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The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #6 by JonathanK

Hi everyone! It’s already been two weeks since the last best three impressive photos post. Thank you to all who have participated and shared great photos on our Facebook pages. Here is the sixth selection for the best impressive photos. I want to say a big “thank you!” to those who have been participating in this mission. I hope you keep loving, supporting, and joining the activities on the Samsung Imaging and NX Facebook pages!

Now, let me introduce our sixth selection of our best impressive photos. We hope that you enjoy it and will share your photos on our Facebook walls soon!

1. Facebook Samsung Digital Imaging

NX100 | F 3.5 | 30mm | Taken by Brian Thorne

Do you like to read a book when you have a break? Let me introduce the Stockholm City Library with this image. This library is one of the most notable buildings in Stockholm and one of Asplund’s most important works. People can find books without the librarians’ help in this library. How big is the library? Well, this library includes more than 2 million volumes and 2.5 million audio tapes, CDs, and audio books. It’s the loveliest library I’ve ever seen!

2. Facebook NX

NX10 | F10 | 18mm | ISO 400 Taken by Bora BalcÄą

A windmill converts the energy of wind into rotational energy by means of vanes. What country is known for its windmills? It’s the Netherlands! In the past, you may have seen windmills everywhere in the Netherlands, but now there are about 50 windmills left. If you like to travel or take photos of peaceful and beautiful places, this place would be a great place for you!

3. Facebook NX

NX10 | 3.5 | 18mm | ISO 1600 | Taken by Vincent Wing Chi Chan

There is an industrial town in Kemi, Finland. There is the world famous Lumilinna Snow Castle & Hotel and the unique chance to cruise on the Sampo Icebreaker. What’s the Sampo Icebreaker? As you see in the image above, Kemi offers the world’s only Arctic Icebreaker only for tourist cruises. When the ocean freezes about 20 inches thick, a cruise called the “Sampo Icebreaker” breaks the ice and sails at an 8 mph speed. Behind the cruise, tourists will have a chance to swim in the ice cold water. Don’t you want to try this one day?

Let me say “congratulations!!” to the winners. Thank you so much for the great photos! I hope many more people will share their great and awesome photos on our walls. Continue to take amazing pictures and post them on our Facebook pages! You could be the next winner! Be a part of our impressive photos!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this!

The Best 3 Impressive Photos for the Last Two Weeks #6(SAMSUNG IMAGING)