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As a somewhat seasoned homeschooler, I know that homeschooling can get expensive. This year, for example, I have purchased two different history curriculums before deciding on a free one! Mistakes can be expensive if you fail to research your curriculum properly. Budgets can grow tighter with multiple children so I know the importance of learning as much about the curriculum before hitting buy! That is precisely why I created the video vendor hall.  The more you know about a curriculum the easier it is to avoid costly mistakes.  That being said there are still all those supplies! Did you know that as a home educator you are eligible for teacher discounts at many stores? Rightfully so too!  Many of these stores do require that you sign up for their discount cards. I highly recommend this. I have saved a good deal of money just using my discount card at JoAnns!  If you don't have a letter from your school district you can get a free teachers ID here: https://www.homeschoolbuyersc Here is a list of stores that offer discounts:

Staples Teacher Rewards – 5% back on purchases, free shipping online, special deals Office Depot Rewards – Offers 10% back in rewards Barnes and Noble Bookstore – 20% off Book Warehouse– Extra 15% off  Books-A-Million – 20% off JoAnn Crafts – 15% off The Container Store – 15% off  Lakeshore Learning StoreTeacher’s Club 15% off Michaels Teacher Discount – Extra 15% off Pizza Hut Book It Program – FREE for Homeschoolers Educents– Offers Discounts for homeschoolers on a variety of educational items Currclick– Click to download curriculum and live online classes for homeschoolers, they run sales often! Homeschool Buyers Co-op: They negotiate deals for homeschool families who are part of the co-op to receive discounts on tons of educational products by buying in bulk. Oriental Trading Company– Not really a discount store, more of a buy in bulk and save concept but still a good one!

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One of the hardest things about homeschooling is finding enough time in the day to get everything done. I know that for me, finding a cleaning routine that worked for me was hard. I’m lucky that I have been able to ease into homeschooling since I am starting with young children. Now, thankfully, I have an effective cleaning routine in place. It allows us to time to do our homeschooling and cleaning done, all before my husband gets home from work! While I’ll admit my house is never spotless, I don’t have the same level of anxiety because of clutter or dishes that I did before. Let me explain how we keep the house clean in only about half an hour a day! Give Yourself Grace!!! The first thing I did was give myself grace. I can not expect so much of myself. I am one person. I ask for helpwithout shame. What I have found is I have two (#3 is too little) willing and able helpers- my children! I assign each child a set of tasks daily. I make sure the things I ask them to do are age appropriate, that way they can handle them on their own while I do some larger tasks.

Each day I assign the children different chores. Each afternoon we work together as a family to clean our home. By cleaning together, my children are learning to respect their home. They also learn those valuable life skills that we all need to survive when we reach adulthood. Besides that, they are also learning what it takes for me to maintain the house. In turn, they better appreciate the time and energy I put into cleaning up. I have noticed a positive shift in habits like putting dishes into the sink. The children rarely complain when I ask them to help because everyone is engaging in the cleaning at the same time. No one is expected to do more or less than the other. We all have jobs to do and we get them done quickly because we work as a team. Most days we are done within a half an hour.

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Dear Attendees & Vendors, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of the 2017 Digital Homeschool Convention. Â A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Real Science 4 Kids. Your Sponsorship was truly appreciated. I thank you for the wonderful discount code you extended our readers. You are amazing!

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