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Weaving Magic - The Lady with pen

Creator of Woke Seed, Global Literary Sensation, aka Mr. One God

Breaking Stereotypes and carrying the legacy of her grandfather

Taking worldwide music releases to a new level

Thank you for making

Gamechanger in

Marketing and PR industry

Champion of

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ISSUE 01, DEC 21

CONTENTS 63 #DGMusic🎸 - making worldwide music releases easy

34 INTERVIEW: Sonal Srivastava - A modern legend

Ka'Ron Gaines - The Cover Star 36

43 FASHION SPOTLIGHT: Shreyal Pandey Remember the name

3 Power Note by Abhishek Kapoor 4 Riddhi Dudhatra - Success is never accidental 19 Tanya Saifi The fairytale of a simple Meerut girl 22 Justyna Nowak-Wysocka Your dose of Erotica and Crime - Autumn Queen and Series Book Order 999 25, 26 Ashraf Gaddi and Ingrid Duprat Instagram Sensations 27 INTERVIEW: Dr. Meena Sripada Breaking Stereotypes and carrying the legacy of her grandfather 57 Arya Tyagi Dream it,Wish it, Do it 30, 55 - Magical Poems ENGLISH POETRY: By Ngangom Kailash HINDI POETRY: By Sabbi Ansari

6 The Queen Awardees

52 BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Amrita Singh reviews The Pride of t20 Cricket by Abhishek Kapoor

Top Inspiring Women of India who were recently felicitated by The Eagle Eye Network


32 Riya Bhati The host of Cherry Book Awards

61 Jyoti Matania Intelligent Captions

48 Shrikrut Kuraware All about ethics in work from home

49 Romila Work from home vs office

50 Elizabeth Akinniyi Analysis of WhatsApp's Latest Feature

Literary Stalwarts ON TRENDING TOPICS

Talented Personalities UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT

46 Ubbay Francis The most talented person in Mumbai

47 Vaishali Chhabra The most talented emerging artist

59 Author Sonali Always be there to support yourself

51 Rajul Agarwal The hard-working entrepreneur

54 Amrita Singh The popular writer and book analyst



THE EAGLE EYE SEASON 1 AWARDEES Shreya Dubey Suryansh Talwar Sarabjit Chowdhury Shireen Sultana Surabhi Naik Sunayana Kayastha Ubbay Francis Mimi Bhattacharjee Pooja Pandey Ericka Mitra Vaishali Chhabra Suhana Khan

The Public's Hero Event Winner Suryansh Talwar

THE POWER TO BECOME THE CHAMP IS WITHIN YOU By Abhishek Kapoor The Eagle Eye Network is an incredible platform that offers the much-needed personal branding to people. Glad that it started under Digital Golgappa and together we will do wonders. Founded to reward the deserving and inspiring talents across the globe, TEEN has grown sensationally in a short span of time and that in itself speaks volumes of the exemplary hard-work, dedication, creativity, and that never say no attitude shown by the team. This is a true example for the statement - The Power to become the champ is within you. All you need to do is to explore it. From literary sensations to entrepreneurs, from fashion divas and artists that create magnificent paintings to rising musical artists, this issue has a lot of good stuff that will keep you hooked. With high hopes, Digital Golgappa has decided to make The Eagle Eye Magazine our in-house magazine and you can expect more awesome content in the future too.

Riddhi Dudhatra @RIDZZ_77



Success is never Accidental

My family is my biggest support

In the journey of being an influencer, what has been your biggest achievement?

Working for Amazon as an influencer is my biggest achievement Who is your inspiration?

I get inspired by Awaz Darbar as I believe he is the best dancer What do you want to achieve in life?

I want to do projects as an international model.

Yoga and Exercise SECRETS

Do you use brands which you promote or promote only from the commercial point of view?

Most of them I use, but some campaigns I do only professionally Tips for people who want to become influencers.

Always be active on social media, post good pictures and reels




Indian women are known for their significant contributions to the society and professional excellence in their respective fields of work. In order to reward some of the most talented, hard-working, and inspiring women of India, The Eagle Eye Network, in association with Digital Golgappa, honoured them with The Queen Award.

#TheInspiring WomenOfIndia THE EAGLE EYE

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ASHWINI SOLANKI Ashwini Solanki is a B.Tech graduate who is trying a hand on writing just to express her feelings and follow her hobby. Recently she published a book named Revenge on Amazon and got good results. She had also won a Golden Arc Awards as 50 rising entrepreneur of the year for her book. She hopes to become a renowned writer one day and hopefully publish many books. For her remarkable growth in the writing field, she has been rewarded with The Queen Award by The Eagle Eye Network.


VAISHALI CHHABRA Vaishali Chhabra from Noida is a Bcom third year student. She is not too bright in studies but a genius at Multicolour Art. Her friends believe she is an upcoming legend. Her artworks are as hot as her. She aspires to do well in life and was recently awarded The Eagle Eye Network Award for her remarkable contribution to the field of Art. “I wish to see myself as a world conquerer” she says. She expressed gratitude to The Eagle Eye Network and Digital Golgappa for helping her promote her personality and making her so famous.




SURABHI NAIK Surabhi Naik is an author of 5 books: Inward shelf, Born to live, seven vibgyor musings, Flying contrails and Emblem of soul. She loves music and art and has done her masters in clinical psychology. She has done her clinical internship at Masina hospital, Byculla and Thane mental hospital. She has also provided therapy during her internship, to schizophrenic, anxiety, addiction, depression, mood disorder and sexual abuse patients. She has also completed her internship at Joshi Bedekar college as a counsellor after her masters. She has also done internship as a counsellor at National Mental Health Clinic. She was a teacher of counselling and English in an institution at Chembur. She has co authored more than 30 anthology books with publishers like opus coliseum, rosewood publications, worldgenix publications and more. She is currently working on her next book. In literary field, she has been nominated for the Attainer's award, My Achievement award, Spectrum Sahitya award, Prestigious Literary award, Youth Achiever of the Year, 2021, Rising star award, sparkling superstar and also been regarded as a warrior of change, 2021 and featured in the diaspora Times Global International newspaper, menafn, Influencer Magazine UK, Fox story India, Weekly mail, Daily hunt, India saga, United Business journal, Enterpreneur ethics, Fox interviewer, timesbulletin and many more. She has also been nominated for the Emerging Personality Award, 2021.

She is one of the Asia's 100 influencial woman by the Times crown She is also one of the India's top 100 Women Icon by the Foxclues India 2021




Excellence award, 2021 Nominated by the Indian awaz for the Author awards Independent Indian Icon, 2021 Rising star, 2021 by the Rising star awards Elite book awards 2021 first season first runner up for non fiction Debut Author Woman wisdom writer, 2021 by Foxclues Spectrum Sahitya Award, 2021 Firebox International records, 2021



Forever star book of records, 2021 Litvoice award for the best non fiction Author Guest of honour, 2021 by Cherry book awards for Debut authorship The chosen awardsarc




Star icon, 2021 Best achiever of the year, 2021 Best Influencer, 2021 by the Opus Coliseum Glint awardee, 2021 by The Great podium Warrior of change, 2021 by the awards arc Records National record holder by the Omg book of records for the book seven vibgyor musings World Record holder by the Bravo International world records World Record Holder by Vajra World Records She is currently working on her 6th book




SARAH Sarah was, is and will always be a Wild Child who finds beauty in the written word. Poetry, she feels is an echo, a song she sends into the abyss of her soul enticing it to dance. She finds peace and solace in the ‘word-world’ and enjoys exploring new forms of writing. Born and brought up in Jaipur, The Pink City, Sarah has always been a dreamer. She comes from a family of English Facilitators and has worked as one herself for over 7 years now. She started writing at a young age as she found a kind of kinship with the words she wrote. Her poems and stories were all about the experiences she had on a dayto-day basis. Her innermost fears, and insecurities formed the basis of all her early writings. She did not let others read the words she wrote for a very long time. And so, when she was in school, she threw herself into sports. She played almost all sports except for Tennis and Table Tennis. She never did understand those two games and didn’t waste her time trying to learn when there were so many other options available. She was part of the Basketball, Throwball, Handball, Cricket, Football, Squash and Kabaddi team for girls and represented her school at various inter school competitions. She was eventually also made the Sports Head Girl. Besides sports, she was also part of the School Debate and Elocution Club and the Theatre Club. She represented her school and won the ‘Best Speaker Award’ at the many inter school debate competitions. She also participated in a National Level Debate Competition and was awarded a runner up certificate for the same.

Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Psychology with specialization in Organizational Behavior and two Bachelor’s Degrees. She started her career as an Associate with Genpact but was unable to continue as the night shifts didn’t suit her. Coming from a family of educators, it was but an obvious choice for her to get into the education line herself. And that is how she started her journey to becoming an English Facilitator. Sarah joined Instagram last year. And there has been no looking back since then. She has worked as a Co-author for more than 10 anthologies and is the winner of several online poetry writing contests. Not only does she have her own personal page @soulresounds, but she is also the Founder and the Content Creator of a writing community on Instagram called @vaguesoulsunite. She was chosen as ‘The Crown Jewel’ by @grandezacavern (a writing community on Instagram) for her efforts to promote and help writers. Sarah is the recipient of the Fame in Frame Awards and The Champions by @priyaswisdompublication, the Golden Arc Award by @awardsarc and the Best Awards 2021 by @bestawardd. Besides managing her page, Sarah is a voracious reader and loves listening to music. She is a pet lover and has a cat named Shadow. She’s currently based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.




MEENA SRI CHANDANA Meena Sri Chandana is a Biochemist pursuing Student from Hyderabad, she's a writer and a podcaster too. Her writings were published by hubooktique , rosewood and truedreamster publications. She's an inspiring lady for many of us. She works for blogs as an article writer. Writing and research are her 2 passions. Her podcasts topics are mostly based on the stereotypes where society has wrong judgement towards it. She makes people aware of normalizing things. May she learn and grow heights and make her parents proud. She received best writer award from hubooktique Eminence awards 2021 for contributing best literature. And received many medals and certificates for her writings in rosewood and hubooktique publications THE EAGLE EYE



TWISHA RAY Twisha Ray started writing at an early age , computer science engineer by profession, but now has different perspectives of life and author as hobby Writing few books that helped her cope with the negativity in her life. A passion to express, and seek rejoice. Regards to her parents and nana and all her people who always support and encourage her, in her journey of life. In a mission to inspire souls of the universe tries to inspire others as well and through her profession she wants to develop for the country and through words she is always ready to help one can any time connect her. She is also book critique and has reviewed many books still doing and currently doing masters. And trying to teach others humanity . THE EAGLE EYE

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ANJALI PRAKASH DALWADI Hi, I am Anjali Prakash Dalwadi. Always have believed that “The Capacity of the brain is that as of space.” Being a medical student i would like to share few word’s ….everyone thinks that our life will be settled once we are doctors. People says its easy to become a doctor…But the pain we pass through no one knows. After going through the entrance, we are enrolled in a medical institution. The ragging phase and the introduction phase to our seniors we all freak out because these all are the new experience. We are surrounded by new people and a new place trying to somehow adapt to our environment. The morning lecture and afternoon practicals become an integral part of our life. After a full day of tiredness, we try to manage to read because it’s our dream to be a doctor and serve the nation and fulfill our mom and dad’s dream. Anyway, we manage to get out of this, and then comes the burden of exams . The semesters’ omg never knew that medical will be so tough. After studying for day and night, we don’t even remember what we have studied. During exam time

, caffeine level increases to the maximum in our body. Those entire restless nights and those 🐼 eyes only to pass the exam. In the exam we try to write every possible thing we remember. In the Viva, adrenaline levels rush out in our bodies when we are waiting for our turn to come. It’s very difficult to express our knowledge to external and internal. We are super freaked out and nervous 😬 . Then the basic phase is somehow completed and the clinical phase starts. Haha, the first time we feel that we are doctors because we are going to take history with patients and do their examination. But after getting scolded for many times that your history taking was not so satisfactory our feeling that we are doctor also vanishes 😂. Lastly I would like to say “Life is good with the starched white coat, and the stethoscope. But there is a hitch”




NIRAJA BANDI Niraja Bandi has been working as a people’s manager for the past 23 years. She boasts of vast experience in the financial services industry, more so in the management domain. Having recently completed an executive management development program through IIM, she currently has a broad base of knowledge which allows her to explore many topics. Some of her key interests include contributing to academics, mentoring team members, advocating for women's empowerment, and making society a better place. Traveling, listening to good music, watching cricket and badminton, reading, and participating in charity events are some of her favorite hobbies. That aside, she enjoys clicking pictures regularly, even though she is not a professional photographer. Her passion for writing started when she was very young. Well, though she had the passion to write since long, never really explored much as she was busy with her professional career. In 2020, many of us had to work from home due to lockdown. She had some free time for herself wherein she used to browse some posts on social media. She started attending webinars on a wide range of topics to utilise her time effectively.

One such webinar actually motivated her to start her journey as an author. Her books focus on educating, informing as well as entertaining the readers. She does not want to restrict herself to any specific genre. She would like to experiment writing all genres of books. She writes blogs for One million Talent’s Audience. She also mentors the One million talent team. She is a published author of 6 books namely Empower to Transform, The World as a Neural Network, Against the Storm, The Ones Who Dare, Sniffles and Smiles and The Corporate Napoleon. 5 books have become bestsellers. 6th book has just been published.


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SHILPA VENKAT I started WOW Women Of Wonder Group, Pune in 2015, a unique women's group which has facilitated so many Stay at Home Mothers (SAHM) to start small businesses from home. These ladies had to leave their thriving careers because of family responsibilities. The urge to keep doing something on their own has made them small time successful entrepreneurs. Daily business happens in the group, and women are actually getting regular and consistent business orders. We are 2700+ women members from all over Pune on Telegram and growing each day. The group has motivated many women to start small businesses from home and given confidence to many women to start something small on their own. WOW Group has ladies from all fields (as service providers) and we have an equal number of ladies who have joined the group to just avail the amazing services. This is a forum and a great platform wherein daily business happens through the group. The group size being so big there's absolutely no chaos, or controversies happening in the group. Strict discipline is maintained in the group and it's a super organized women's group. I also arrange flea markets (exhibition + sale events) exclusively for WOW group members only. These flea markets are organized to give members a great scope to display all their products. The charges are very reasonable for members to put their stalls. 15 successful flea markets have been organized until now. WOW also has Group meets where we have informative sessions, and more!

Initially I started WOW on whatsapp with 12 members. The group went on to grow within the next one year. A friend of mine way back in 2016, suggested to shift WOW on a messenger app called Telegram! A big question that’s asked by everyone even now: why are we on telegram and not whatsapp or Facebook? Telegram has way better features to manage single bigger groups than whatsapp. When many people demotivated me for choosing Telegram for WOW, I took these discouraging words in a challenging way. Never gave up on my vision. I chose a totally different platform to create a very successful women’s business group in Pune. So here we are on Telegram growing each and every day. It’s a one stop solution for your everyday needs. As the creator and admin of the group, I have made simple yet strict group rules for business to happen in the group smoothly. I am proud to say that our WOW group is the most organized, trustworthy, super disciplined, absolutely zero chaos, zero forward messages, gossip free, trolling free, controversy free group. Imagine this with a group size 2700+ members! (and all women) J Women are definitely getting a lot of business through WOW on a daily basis. Apart from that, members also get a fantastic opportunity to do more business through flea market events. WOW is a great digital community of women, a fabulous ecosystem, which is helping women build bonds beyond business!




YASHI LATH Author Yashi is from Lucknow she is an author by profession and a psychology student. Her world revolves around books and writing is a passion for her. She believes that writing is an emotion that gives people the freedom to express themselves. She has won many awards this year for her hard work and dedication towards writing. She has been featured in several media articles and magazines at both national and international levels. She is an old soul who thinks deeply about everything in the world. She has an independent and strong vibe who wants to achieve milestones in the literature field. Also, she wants to uplift the lives of voiceless and unprivileged people.




SHREYA DUBEY Shreya Dubey is an author, writer and an analyst by profession. Her writings are inspired from real life experiences and covers different segments, tranquility and storms of emotions. Currently residing in Hyderabad for work and has native as Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. Growing up she always dreamt of becoming a novelist and a creative writer. Her interests are multifarious like her likes and dislikes. She loves writing, reading, blogging, photography, traveling and exploring. She is super sensitive about pets, animals and veganism. Loves to spend time with family and her doggo Ronnie. She is also author for her upcoming debut poetry book titled “FOUR TOWNS FOR A HOME” and “20 MILES AHEAD”. Coauthor of more than 35 best seller anthologies and still counting on. She has successfully released per special podcasts on platforms like Spotify, gaana, jio music and many more where podcasts with title “Don’t give up on hearts” and “Meri kavitaaein, chai aur tum” were super success. Apart from being a writer and poet, she is also a live host, curator, interviewer and reader with a big firms on Instagram. Awardee of top 10 aspiring writers, best book reviewer, top 10 literary awardee, queen awardee, pride of India awardee and youth icon in literature and winner of best live reader and best book reviewer. Featured in Google news, Menafn, zee5, jio news, daily hunt, Indian saga, fox interviewer, team punjabmetro, thedailybeat and ed times. She looks forward to chasing her dreams with no pauses. Facebook: @shreya.dubey.5836 @chordsofmysoul Instagram : @shreyadubey10 @from_thediaries Email: THE EAGLE EYE



ANURADHA VISWANATHAN Anuradha Viswanathan (Ann) was crowned at Face of the Globe India 2016 - she was an international pageant title holder at London and Paris. She also worked as brand ambassador for the pageant and its charity. Alongside this, she has also been a Finalist at 3 other Pageants/Shows, 'Beauty of Women' award winner, Grand Jury member, Showstopper for Alex Fashion Miss and Misses Bangalore Season 4 and 5 where she was mentioned in 65 news articles of Alex Fashion as showstopper. She was also a Guest model at another show and Brand ambassador at Diva Queen pageant. She is also invited as Guest of Honor at International Glam Icon Mumbai and chosen as brand ambassador for 'Beauty of Women' Award function by Alex Fashion.She has also won the Opus Talent Awards(Category Best achiever of the year 2021 ) , Golden Arc Awards (for Talents in Multiple Professions ), Fashion awards 2021 winner (category Beauty Pageant Winner) and Standing ovation award (Best achiever of the year), International Achiever award(Diva Queen - BFWA Excellence awards), Golden Women Achiever award ( Fashion Model and Researcher ), Fireboxx international book of world records (International Fashion Model of the year), Iconic Talents award (Rising Star of the year)., South Asia Records (111 Most Inspiring Indians upcoming event), Feminarc Awards (Category Personality).

Kannada Rajyotsava Award (Fashion Model, Science and Technology Professional) 'Miss Style Icon' title at Fashivo Fab Bharat Icon 2021, and Hemmeya Kannadathi award, Fashion Legends award (Fashion Model, Science and Technology Innovation Professional), Emerging Women Business Awards(Fashion Model and Researcher), Fireboxx Artist Icon Award(for achievements in Fine arts (Vocals, Instrumentals and Dance) ,. She was also featured on Khaleej Times international news article as a pageant title holder , News Today(India)(for her singing),Fox Interviewer, Yolodaily, Disrupt magazine, Dillistan, Zee5, influencer magazine UK,, Midget Herald and Vents magazine, The India Saga, TV 12 Kannada , Fashion fair magazine, Inspirant Magazine, with success stories as a ramp model and awards recipient in multiple categories . She has been a professional model and has walked for ramp shows for various designers and brands all over India and in the UAE (Abu Dhabi) .She is considered a celebrity, and has been an Award winning Software Engineer (former) at Infosys. She has also worked as a Researcher , Singer in a variety of genres(Carnatic vocals trainer) and sang in a TV program telecast on DD Podhigai in 2002, and also awarded a couple of cash prizes by Talentrack for singing a couple of cover songs. Also Featured in News Today(for singing)




U R t s1

UR dn2




r e n ni W

6 poT






HARDWORK + DEDICATION = SUCCESS Tanya Saifi was born on 28th December 2000 (age 20 years as of now) in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. She is an Indian model, beauty pageant winner, fashion influencer & an actress from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. She has been creating content on Fashion and into modelling from the past 2 years. She has also collaborated with more than 100 brands including international brands like Mikkados and many more.

Bridals Like Heaven

Sophistication and Elegance

Wearing it with pride

"Being from a 'Muslim' family, it was really difficult for me to choose such a career, but i am lucky that i got such parents who are always there for me no matter what the situation is. And today i can proudly say that yes i am living my dreams. And i want to set an example to all the girls out there to do whatever they want, whatever makes them happy. Dream, Believe & Acheive keep these 3 words in your mind and then no one can stop you from living the life of your dreams. For me "Success" is that fight which you fought with your innerself everyday & today i can proudly say that i have "WON" that fight with the help of my "Self Confidence". The credit for my success goes to my family, they have always supported me in my thick and thin times. My biggest dream is to come on the silverscreen, and i am working harder and harder day by day so that in future i can get the fruit of my hardwork in the form of work in film industry." TANYA SAIFI

Tanya has judged modelling shows as well. Tanya has got several awards for the work done by her in the field of modelling. Tanya has got coverage in several big bollywood magazines as well, including Enlighten India Bollywood Magazine, Lavafaramedia Magazine and Grehlakshmi Magazine. And she has also walked as a 'Show Opener' for a Fashion Show Event organized by 'Kabir Tonk Entertainment' held in Noida. She has also choreographed other models as a Fashion Choreographer. Even she has walked as a runway model for many designers. Tanya's showbiz journey from being a 'Simple girl' to the 'Runway' is not less than a fairytale. Tanya said, 'In our society we are taught to study till 12th then get married to the person choosen by our family.



She is the author of novels with erotic and crime stories. She has already written six novels: "Series Order 999” "3, Lives, 3 Trials” "Blood Man" "The Autumn Queen”

Her series "Order 999" became a bestseller and was featured in the newspaper. The Autumn Queen was a bestseller on Amazon.





"Autumn Queen" is a novel slightly different from. There are no mafia accents here, but we are witnessing company games. However, this book intrigues the story from the very beginning. That from the very beginning I have been "following" the author's work, and with each book I read, I am convinced that Justyna Nowak-Wysocka is a writer who is developing herself. The Autumn Queen is on that first day. This is a story with a slightly different atmosphere Outside the window slowly "you can already see

than in the previous novels.

the first signs of autumn".


They are also visible




This time we meet the




thanks to the newest book by Justyna Nowak


Wysocka. "Autumn Queen" is a novel shimmering

Wanting to change this state, she decides to change

with a wealth of colors. Who said love tastes best

her life, which pushes her into the middle of

in summer? In autumn, it gains additional magic,


thanks to which the gray, intertwined with flashes

businessman who will change her life by one

of sunlight, gives it a special power. You can feel

hundred and eighty degrees. A woman will get to

this power in the pages of this novel.

know the taste of a world filled with darkness of lust










and power. Will it become a part of it forever? Will

Justyna Nowak-Wysocka is an author known for her erotic novels. Importantly, they are balanced, spicy, served with taste and taste. They are not overly spicy, but are seasoned with a "balanced" pinch.

this world be perfect for her? What is certain is that if you love hot novels with intrigue and eroticism in one, then "Autumn Queen" is the perfect read for you.

I really liked the

"The Autumn Queen" is a novel slightly different

transformation of Alicja, who like a chameleon

from the previous ones. There are no mafia accents

turned from a tough, even mean woman into a nice

here, but we are witnessing company games.

one. She had to be ruthless when she reached the

However, this book intrigues with recorded history

career ladder. Now her nature has softened. Alicja

from the very beginning.

Also from the very

Brzozowska's disposition can be compared to the

beginning I have been "following" the author's

autumn nature, which has many colorful and dark

work, and with each book I read, I am convinced

elements at the same time. And just like fall, which

that Justyna Nowak-Wysocka is a writer whose

includes the features of every season, Alice has

workshop is developing. The Autumn Queen is a

many qualities that allow her to survive in the game

perfect example of this.

at the very center of the company structure.




Why do we read books?

Largely to experience

emotions with the characters and get carried away by the plot. With a good reading, the hours pass like minutes, and the head rests, although the imagination is at full speed. Such impressions are provided by the series book "Order 999. An Agreement with a Stranger" by Justyna NowakWysocka. Intrigue, passion, mystery - these plot elements make the reader's heart beat faster and emotions reach its zenith. A daring story about a young logistics student who, forced by a difficult life situation, starts working in a hostess agency, it begins seemingly innocently, and then takes the reader on a tense journey without a handle.

Nowak-Wysocka has an extraordinary talent for describing erotic scenes with taste, as well as

The main character, Klara, is commissioned by

for making intricate intrigues that keep the

someone who calls herself Eduardo Mendoza to

reader curious from the first to the last page.

pretend to be his fiancée for six months.


arrangement may, however, have a bottom line, and the fates of the heroes intertwine in a complicated puzzle, where unbridled passion plays

Great entertainment at a high level, being a Polish, modern version of the cult story from "Pretty Women", or, if you prefer, another

a major role. Does Mendoza really only want to win

travesty of the immortal fairy tale about

the family inheritance on this deal?






This eighteen year old lad is one of the most intelligent and popular names in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. Before you go into the stereotypical zone, let us make it clear that the entertaining web series is just a work of fiction. Ashraf is doing wonders on social media, especially Instagram. @ashraf_gaddi

"Josh ho ya Insta, chaaro taraf cha gaya hai apna ye ladka"





This twenty one year old dentist is one of the most intelligent and popular names in Brazil. She is a model too. Healing teeth and regular Instagram pics are what she enjoys.

"I am not an astrologer, but I think he will break his teeth intentionally to visit me"


AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH HYDERABAD'S DR. MEENA SRI CHANDANA Tell us about your podcast Meena: My podcast is all about stereotype breaking, which society as created and are stressing on us. The expectations which society has on us far more stressing than our parents expectations. My podcast deals with such stereotype breaking topics and also I want to Normalize talking about sensitive topics such as sex, periods, male and female parts, racisim, sex education, Behavioural . In each season of my podcast i want to convey my experience, my opinion and my learnings on such Bold topics. And these days people are facing lots of trauma, depression, hatred and i want to guide them in my way. SEASON 2 of my podcast is all about a journey FROM SELF HATRED TO SELF LOVE.

Quoted references can also be helpful. References to people can also be made through the written accounts of interviews and debates confirming the factuality of the writer’s information and his reliability.

BREAKING STEREOTYPES AND CARRYING THE LEGACY OF HER GRANDFATHER Tell us some examples of stereotypes that you think should break for the betterment of the society.

How does your podcasting process look like? Meena: So, i take a topic which most of the people will relate to, sometimes i prepare, sometimes i do it spontaneous , I express myself through podcast without a thought. I make sure i share the link to maximum number of people, asking for their reviews, opinions. I consider them and wil keep on bettering myself, I record the show, edit and ill make sure i Prepare a video trailer and post it on social media.

Meena: 1.GIRLS are GIRLS , girls are not treated as humans , we are treated as responsibility, a pride of our homes which actually pressurizes us. They dont understand our goals, dreams, feelings they dont get this fact that we are humans too. All these people need is A sanskari BAHU. A good daughter. 2. Talking about SEX, orgasms, periods is sin according to our parents and society. we have to explain these to children before hand , so that we can atleast avoid further molestations, rapes. 3. MARRIAGE: o god this is really a big stereotype topic it’s like 5-20 yrs for studying ,20-22 getting job, 23- 26 marriage and before 30 one should have children. I want to break this . Its really very hard for people who are forced to do these in limiting age period. Few people can take stand, while few just surrender to this. Time, age is just an illusion. 4. DEPRESSION : failing, fallling, breaking down is okay its a part of life, its a phase of finding who u are,its a phase to nurture urself, change urself for better version of u. yet no one talks about MENTAL HEALTH. All they ask is about Your Marks, salary, kids you have. This is sick!!! People say especially our families say that : You are provided with so much comfortness and you dont utilize it , what we have done to u? They stress about these things much. We cant compare the comfortness with the pain we go through. It may be Failing, Molestations, Bullying, breakups, lonliness. we cant be open to our parents. They judge. And they expect us to be top in everything we do. There are many more topics, which i would like to do podcasts on. Education system, mindsets, Battles, social media, parenting etc


What advice would you share with aspiring (new) podcasters? Meena: Dont stop initially you might not getting listeners dont backdown, make sure ur having much awareness on topics u select, if possible note down the main points, make a trailer video. Share to max number of people. BE PATIENT. I’ll sure make podcast on this too .. tips for new podcast aspirants .

Which books have you published or contributed in? Meena: I’ve worked for several anthologies from Rosewood, Hubbooktique publications. My books are:

How did you take up writing? The Super Big Dictionary

Meena: I failed in my 12th , then I discovered this talent in me. Learnt vocabulary and read books to improve my english skills. I use my grandfathers dictionary, DR. SISTLA LAKSMI NARAYANA he wrote SUPER BIG DICTIONARY . He inspired every student and he’s a greater helper, one of the best teachers his students had, He’s one of the main reasons behind me taking up writing as my passion. I want to carry his LEGACIES and writing makes me feel so good, it makes me find myself and release stress. Writing helps to find the answers, it clears the messy thoughts in my mind, it improves my mood, ideas, makes me think deeper, alleviates my thoughts. My inspiration, my guide, and my teacher. I’m proud to carry his legacies.

Do you think writing can be a full time career option for anyone? Meena: YES. Freelancers, content writers, translators, Author, Article writer, literary writing, Author assistant many more. Want to work on ur passion ? then yes writing can be a full time career option too. All u need to do is stay focused, information, skills .

How do you handle success? Meena: I do the work without expecting results, I don’t count it on but the recognition will motivate me to contribute more. When i feel low , my success shows me what i’m . It guides me to improve, explore, do more and Guide people through writing. I DON’T FEEL THREATENED BY MY FAILURE AND I DON’T FEEL PRIDE ABOUT MY SUCCESS.

What do we expect from you in the future? Meena Sri Chandana with her inspiration, guide, and teacher - her grandfather, Dr. Sistla Lakshmi Narayan

Meena: I’ll be consistent on what I’m working on, will surely BECOME AN AUTHOR and publish my own book. And will keep Guiding people through my podcasts.



Ngangom Kailash takes us on a magnificent poetic journey

17 {From the book 'Roman Holiday'}

I am 17, I cannot see clouds of grey, I wish there is an utopia for me, where I will be trusted, loved, and believed,

The song of wisdom seems boring, Will I ever be stubborn as I am? Or will it be gone like the leaves of autumn? Will my stubborn dreams ever be fulfilled?

Can I love the funk, I have many daydreamers which are dumb like me, They are full with ego, Will they be remembered? My suffocation is extreme, thinking about my path,

Will I ever feel like 17 when I will be 50?

DECEMBER {From the book 'Roman Holiday'}

The era of Christ's birth; the moment which embarked light, The moment when snowflakes of different shades tripped on the window,

With glasses covered with lovely air, the arrival of Christmas, The growth of holly and narcissus filled the arena with joy,

The love which spreads like nectar of such flowers, The warmth is much more than what I thought,

I realised the generosity, I love it, The end of a great year.. THE EAGLE EYE |30

Meet the rising star of the literary world

NGANGOM KAILASH Ngangom Kailash is a nature lover student, who loves to put out his thoughts in a piece of paper. He has also been nominated for Ne8x Litfest 2021 Awards.

He has recently published his book, a collection of poetry titled "Roman Holiday" which mainly focuses human emotions outbreak and mind fluctuations. The book is currently available as a paperback format in Amazon and Flipkart.


Riya Bhati "Working as a host provides me the opportunity to learn about new topics, interact with people from different walks of life. My favourite part is that I get to ask questions about the things which matter to me and society I'm a part of."

Graduate in History from Miranda House, DU, Delhi based Riya is a German teacher and the most loved host of India's favourite and most engaging online book event Cherry Book Awards!

A Spirited Soul THE EAGLE EYE | 32

"I have great hopes that in coming years





and be




Book push

ourselves towards great heights of learning and excellence. Other than this reading is one of my biggest passion or one can say I live for it, I equally enjoy Yoga and taking long walks in nature."

@cherrybookawards THE EAGLE EYE | 33

SONAL SRIVASTAVA EMERGING LEGEND IN MODERN WORLD "Often we tend to think of success as a stage, which could restrict our perception and scope. Success is experiencing a process than reaching a stage." believes




author of page-turning, inspiring, and




Your Demons” and “The Yodha of Our takes

Times.” more

Achieving than





dream, says Sonal. She is writing a tremendous history as she narrates inspirational tales. Sonal aspires to be a self-made woman and helps her












channeling emotions





Her books—Winning Your Demons and The Yodha


of Our Times—have garnered significant attention



among readers, and was ranked as the secondbest book by a reviewer on their website.

pursuing passion.

WEAVING MAGIC—THE LADY WITH A PEN Sonal believes that the words won’t tell the tale unless you want them to. Readers have showered their reviews and claim both her books as power boosts of passion and









anthologies such as Petals 2020, Pandemic Conjuring Chaos, Box of Poems, and The 80 Best Poets of India.




Sonal Srivastava believes that life is the best novel one could have and own. Highlighted as “The Next Big Name in Modern Literature,” Sonal Srivastava has been interviewed by various media platforms. Following her success, Sonal was covered in a series of interviews by various international and national media platforms, including The Healing Radio, Radio Vrishti, and Reading The Authors podcast show.

Sonal’s upcoming novel has created much buzz and stirred much curiosity among readers and media as it flirts with mental bounds and crucial human emotions we experience. So hold your heart and wait to grab her next compilation!

She was declared the first runner-up in India’s Top Best Poets competition organized by Swadhya Publishing House, and an anthology, Pandemic Conjuring Chaos, published by Caroling Pen Publishing. Sonal was also nominated for the literary fest organized by Ne8x. The author currently works in a leading market research firm, and her feature write-ups have previously been published in Chemical Today and Saffron Media.








Ka'Ron Gaines started writing poems during his young days. He eventually released some of these as a part of his music. He started with a song named Ypsilanti after the name of his city in Michigan, USA. At that time, there was a lot of violence going on in his community and he felt obligated to make a change and do something about it. With that, he created the Stop The Violence Music and Comedy Tour. They traveled within Ypsilanti, Michigan and even other states. The aim was to tour places where violence was erupting.


Ka'Ron Gaines gained a lot of recognition from his local Government for Stop The Violence, Our Community Cleanup Crew, and other public welfare initiatives. The Mayor at that time felt that Ka'Ron needed a seat within the Government. They offered the position of Human Relations Commisioner to Ka'Ron which he took and took a lot of pride in it. With such big positions, there are always a lot of responsibilities associated with it. Ka'Ron realized the seriousness of the seat when the police force came up with a presentation about the new body cameras which they use till today. This was Gaines' one of the biggest accomplishments, and he takes a lot of pride in it as a person, as a political figure, an activist, and above all as a citizen of his community. Knowing that those body cameras saved life on both sides (police and residents/citizens).


This marked the rise of Ka'Ron Gaines. He put a bit of positive twist on his music because as a political figure visiting all the schools, a lot of children from his community identified him with his face, his name, or both. As the proud father of six children and having a strong connection with children of his community, Gaines felt obligated to go in a different direction. He gained and created a lot of information on how important we are, how important the woman is. We all come here through a woman and that's how our life starts here in this planet called earth.

"We all come here through a woman and that's how our life starts here in this planet called earth!"

WOKE SEED A Woke Seed is a conscious being, that gives enlightenment to others for them to enrich themselves. Woke Seed Book Woke Seed is about a boy named Light’s unexpected visit to his Uncle K house for the summer. He discovers a new set of consciousness that will enlighten any young or older reader. "I couldn’t have done it without Danna Love wonderful illustrations and help with editing and help with piecing the story together in a way readers can easily digest the message I wanted to convey. I will forever be thankful for her talents."

Ownership Woke Seed is not on Amazon or other platforms because I wanted to keep it 100% independent for the first year to build the actual brand with any other brands. You can purchase Woke Seed at



He wanted to put this information in all forms and not just music. He has a few songs connected with this ideology. His new single out now under the name Woman God. It features his brother Brand Nu and is available on YouTube @mronegodtv He still wanted to put the message in an art form that would stick. Music sticks for a long time, but books stick forever, generations over generations, traveling a lot further in terms of years on this planet than anything else. That's how the idea to create Woke Seed Book came to his mind.

S S E C C U S F O A R y T a t N s , A e M itiv s o E p H y T sta our

y lf, f e o s r p u i o h ers to y n e ll w u a o r , t t e y h a t a s t i S er with w y o a p t s t's i , he t e o v s e i r t d e a an wh cre d s n ' i t a m h -t ous i s c n s o n i t o rc u crea o n i it. t r d a a t e s r ns sp o i o t t a b e o r j c our THE EAGLE EYE | 42




This Mumbai based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer is a an engineer+MBA working as a Marketing Manager in an MNC. Staying away from her home in MP is a challenge but she believes that balancing out passion and profession leads to success.

Her life revolves around fashion and she works passionately towards it after office hours and on weekends."This is absolutely my passion and I never wanted to get rid of it," she says.



SHREYAL she desired she believed she could, so she did. I decided to create and share my own style with the world.

I wanted people to find and know me by my name rather than some closet or Further, as I admire to play around emotions like happiness, joy, attitude which can be clearly seen through my pictures. I love to express my side of fashion, looks and textures which describes my presence. I feel blessed to see people appreciating my creativity which triggers my inner soul to work harder and keep on getting the best out of me. related names.


DIGGING INTO SHREYAL'S JOURNEY OF SUCCESS The Beginning I did runway shows and inter-university pageants competitions in college days. After a gap, in 2018 after realising my instinct towards fashion, I took the step forward to being what I am today.

Fashion is refreshment Each day is different where I plan to create something new, shoot something innovative. Everyday I find myself growing beautifully which keeps me alive. I believe every opportunity is a blessing & a chance to explore more so every opportunity is a dream opportunity for me. But yeah I would love to showcase my talent at International level by grabbing an opportunity to work with globally established brands as a Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer.


The biggest obstacle that I faced was the stress and pressure to do multiple things at a time. I was lacking in planning stuff, which made things so complicated that styling, shooting, collaborations, and like everything was messed up. But then one day when I was about to burst, I left everything aside and with relaxed mind started figuring out the solution. That was the day I realised planning plays a major role in achieving your goals. And since then I plan my whole upcoming week on each sunday which makes it very convenient to complete my tasks on time with perfection.

Every dream is achievable, it's just that moment when you realise your worth. I want people to remember me with my unique style trends that move hand in hand with on going Fashion and Lifestyle trends. My efforts will be paid off on the day when people will remember & count me among one of the best Influencer. I believe every opportunity is a blessing & a chance to explore more so every opportunity is a dream opportunity for me. But yeah I would love to showcase my talent at International level by grabbing an opportunity to work with globally established brands as a Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer.








Multitalented personality and award-winning artist

SENSATIONAL Check out @vcispoisonous

CHARMING Hailing from Noida, she loves art and fashion

FRIENDLY Anyone can be her friend as she is very easygoing

HOT She loves "Goa wale beach" by Tony Kakkar





Shrikrut Kuraware explains the Work Ethics in Work from Home With the occurrence of the pandemic named “Corona “ their was an urgent need to adapt with the changing situations . And ethics of work must be maintained whether you are working in your office or at your home . A disciplined approach such as enough sleep , eating healthy food on regular intervals with combination to proper work out , break in between & refreshments can facilitate all the employees to habituate this work environment. A cleaner work space can increase your interest towards the work you are indulged in . Along with this a comfortable chair to avoid back pains is must for the working individuals.

Looking towards the working aspects “Proper division of work , scheduling of projects task , giving chance to freshers for expressing their skills & specialities plus providing timely stipend , allowances and over time bonus by managers can enforce them to work more willingly with this system . The managers are also expected to support and provide job security to the employees whosoever have been infected or any of its family members during this period . A happy and a positive environment at home can improve one’s performance of working from home. It’s possible by normalising and chilling the environment at home by either communicating or sharing & refreshing the childhood memories , special events etc. If possible , one must try to avoid watching or listening the negative news about someone’s departure , and negative news . Also spreading this kind of information may be hazardous for the society and for oneself. Above all , maintaining a proper balance between our professional life and personal life is at most important in accordance to present scenario and future prospects . Hence , the above tips can facilitate us to fight this epidemic and to adapt with this unwanted change we are facing around us. So try to maintain an optimistic mentality in this Work from home system and you'll enjoy working with it.

Shrikrut Kuraware is a 24 years old highly passionate motivational content writer , poet and an essayist from Dewas ( M.P.) India . Writing for last 7 years . Working with an aim to inspire and motivate society . Initial stage of his literary career was it struggle . But now he is a known poet and a writer . He has achieved some great milestones in the mean time. He is a co-author of around 16 worldwide contributory anthologies, books , magzines etc. Out of which three of these books are world record holding. Along with this he is also an achiever of various awards like " Best writer award " , " Best aspiring poet ", " Writer & achiever of the year 2021 ", " Best poetry " , " Literary warrior "," Rising star award " etc. And still working out for many more . May he continues to enlighten the society with his thoughts and words.



Romila lists 5 reasons why work from home is better than work from office On one hand, I am a Writer/Author/Entrepreneur/Editor plotting my future success. Then I move into the living room, and I am a home person- a domestic goddess.

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress" - Romila

Romila is a voracious reader, independent author, devoted coffeedrinker, avid thinker and shopaholic. Music is her passion and you can find her writing most of the time. She is extremely friendly, helpful and a happy person. She is a certified homebody when the moment calls for it but at the same time, she loves to get out and explore from time to time. She is Editor in Chief of a literary magazine and Programme Head of a publishing house. She lives in Hyderabad.

1. I am a truly independent person. It doesn’t mean to work in pyjamas but it is about selfmotivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration. I don’t need quotes/speeches to have the work done. With multitasking, my time management and scheduling turns perfect. 2. With not being tied to physical office space, I am placed better which helps me to work flexible hours such as early or late night and also over weekends or any time zone. 3. Having a home office eliminates the need of travelling and time saved can be used for better sleep, more me time, exercising and developing new hobbies. 4. No distractions such as office politics, gossip, co-workers debating the merits of cryptocurrency, sirens outside, the AC kicking extreme temperatures. It is fruitful to work in a peaceful atmosphere which home provides. 5. Geographical boundaries are removed, it helps to work with people across many states and countries all over the world. With right plans and communication tools, projects can be collaborated in real time despite time and distance differences. Work can be enhanced easily. Working from home is a lifestyle choice, and it impacts my everyday life in a number of ways. I definitely like this concept. It has changed my priorities for the future of my home. I don’t feel the need to escape as working from home gives me access to a sense of freedom that just can’t be denied.



Elizabeth Akinniyi on the new WhatsApp 'View Once' Feature This is a bit that self destruct itself once the photo, or video is seen by your contact only once as the name implies. You can get this feature by updating your WhatsApp to the latest version on Apple and play store. As effective as it may seem in protecting your privacy, this feature comes with it’s pros and cons. Let’s take an instance: Imagine sending a picture of an hairstyle to a friend in a saloon with this feature. She sees the picture, then it disappears immediately with little idea of the hairstyle look. WhatsApp introduces a new feature called ”view once” that controls and protects your privacy on the app.

We can see that it’s beneficial for the sender as there is: • No upload of the image on the contact phone. • Good for sharing quick information. But what if the friend decides to take a screenshot of the picture before it disappears so she can make her hair, and you are not notified by WhatsApp. Now that’s what I call “another ball game." Cons: • Not as private as it seems. • You don’t know how many people screenshot your pictures or shares it.

Elizabeth Akinniyi is a passionate who lives in Lagos Nigeria. She is an award winning poet, writer, life-coach and a business woman. She uses her writing to motivate, educate, inspire, entertain her readers. She loves reading, dancing, cooking and traveling. She loves meeting new people and making friends.

Dr. Rajul Agarwal, a name that is not as popular as someone like Jeff Bezos, but is certainly a guy who works equally hard to meet his dreams. He is a visionary and hardcore businessman. Born and based in Kanpur, Dr. Rajul is an alumnus of the prestigious Seth Anand Ram Jaipuria School. Professionally,




entrepreneur and a dentist who loves to work hard. He is the founder of Rajul Enterprises, and is a known figure in his area for his business. He is a super-stockist and distributor




including Dhanwantari, Karyalaya State etc. Dr. Rajul is all set to launch his business online with his website, which will be live soon. "I aim to be one of the biggest names in the eCommerce industry," he says.


"Luck is great, but most of life is hard work." - Iain Duncan Smith


Book Review by Amrita Singh

RATING: 5/5 GENRE: CRICKET, COMEDY, ROMANCE “The Pride Of t20 Cricket” by Author Abhishek Kapoor is a cricket-basedcomedy book, that has been international bestseller on several occasions. THE EAGLE EYE | 52

"The Selfish Betrayals was all about visual representation of thrilling scenes using the magic of words. The Pride of t20 Cricket is a fast paced comical book that aims to bring a smile on the face of the readers."


It is an imaginary story of a highly controversial cricket coach who falls prey to the conspiracies of a willy umpire and lose his career. The ways in which he overcomes his difficulties in trying to reestablish himself in the cricketing world are portrayed in an exceptionally comical way. The characters that appear as players, and other characters are perfectly justified. Though the entire novel is a T20 Cricket and comedy centric, there are surprising elements for the readers. The romantic love story between Canada's daughter Shefali and opposition team captain Zorawar runs parallel throughout the narrative of the story in a gripping way with a pinch of erotism. Shefali's characterization as a modern girl and at the same time as dad's princess is quite interesting to read and enjoy. The author described the pivotal role of coach in making a victorious team is quite inspiring to read. Happy readers posing with Abhishek Kapoor's books

Divyaansh (India U19 cricket player)

Shravika (Ranchi)

Swati (Prayagraj)

Sreoshi (Kolkata)

Dr. Roopa (Mumbai)

Akansha (Tripura)

"I do not really recall the last time I was completely at ease while reading a book. The positivity and happiness which is reflected by medium of this book and its characters goes on to show the innate characteristics of the author himself. I am sure he is a happy-go lucky guy in life and is always inspired by the goodness of things. The author has tried to weave a simple, witty story but very often one sees a beautiful message which only those readers will grasp who are good at reading between the lines. However, this book is for everyone, whether you love cricket or not, whether you are young, old, a male or a female, I hope it appeals to all kinds of readers."

- Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh @ARTISTIC_.AMY Popular book analyst, published author,

She started her book analysis blog recently

co-author of several books, Amrita Singh is

and within a short period, she reviewed

one of the finest names coming up in the

around 100+ books and won the title of

writing industry.

Future Star in the Best Book Reviewer

Amrita Singh is the Finest Writer,

Obtains Achiever Of The Year Awards 2020-

Category in Cherry Books Awards. She Also

Published Author, and Book Analyst.

2021 in the category Poet, Writer, and Book

She Holds A Master Degree In English

Reviewer. She also comes to be a Star Of

Literature. Her writing was published

The Magazine in May and June, Edition and

in the National Level Magazine. She loved





thoughts through Poetry, Story, and

Holds A Medal of “Taare Zameen Par Magazine ” A National Levels Magazine. Her Quote Book is also Published on YourQuote Platform

“Moments From The Diary of

Quotes. She secured a chance to


become a co-author of a few books.

She is also featured in The Daily Hunt, The

Apart from that, she is a bookish soul

Real Preneur, MENAFN, Punjab Metro, The

and adores reading books

Dailybeat, Entrepreneur Ethics. THE EAGLE EYE | 54

Sabbi Ansari pens down a scintillating tribute to a best friend

मेरी प्यारी यारा तू जान से भी प्यारी है ओ मेरी यारा कै से भूल गई तू अपनी दोस्ती को हो जाना तेरी बातों का राज था गहरा लेकिन तूने मुझे यूं भुलाया कि जैसे था ही नहीं रिश्ता हमारा तुम्हारा तेरा मुझे भूल जाने का दर्द बहुत ही है गहरा हर दिन की सुबह में तेरी यादों का था पहरा गरम चाय साथ पीने का मन होता है रोज मेरा एक पल बात तो कर अपनी खास दोस्त से यारा तेरे लिए खुद की खुशियों का रंग भी छोड़ेगे बस तू प्यार अपनी इस दोस्त को गले लगाकर नजारा तो दे प्यारा हर पल चाहते है कि तेरा मेरा साथ हमेशा यूं ही हो प्यारा ना तू मुझे भूले ना मैं तुझे भूलू बस यही हर दिन की एक प्यारी सी नई शुरुआत हो हमारी दोस्ती सच्ची बातों की बेतहाशा बरकरार हो यह नजारा तेरा मेरा साथ हमेशा यूंही हर पल हो प्यारा ओ मेरी यारा!


Meet the future star of the literary world

SABBI ANSARI Sabbi Ansari, a middle class girl resides in the silk city Bhagalpur, Bihar. She is pursuing Maths honours. Naturally She is an introvert but she loves to explore things in life.

lf she isn't spending time with her family and friends, you can always find her in the garden with pen, paper and her imagination. She has started writing in the 2019 lockdown. She has taken part in many poetry competitions and worked as a co-author in more than 20 anthologies. She has also compiled three anthologies namely Shaksiyat, Naari ek Samman and Emotion without direction and many more are on the way. Recently she has compiled five anthologies and many more are many more are on the way. Recently She has started a writing community name BPH Writing Community. Her hobby is to do social work. Her aim is to become a teacher. THE EAGLE EYE |56


ARYA TYAGI Young Entrepreneur

Author Of Hack The Hackers Before They Hack You

Cyber Security Researcher

Arya Tyagi (Born 28 September 2003) is a Young Entrepreneur , Cyber Security Researcher , Author of Hack the Hackers Before they Hack you and Founder of well Known Digital Marketing Company “Webhack Solutions“. At a very young age he has completed all his dreams which he did not even imagine that he would fulfil soon. “Nowadays, if something is ever on the Internet and in the news, then it is that fresh, young, and brilliant entrepreneurs and Businessman are talking about their Hardwork and Success Secrets and one of them is Arya Tyagi.” Arya has worked with over 400 clients all over India and helps aspiring and talented people in gaining recognition on Social Media Platforms.Arya has a very Strong Client base not only in India but also in Dubai , Saudi Arabia , Singapore , Qatar and Ukraine. Not only this but Arya has done many offline and online events with uncountable Celebrities. Some of the big names are Thakur Anoop Singh , Kabir Duhan Singh, Shehnaaz Gill and DJ Shadow Dubai. “My Career started in Celebrity Social Media Management when i was in class 11 with one of the biggest name in Bollywood is DJ Shadow Dubai, My very first Client was from Dubai ” says Arya Tyagi.

Ft. in India Today as one of the most influential personalities At the age of 18, how many people can even dream of this

After clearing CMA Foundation, he decided to quit it to pursue Cyber Security. Right now he is working with many celebs of Bollywood as well as Tollywood.


At at the age of 18 he has taken up his company’s sale more than 1.25 lakhs which is not normal for a normal student. Arya Knows very well how to manage 2 professions at a single time. With Celebrity Social Media Management he has also worked with Indian Law Enforcement Agencies. He solved cases with UP STF , UP POLICE and KARNATAKA POLICE. “What is rare for normal people, for me it was very normal when i was 15-16 years old” Tyagi says.

Arya has done Cyber Security Internship under Gurugram Police, Batch – 2021 and rewarded as Excellent performance. Many times he represented India where he defeated Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hackers. It is hard to believe that Arya has achieved so much at such a young age when he is still a student and has to pursue education simultaneously. Arya has great plans and ideas for his future which he may reveal soon. By that time, you can follow him on his social media handles to stay connected with him.


Author Sonali


"Let people laugh on you, but you don’t forget to smile at yourself."

Sonali is a teenage author of three books amongst which two of her books are bestsellers. Small is the New Big and A book of 50 poems made a bestseller mark after few months of publishing. She from a small town of Mumbai named Dahanu. She seems to be a live example of “a girl from a small town with greater ambitions.” Sonali is currently an undergraduate student and a freelancer managing her own freelance writing and consultancy business. She had a keen love for books since her childhood. Slowly and gradually, she started writing since her school times. Her passion for wiring kept her instilled in trying out and experimenting various styles of writing along with different forms be it a poetry, story, an article then her books and now a professional academic writer and freelancer managing her own writing business.

"Be there to support yourself!" Sonali published her first book just after her 12th boards entitled Life Explored which was loved by readers. She has won many awards and has been nominated for various literary awards. To state a few- Best Author for her book Small is the New Big by Cherry Book Award, Inspiro Awards by Priyaswisdom Publication for Best Non-Fiction book, Indian Innovation award for her book Small is the New Big, Best book cover awards for Life Explored, her debut book by poetic Caesura awards, Youngest Women Influential award by TSM organization.


She was also honoured with Young Achievers award by Indian Achievers Forum. She is into finance sector in terms of education and pursuing her degree in the same. Her passion and determination for writing made her kickstart and be consistent in her journey. Early life learnings and incidents makes one stronger is what she believes. She further says“It is okay if no one supports you, outside world doesn’t matter. Be there to support yourself in the initial journey and take every step with selfconfidence. Let people laugh on you, but you don’t forget to smile at yourself. Self -along with self-confidence is what you need.”


#intelligent Captions that add life to these trending images

by Jyoti Matania

The wind is scary, The direction is difficult, Tip toe if you must, but take the step!

I was bringing sexy back, but I lost the script!

It's scary,one minute at a time! It wraps "Fear of innocence" "Fear of Love" "Fear of terror" Entitling it to be a treat

My dad congratulating me that I woke up early.. Me who hasn't slept..

Can you think of anything better?

Born and brought up in Odisha, Jyoti Matania has come a long way !!Currently pursuing her bachelors in political science she aims to become a civil servant..Being co-authored in 40+anthologies and in the process of being more ,her work"CLIMACTERICS" has been honoured by Indian Book of Records. The title "Aaj ki Womaniya ", 'The real heroes' ,'Kalinga Kanya'aptly justifies her essence of being the best version of herself..A national debator,fashionista &yes now a writer..has allowed to be ME!

Celebrating yourself the way you are has allowed her to be voice for the voiceless and carry herself the way she is!!(BTC ;be the change award)has recognised this thought of hers and bestows this title to her.

irl taniag a m _ l ya @thero




My Body My Choice

Legendary of Arts

Sneha Narayanan Author Abhishek Kapoor

Mekha Pradeep Author Abhishek Kapoor THE EAGLE EYE | 63


BY DIGITAL GOLGAPPA All of us know Digital Golgappa as India's leading and most trusted marketing and PR agency, but recently it ventured into music releases launching it's own in-house exclusive music label #DGMUSIC🎸. Music is a great form of expressing one's feelings, and from marketing point of view too, it's a great asset for brands and personalities to reach millions. Bestselling Author Sneha Narayanan and world record holder multicolor artist Mekha Pradeep released their content recently in collaboration with Author Abhishek Kapoor. The music released on all platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, YouTube Music, Boomplay, iTunes, Wynk Music, Instagram Music, Facebook Music, MxPlayer. Apart from this, several songs including love songs, rap songs, book promotional songs, poem based songs, and artist based content is under production. This is the latest and unique marketing tactic for content creators and brands of all niches to reach more and more people.


Mekha Preadeep (June) (International Multicolor Artist)

Sneha Narayanan (Bestselling Author)

Vaishali Chhabra (Artist and Designer)

Ubbay Francis (Most Talented Person In Mumbai)








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