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See What You’re Taking With the MV800 Live Panorama! by rhea

Among the many awesome features of the MV800, Live Panorama is probably one of my favorites. I love taking panorama shots, and it was easily done while using the Samsung camera. The panorama function is featured in many cameras, but what’s special about the MV800’s Live Panorama function is that you can see what you’re taking as you take it. Not so sure what this means? Let me show you how it’s done.

It is so easy to use the Live Panorama feature. Just select the Live Panorama icon and move on to the next step.

From here, let me show you how you can take the panorama shot through a demonstration you can experience from the MV800’s microsite. When you have decided what you’re going to take, press the shutter and slowly sweep across the scene from one direction to the other. As you can see from the picture, you can see the process through a smaller screen on the lower part of the display as you take the picture.

Keep going…

You’re half way there… A little bit more…

You’re almost there… See? You can see what your finished shot is going to look like.

When you’re done, press the display button and preview the panorama shot.

And there you have it! Your panorama shot! When using the panorama function on other cameras, you could only see the process bar as you take the picture. Also, you always had to wait awhile to see what the end result was going to be while the panorama shot gets processed. Well, not anymore! The MultiView MV800 features Live Panorama, which enables you to you see what you are taking while taking panorama shots through the display. Doesn’t sound like an advantage? Experience how the Live Panorama works from the MV800 microsite, and you’ll be thrilled to find out what this little change can do.

Thank you!

See What You’re Taking With the MV800 Live Panorama!(SAMSUNG IMAGING)