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PRINCIPLE FOUNDERS - JD Conley & Geof Lambert JD Conley, Peg Leg Crew, founder, pirate JD is an entrepreneur and seasoned software professional who specializes in building scalable distributed systems. Currently he is applying this technological prowess in the video gaming industry. He has led the development of consumer web sites and shrink wrapped software products that are used by millions of people, built a transaction processing system that handles over $1 Billion annually and, most recently, he and his small team of Flash greenhorns built the first version of video game Youtopia, a hit Facebook game, in less than three months. JD has had a life long passion for video games, and is continually exploring new technologies.

1999 Using his self taught skills in computer programming and networking, JD assumes the role of IT Administrator at the world’s largest recreational ski boat company, Malibu Boats. At Malibu Boats JD oversees a wide range of technology topics ranging from databases, security and networking for this mid-sized enterprise operation with operations spanning the United States from coast to coast.

2001 JD begins consulting on his own for a number of large companies doing business in the Central Valley of California. His first client in this area was E & J Gallo Winery. E & J Gallo is one of the world’s largest wineries. They own more than 50 brands of wine and malt beverages. They are focused on differentiation through technology and had more than 100 IT employees on the Modesto campus. Responsible for the creation of numerous intranet and extranet web sites using three tiered architecture. The sites were created using Microsoft's 'MS-SQL Server -> XML -> XSLT -> HTML' server-side development model (Microsoft DNA). Implemented all aspects of this design in multiple applications. Here JD created an auto-updating employee phone directory and a communications portal. The communications portal contained numerous sub-webs like News, Press Releases, Awards and Accolades, each of which was fully indexed and highly searchable. Implemented a News site that allowed users to choose the news categories they wanted to see, much like My Yahoo News or a MSN Passport start page. Also during this year JD begins his ascent into what would evolved into the world’s dominate Internet standard for IM (instant messaging) and presence known as XMPP. Along with four others, JD forms what will become Coversant, Inc.

2002 Conley is immersed in work with Associated Press and their Total Newspaper Network TNN - The Newspaper Network – was an advertising firm that carried the slogan: "One Contact. One Rate. One Invoice." TNN was purchased by the Associated Press at the end of my contract, due largely to the advertising placement and transaction processing systems we built. At the time of launch the systems were responsible for processing $.5 billion, growing to over $1 billion in transactions annually by the end of 2003.

2003 JD works on TNN’s “Centralization Project” as a senior member in a team of developers. This included accounting system integration (Great Plains eEnterprise), document management, web-based reporting, a highly adaptable calculation system, and a web-based demographics/research application. Responsible for the design and creation of a multi-tiered, comprehensive, cross-system, cross-platform, managed error handling subsystem. Created numerous websites utilizing cutting edge technologies including SQL 2000, XML, XSLT, and .NET. Utilized design patterns and object oriented methodologies implemented in Visual Basic. Responsible for the requirements gathering, design and implementation of numerous other subsystems in the project.

2004 Coversant moves from being a company started in a garage, to one that is on the path of reaching millions of users nationally and has clients using their software all over the world. At Coversant JD is the lead developer and architect for the SoapBox Server, a .NET based implementation of the IETF specification for XMPP. Included all aspects of design, development, and testing. Included writing content for technical documentation, reviewing press releases, and other related material. He is also the lead developer and architect for the SoapBox Framework, a .NET Instant Messaging SDK based on the IETF specification for XMPP. Coverant also had a client software and JD served as lead developer and architect for the SoapBox Communicator, a .NET based Instant Messaging client as well. He assumes responsibility for

all phases of software development, including requirements, design, development, testing, compliance, porting to multiple CLRs, deployment, and even customer service. During this time frame SoapBox Communicator is installed on over two million desktops. The SoapBox Framework is written entirely using .NET tools, and leverages many aspects of the .NET Framework including multiple languages, Web Services, SSPI, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, extensive MSDN-Style online help, deployment projects, Unit Testing, and Reflection. The SoapBox Server has scaled to 250,000+ simultaneous users on a single Itanium (IA64) Server. Linear scalability was achieved across 16 processors and 64GB of memory by utilizing start-of-the-art concurrency techniques, including heavy use of Asynchronous I/O, Threads, lock-free data structures, and extensive application profiling and tuning.

2008 JD takes his personal passion for video gaming into his professional life and assume the responsibility for software architecture, product development, and technology strategy for Hive7, social MMO (massively multiplayer online) video gaming startup. Introduced to Hive7 when they were having trouble scaling Knighthood, their first hit title, JD was able to successfully and smoothly scale it from 500,000 to over 7,000,000 users. While at Hive 7 served as the company CTO and oversaw the development of seven new titles and was lead developer on three of them. JD managed five direct reports, outsourced development teams, and local contractors. JD developed reusable client/server systems and services for MMO games that enabled rapid development and extreme scalability. Conley also managed the development and deployment process for rapid, analytics-driven, development where changes were in front of customers the same day they were coded. Live games were often updated on the fly multiple times per day. While there JD spearheaded the monetization effort in titles, taking the company to profitability and built an isometric game engine in Flash that supports thousands of on-screen objects, contributing to the pusbuttonengine along the way.

2010 Hive7 is aquired by Playdom, Inc. and subsequently after that Playdom is acquired by Walt Disney Studios for $763 million. Along with Internet Protocol version 6 pioneer and consumer products veteran Geof Lambert, JD forms Peg Leg Crew the first technology company to bring true interactive consumer products to market along with a technology platform that supports using smartphones to successfully monetize location and presence.

Geof Lambert, Peg Leg Crew, Founder, Pirate, comes from a rich history of ancestors who were innovators and educators involved with the development of some of the world’s leading centers for higher education including Brown, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell and Yale universities. Throughout his professional career and personal life Lambert has made his mark by being passionate about making change for the Greater Good through the use of technology and innovation. As a social entrepreneur Lambert has been closely aligned with and has been an evangelist for some of the world’s most profound technologies, and he has worked closely with a number of local and international foundations to help improve quality of life for many around the globe. Starting in the late 1970’s as a Rotary Youth Exchange student, Lambert has been involved with Rotary International’s mission to harness the resources of over one million members in over 180 countries to bring about more goodwill, peace and understanding throughout the world.

1984 Upon graduating from Syracuse University Lambert began his professional career at a vineyard in northern New York, working alongside Mel Nass who was of one of the original pioneers of the PC at IBM in Armonk, New York. It was during that time Lambert had the opportunity to also meet with Don Tyson, who was just starting his journey of building Tyson Foods into one of the world’s largest food companies, now generating over $25 billion a year in sales.

1985 After moving to California, Lambert furthered his career in the food segment of the consumer products industry where his work involved sales and marketing for Hormel Foods in Los Angeles. In this capacity he had the opportunity be a part of national product launches for dozens of successful products and deal with $100M+ per year individual brands being sold to retailers throughout the nation. Recognized for his aggressive sales and business development skills, Lambert was transferred to work in Santa Barbara, California, where he began his lifelong commitment of giving back to the community by becoming a Big Brother, and serving as an active member of the Board of Directors of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Santa Barbara.

1989 Lambert is rewarded by Hormel Foods and placed into responsibility for overseeing one of the largest sales territories in Northern California located in Sacramento. There for over a span of eight years he oversaw the distribution of product into retail and food service trade channels. Lambert joined the Rotary Club of Fair Oaks and became an active member of the community involved with many youth and education oriented projects and committees.

1996 Lambert moves to a senior level position in product development at Superior Farms, the nation’s largest specialty meat company headquartered in Davis, California. Here Lambert plays a direct role in the development of a number of pioneering and innovative product offerings, and is involved with the procurement and distribution of

products on an international level. Superior Farms pioneered the case ready meat category adopted and leveraged by some of the world’s largest retailers, like Walmart, J. Sainsbury, Albertsons, Kroger, Safeway and many others. In addition to retail products Lambert was responsible for the company’s food service division marketing products to the nation’s finest restaurants, hotels, resorts and cruise lines. It was during this time with Lambert’s direct involvement that Superior Farms won the highly coveted American Tasting Institute’s Gold Medal, for best in class products, which Lambert had the privilege to accept at Carnegie Hall in New York City on multiple occasions.

1999 Lambert begins his career in the recruiting business and becomes a specialist helping organizations develop high performance teams. Lambert also becomes even further involved with local and international humanitarian projects through his continued work with Rotary International.

2003 Lambert joins forces with computer software veteran Gillian Parrillo to form the Maxson Group executive search firm for start up and technology companies. Lambert begins his interest in the humanitarian aspects of the Internet and Internet related technologies. Specifically his early interests revolve around IPv6, the protocol that is the core of the New Internet. He forms the Sacramento Association of IPv6 Adopters with the help of local technologists and venture capitalists to further the advancement of IPv6. Through those efforts he is introduced to Larry Roberts one of the original founders of the Internet and the inventor of email.

2004 The California IPv6 Task Force is formed and Lambert is named chairman. He is also named a member of the steering committee of the North American IPv6 Task Force. Lambert presents to the class of the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy, and he assumes the role of chair of the Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship Committee which awards hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarships. Lambert also assumes the role of chair of the Rotary Center for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University of California at Berkeley Committee for the Sacramento area Rotary International District 5180.

2005 IPv6 continues to be recognized as an important part of the future of the Internet and through the efforts of the North American IPv6 Task Force the United States Office of the President mandates that all United States agencies need to be prepared for the transition to IPv6. Organizations like HP, Google, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast all continue studying how make the transition to IPv6. HP Senior Fellow Jim Bound and Lambert form the MetroNet6 Network Working Group to advance the protocol in the interest of the Greater Good by providing a network that can withstand major metropolitan wide man-made and natural disasters. Lambert is named vice chair of the North American IPv6 Task Force. Lambert serves a term as the president of the Rotary Club of Fair Oaks. Lambert is introduced to Jesse Tayler one of the founding team of which pioneered the social networking industry. Tayler and Lambert jointly collaborate to produce a social networking site for humanitarians around the world. They also become among the first technologist to wirelessly produce user generated video content on a public social networking website. Lambert builds a team of organizations and individuals to sponsor a Rotaplast International mission to India, which results in approximately $1 million of medical goods and services to provide free surgeries to over 100 youths.

2006 Lambert is introduced to a pioneering communication technology protocol known as XMPP. He worked to help a Sacramento start up develop software based on XMPP. Lambert is later named a member of the international XMPP Foundation. XMPP becomes an integral technology for some of the world’s leading collaboration and social networking technologies and is adopted by Google, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter and many others. Lambert joins the San Juan Education Foundation Board of Directors and eventually becomes an active member of the San Juan High School Task Force which re-engineers the high school into a high tech academy. By the invitation of Congressman Dan Lungren, Lambert presents IPv6 technologies to various members of the U.S. Congressional Homeland Security Committee.

2007 The global IPV6 Forum honors Lambert with its highly coveted IPv6 Pioneer Award. Lambert meets with various members of the United Nations in New York to explore opportunities to bridge the global Digital Divide and increase global security by using IPv6 related technologies. The Senate of the State California, the Assembly of the State of California, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Sacramento all recognize and award Lambert for his achievements and efforts of working through Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Fair Oaks to improve the education and lives of children locally and around the globe. Vint Cerf, who is widely recognized as “one of the fathers of the Internet” who is the founder, and past chair of the Internet Society (ISOC) and the International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), nominates Lambert to serve on the global Board of Trustees of the Internet Society. Mark Carrington, Stephan Bouchard and Lambert meet to discuss the formation of Company X, which later transitions into being Digital Native Studios. All three recognize the opportunity presented by trends in education and Internet based video gaming and earnestly incubate a company to capitalize on the opportunity.

2008 Along with some of the world’s leading Internet technologist, Lambert forms and becomes chair of the Green Protocol WG. Lambert is asked to co-author a book with one of the thought leaders from Cisco Systems, Inc.

tentatively titled The Future of Global Communications. Lambert continues with the development of Digital Native Studios and merges the Maxson Group with WorldBridge Partners to allow more time for the development of Digital Native Studios.

2009 Google invites Lambert to speak at the 2009 Google IPv6 Implementors Conference which takes place at the Googleplex in Mountain View. Along with other IPv6 Forum Leaders and Green Protocol WG members Lambert provides insight into the practical applications of the New Internet based on IPv6. Lambert joins forces with other veteran members of the food and retailing businesses to form the Granite Bay Trading Company a consumer products sales and marketing company.

2010 Lambert becomes a regular guest on the FOX40 Live morning show featuring local culinary recipes and products. He is invited to be a distinguished speaker at the 2010 Korea IPv6 Summit and a presenter at the GoGoNet6 conference in San Jose. Geof forms the QR Code Forum. Along with JD Conley and other seasoned software developers Lambert forms Peg Leg Crew, a company focused on putting fun into the world of consumer products, shopping and services.

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Peg Leg Crew Founders: JD Conley Geof Lambert