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ceramics & photography

The inspiration for my work is drawn from the West Wales coastline. I use photographic imagery and ceramic vessels to respond to the landscape. Collecting materials and ideas for my work, I am struck by the force of nature that is so evident here. Erosion, growth, storms and the meeting of land and sea are all humbling in their transient, ever changing beauty. The work is often fired on the beach to complete the cycle of inspiration and creation. “My current work is inspired by a series of meditative walks, during which I observe and contemplate my natural surroundings and how we as people interact with them. Considering not only the physical but also the philosophical nature of life. The vessels draw these concepts, thoughts and discoveries together. Natural, recycled and manmade materials are used in combination to demonstrate the potential for harmony and beauty in our relationship with our surroundings. The work is about mindfulness and taking the time to think deeply, each vessel is designed as container or sanctuary for one’s thought(s).�

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Inspiration I use traditional film photography and multi media drawing techniques to record my walks and explore ideas for my work.

Materials I use natural, found materials such as rocks, soil, clay and sand alongside recycled materials such as rusty metal, glass and ash to create surface pattern, colour and texture.

Theories & Ideas I am an avid reader and this informs and moulds my creative practice. As a result philosophical and scientific themes are often the driving force behind my work.

Beach Firings I use a rusty container, found on one of my walks to do primative firings at various beach locations. Driftwood, seawead and other found items are added to create patterns on the pieces.

Barrel Fired Primative Clay These pots are raw fired in a recycled metal container on the beach using a range of found materials.

Eroded Porcelain These pots are grit blasted with recycled glass and then smoke fired on the beach using found materials.

Smoke Fired Stoneware These pots have an ash glaze on the inside and are smoke fired on the beach using found materials such as seaweed, driftwood and grasses.

Reduction Fired Stoneware The glazes and surface textures on these vessels have been created using local and recycled materials such as rust, granite, mud and ash.

Gale Lewis Portfolio  

Creative portfolio for ceramic artist.

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