opinions and turning consumers into advocates who vote for one brand over its competitors. We harness this to provide integrated marketing taken to a higher level, using a layering of one and two way marketing channels in the proportions appropriate to the objective. Our mission is to constantly seek new ways to create dialogue and influence conversations, to ensure that they remain engaging and compelling. For more information visit or call 020 7183 7291 or email Rob Gray:

BrightMove Media BrightMove Media launched TaxiCast in the summer of 2013 as the world’s first digital advertising service on the rooftops of London Black Taxis. Our service currently delivers over 5million adverts a month delivering a world class intelligent digital advertising service broadcasting from dualsided LED screens mounted on the rooftops of the iconic London Black taxi. TaxiCast’s unique capabilities enable a combined use of ‘activation triggers” to broadcast high impact, real-time digital advertising using triggers such as geographic location, time of day and the weather. The right message, to the right person, at the right time in the right place.....The nirvana of marketing! For more information please visit: or call 020 8242 1848 or email Piers Mummery: Stand B60 - 46 -

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Campaign Master We are an email marketing software and services provider. We work in all vertical markets with offices based in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our client portfolio contains some fantastic brands, giving us an invaluable insight into successful email marketing practices. This means we know what works for your business, no matter who you are. Campaignmaster, our email marketing platform, has been designed for everyone, from email novices to hardcore marketers. Campaignmaster’s intuitive, yet feature rich, interface provides a wealth of powerful tools, enabling you to send professional and successful email campaigns with ease. For more information please visit: or call 0208 515 7080 Or email Deepa Dhillon: Stand B55

Canddi CANDDi helps companies improve their website conversions. Our visitor tracking technology tells you who was on your website, what they did, when and why. Typical responses from our customers include ‘Knowing more about enquiries led to our sales team making less cold calls’ or ‘Connecting with returning prospects has increased sales conversions’. During the show, CANDDi’s CEO Tim Langley will be presenting “Stop losing sales! Three cutting edge tips how to integrate visitor level analytics into your business processes”. For more information please visit: or call +44 161 414 1080 or email Frederic Abrand: Stand F55

CleverVoice CleverVoice is an Interactive Voicemail Broadcast service. Voice messages make more impact, and get response – saving time and money. CleverVoice enables organisations to send them out on a “one-to-many” basis, so a message can be left on any mobile phone for customers, or prospects to pick up when convenient. If the recipients want to speak to the sender, they can click after hearing their message – and be connected seamlessly through to a call centre. CleverVoice delivers the voice messages without the phone ringing, which can be intrusive. Recipients receive a personalised SMS alert highlighting a message has been left, and showing how to access it. The alert says who the message is from and subject – so the - 47 -

Digital Marketing magazine_v5.indd 47

18/11/2013 21:30

recipient knows the urgency or relevance to them. CleverVoice delivers high listening and response rates – at low cost. For more information visit or email Stand B25

Collstream Since 2005, Collstream has been helping businesses like yours connect with new customers, grow existing relationships, reduce administrative overheads, free up valuable staff time, and increase revenue. We have built a successful, profitable business recently recognised as one of the top 50 fastest growing technology companies in the UK by Deloitte. We do it through automated SMS, Voice Messaging and IVR systems. Systems that keep you in touch with your customers more cost-effectively than ever before. For more information visit or call 0844 559 3245 or email Heidi Hall: Stand E50

DIG Data Stand B25

Digital Entrepreneur Digital Entrepreneur organises monthly “Digital Dinners” where members come together to network over dinner at the Adam Street private members club in Central London. In addition Digital Entrepreneur organises a pitch event ahead of each dinner for members and non members alike to watch/give pitches. For more information visit or call 07971 097526 or email Duncan Gledhill Stand E25

Digital Innovation Group The Digital Innovation Group (DIG) is a full-service digital group that has delivered some of the world’s most innovative solutions, products and digital marketing campaigns. We design, build and integrate applications across multiple devices and deliver solutions including big data, social analysis, video & digital loyalty frameworks. We are also behind some of the world’s most successful social and viral marketing initiatives and constantly weave innovation into our client’s activities, helping them stand out against - 48 -

Digital Marketing magazine_v5.indd 48

18/11/2013 21:30

their competitors. Come and listen to some of our innovation case studies in the Digital Innovation Theatre. For more information visit or email Stand B25

Discover Digital (Circus Street) If you’re concerned that you’re not keeping pace with the business opportunities that Digital presents, then Discover Digital course can help. • A modular online programme giving confidence in the essential foundations of digital marketing. Don’t get it confused with normal e learning. The focus here is on engaging the learner. • Professional presenters combine with virtual environments and high end animation and interaction to bring a truly unique learning experience. • Certification provided by a leading business school. • Learners control their own development, accessing the programme at their own pace, when they want, from wherever they want. For more information please visit: or email Stand E52

Doodle Ads A Doodle Ad delivers your marketing message using engaging and captivating fast hand drawn cartoon video. Your script is written by proven direct response scriptwriters, and hand drawn by first class cartoonists. Created by marketers for successful marketing - Doodle Ads are proven to generate traffic and response. Generate visitors to your site, connect with your prospects and convert those visitors to clients! If you need a Doodle Ad Video, comprehensive Video Marketing package, Script, Youtube Channel, Strategy and Google Retargeting campaign; all done for you, visit our website. For more information please visit: Stand F28

- 49 -

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Dot Mailer dotMailer provides a uniquely scalable, easy-to-use and powerful email marketing automation solution; enabling you to easily create, send, socially share and analyse highly targeted, data 窶電riven triggered email campaigns. The platform puts your customer data at the very core of your marketing and empowers you to leverage that data to the max. dotMailer empowers marketers to further increase customer engagement and ROI, with greater marketing efficiency through email. We are the trusted marketing partners of hugely successful and forward-thinking organisations including DHL, Reiss, ODEON and eConsultancy. For more information please visit: or call 0845 337 9170 Stand F26

dotRising .rising is the online hub for unmissable digital news, providing a lively take on all the latest stories and insights to help digital marketing professionals stay ahead of the game. Our regular newsletter distils all the need-to-know headline news, campaigns, industry research, new technology and hottest videos, providing a one-stop-shop so our busy readers can keep their fingers on the pulse. Visit the .rising studio at stand A30 today to chat to our editorial team about the latest industry trends, take part in a video interview with our film crew and sign up for our regular digital marketing updates. For more information please visit: or call 0208 0809 372 or email Jon Hulme; Stand A30

Easel TV Easel TV is a specialist connected TV software company, working across all major connected TV platforms from internet TV environments such as Samsung & LG, integrated broadcast environments such as YouView and Virgin Media:TiVo, games consoles such as Xbox and mobile and tablet devices through iOS. We provide our clients with the capability to deliver high quality TV initiatives across the full spectrum of connected TV devices and we are able to do this rapidly through the use of our existing components and our Suggested TV platform. For more information visit, call 020 3286 8609 or email Bill Scott; bill. Stand B25 - 50 -

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eCreation Video delivery infrastructure specialists eCreation have vast experience working across TV, web and mobile video, Cable and IPTV middleware and CDN video delivery. Using agile methods and a user-centric approach, eCreation build great looking, cutting edge products, demos and proof of concepts for clients. For more information visit or call 020 3515 0130 or email Simon Butler:

eGentic eGENTIC is the Number 1 company worldwide for B2C lead generation. eGENTIC offers its clients qualified leads for successful new customer acquisition. Our products include data-sharing, co-registration, iFrames, display advertising and e-mail marketing. Do not hesitate to stop by for a chat. We look forward to seeing you! For more information please visit:

Stand E30

Ektron Ektron Web Content Management software powers websites, intranets, and social communities for thousands of customers across the world. Ektron Digital Experience Management solutions let marketers connect, engage, acquire, and retain customers across devices and in the cloud. Optimize your digital strategy and increase traffic, leads, and sales with Ektron. For more information please visit:, call 01628 564600 or email Stand: A48

Elite Elite Business magazine is dedicated to breaking new ground and advocating some of the hottest new names in UK plc. Every issue covers up-to-the-minute content and presents a unique angle on the things enterprises need to know and we also gather the best and brightest voices in the community to share their experience. Whether it’s’s Richard Moross or the man behind Reggae Reggae Sauce, Levi Roots, we profile the individuals reinventing enterprise.

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If you want a finger on the pulse of entrepreneurial Britain, then Elite Business magazine is the publication for you. For more information please visit: or call 0208 2141041 or email Scott English

eLocation e-location is the specialist email marketing division of 118 Information. Its data powers most directory enquiry services as well Bing Local, Thomsonlocal and many other directory services. For more information please visit: or call 0121 3540944 Stand C62

EmailMovers Emailmovers have been at the forefront of the email marketing industry since 2003 and have worked with over 4,000 companies worldwide, including Microsoft, Cisco & IBM. We have worked on thousands of bespoke B2B & B2C email data, cleansing and appending projects and celebrated 10 years in business this year. Our industry leading email data pool consists of millions of opted-in business and consumer email addresses worldwide. This data can help find you new customers and improve your current customer database. You can prevent bad email data from degrading your database using Emailmovers’ email data cleansing service – Email Inspector. For more information visit or call 0845 226 7181 or email Stand E25

Explainifyr produces high quality animated marketing (also training) videos, with a proven track record to increase website conversions and engagement by up to 60%. Email for your concept/script to see how this could turn browsers into buyers for your website.

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Fluid Creativity Fluid Creativity is a digital marketing agency specialising in creative design, web development and online marketing. We’ve designed, built and marketed websites for hundreds of businesses, all with one thing in common – success. We specialise in web design and development, mobile optimisation, motion graphics, video production, SEO, social media, content marketing and PPC. All of our services are carried out in-house and tailored to your specific objectives, giving your business everything it needs to thrive online. If you want to achieve success with an agency you can trust, look no further than Fluid Creativity – digital marketing with you at heart. For more information please visit: or call 0161 368 9814 or email: Digital Hub

Fountain Partnership Founded in January 2009, Fountain is an internet marketing company based in Norwich, UK. We deliver Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) and other online marketing services to clients throughout the UK and internationally. Stand E25

Global Messaging We are a well established SMS marketing company with over 11 years experience. Our first class product enables us to provide a professional, discrete and dedicated service to clients ranging from large corporate users to small independent traders. For more information please visit:, or call 01733 370439 or email Simon Fraylich: Stand F20

Great Guns Marketing Our journey began in 1998 when our Managing Director, Liz Jackson, set up an agency providing telemarketing services to B2B companies. Now, with 15 years marketing experience under our belts, we have taken lead generation to the next level and become the UK’s leading B2B telemarketing company. We work with our clients to increase their sales. We are passionate about increasing the - 53 -

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18/11/2013 21:30

return on investment from your sales and marketing spend, ensuring we deliver measurable results to increase your revenue, drive business growth and reduce costs. Our extensive library of successful case studies and testimonials demonstrate our relentless focus on delighting clients. With clients at the heart of everything we do, the Institute of Customer Service have accredited us with their prestigious ServiceMark accreditation delivering excellence. We are the only UK marketing agency to achieve this award for delivering outstanding business to business (B2B) telemarketing, lead generation and new business generation services. For more information please visit:, call 01256 330571 or email Stand Digital Hub

Holst Digital Holst Digital are a creative technology agency with a passion for digital craftsmanship and storytelling. Specialisms include interface, interaction and information design, data visualisation, infographics, motion graphics and video production, but have experience in most areas of digital content creation. For more information visit, call 020 7336 8806 or email Mads Holst: Stand B25

House of Kaizen House of Kaizen brings together three specialist areas in social media, digital marketing and conversion rate optimisation with one key focus: continuous improvement. We provide endto-end conversion services that focus on achieving real results through empirical data. The House of Kaizen team will be on hand at stand B50 to answer your questions throughout the entire show, they’ll also be running daily master classes. Every day their team of conversion and digital marketing experts will be conducting a series of master classes that focus on end-to-end conversion starting with real time advertising and continuing through the user journey until the final purchase. Below is the list of topics covered and times they will be holding each master class: Tuesday 26th November and Thursday 28th November • 10am - Real Time Advertising: How to connect and trade in under a nano second • 12pm - The Expectation Gap: Fixing the first point of contact • 2pm - Visitor Conversion: It’s all psychological • 4pm - End-To-End Marketing: Managing the entire user journey

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Wednesday 27th November • 10:30am - Real Time Advertising: How to connect and trade in under a nano second • 12pm - The Expectation Gap: Fixing the first point of contact • 2pm - Visitor Conversion: It’s all psychological • 4pm - End-To-End Marketing: Managing the entire user journey For more information please visit: or call +44 207 253 4133 Stand B50

IDM The IDM is the UK’s only government-approved Institute for the professional development of digital, data and direct marketers, offering over 40 practitioner-taught training courses and 12 internationally recognised professional marketing qualifications. All our training is designed and delivered by expert marketers who know what it takes to do your job. That means examples are current, experience is real-world and techniques are the most relevant and effective for today’s marketing challenges. Owned by a charitable Trust, the IDM is not for profit. It reinvests all of its profits back into the marketing profession via dedicated Higher Education programmes that find, educate and inspire the best young talent to choose marketing as their career. For more information please visit: or call 0208 977 5705 or email Stand C55

IMRG For more than 20 years, IMRG has been the voice for the online retail industry in the UK. Our membership community comprises businesses of all sizes - multichannel and pureplay, SME and multinational, as well as suppliers to the industry. We support retailers through a range of activities including market tracking and intelligence, benchmarking, best practice events and policy work. For more information please visit: or call 0203 696 0980 or email Nick Pandya: Stand Digital Hub

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Inspiring Interns Inspiring Interns are THE experts in helping companies find graduate interns and staff. With five years’ experience placing interns into organisations of all sizes, Inspiring can help you find the perfect intern for your team. We have matched over 3,000 graduates with hundreds of firms – browse video CVs of our candidates on our website and get in touch for a free, no-obligation shortlist of relevant grads! For more information please visit:, call 020 7269 6720 or email Stand F32

International New York Times Visit the International New York Times booth for a digital subscription for only $.99 for 12 weeks! Stand A40

IPA The IPA is the professional body for advertising, media and marketing communications agencies in the United Kingdom. Our role is two-fold: to provide essential core support services to our 300 agency members who are key players in the UK’s £16.7bn advertising, media and marketing communications industry; and to act as the industry spokesman. Our core services cover a number of advisory services: from commercials production to all aspects of agency management. Members also have free access to our legal team; free access to a wealth of online information through our insight team; and access to the industry’s media research contracts, including our own TouchPoints. We also offer bespoke agency training and qualifications. We also run three award schemes. The most well known is the IPA Effectiveness Awards which demonstrates how agencies, and their clients, have measured marketing payback. This scheme is widely recognised as the most rigorous effectiveness awards scheme in the world. We also run schemes to showcase creativity in healthcare (Best of Health Awards) and to highlight online media owner servicing levels (MOAs). For more information please visit: or call 0207 235 7020 or email Rosie Keep:

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IPM is the leading online source of news, reviews and in-depth features and analysis about all aspects of the promotional marketing industry. Reporting daily on latest trends and new campaigns, the website fulfils the needs of brand owners and client marketers, agencies and suppliers to the sector. Encapsulating all marketing communications that inspire a commitment to act or change, from buying a product to supporting a charity. And delivered through a vast array channels and techniques; from experiential, in-store, direct and shopper, to broadcast, print, and digital. From coupons, incentives, and vouchers, to competitions, value-added and price promotions. For more information please visit: or call 0207 291 7730 or email Jodie Bratley

iStock by Getty Images iStock by Getty Images offers easy, affordable inspiration with millions of vetted, royalty-free photos, illustrations, videos and audio tracks. Whether you are a designer, freelancer or an agency working on a project small or big, iStock by Getty Images can help you realise your creative vision effectively. Benefit from assets from exclusive contributors, royalty-free media (pay once and use what you’ve bought again and again), plus legal guarantee on every asset to give you peace of mind. We also offer a Corporate Account, where you can save time and money on high-volume credit packages, and manage Sub-Accounts for each member of your team. For more information please visit: or call 020 3227 2250 or email Ailine Reading: Stand B30

KipCast Kipcast was created in 2006 to bring together content and data desired by our clients, which may be located in the deepest corners of the Internet, and transform them into valuable assets. Accuracy of retrieval is our greatest strength. We mobile enable all our custom designed services. In the last few years, we have leveraged and applied our expertise in intelligent data collection to social commerce. Stand B25

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LikeMinds Like Minds unites innovators, thinkers and doers together through its series of thought leadership events and co-working spaces. Our mission is to create a platform where participants can join fellow like minds in order to inspire one another and make those ideas happen, all on a level that is accessible both financially and structurally. “Like Minds is an intellectual playground where thinkers, strategists, agents provocateurs, innovators, challengers and mavericks can open up, share ideas and be inspired in a warm, welcoming and world-wide environment. If you haven’t been, go. You’ll see the future there; most likely, yours.” - Robert Bean, The Robert Bean Branding Company
 Voted by The Guardian in their “Top Ten Global Ideas Festivals to attend” For more information please visit: or email

LimeTree LimeTree is a digital marketing agency based in London. While most agencies talk, we listen. We want to produce the best solutions for you and the only way to do that is to hear what you have to say. So why not get in touch? Does LimeTree offer a Free SEO Review Service? Yes we do. We can review your SEO free of charge. Let us know if you would like a free SEO Review. Does LimeTree offer a Web Design Quote or a Website Review? Yes we do. We offer a Web Design Quote and a Website Review service free of charge. For more information please visit: or call 020 7533 6630 or email Malcolm Graham: Stand: A22

London Chamber of Commerce & Industry The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the capital’s biggest independent business support and networking organisation and represents the interests of thousands of member companies. We have been in the business of supporting London businesses since 1881 and we cater for all sizes and sectors of industry. We provide professional, independent and affordable services to our members and are recognised as the ‘Voice of London Business’. For more information please visit: or call 020 7248 4444 or email James Ford: - 58 -

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18/11/2013 21:30

London School of Marketing London School of Marketing is the leading Marketing Course provider in the UK. We offer accredited marketing and business qualifications, and offers courses from recognised professional bodies such as CIM, ABP, DMI and CAM, BA (Hons) Marketing, MA Marketing and Innovation, and an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University. Based in Central London, they are a QAA approved institution and hold Highly Trusted Status with the UKBA. We cater to both local and international students and offer an array of study modes and flexible payment structures. For more information please visit: or call 020 7201 4301 or email Maran Waran: Stand: A36

Majestic CEO Majestic SEO are proud to be the biggest and freshest link data intelligence map available on the web. We use our own spiders to crawl the web, bringing you the freshest data, with an index that updates several times a day! Using our tools can help you to increase organic traffic, optimise PPC campaigns, spot online trends and improve your websites rankings in Google. As advocates of high quality digital marketing, Majestic SEO has also developed some fun and easy-to-use tools for competitor monitoring. Try Link Profile Fight and Comparator for a great overview of how well you’re doing compared to other brands in your sector. As our data is unique, goes back as far as the past five years, and updated daily, you have the best data set to create your strategies. After all, for the best search, you need the best link map! For more information please visit: or call 0121 250 5761 or email Nicola Carey: Stand D52

Majewski Majewski Business Consulting is a company focused on helping small businesses use the Internet to grow their sales and business. Since 2000, MBC owner Peter Majewski, has been publishing, training and speaking about direct e-marketing techniques and strategies in Poland, gaining a leading position in this subject. To better fulfil its mission, MBC created for its Clients e-mail marketing system impleBOT, minisite system impleSITE and Ekademia – the first open e-learning platform with sophisticated selling, invoicing, analytics and tracking systems. MBC’s main Clients are service oriented SMB - especially those in education and training markets. For more information please visit: or call 0048501031773 or email Piotr Majewski: Digital Hub - 59 -

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18/11/2013 21:30

Marketer’s Forum The Marketers’ Forum enables individuals and organisations to improve their marketing skills. Our team of over 35 marketing experts provide practical training programmes in all aspects of digital marketing as well as traditional offline marketing - research, communications, branding, proposition development, planning and strategy. Whether you are starting your marketing career, a seasoned pro looking to improve digital knowledge or a manager wanting to up-skill a department, we have a programme for you. Choose from ready-made courses, accredited CIM, CAM Digital or MRS professional qualifications or have us design a bespoke programme for you. For more information please visit: or call 0844 272 5837 or email Carl Jones;

MC-Creation mc-creation are the viral & social technology specialists behind some of the most innovative and successful digital marketing and CRM initiatives of recent times. Core technologies include a mobile phone integrated “Viral Callback” technology deployed on campaigns for Orange, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo. Stand B25

MediaCo MediaCo can provide you with a full range of digital marketing services. Successfully delivering results since 1999, the leading UK agency has a great depth of experience, knowledge and skills covering everything from search marketing to copywriting and design. Digital Marketing from MediaCo encompasses a number of activities which are often most effective when an integrated approach is adopted, bringing together the complementary elements. However, they can also stand alone depending on your business objectives. The key components of the company’s digital marketing services are: •Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). •Paid Search. •Content Marketing. •Social Media Optimisation. •Email Marketing. •Copywriting and Design For more information please visit:, call 0131 478 8717 or email Stand C50 - 60 -

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18/11/2013 21:30

Mediaworks Mediaworks is a result-driven online marketing agency and one of the top SEO specialists in the UK. To complement our proven SEO credentials, we also specialise in Conversion Rate Optimisation, PPC, Global Search Optimisation, Web Analytics Consultancy and Reporting and have established a firm presence within the UK search marketing industry. We’re very proud to count ourselves as global and national partners for the likes of Travelex, Viking Direct, Alfred Dunhill and ScS among many others. Our campaigns have been recognised nationally and internationally, proven by our repeated recognition at the UK Search Awards, European Search Awards and the DADI’s. For more information please visit: or call (0)191 404 0100 or email Tracy Allardice: Stand E28

Media Tactics Media Tactics are a UK based lead generator that offer marketing solutions to both regulated and non-regulated markets. We have some of the most experienced technical and support staff in the industry to help you match the right solution to your business. Stand E25

Mixing Digital Mixing Digital is a full service agency which helps meet all your event management, digital marketing events, communications, networking, brand building and news-in-brief needs. The team consists of six renowned specialists with over 20 years’ experience in events communications. Our newsletter is read by 6,000 digital marketers. We run our own monthly networking events. We can help you to • Run and manage your events • Develop and execute your PR and marketing tactics • Strengthen and build relationships at our regular networking events • Keep abreast of the latest digital events and news via our weekly newsletter and website. • Promote your company via our events, newsletter, online directory, website and sponsorship For more information please visit:, call 0208 9854249 or email

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18/11/2013 21:30

MoPowered – the end-to-end mobile commerce specialist MoPowered provides online merchants of any size with a complete suite of mobile commerce solutions including tablet and smartphone apps and endto-end, fully transactional mobile websites. This enables online business to showcase their goods and services via a fully mobile-optimised experience leading to higher conversion and increased sales through the mobile channel. Huge increases in smartphone penetration mean that the internet is constantly in the pocket of the consumer. MoPowered enables merchants to engage their customers in a fresh and unique way, while delivering seamless and secure integration to the mobile commerce gateway. For more information please visit:, call 0203 242 0515 or email Stand: A20

MyNewsDesk Mynewsdesk is the world’s leading all-in-one brand newsroom and multimedia PR platform. Over 5,000 brands as diverse as Costa Coffee, Allianz, Volkswagen, Canon, Nectar, UNICEF, Sitecore, Bury Council and Virgin Trains use their Mynewsdesk newsrooms to publish and distribute their content, achieve greater visibility across search and social media, connect with key influencers, and tell their stories. Try a newsroom from now until 2 weeks after the show – for free. For more information please visit: or call 020 7029 5785 or email Stand F22

My Web Presenters A multi faceted digital company, MWP focuses on return on investment through bespoke creation of end-to-end video content and marketing. We formulate holistic video strategies that target specific audiences to raise conversions, and improve clickthroughs. By humanising the web and engaging visitors interactively with our bespoke video platform, we deliver scientific measurement of every aspect to improve the bottom line results for your brand. Our videos increase the number of web visitors and transform conversion rates for hundreds of small to medium enterprises, as well as dozens of household name brands like Amex, Virgin, Prudential and British Gas. For more information please visit: or call 0845 003 8359 or email Neil Davidson: Stand A26 - 62 -

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18/11/2013 21:30

Nordic eMarketing Nordic eMarketing dates back to 1994 and has its Global headquarters in Reykjavik Iceland and offices in London, Oslo and Portland Main. Over the years we have offered multilingual internet marketing solutions to a wide range of national and international companies / Organizations. Among the companies clients you will find Symantac, WOW air,, Vodafone and VMWare. For more information visit or call +35 4540 9500 or email Kristjan M. Hauksson Stand B25

Online TV Group The OnlineTVGroup produce highly cost effective video content for websites, blogs, LMS and social media. Whether you want to broadcast your company news, train your staff or promote a product or service we can produce televisual HD video content that is guaranteed to impress! What’s more not only do we produce great videos we also know how to get them watched so we can help you with your videoSEO which in turn will increase traffic to your website. We can also help you develop your own online TV Channel either on YouTube or using our impressive website platform. For more information please visit: or call 0209 8500204 Digital Hub

Onyx Communications Onyx is a new, fast growing PR and communications agency based in Soho Square, London working with clients across the UK. Onyx work to understand how they can best support your business and continually re-examine the opportunities and risks for you. They aim to quickly become an integral part of your team. The team at Onyx are lively, dynamic, eclectic and memorable. Onyx strategically recruit to bring in people with different skills and backgrounds. Onyx have experience in marketing, government, business, retail and medical. They’ve delivered advice to cabinet ministers through to boy bands and have a passion for helping growing businesses. For more information please visit: or email

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18/11/2013 21:30

Optilead Optilead helps companies increase website conversion through the strategic use of outbound calling, email and SMS. We identify prospects on your website in real-time, segment and prioritise these and automatically deliver the most effective contact strategy. • Speak to the right prospects quickly and see your online conversion rate double! • Rescue people that abandon your checkout pages • Convert more online quotes into sales • Maximise conversion from online enquiry forms • Call ‘hot’ leads instantly • Seamless call blending • Integrate email & SMS Clients include Direct Line Group,, Tesco Bank, LV, British Gas, NPower and esure. For more information please call 0844 448 2222 or email Stand F24

Oracle I Eloqua Eloqua, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oracle, is the leading provider of modern marketing automation and revenue performance management software that helps ensure every component of marketing works harder and more efficiently to drive revenue. Eloqua’s software is the centrepiece of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Companies across a wide range of industries rely on Eloqua’s cloud-based software, professional services and education programmes to help them automate marketing processes across multiple channels, target and nurture prospects and deliver highly qualified leads at a lower cost to sales teams. For more information, visit, subscribe to the It’s All About Revenue blog, call +44 (0)80 8234 2143, or email For more information please visit, call +44 (0)80 8234 2143, or email Stand D20

The Organic Agency The Organic Agency was formed in 2006 from the belief that improved communication and education are the solutions to every problem. We live in a world that is more connected than ever before and traditional one-way styles of marketing and advertising are becoming less and less effective. Today it’s all about communication with your customers, a two-way exchange that increases engagement, value and loyalty. Although it’s modern technology that allows this it’s the people behind the - 64 -

Digital Marketing magazine_v5.indd 64

18/11/2013 21:30

scenes who make it happen, which is where we come in. Organic is a fully-integrated creative digital consultancy and services including website development, content, SEO, social media, company branding and everything in between So whatever your goals we can help you achieve them. For more information please visit: or call 0845 869 7654 or email Libby Mayo: Stand A32

Pancentric We’ll be hosting the show’s Email Marketing Clinic – providing guidance and best practice tips to improve your brand’s email marketing as part of a wider integrated digital strategy. We’ll also be providing demos of Enabler, our leading email marketing software. We’re an award-winning integrated digital agency that works with some of the best-known global brands including L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren and RSA. We provide creative, strategy and the latest technologies to deliver great web experiences and effective online acquisition and retention campaigns. Our strength is in how we collaborate across the digital channels, and with our clients. Key services include email, social, search, design & build. For more information please visit:, call 0207 0996370 or email Helen Evans: Stand C60

PickmeUp PickmeUp is an international Digital Advertising company based in London, UK since 2009. We specialise in connecting audiences to brands at the right time and place using our extensive access to publishers through our trading desk. We have several different ways to deliver your message to the consumer on the right platform whether it is online, mobile, DOOH, connected TV, video or tablet. For more information visit or call 020 7193 6261 or email Mikael Boecasse; Stand B25

Pixel Safe PixelSafe are the UK partner for Lilitab ( a world leading manufacturer of secure tablet enclosures. No other tablet kiosk integrates as much functionality as elegantly as our range, customise the lilitab with your logo, colour or even custom electronics-it’s the most flexible iPad mount on the market.

- 65 -

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18/11/2013 21:30

PixelSafe is also a one stop shop for business apps and tablet kiosks. If you have an app or are developing one, we want to hear from you. Listing is completely free and if you want to show how your app would look inside a kiosk housing we have created the perfect partnership. For more information please visit: or call 0800 193 1869 or email Dave Karney: Stand E38

Primedia JournoLink, the portal that links you directly to the people and businesses that are making news right now, all over the United Kingdom, in every sector of industry, commerce and on the high street. A platform for press releases and announcements, which are accessed by validated small and medium sized businesses, the kind that drive 80% of economic activity and who, by their actions and achievements, impact employment statistics, determine the success or failure of government policy, determine what products fly or flop on the high street, driving innovation and creativity in the economy. Journolink is the prime, direct news source for developments in small and medium sized business. There are no intermediaries. You get the raw news as it is made, fast. Stop by and find out what small businesses are up to …this minute. For more information visit Stand A24

Push Group Ricky Solanki and Steve Hyde are the founders of Push. They have worked directly with the likes of Amazon, Disney, Natwest and AGA. They will show you why Google is now undisputedly the most effective marketing method for many SME’s and how to get more from Adwords on whatever device your customers are on. Push have helped over 100 businesses generate more sales/leads from Google Adwords. Push have a proven process and tools for getting results from Adwords whether businesses are spending £1,000 a month or £50,000 a month. Push have spent millions of pounds on adwords for their customers and many have trusted them with their online marketing for years. For more information please visit: or call 020 3468 9037 or email Steven Hyde: Stand Digital Hub

- 66 -

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18/11/2013 21:30

PWK PR Get Your Company Into The Media Advertising can be expensive. Nobody reads the papers for the adverts anyway. That’s why Parker, Wayne & Kent create compelling news, feature, video and image content which places their clients in the editorial of the media – including newspapers, magazines, digital editorial, TV and radio. Parker, Wayne & Kent are the antithesis of “PR people”, and yet everything you should expect of a PR company. Unlike many other PR companies, Parker, Wayne & Kent place very high value on journalistic skills. Visit the Parker, Wayne & Kent stand for a chance to win free PR consultancy for your company. For more information please visit: or call 020 7609 1900 or email Brian Ahearne: Stand F45

RBS Bizcrowd Bizcrowd is a free online business community that enables users to connect with other UK companies, showcase their services and expand their client base. Creating a Bizcrowd Profile is a quick and easy way for an SME to enhance its web presence. It allows users to follow activities on sector specific Noticeboards, on which they can post business Needs or Questions, and receive post alerts and answers from others. Furthermore, companies can also benefit from a wide range of multiplatform information including industry news, business tips and success case-studies, written by the Bizcrowd Editorial Team and published on the website, Twitter and Facebook. Bizcrowd. Where business finds business. For more information please visit: Stand D60

The Sandpit The Sandpit is an entrepreneurial organisation dedicated to finding, developing and launching the best technologies, products and applications within the sales and marketing arena. Technology is changing marketing, into something we believe will be far more powerful and user-friendly. We give visionary technical founders the product, marketing and commercial boost they need to bring game-changing digital products to market. For more information please visit: or call 020 7938 0842 or email Tim Spring: Stand A38 - 67 -

Digital Marketing magazine_v5.indd 67

18/11/2013 21:30 is a multi-channel marketing platform which enables businesses of all sizes to easily and effectively communicate with their customers via email, SMS and social media. We specialise in providing software, services and support to thousands of businesses looking to get a great return on their marketing. We built because we saw the need for an easy to use, powerful Permission Marketing tool that came with the most important feature of all - great customer service. is an independently owned company, founded in 2003 by current CEO Matt McNeill. We are based in Woking, UK and Brisbane, Australia. For more information please visit: or call 020 3355 2631 or email Ian Smith: Stand: A45

Sitecore Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management software. Sitecore delivers highly relevant content and personalized digital experiences that delight audiences, increase loyalty and drive revenue. With Sitecore, marketers can own the experience of every customer that engages with their brand across every channel. More than 3,000 of the world’s leading brands – including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, Heineken, and Microsoft – trust Sitecore to help them deliver the meaningful interactions that win customers for life. For more information visit or call +44 20 3327 0630 Stand C20

Skyline Whitespace Skyline Whitespace are an established events company, helping clients exhibit successfully around the globe. We integrate technology with innovative ideas, and create a live environment that delivers an engaging experience. Our digital solutions also give you the power to measure results and enable a more targeted follow-up, post show. Whether it’s a product launch, an independent pop up event, or an upcoming exhibition, stop by for a chat on stand D63. For more information please visit: or call 0845 260 5440 or email Adam King: Stand D63

- 68 -

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18/11/2013 21:30

SMART WIFI SmartWifi is a global innovator in Wi-Fi-based social media marketing. Imagine a time when a customer walks through your door and you could demographically and psychographically profile them, use your relationship with them to achieve organic social media growth, whilst they actively deliver your viral marketing on your behalf? Our innovative human-centric platform turns a company’s wifi into their social media engine, viral marketing tool and active customer profiling powerhouse. The technology supports detailed parametric and pinpoint onward marketing via email and social media which significant positive impact on your bottom line and sales returns. For more information please visit: or call +44 141 2 801 806 or email Stand: A23

Solocal Group For more information visit, call 020 7749 4184 or 33 (0)1 46 23 33 09 or email Bruno Berthezene; Stand F40

Stream:20 Stream:20 is a leading performance-driven digital marketing consultancy. We help enterprise-level, SEM and start-up clients hit targets, roll out technology, improve channel performance, plan and forecast, analyse, report and much more. Established in 2005, we bring innovative, pragmatic solutions driven by the latest insight. Our focus is always squarely on your priorities and helping you hit your KPIs. We deliver excellence in all areas of digital including; • Acquisition and customer marketing • Planning and analysis • eCommerce & on-site marketing • Loyalty, product and brand marketing Our clients include: BSkyB, Which? McAfee, RSA, Betfair, Orange and WorldPay. For more information please visit: Stand Digital Hub

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TechCityInsider TechCityInsider is about the people, issues, and companies defining the next generation of digital business in and around east London. The area has been emerging as one of the world’s great technology centres, mixing the creativity of Shoreditch with the redevelopment now happening at the Olympic Park post-games. We provide context for this innovation, profiling the key players and inviting contribution from the community. Our TechCityInsider100 strand profiles leading industry figures, as well as the most exciting new arrivals on the technology business scene. Most of our content features people from the immediate area. But we also think that Tech City is no longer confined to the east of London. Many outstanding tech startups have emerged in other parts of London, indeed beyond London itself. For that reason we’re treating Tech City more as a state of mind than a geographical location. For more information please visit:, call 0207 729 7460 or email Peter Treacher on

Text Local Since 2005, we’ve been helping brands such as Groupon, Paddy Power, La Tasca, John Lewis, and Domino’s as well as thousands of SME’s use mobile messaging to develop closer relationships with their customers. Our award winning platform Messenger helps over 120,000 businesses across the UK send millions of appointments reminders, alerts and special offers each month and this year we’ve been listed as number 45 in The Sunday Times Hiscox TechTrack 100, making us one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. For more information please visit: or call 01244 752 299 or email Jason Palgrave-Jones: Stand B32

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is the UK’s largest professional body representing agencies, brands and suppliers in the UK’s multi-billion pound direct marketing industry. Exclusive events, research and online resources focused on innovation, creativity and effective use of data in marketing help member companies do better business. For more information please visit: or call 020 7291 3300 or email Joe Stubbs Stand E33

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The Marketing Academy The Marketing Academy is a non-profit organisation that provides a unique forum for industry leaders, marketing gurus, academics, entrepreneurs and marketing practitioners to inspire, develop and coach an entire generation of business leaders. Through free Programmes, The Marketing Academy provides world class mentoring, development and coaching from the good and the great of UK businesses. Now in its fourth year The Marketing Academy Scholarship Programme is for emerging marketing & advertising talent and the new Fellowship Programme, exclusively for CMO’s and Marketing Directors, has been developed in partnership with McKinsey & Company. For more information please visit:, email or call (0) 1635 558707.

Trufflenet Trufflenet delivers Social Intelligence - the insight that comes from collecting and analysing social media comments and conversations. Millions of people every day are sharing their opinions and feelings online - about brands, companies, categories, and all aspects and experiences of their lives. By listening and learning from these conversations, marketing can be sharper, more responsive, more efficient and ultimately more effective – who to target, where and when they can be found, what they will respond to and why. What Trufflenet has learned is that social media listening platforms, using key words and automated analysis, can only get you so far. Using human analysts - ‘putting the human back into digital’ – takes you much further, delivering robust, actionable insights to drive marketing effectiveness. For more information visit or call 020 7812 6565 or email James Hindhaugh: Stand B25

Twistkey TwistKey offer a range of customised USB & card presenters that are new and unique. They give the opportunity to enhance your brand and marketing message with an impact that will be remembered and retained.

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They are perfect for any application where a USB or credit sized card is used. The range of products gives a great platform for your own imagery and text. All are conveniently pocket sized, with either a simple patented design, a variation that keeps the USB permanently attached or presents pop-up style with great effect. Please visit the stand to get your free sample of these unique products. For more information please visit: or call 01322 621 551 or email Stand A55

UKAOP The Association of Online Publishers is an industry body representing UK digital publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content. AOP champions the interests of media owners from diverse backgrounds including newspaper and magazine publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, and pure online media. Our four types of membership grant companies a huge range of benefits and discounts; AOP publishes original research, facilitates industry networking groups and hosts forums and conferences, covering a range of topics vital to the Digital Publishing Industry. We also hold an annual awards ceremony arguable the most prestigious in the sector To find out more about the AOP and for your chance to win an iPad mini visit our stand. For more information please visit: or call 020 7316 9640 or email Zoe Blackmore: Stand Digital Hub

Vimily Vimily is a social video marketing app that creates instantly shareable content for unprecedented audience engagement. Engagement is over 500% greater than other online channels, and best of all the costs for using Vimily are considerably cheaper than traditional video – about 75% cheaper on average. Thanks to the inbuilt code technology, contributors can participate from any location, allowing you to run global competitions from your office desk. We also track the people who gain the most exposure on their videos on each of your campaigns, your Key People of Influence, who you can engage with directly to maximise reach. For more information visit or call 07825 867 668 or email John Aukland: Stand F52

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WebOptimiser Weboptimiser is a trusted advisor to business owners across the world on Marketing, Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurial Success. We show business owners, managers and the self-employed how to win more customers and increase their profits using advanced marketing, advertising and internet strategies. Based in central London we meet every month to discuss leading edge strategies that can be instantly applied. Consider this your free invitation to our next event. Find out more at or call 0800 614 412 or email David White: Stand D62

Wordtracker Wordtracker provides a range of powerful Keyword tools that give you the data to improve your search rankings, attract high levels of targeted visitors to your site, and raise conversion rates. Wordtracker’s tools help you “think outside the search box” and reveal the true language of your market. Our huge keyword database contains 3.5 billion searches, and is totally independent. Huge data - segmented by time and territory - offers you deep insights into your customers’ language and needs. It provides you with the right knowledge to optimize your website and marketing campaigns. Visit Mike and Owen on our stall to learn more. Twitter: @wordtracker Tel. 020 7485 8855 Wordtracker Ltd, Unit 11-12 Apollo Studios, Charlton Kings Road, London NW5 2SB For more information please visit: Stand E25

Zeal Media Zeal is a full service digital agency based in Leeds but servicing clients across the country. They offer a wide range of services from development to digital marketing and brand and content development. Zeal are passionate and dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes get the most out of online. Honest and straightforward they get results and work hard with you to achieve your goals. For more information visit or call 0113 8873070 or email Stand F34

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