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I am an e-drummer since many years and got involved in the MegaDRUM midi trigger device a couple of years ago. The MegaDRUM device is a DIY project which have evolved during a decade and today offers all technical features and benefits you could just dream of inconjunction with an active forum/community which drives the platform forward! All together - the MD has become a nice partner for e-drummers that want to utilize the computers advantage of usings VST plugins as their sound engine! In February 2014, I got the fantastic chance to participate in the beta program for next version of Addictive Drums (2) from XLN Audio. I am guessing the XLN people had seen our work with the MegaDRUM MIDI Trigger Device and our efforts with the previous version of Addictive DRUMS. Another fact which could have been impacting my BETA involvment, was I at that stage owned almost all ADPaks released by XLN (Hmm..yes...I do own all ADpaks now...) However, during the BETA period a couple of real good connections were made with the people at XLN and finally I took the chance and asked the question: - Would XLN be willing to add a midi map preset especially designed for the MegaDRUM in the upcoming AD2 release? - I was expecting a big fat NO...but the product manager at XLN just replied...- Yes, of course! So both I and Dmitri (The MegaDRUM driving force and who also have been participating in the AD2 discussions) got extremely excited about this and we started to make plans how we could benefit from this opportunity to evolve the MegaDRUM platform! So in this documentation, you will find the result from this opportunity and maybe get some future ideas how we can adopt the MegaDRUM platform even further to fit VST applications better. This is maybe a small step for Addictive Drums but a huge step for the MegaDRUM community and the people behind the MegaDRUM device! Also the fact that people interested in MegaDRUM now will (or in the near future) get a smoother and faster journey to reach the goal to be able to play drums using MegaDRUM and Addictive Drums 2! Stay Megaddicted! Anders Gronlund, alias ANGR77 Stockholm 2014-06-29


Dmitri for your fantastic dedication for the MegaDRUM Device/Community/Forum and all nice people at the MegaDRUM.INFO forum. Lars Erlandsson & the team at XLN Audio for opening up AD2 for great ideas and for listening to the BETA community. Allan John at digitalDrummer for great inspiration and the kindness to host this document.


This initiative is maybe a bit questionable from a technical perspective, because of the nature of the MD, which actually can map whatever you want from a midi perspective, but seen from a users angle with easier handling, we are convinced this is good way forward for the MegaDRUM community! Also to be found in the same preset list as leading vendors like Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, 2Box and also in leading VST software’s is good marketing! It is also a big step forward to the vision to be a bit more plug and play, bring down the complexity for MegaDRUM and just be able to play drums!

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Maps and Kit presets for MegaDrum and Addicitive Drums  

A set-up guide for electronic drumming using a megaDrum 'module' and Addicitve Drums 2.0

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