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The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #5 by soyoung

Hi! How was your September? Are you planning anything for the month of October? Autumn is in the air. The autumn weather may be different in every corner of the world, but I think it makes us feel sentimental sometimes. How about you? Here is already the 5th selection for the best impressive photos. I want to say a big “thank you!� to those who have been participating in this mission. I hope you keep loving, supporting and joining the activities from Samsung Imaging, 2View and NX Facebook pages!

Three new photos have been selected as the best impressive photos updated for the last two weeks. Congratulation!!!

1. Facebook Samsung Digital Imaging

WB700 | ISO 80 | 24mm | F3.2 | 1/4s Taken by Giuseppe Campana

Autumn is really here, isn’t it? A delicate brown colored atmosphere covers this whole image. Looking at this picture, I heard the melody of the famous standard jazz song ‘Autumn leaves’ come into my ears. I want to go out somewhere and drink some coffee at the café terrace. According to Giuseppe Campana, a WB700 user, he retouched this picture by adjusting the contrast and saturation, and using ‘amber’ effect with photoshop.

2. Facebook Samsung Digital Imaging

PL90 | ISO100 Taken by Abdullah Javed

Let me ask you something: where is your most memorable place ever? As for me, Switzerland is where there’s fresh air, winter activities and lots of dairy products. It is my kind of place! (Is there anyone who lives there? Please call me. Haha!) This town is Bern, Switzerland. I’ve not been to Bern but if I get an opportunity to fly to Europe again, I wish to stay there. The roofs with red bricks and European house style are very impressive. This shows us one of the typical cities in Europe.

3. Facebook NX

NX100 | ISO 200 | 20mm | F3.5 | 1/100s Taken by Bob Scoverski

Passing Switzerland, let’s go to Paris! A NX100 user who went to Paris 2 weeks ago took this picture of the stained glasses in Sainte-Chapelle. What do you think of Bob’s colorful and fantastic picture? Sainte-Chapelle is a gothic Catholic church and a very famous spot in Paris especially for its stained glass. He highly appreciates his NX100 camera, which has a small and light body, and performs its role wonderfully. He also added that due to its compact and easy-to-carry features, it’s useful on trip. Continue to take amazing pictures and post them on our Facebook pages! Be a part of impressive photos!

Au revoir!

The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #5(SAMSUNG IMAGING)