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Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung: Street Fashion Photos, Part 1 by rhea

Hello everyone! You haven’t forgotten about the MV800’s fashionable campaign ‘Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung’, have you? For those who are having a bit of trouble remembering what our campaign is about and for those who haven’t heard about our campaign, let me go over what this stylish campaign is all about. Samsung has teamed up with global publisher Condé Nast for ‘Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung’ to put the Samsung MV800 camera at the forefront of fashion trend settings. Samsung and Condé Nast, the elite publishing behind the world’s most renowned magazines such as Vogue, W, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Allure, and GQ, have recruited four premier fashion photographers to encapsulate emerging trends in contemporary street style in four fashion capitals across the world. You can further check out the details from our previous post. So what has been going on on Tumblr? I’d like to share five fashionable picks that have been uploaded from the fashion cities. Let’s take a look at the stylish pics!

Photographer : Jamie Baker. City : London

What is the first fashion item that comes to your mind when you think of fall? The first must-have item that comes to my mind is a trench coat. You can never go wrong with it and the trench coat that fits you perfectly can never go out of style. A soft feminine ivory blouse styled with an above the knee black skirt, a brown leather bag, and a to-go coffee wraps up the classic style for any working women.

Photographer : Kelley Gudahl. City : New York

A classic black tailored jacket worn over a cute and simple jumpsuit can both be perfect for work or for going out with your friends over the weekend. Add a couple of bling bling accessories and you’ll also be ready for casual parties or evening events!

Photographer : Red Eye Production. City : New York

Stretchy leggings worn with long boots can never leave you wrong. Stylish yet comfortable, you can go about doing anything without giving up your style. Styling items with vibrant color(s) adds personality and fun!

Photographer : Jamie Baker. City : London

A clutch is huge this season and a oversized clutch is the safest bet! So is the wide collar jacket! This lady shows the epitome of chic styling!

Photographer : Jessie Parks. City : Rome Italy is all about the color and this fashionable pic is no exception. Neons were hot all through 2011 and the love for neons is still alive even during the cold season. A slim black rider jacket can never go out of style and it’s the perfect item for inbetween seasons. Toning down the vibrant look with black is the safest way from going over the top. You can visit the blog to explore the latest fashion contents from around the world, and you can also become a part of this stylish phenomenon by uploading your own three pictures and making them into GIFs! Check it out here! Just like a cherry on a sundae, you can get up close and personal with today’s cutting edge global fashions with your own animated GIF image on the Tumblr page! Dress up! Strut and pose and be a part of this fun project! I’ll be back with more fashionable photos! Bye for now!

Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung - Street Fashion Photos, Part 1(SAMSUNG IMAGING)  

Samsung has teamed up with global publisher Condé Nast for ‘Street Style Looks, Caught on Samsung’ to put the Samsung MV800 camera at the fo...