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DIGITAL FRANKENSTEIN Staff Roles & Expectations As a member of the DF core staff, you are expected to commit to a full year in your designated position. You are to be involved in the production of every issue.


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Responsible for all of the content published both on the web site and in the magazine The EIC finds article ideas for both the web site and magazine, assigns articles, assists writers on writing style and story development, and read and edits the finalized versions before being published All articles written by Digital Frankenstein staff must be approved by the EIC. Wire stories for the website are to be approved and read over by the EIC In constant communication and collaboration with the Creative Director, working as a cohesive team, as well as the rest of the staff

The EIC must possess excellent organizational skills, ability to set and meet deadlines, positive leadership qualities, passion for teamwork and collaboration, and outstanding communication skills. The EIC must also have 2+ years of experience working in publications as both a writer and editor. And, if this isn’t obvious, the EIC must be a damn good writer.

COPY EDITOR Responsible for organizing content, assigning stories, proofreading and maintaining the flow of copy production Provide support, feedback, and inspiration to the writing staff Will be a resource for writers; keep writing style consistent and in-line with DF aesthetic Prepare error-free, complete story files to be sent to the design team Communicate with Web manager to provide text-only articles to be integrated on the blog

Section Editors must possess leadership qualities and ability to set and meet deadlines, as well as excellent communication ability. Section Editors must have 1+ year in writing and editing.

DESIGN EDITOR Responsible for the development and management of all creative aspects, both work and personnel, of Digital Frankenstein In charge of developing the creative direction for the magazine and making sure that direction is implemented consistently throughout all Digital Frankenstein platforms Responsible for assigning designers to stories, editing and providing feedback, and maintaining design process flow Communicate with Copy Editor to access new stories and keep process cyclical Will serve a resource for the design staff: researching current design trends, assembling mood boards, providing designers with inspiration consistent with the look of the magazine Make editorial designs on final files to be published making sure design is true to style guide; package all files to be sent for editor’s approval

The CD must be a driven and passionate leader capable of devoting enough time to Digital Frankenstein. She or he must have 2+ years of relevant design experience, an excellent eye for design, and an exceptionally creative mind. This individual must also be able to set and meet deadlines, be well organized, and a fantastic team worker.

PHOTO EDITOR Work closely with Copy Editor to understand the vision for each story Mange staff of photographers: responsible for pairing and briefing a photography with each applicable story Edit and prepare files for design

Photo Editor must possess strong leadership and organizational skills. A strong portfolio, and previous experience either photographing for a publication or doing freelance work is a prerequisite. Photo Editor must also be able to meet deadlines, have a good eye for composition, be well organized, and communicate well.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Handles all social media outlets related to Digital Frankenstein, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and any other outlets that Digital Frankenstein is associated with Develop and meet his or her daily quota for all outlets (for example, five Twitter posts/day) Each outlet will require a unique spin on the same content, so no two outlets will have the same caption.

The social media manager must be an organized individual with a passion for new media and communication. The social media manager may required to complete a practice test upon application.

MARKETING MANAGER Responsible for all advertisements both in the magazine and on the website Solicit ads and to prove to businesses the value of advertising in Digital Frankenstein Connecting with Goss and using their program. (Cal Poly has a QR code deal with Goss RSVP that can be used for free by Cal Poly students in the Graphic Communication department) Overlook the web site advertisements that will be facilitated through Google AdSense Research and present ways in which the web site can gain more revenue through online advertising Work closely with the social media manager to develop social media campaigns for promotion of the magazine and website.

Applicants should have experience in advertising and have a background in business. He or she should also have ideas in mind for growth of the magazine through advertisements.

DIGITAL FRANKENSTEIN Contributor Roles & Expectations Contributors are encouraged to be as involved as possible but we understand schedule limitation. As a lesser committment than an editor role, contributors are expected to work on an issue start to finish but may be intermittently involved with DF.


WRITER Responsible for creating solid and well-written content Has the creative freedom to explore writing styles and angles; however, they must still stay within the boundaries of professional and well-written journalism Receive content from either the EIC or Section Editor and are responsible for meeting all deadlines while maintaining constant communication with the EIC, Section Editor or both Also responsible for getting photos in by the first deadline. (If a writer cannot meet a deadline for legitimate reasons, he or she must immediately contact the EIC to work around the circumstance)

Writers must possess strong writing skills and ability to write a cohesive and well thought out story. Writers are also responsible for pitching story ideas or concepts. Work samples are required for consideration; a trial period may be necessary.

DESIGNER Responsible for executing design assignments as well as assisting the CD in the development and implementation of design concepts Specifically, designers will work on page layouts and designs for the magazine issues, the design of web pages, production of marketing material, and any other necessary work that is assigned to them

Designers must have strong design skills, a good sense of layout and composition, and be proficient using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator). A designer is also capable of working collaboratively, communicating well, meeting deadlines, and comfortable in a fast-paced work schedule.

PHOTOGRAPHER Work in tandem with writer to create a vision for the story and capture material for both web and magazine Develop ideas for photo essays Edit and prepare files for design

Photographers must possess a passion for their art and desire to gain real-world experience. Must also be able to meet deadlines, have a good eye for composition, be well organized, and communicate well.

DF Staff Roles & Requirements  

We are recruiting writers, designers, and photographers.

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