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AWESOMeria What is FYP?

Is it an impossible mission for all AAEPC students?

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The Perfect Moment of All Year 2 AAEPC Students in Final Year Project

AWesomeria March 2011



studied Amanda Amanda Canada since she Lee 7 years old and

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Victor is an oversea student who just came back from UK last year. Like Wilco, he has major interest in photography and hopes to become a professional photographer one day. Aside from that, he also enjoys reporter events and keeping track of things. Nonetheless, he enjoys alone time listening to music!


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Editor Photographer Stylist Writer

To Die or ? r Su vive

Wilco tsang

“ADditional Support”

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in was just recently, she moved back to Hong Kong with her whole family. Ever since she was a little girl, she enjoyed reading and writing very much. Amanda is a passionate girl who views the world without doubts. She loves to smile and wants to pass her happiness to everyone around her!


Editor Organizer Photographer Stylist

Victor Tong


Wilco studied at an English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) School. She loves to read magazine and takes photographs whenever great scenes hit her eyes. Wilco started enjoying photography when she entered high school. Wilco is a cheerful and energetic girl who’s always on her actively positive side. Nevertheless, she loves her friends!

AWesomeria March 2011



inal Year Project (FYP) is the most challenging task for students studying in Associate of Arts in English for Professional Communication (AAEPC) at the Community College of City University (CCCU). During the third semester of the program, most of them have put their blood and sweat in this special event, trying to use their limited time to accomplish this impossible mission.


n order to understand them deeply, Amanda & Wilco went to numerous exhibitions. They aim to find out amusing things to satisfy your curiousity and also the information to enrich your acknowledgement.

‘‘Com m The F unication: uture St Here!’ arts ’


he Associate of Arts in English for Professional Communication provided by the division of language at the Community College of City University aims for specializing the ability of communication in English. Since English is an international language, many students apply for this program each year. AAEPC professors are native speakers from all over the world, Canada, United Kingdom, United States including Hong Kong...etc. At the end of the programme, students become professionals communicators in serveral aspects such as professtional use of English appropriately and nonetheless, business purposes. After this program, students can pursue in further studies or start their career path.

Finally, we found the one we are most interested IN... P. 2

AWesomeria March 2011



inal Year Project (FYP) is the most challenging task of all year 2 students of English for Professional C o m mu n i c at i o n (EPC). They need to handle this meaningful event from the very beginning of semester A. During the year, they apply what they have learnt from the course and tackle all the problems they face. At the moment, they are going to achieve the graceful result of the effort they have put, and A&W interviewed one of the group which was doing mental health.


hroughout uncountable times of asking host organizations and sponsorships, this group finally got an opportunity to work with the Mental Health Organization. In order to have a deeply understanding of their invaluable work, we asked two members of the group, Christy&Queenie, about the process of doing the FYP. Reporters: A= Amanda & W= Wilco Guests: C= Christy & Q= Queenie

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A: Were there any difficulties that you encountered during the FYP event?

A: How many organization(s) have you asked?

Q: Deciding on the theme is one of the difficulties. Since we don’t want to do something different from the previous students of this course (AAEPC), therefore we looked for special themes which are meaningful. However, we were in a big fight with each other. Nevertheless, we came up with a common goal after having numerous discussions.

C: We have contacted around ten organizations including the host organization and the sponsorship. It’s always safe to have a back-up host and as many sponsorships as you can. Because we can avoid the drawbacks of losing the existing host and attract more people to participate our event.

W: Were there any memorable that happened during the FYP event? Q: During the FYP event, we held only one exhibition which was really memorable. We started planning this exhibition from week 1 of Semester A. We have put tremendous effort in this event which we felt happy and emotional about when the information board was delivered to school which was made by us. Of course, we worried that we cannot handle such a big job. Nonetheless, we found that we can finish the “impossible mission’’ and it was very encouraging and meaningful.

W: Are you all from the same tutorial in year 1? If not, what factors affected your choice for grouping? C: Not all of us were studying in the same tutorial group last year, but we grouped together because of a mutual friend. The most important thing is to find people who shares the same working style and have diversified advantages/skills with you. Our strategies and division of labour, is flexible though it may change every hour. We didn’t choose a specific leader, instead, we were divided into 2 groups responding to design and text respectively.

AWesomeria March 2011

FEATURED ARTICLE W: Do you think you have applied the skills you learnt from the courses in year 1? Q: Definitely! We learnt how to write professional texts and how to communicate with others in a business manner from the course “Business Context” taught by Maria Fung. The helped us gain better communication skills with the host organization. Photoshop and InDesign skills taught by Cicy Tong also pleased us by saving money to buy others design and accelerate our efficiency. The design skills are really important and we are happy to hear that others appreciated our posters. A: Do you think your English improved after taking the courses in AAEPC? C: Studying in AAEPC provided us a platform to practice our reading and writing skills as well as English speaking. We became more confident after having so many presentations and business meetings.


‘our feelings’

efore the interview with Christy and Queenie, our year 2 reporesentatives, we already had some ideas of how challenging the “Final Year Project” will be. And after the interview, it was more than we thought. We found that it is a lot more challenging and overwhelming and there are lots of things that we need to start preparing and planning now. Last minute work won’t do us any good. Although it is challenging, we think being a part of it is extremely important since there are a lot more we can learn from it. Nonetheless, gain more real life experiences throughout the project. Standing in the position of a first year AAEPC student, it is important to take the advices from our mentors seriously because they are experts and currently experiencing. The advice they provided us with, will really help us prepare for next year’s final year project.


e will definately look up to these year 2 AAEPC students as our role models. So far, it seems like they have succeeded, got host organizations, sponsors, held exhibitions and created workshops. Something we learned after the precious interview we had with Christy and Queenie was that, never be afraid to ask because you never know until you’ve tried. Even if you get rejected, don’t be give up because eventually, your hard work will pay off! Lastly, we just want to give a big thank you to Christy and Queenie for fitting us into their super busy schedule. We learned a lot from the interview and we are so proud of them! We hope we’ll be able to handle this project next week with as minimum problems as possible!

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AWesomeria March 2011


he calendar of events illustrates events that has happened thoughout the year inside AAEPC starting from Aug.2010 to Sept.2011.

year 2010


“Open Day”




“Graduation Day”

september october

“O-Day”, also known as Open Day is an event that happens every year for fresh graduates from secondary school entering their first year of university life. Students will have a chance to visit the campus and meet new friends.

year 2011




“FYP Event”

“BRING DIVERSITY TO YOUR LIFE” is a discussion forum that talks about the Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong is facing an unfair treatment in many ways.

P. 5





Graduation Day must be the “precious moment” for every student! After 2 years of full-time studying, their hard work pays off with a qualification certificate!

“Creative Speakers” After having the “Creative Speakers Series Event Rundown’’ organized by Cicy Tong, tutor and lecturer of Digital Document Design in CCCU. AAEPC students learn more about what life is like in the creative industry. These guests share their precious work experiences and let our students know deeply about the reality of workplace.





14-16 “FYP Exhibition”

Every year during mid-April, numbers of exhibitions will be held in purple zone. AAEPC students will be promiting their host organizations and give information related to them through presentation boards and posters. Through FYP, students will be able to use the techniques they have learned in the program!


AWesomeria March 2011



ave you ever had times where you have a whole assignment due in a short period of time but you don’t know how to begin it or even not knowing what you’re doing?

Now, you can worry less because two super kind AAEPC Year 2 students, Queenie & Hapo will give you some tips on how to make your lives easier next year or even the rest of your life!

The Key To Success!



Being responsible can motivate the whole team to move forward and work more effectively.

There are tremendous troubles you may need to face, be prepared to tackle all of them.


Asking friends and family can always bring you a lot of unexpected opinion and resources.

5.BALANCE Every part of the FYP is important, you need to strive a balance through divisified elements.


4.DIVISION The ability of one person is limited, but you can extend team power through division of labour.


Different people may have differnt ideas, brain-storming can lead groups for decision improvements.


Do not forget to relax yourself. We need to strive a balance between work and relax.

Keeping receipts for accountant managements can help you plan effectively for the limited budget.



Time-management is one of the most important factor to handle all assignments and events.

To make sure you can obtain high marks for presentation, you must get something presenatable.

P. 6

Experience it!


Never be afraid ... Pursue your dreams today!


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Tips for Year 1 AAEPC What is FYP? Cherish The Perfect Moment of students to survive... Is it an impossible mission for all AAEPC students?...


Tips for Year 1 AAEPC What is FYP? Cherish The Perfect Moment of students to survive... Is it an impossible mission for all AAEPC students?...