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The Digital Green Room Activity Week 2 – The World of Professional Dance

Welcome to the second Dance Proms Digital Green Room activity week! This activity week will give you an insight into the professional world of dance. You will have the opportunity to meet people from the industry, hear their experiences of being involved in the profession and then log on for a question and answer session with Matt Flint dancer, choreographer and winner of So You Think You Can Dance and Christopher Hampson, Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet.

This second event is all about the professional world of dance. Click on the video below to learn about this activity week's theme.

This Week's Communication Tasks After watching the introductory video and going through all of the content in this e-book, log on to the Digital Green Room to do the following tasks: Post a message to someone else in the company (who isn't from your dance school) to introduce yourself and ask them a question about why they like to dance. Make sure to check back for an answer and then keep asking questions! If you are a student post a question to Matt Flint. You can do so in the Digital Green Room from Monday to Wednesday and he will answer them on Friday so check back. Don't miss this great opportunity to ask your question to someone who is at the top of the dance world! Click here to log in now! If you are a teacher post a question to Christopher Hampson, Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet. You can post questions to Christopher in the Digital Green Room from Monday to Wednesday and he will answer them on Friday 14th September, so check back. Don't miss this great opportunity to ask your question to an internationally renowned choreographer! Click here to log in now! Photo Credit: Snooty Fox Images and Andrew Florides.

Masterclass – A Day in the life Being a professional dancer, and in particular a professional ballet dancer, requires a great deal of dedication and discipline. In these masterclasses Steven McRae, Principal Dancer with The Royal Ballet, gives an insight into a day in his working life. You'll see how practice, routine and discipline play a very important role.

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Part 2

Part 3

Masterclass - Becoming a Professional In these masterclasses, Lauretta Summerscales, from English National Ballet, talks about how she became a professional dancer, what it took to reach the top as well as sharing some top tips on how to make it in the dance world.

Part 1

Part 2

Jobs in the Dance World Did you know that out of the

A casting director is the person

30,000 people employed in the

responsible for finding the right

dance sector only 2,500 are

performers. This can mean


actors in a film, dancers in a music video or singers in a West

Young dancers who dream of a

End musical.

career that is their passion, often don’t realize that the dance

After talking to the producer and

profession isn’t just about

director about their vision, the

performing. There are lots of other

casting director begins the long

jobs in the industry including dance

process of auditioning hundreds

teachers, lighting designers, press

- if not thousands! - of hopeful

and marketing specialists and

performers before they finally

producers, to name but a few.

decide on the right people for the job.

In this section of the e-book, seven people who work in the dance

Mark Summers is regarded as

industry describe their jobs and what

the pre-eminent casting director

they do.

in the UK, particularly in the

The Casting Director – Mark Summers

performance space. Mark regularly casts in both North America and Europe and has won the British Advertising Craft Award for Best Casting.

The Lighting Designer – Richard Thomas

Ballet. I met up with her at the Royal Opera House to find out about her job, what dance notation is and why it is an essential tool in both the creation of a piece and the rehearsal and recording processes. Our Featured Dance Teacher – Susan Robinson

Richard Thomas is the lighting manager at the Royal Albert Hall. In this video, Richard shows us around the Hall as well as sharing with us how he got into lighting design and explaining some of the tricks of his trade. The Choreologist/ Dance Notator – Amanda Eyles

Susan Robinson is the principal of the Susan Robinson School of Ballet. Her school was fortunate enough to be represented at the Dance Proms in 2011 and will also be appearing in this year’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall in November. In this video, Susan talks about how, when her

Amanda Eyles has been a notator

career as a professional dancer

for over 25 years, regularly working

came to an end, teaching

with major ballet companies around

became the next step for her.

the world including The Royal

sure everything we’ve planned actually happens on time. And I won’t get home until very late, after everything has been dismantled and we’ve tidied up.”

The Producer. Jo is the producer for the Dance Proms. “A producer can have all sorts of roles, but for this show I am concentrating on preparing the practical side of things. I meet with an event manager at the Royal Albert Hall and also with experts in lighting, sound and dance floors to make sure the show looks and sounds great. I put a lot of timetables together to make sure the rehearsals and performances run smoothly! It’s also my responsibility to plan the backstage space so that the performers have what they need. Then, on the day, I will be at the Royal Albert Hall very, very early to make

Project Manager. Christopher is the Dance Proms project manager. “Perhaps the three key skills required of a project manager within the dance sector are an aptitude for engaging with others, an understanding of how dancers and the dance world function and the ability to be adaptable and respond to the unexpected!

As Dance Proms project manager,

creation and distribution of

my role is to mastermind the project

education packs,

in line with the artistic vision, aims

sending practitioners into

and objectives of the four partners

schools or

involved. This involves arranging and


chairing regular executive, artistic


and marketing/publicity meetings,

that can be

liaising between the various groups


as well as with the producer and the

on our

Royal Albert Hall, ensuring income


and expenditure meet budgeted

With Dance

targets, and generally ensuring that

Proms, I had to create a

everything goes according to plan.

curriculum for the company to

As a freelancer, my days can vary

follow. My aim was to help the

enormously – I have spent two hours

Dance Proms Company become

on a train in deepest Wiltshire on my

just that…a company, and to

Blackberry emailing to Portugal,

help them prepare for the

Blackpool and London about Dance

performance. I did this by

Proms matters, I have also spent 18

devising the e-books that have

hours over two days in south west

been published including

London looking at Dance Proms

videoing and editing all of the


masterclass videos. I also created all of the pages and

Digital Outreach Manager. “Hi, my

discussion topics in the Digital

name is Jon and it is my job to create

Green Room. I get a lot of

all of the educational content that

pleasure out of creating this

supports a production. That could

content and hope that you as the

include the

user find it both helpful and enjoyable to use.”

Digital Green Room - Activity Week 2  
Digital Green Room - Activity Week 2  

The new e-book to support the Dance Proms Digital Green Room activities