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Echo Newsletter 2010/2011 03



02 Fantastic AAEPC! Article By: Chantal Chan

03 Interview: Timothy & Jadas Interviewed by : Anna Law & Mavis Yiu Article By: Mavis Yiu


04 Interesting Story: FYP Article By: Anna Law

05 10 Survival Tips at CCCU 04

Article By: Anna Law

06 Calendar of Event 2010/2011 Article By: Chantal Chan

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Echo Newsletter

fantastic AAEPC!

Article By: Chantal Chan

In this program, students are requested to take different courses from Fundamentals of Communication to Corporate Image Building, from Exploring Arguments in English to Digital Document Design. Through this interdisciplinary study program spanning Business English, language and communication studies, they can enter a degree program or profession which specialises in fields such as language studies, media and communication studies or even public relations. As competent bilingual users of English and Chinese, students have decent career prospects after graduation. For example, graduates can work in fields like education, public relations, editing and publishing and human resource development.

AAEPC is a full-time and non-UGC funded program which aims at develop a high level of English language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking so as to satisfy the language requirements for further study and pave the way for students to work in society. Unlike traditional English-centred courses, this program enables students to solidify their English skills with an emphasis on business English. In addition, it provides an opportunity for them to explore relevant aspects of communication and language studies and hence they can develop practical and applicable communication skills ranging from academic to professional contexts. Not only can they polish their communication skills, it also helps develop Come and join us! A number of graduates are their skills for independent study, research, em- glad that they took this program. ployment and lifelong learning.


Echo Newsletter

Interview:Timothy & jadas when we encountered problems when doing projects. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help. As long as you are eager to learn, they will lend you a helping hand.

[AAEPC Year 2 Students: Timothy Ng and Jadas Cheung]

The year 2 students tell you how it feels for being an AAEPC student, how they deal with FYP - and provide their best advice.

What quality should a good AAEPC student have? J: don’t have to be an expert in English, but you must be responsible and good at coorporate with others. T: Unlike secondary education, there is no strict guidance or supervision from teachers. You must be independent and self-motivated to finish the designated task.

What are the difficulties in doing the FYP? J: Asking for sponsorship! You need to spend a lot of time in persuading and negotiating with different companies. Interviewed By: Anna Law & Mavis Yiu T: Honestly, nothing is easy! Just one tip: choose Article By: Mavis Yiu your group mates wisely. Distribute the workload according to their strengths and weaknesses, and [J: Jadas, T: Timothy] then you can get twice the result with half the efWhy you choose to study the AAEPC program? fort! J: I think this program provides me an advanced level of English studies. It’s not a course that sim- What your plans are after graduated from ply teach you grammar or phonetic, but also busi- CCCU? ness English that are very practical for your future T: Oh, I don’t know. Before I became an AAEPC careers. student, I wanted to focus on language studies, T: There are various courses in this program such but I don’t feel that way today. Maybe I would be as Desktop Publishing and Corporate Image studying business after I graduated. The time I Building. This is a good opportunity to get your- spent on studying language would never be wastself into different fields to find out which aspects ed because what I’ve learned can still be applied in you are actually good at. other aspects. J: Same situation here! I want to study social sciWhat do you think about the program lectur- ence after I graduated. Don’t let your previous ers/tutors? studies confine your choice. Just find your goal J: Nice and helpful! They always encourage us to and make it work! discuss and express our opinions during lessons. T: I think they are all good consultants especially


Echo Newsletter

Interesting Story: FYP We have looked into a FYP which exhibits the air quality in Hong Kong. It aims to introduce different reasons that account for the serious air pollution in Hong Kong, such as vehicles, factories, ferries etc. The organizers of this FYP have designed two boards that show the current air quality in Hong Kong (a dark sky with lots of smoke) and the ideal air quality we wish to have (a blue sky with lots of white clouds).

The most exciting challenge for year 2 students - The Final Year Project, are on-going right now! Article By: Anna Law

It is not uncommon for us to see that there are some exhibitions launched by the students on the podium area in Semester B. They are the exhibitions of the Final Year Project (FYP) organized by Year 2 students. They have to organize and promote an event for their host organizations. At the end, there will be assessment from both tutors and their host organization.

Doing a FYP isn’t an easy task. We have done an interview with one of the organizers of this FYP. She shares with us lots of struggles and interesting things that she and her group has encountered during the process. She said the most difficult part of doing FYP is cooperating with other group mates. It is because everyone has different ideas and opinions towards the project. Therefore, it is very hard for them to make a compromise or come up with a decision. To overcome this problem, the team should select a team leader who is responsible for making decision when team members have different opinion. However, she also said the most interesting thing of doing this project is that she enjoyed working with others. Although she thinks working with other people is difficult, it is a valuable experience to learn from others. There are always many interesting ideas thought by other members.


Echo Newsletter

10 survival Tips At cccu 01

06 01 Read lecture and tutorial notes regularly



02 Consult lecturers or tutors from time to time 03 Print lecture notes by using fast print in the library or in the CS lab, each student will have 1500 priniting quotas for the whole semester 04 Hand in each assignment with a cover sheet to the locker outside the Language Study Department



05 Book the computer in the library in advance or borrow computer in the CS lab


06 Go to blackboard regularly to see if there are any announcements 07 Check your Webmail regularly


08 Use APA Format to cite sources of information in your assignment


09 Keep in touch with your mentor, they will always give you valuable advice 10 Bring your student ID card everyday



Echo Newsletter

calendar of event 2010/11 •26th Apr-5th May Examination

ar•Ap M • r eb

Dec•Jan•F v•

•7th Creative Speaker Series •FYP Event begins

y •Aug• a •M

p•Oct•No Se

•14th-16th FYP Exhibition

•29th Orientation Day

•15th EMCS Book Fair

•15th Graduation Day

•6th-18th Examination

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