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Some AD2 Background

There are tons of new features in AD2 which will make your e-drum life easier and smoother! The new sound engine, sound shaping, rhythm creation, midi recording, kit piece linking, great new ADPaks, transformation tools and work-flow enhancements. Even support for touch based computers like windows 8.x Check it out on and download the trial version – I am both excited and thrilled about AD2! The new AD2 version do now support up to 18 drum slots (With multiple samples for each drum supporting Head/Rim/Bow/Edge in some cases even positional sensing based sounds) Compared to the previous version of AD (V1) which offered 12 drum slots – we truly believe MegaDRUM fits AD2 just perfect with all its channels and flexibility! In AD2 there is now a snare and two ride slots which all supports positional sensing functionality. (Again – a perfect match for the MD) The offered sound slots are Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Tom 1-4, Cymbals 1-6, Ride 1 & 2 and 3 Flexi slots (Where you can address whatever you like here!) A screenshot from the Kit Window in AD2

The MAP Window in Addictive Drums 2

The map presets are presented in AD 2 by pressing the “?” question mark and select the map window menu. The device list are sorted on the manufactures and their related models. AD2 includes two MegaDRUM preset Maps directly off the shelf from XLN Audio which can found under the MegaDRUM folder. We have named them MegaDRUM Basic and MegaDRUM Advanced. See screenshot below:

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Maps and Kit presets for MegaDrum and Addicitive Drums  

A set-up guide for electronic drumming using a megaDrum 'module' and Addicitve Drums 2.0