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Volume 7, Issue 10 October, 2008

APPLE HILL It’s that time of the year. Go by yourself, with a friend, or as a family and enjoy the day.

Boeger Winery…Joan Barsotti, Sue Hanby, and Suzie Herman I arrived at the home of Gael and Joan Barsotti at 9 am Joan Barsotti greeted me right away. It was a beautiful September morning. T-shirt and shorts type weather. There were tall evergreen trees all around their home. It was so peaceful on the tree shaded front patio. I sat down in front of their home and talked with Gael, we were sitting on outdoor benches. I was offered coffee, juice, or water right away. I chose water. Maybe I should have had juice. They make the best juice. If you’ve never had their juice, go to Raley’s or Bel Air and

buy some. Gael shared how he was very pleased two of his three children were helping with the business. Although it didn’t start out that way, the two had been professionals in other fields first. It’s something about the farm life that brings people back. Gael got busy with many phone calls and then he had to leave on an errand to Sacramento. Joan Barsotti (an author) gave me a quick tour of their home, and then we went to different farms. We also visited Boeger Winery and Wofford

Pat & Bill Scheuner at Grandpa’s Cellar... You can find tasty jam here.

Denver Martin and Pat Martin in front of their store on the farm

Pat & Donna O’Halloran and Gary Stalick standing in front of the O’Halloran Pumpkin Patch

Acres Vineyards. I could only stay until 2 pm, so the number of farms to visit were limited. Joan has written two children’s books, “Andrew and Nana on Safari” and “Okei—san The Girl from Wakamatsu.” You can look at the pictures and read the captions. It’s great to plan a whole day. There are several farms that offer lunch (not just apples) although you may want an apple type dessert. I recommend visiting at least 5 farms on one trip to Apple Hill. Then go back two weeks later and visit

Pat & Donna O’Halloran standing behind 2 apple bins

Jerry Visman standing by the fishing lake—yes, there are fish in the lake

another 5 farms. They’re all different. What a great way to spend a day and bring home some fresh apples. You can drive up highway 50 to an exit on the east side of Placerville and take exit 48, also called Schnell School Exit. Go north of Hwy 50 just a little ways and turn right on Carson Road. You’ll start seeing wineries and apple farms right away. You can find more details on line go to you’ll see a map of Apple Hill’s many farms you can visit.

Denver Dan’s u-pick Apples, if you go inside their store you’ll find some great goodies

Wofford Acres Vineyard…Ron & Sheree Marcus testing the wine and Carl Drake pouring the wine

Page 2 – Community Newspaper –October 2008

My name is Toto! “Rescued & Proud of it�

Home Based Entrerpreneurs Column: La Ronda Bowen

Published Monthly 11564 Big Four Way Gold River, CA 95670

Events Photographer: Tia Gemmell

(916) 638-6737 • Fax (916) 244-7166 Email: Member: Gold Unit-California Newspaper Publishers Association Publisher/Owner: BWC Media Pet Tails: Kay Burton Food Column: MOM Real Estate Q & A Column: Gary Stalick

Columnist: NORCALREIA, David Granzella Typsetting: Steve Atkins Kat Makes Cleaning: Katharine Marie Production & Printing Herald Printing Company Sacramento, CA 95828

Toto was found a couple months ago running loose on a busy street. No collar or microchip and no response to flyers at the shelter, no one was looking for this sweet little eight pound guy, who showed signs of being abused. The vet believes Toto is about one year of age and is a possible mix of Rat Terrier and a Rough Coat Jack Russell‌so one could only imagine the energy he has. A couple found Toto and took him home. They have two big dogs and one of them does not like other strange dogs, it was not a safe place for him. This wonderful couple had him neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm tested. They listed him on Craig’s List. Marilynn Macken, General Manager of Fat’s Asia Bistro in Folsom, thought it would be good idea to have another dog since her Mini Pin, Madison is 14 years old. She decided to Toto check Craig’s List on small dogs where she saw a photo of Toto and immediately fell in love. The couple that rescued Toto thoroughly interviewed everyone that came to look at him, feeling this little dog needed a good match; they were going to keep him until they found one! Marilynn “pitchedâ€? her story about Madison being 14 years old and *********** she wanted to introduce a new dog as a play mate for her Kay Burton is a longtime columnist and and hopefully revitalize her 14 year old “baby.â€? supporter of the SSPCA and other rescue It’s taken two months for Toto to feel safe and groups. To share your family pet story comfortable at his new with our readers, email: Kayburton1@ home...and now he “runs the houseâ€? and has his new family trained. *********** Toto is a “caretakerâ€?‌he continually cleans Madison ‌ licking her face. They are buddies; they run through the entire house constantly. Since the arrival of Toto Marilynn has notice Madison has lost weight, and is much more playful and energetic. “Best thing I have done in a long time was taking the day to browse Craig’s List‌ Marilynn.â€?

Postmaster send address change to: 11564 Big Four Way, Gold River, CA 95670

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Page 3 – Community Newspaper – October 2008

International Fashion Show Partake, in this unique holiday fashion show extravaganza, and experience a diverse and social atmosphere of beautiful women exhibiting the richness of their ethnic heritage! Elegant fashions of Liberia, Japan, Mexico, and India will flaunt their Custom designed clothing among all fashion enthusiasts.  This collaborative community development effort is established between three commendable Organizations. The Women’s Civic Improvement Club, Highways and Hedges Army of God community out reach ministry, and the Association of Citizens and Friends of Liberia.

Our exemplary organizations would like to acknowledge our special sponsors Sephora, Coldwater Creek, KDVS 90.3 FM Davis, and Gold River Community Newspaper for their wonderful in kind contributions. The objective of this event is to create new energy for future international business forums that support youth leadership development, community development, and economic development in the Sacramento region. This should be fun. Date: November 1, 2008, Location: 3555 3rd AV, Sacramento, (cross street Broadway) Women’s Civic Improvement Club, admission $20, call 353-2792

Durston Speaks Out for Universal Health Care Gold River resident Dr. Bill Durston, an emergency physician and candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in California’s 3rd Congressional District, spoke recently at a rally at the Capitol urging Governor Schwarzenegger to sign SB 840, the California Universal Health Care Act. Durston spoke alongside the bill’s author, Senator Sheila Kuehl, and other advocates of universal access to affordable health care. If signed into law and a related funding bill is approved, SB 840 would replace the multitude of overlapping health insurance companies in California with a single state health fund which would cover every resident in the state. Patients would still have the freedom to choose their own doctors. In his speech at the Capitol, Durston said, “Critics of universal health care call it ‘socialized medicine.’ I call it ‘civilized

medicine.’” He also noted that in the U.S., we are already paying twice as much per capita on medical care as other democratic countries, but, “We’re just not getting what we pay for.” The full text of Dr. Durston’s speech is available at www.

“Dr. Bill Durston speaking at rally at State Capitol urging Governor Schwarzenegger to sign SB 840, the California Universal Health Care Act.”

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” — Aristotle: was a Greek philosopher Happiness seems to be one of the most elusive feelings. After all, one can be rich, yet not happy. One can be blessed with a home and yet rarely happy. Last week, I saw a man who was probably paid very little working outdoors in one hundred degree heat. Toward myself and everyone around him, he exuded more happiness than I usually see in a week. Somehow he figured it out — that when you’re happy, life can be perfect.

Page 4 – Community Newspaper –October 2008

Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are Selling Popcorn!

Have you noticed things are getting popping around Gold River lately? That’s because Gold River’s Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts from Pack 281 and Troop 380 are out selling popcorn to their friends and neighbors. This year the Rio Del Oro District, which Gold River is a part of, is working hard to have successful sales. Popcorn sales are an important fund raiser for the Scouts and one which they count on for much of their funding. When you purchase popcorn from one of our local Scouts 70% of the cost of the item goes to

Scouting right here in Sacramento. The unit gets approximately 35% to fund their programs and our local council gets 35% to fund support staff, residential camps, trainings for leaders, and special Scouting programs in the Sacramento area. Next time a Scout asks you to buy popcorn please support Scouting by saying yes! Remember it makes great gifts and there is a new item where you can support the troops by making a $25 donation, Trail’s End has been sending cases of popcorn overseas and the troops have been very grateful.

(Photo taken by Louis Ruygt) Den Chiefs Sameer, Punia Alex Trimm, Daniel Schneid and William Ruygt along with Scout leaders Elizabeth Ruygt and Erik Carlson promote popcorn sales to Pack 281’s Cub Scouts during the Pack Meeting.

It’s Your Money, Don’t Lose It

My eyes were really opened when I went to a one day seminar in Foster City California. It was 3 days of information packed into one. Although my brain was spinning a little at the end of the day, I’d do it again. Walter Wofford, a very smart down to earth person, shared information in detail on how you can get a tax free return using a self directed Roth IRA. He shared ways to work with your 401k, and other retirement money programs, that you’ve probably never heard of. Even if you’re a tax attorney, an accountant or a financial planner, you could learn a lot. It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie star, big dollar athlete, small business owner, or just an everyday person like me. What I heard from Walter was; you need to really trust the people you deal with when it comes to your retirement money. I’ve lost many thousands of dollars trusting the wrong persons. I

didn’t understand enough of what I was getting into. It’s to your benefit to know as much as you can. Money can be lost so quickly trusting the wrong person or Company. We’ve all heard of major company’s going belly-up. Well if you were working for one of those big businesses you may have seen your retirement account diminish to very little or gone. He shared how to use your retirement money to invest in Real Estate in a declining market. He also shared other ways to have your retirement money work for you. What I thought was the best was how I could take money out of a self directed Roth IRA tax free. Walter is going to be in Sacramento thanks to David Granzella. If you get a chance to go and listen to him for a couple hours it’s worth it. I’ll be there early.

Mama Mia It’s Almost Columbus Day!

That’s right October 11th. is when the festivities really begin. And the Gold River Villagers are deep into planning their Second Annual Festa Italiana for that Saturday night at the Community Clubhouse. Kay Lanni-Burton, Events Chair, and her ten Italian-American committee women, have been busy with preparations including making their scrumptious homemade Italian desserts for the party. Yummy! And they have some surprises up their sleeves too. They always do, to make the Festa an especially wonderful evening. Great gals all… Miranda Carelli, Marylou Colombo, Suzy Ongaro-Cozy, Ruth Fraccola, Kay Iannucci, Marie Lucido-Johnson, Joann Rogero-Raney, Ellen PierineSekul, Susie Baldoni-Shyman, and Carolyn Cucci-Vinson. No-host bar selections and tending are in the capable hands of Dan Pagano, John Coze and Jim Shyman. I bet there will be some Italian wines to try along with the other choices! And, again this year, the authentic Italian dinner will be catered by awardwinning Sampino Towne Foods. You won’t ever go hungry with this group. The menu is set and I know you’re going to love it! Chicken Parmigiana, Pasta with Bolognese Sauce, Eggplant Parmigiana (I hear there will be LOTS of it!), Caesar or fresh green salads and garlic bread. Wow. After you’ve had that feast, dessert and all, you’re going to have to dance! So, back by unanimous request, are Don Garibaldi on accordion and Nick Lemo on drums, and he sings too! It’s a swinging duo that keeps your feet tapping while they play. Make your reservations now. Call Kay at 635-5590. All Gold River residents and guests are welcome so don’t wait. Reservations close October 4. See you Saturday October 11th for the food and the fun!

Cub Scouts are Active in Gold River!

Did you hear the roar coming from the multi purpose room at Gold River Discovery Center the other night? Pack 281 was holding its monthly pack meeting and the Cub Scouts were having tons of fun playing games, doing skits, receiving recognitions they had earned, and getting super pumped up to sell popcorn. Pack 281 which is chartered by Gold River Discovery Center is comprised mostly of boys from the Gold River area, and is located in the Rio Del Oro District. The boys are in dens according to their grade level so that all their activities are age appropriate. The dens meet two or three times a month and then once a month all the dens get together for the pack meeting which has a different theme each month. Some of the themes have been “Abracadabra” which was magic related, “Down on the Farm”, “Indian Nations”, “Cub Scout Car Show”, and coming up we have “A-Mazeing Games”, “ Jurassic Park ” and “A Camping We Will Go.”

Besides the fun den meetings the Cubs also go on field trips to such places as the Pennysaver, the Sacramento International Airport Fire Station, the Sherriff’s Substation and to the see their helicopter, the 911 Call Station, the Maidu Interpretive Center and Historic Site, and many more interesting and exciting places private individuals might not get to see. In addition to the den field trips the pack also has big adventures as a group. Recently the boys and their parents went to San Francisco and spent the night on a tall ship. A tall ship is a replica of ships from the 1800’s. The pack as also spent the night on an aircraft carrier and on Alcatraz with a park ranger. If you would like more information about Pack 281 call Cubmaster Burt Peterson at 852-9333. For information about Boy Scouts in Gold River or other Cub Scouts packs near by call Rio Del Oro’s District Executive Dennis Casner at 929-1417 ext. 107 or email him at

Rancho Cordova Parks and Recreation Director Candidate: David Wayne La Pierre—Occupation: Small Business Owner

A resident of Gold River and have lived in the Rancho Cordova area for thirty years. He’s a United States Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. He has a BA degree from Sacramento State University and a JD degree from Northwestern California University, School of Law. He is married to Carol La Pierre, the Principal at Rancho Cordova’s Cordova Meadows Elementary School. He’s selfemployed in the transportation business and, for many years, have been a committed citizen and business supporter of numerous local sports, school, and youth organizations. He’s served as president of his homeowner association board, and is an active volunteer in our local schools and communities in the Rancho Cordova and Sacramento areas. David Wayne La Pierre’s Statement: If I am elected as a Rancho Cordova Parks and Recreation Director, I will vow to fulfill all the requirements of this position to the best of my ability. I will support current parks and quality recreation programs, while putting a greater emphasis on youth, senior citizen needs, and financial accountability. I am especially concerned with the prevalence of childhood obesity that is evident among children and adolescents, and will work to adopt programs that will create a positive awareness that focuses on nutrition and physical fitness activities, since these are key to our youth making better choices, thus leading to healthier lifestyles. I will also advocate for Senior Citizen programs to be expanded to accommodate for the influx of Baby Boomers retiring, since research indicates our nation is on the brink of a longevity revolution. As the growing number of older Americans

David Wayne La Pierre increase, demands on our Parks and Recreation system need to change to accommodate for them. Proactive planning for the future of our community parks and programs is imperative to assure the demand meets the physical well-being of all of our citizens, and that changing needs across all age levels is met. We must keep programs available that interest and encourage citizen participation, but remain affordable. Through my expertise and experience, I am confident I can make this happen, resulting in an even better Rancho Cordova community. All citizen concerns will be considered, and I will work on areas mandating improvements. I will strive to make sure the community has a strong voice in the operation of the Rancho Cordova Recreation and Park District, and that safe practices for all park facilities are addressed. I know that working together will make a positive difference for the growing Rancho Cordova population, thus enriching lives and providing recreational opportunities for all of our citizens. I am looking forward to representing you as a Director on the Rancho Cordova Parks and Recreation Board, and would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.” —Napoleon Hill: Was a personal success author Your greatest enemy is much closer than you think. It’s you. You are more critical of yourself than anyone else is. And you, more than anyone else, are capable of destroying yourself. But while you are your own worst enemy, you are also your own hero. Learn to control your thoughts, goals, and actions, and there’s literally nothing you cannot accomplish in life. The great Napoleon Hill reveals how you can realize your own personal achievement.

Page 5 – Community Newspaper – October 2008

Business Community

Home Based Entrepreneurs Reenergize Your Business By: La Ronda Bowen


My business is slumping and needs new energy.


La Ronda Bowen is an award-winning writer, speaker, and management consultant with over 20 years experience. She has served at the executive level in both public and private enterprises.

R. It is time to revisit your original reasons for going into business to see if they are still valid for you. If not, readjust or liquidate. Ask: “What are my personal aspirations?” Examples, “Did I enter business for a more flexible lifestyle, to express a certain talent, to build an empire? Am I satisfied with a moderate cash flow or did I want to build quickly and sell for a profit? Am I working *********** to make the world a better place, to improve the quality of life for someone, or to make something good great?” To sustain enthusiasm for a business, entrepreneurs usually need a goal bigger than money alone. If you are in your business for the long haul and want to grow, clearly define the growth probability, possibility, durability and the risks in your market. Revisit your business strategy and assess your ability to put it into action from a resource and organizational perspective. A business coach can help you reset your strategy, including a redefinition of your role. La Ronda Bowen...writer and consultant, 20 years in business, management, and public policy. You can book her to speak at your next event. Send your questions to:

Your Business

So… What is a Small Business?

Many entrepreneurs have good ideas that feel that they can make a difference in the world. They proceed to ignite their passion into the business community believing that this is the United States of American where anything is possible. This trust drives them to believe that not only will they make a difference in the world, but they will become financially secure in the process. After all, they would be a small and emerging business that would have the same opportunity on a equal playing field as the big guys. At least, this is what the government agencies are telling them. This is the way it should be when the government is spending their tax dollars procuring supplies and services! So what is a small business? The Federal Government and thus the State of California and the City of Sacramento and other local governmental agencies and municipalities are classifying a Small Business as: A business with 100 or less employees and have an average annual gross receipts of $12, 000,000 or less over the previous three tax years. I don’t know about you, but I do not consider a business with 100 employees and making an average gross income over the past three years of $12,000,000, Small. Yes, the small business is the backbone of our economy but do you think the foregoing is where your business is? I don’t think so! The problem is our interpretation of what constitutes a small business. I think most of us would agree that a small business is one that has 7 employees or less and an average net income (not gross) of $ 3,000,000 or less over the past three years. If we look at the fact that most large businesses are in the down sizing, modern technology and out sourcing mode, and will try to cut cost at any threshold that it can, then we must understand that it is the 7 employee or less businesses that are the real permanent employers. When you can’t afford the large technological equipment that replaces employees. When can’t afford to out source jobs or just don’t want to, When one can’t afford the high rise office spaces and have to work out of our homes to make ends meet, and when you can’t get a competitive price from your suppliers because you don’t have the volume, then that my friends, it the real essence of a true Small Business. The government should have the same motto I try to live by. “Let MY Business Help YOUR Business do Business.” Let the business of government help your small business do business with them. In future articles, I will address the so called Small Business Bid process and the preferences that are supposed to be given. Additionally, we need to explore this disabled vet and minority business preference. I would love to hear from you, on the same wave length with me or not. God Bless America and the True Small Business. Go forth and prosper. By Riley Chavis To respond email: attention Riley


Born in Galveston, Texas, One of the first Blacks to graduate from a formerly all White Catholic Boys High School in Galveston. A 20 year retired Navy Veteran. Served in Viet Nam and Desert Storm. Retired from the State of California. Holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, an MBA in Health Care Administration and a BA in Broadcast Communication. Self employed as a Real Estate Broker and Reseller of Business Telecommunication Technology Solutions for Business and Government. Lived in California since 1968 where he resided in Oakland, California until 1991 when he moved to Sacramento, California. Divorced father with one grown son and Grandson and one teenage son living with him. Ambassador for the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, member of the Sacramento Association of Realtors and is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran.


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uSite has launched a campaign to teach 10,000 people in the next 100 days to build websites. These basic classes are free to the general public. The goal of this program is to educate the masses about the internet and how it can be used to empower themselves. The uSite platform is great for everyone. It allows the average person to design a website with minimal computer know-how. “If someone needs a website for an organization they are a part of, it will no longer be necessary for the organization to pay hefty costs to build the site or rely on a professional web designer to keep it updated,” says Edwin Edebiri, President & CEO of First Class Benefits. For example, if someone needs a website for their PTA to publicize events and information, it wouldn’t be cost-effective for them to hire a designer, but with uSite, one of the parents who have taken these classes can volunteer to build the site in a short amount of time and keep it up to date as necessary. This also holds true for other organizations such as churches, soccer teams, little leagues, civic groups, etc. Of course it could also be used for personal or business purposes. Some students have gone on to make a career out of helping other people build their websites with their new found knowledge. Each class lasts just under 30 minutes and they are hands-on. Each student actually builds a site and learns how to make changes/updates during the class. “The purpose of these classes isn’t to turn someone into a computer expert, but to give them enough knowledge and skill to participate in the internet revolution,” says Mr. Edebiri. Classes take place Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturday at 4pm and 7pm pacific time via teleclass (347) 534-1701 Access Code: 5548# Callers should be in front of computer with internet access. uSite Promo Code: P001 (for these classes) Visit www. for more information

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Page 6 – Community Newspaper –October 2008

Ditch Your Bank for a Credit Union You aren’t bound to your bank. Learn why credit unions deliver big savings and better service for many consumers. If the response to “When banks turn evil� is any indication, a lot of you are really and truly sick of your banks. You’re sick of getting socked with fees, or tripped by hidden penalties, or earning lousy interest rates. You’re tired of being treated like a nuisance rather than a customer. And yet you have little hope that the bank down the street is any better But who says you have to settle for a bank? Relief could be as close as the nearest credit union. Because so many people are fuzzy about the differences between banks and credit unions, I’ll highlight the three most important distinctions:





10:59 AM

Page 1

Sacramento’s Fine Crafts & Fine Arts Show ELEVENTH ANNUAL

Credit unions are member-owned. If you have an account at a credit union, you’re a part owner in the enterprise. That may not entitle you to use the executive washroom -- your CU probably doesn’t even have an executive washroom -- but you’re likely to be seen as a person rather than as a “cost center.� Credit unions are not-for-profit. This status helps explain why interest rates tend to be significantly better, and fees fewer and smaller, at credit unions than at banks. Any profits credit unions do make are distributed as dividends to their members. Contrast that with banks, which continually invent new fees and policies to boost profits (and to pay those stunning executive salaries). Banks hate -- hate -- credit unions. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act into law in 1934 to “promote thrift and thwart usury,� and banks have pretty much been gunning for them ever since. Because of their not-for-profit, cooperative structures, credit unions are exempted from most state and federal taxes. Banks have convinced themselves this is an unfair advantage and have spent a lot of effort, plus a fortune in lobbying fees, trying to legislate credit unions out of existence or at least limit who can join. (I guess they thought the money was better spent there than on, say, improving their interest rates, reducing their fees or slashing their telephone hold times.) Are you eligible? Almost certainly Fortunately for you, banks have failed pretty miserably in their efforts to contain the competition. That’s why the Credit Union National Association, the CUs’ trade group, can brag that virtually everyone in the U.S. can belong to a credit union, thanks to where they live, where they work or the associations to which they belong. By Liz Pulliam Weston


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Page 7 – Community Newspaper – October 2008

House Value vs. Lot Value QUESTION: What is the proper relationship between the cost of a lot and the value of the house on it? ANSWER: Old rules of thumb have lost much of their meaning. It used to be that land represented about onesixth of the home’s purchase price. Then it moved up to one-fourth. It will change again as the cost of land continues to rise or fall. Nevertheless, the land value versus house value ratio cannot be totally dismissed because it does, to some extent, affect the resale value of the property. It may not make much difference if you put an inexpensive THE RELATIONSHIP house on an expensive lot, but it could be a mistake to between the cost of the have too much house for the land. lot and cost of the house is important.

Community Farm Stand Now at Mather VA Hospital Parking Lot

On Wednesday mornings around 10:30 am, a white van pulls up to the Mather VA Hospital East Parking Lot. Energetic volunteers quickly begin to unload boxes revealing, beautiful, fresh, lush, and colorful vegetables. Stacks of carrots, beets, lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, cilantro, onions, squash and green beans fill the tables. Then a sweet and overwhelmingly delicious smell of ripe fruit wafts through the air as strawberries, peaches, plums, nectarines and cherries set out for display. All of this activity is a result of a collaborative project between Health Education Council, Soil Born Farms and SETA Head Start, “In the Grow. Healthy Food. Healthy Life”. Thanks to grant funding from First 5 Sacramento Commission, these organizations are now running three farm stands selling locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables in urban neighborhoods where families with children ages zero to five previously had little access to fresh produce. The Health Education Council approached SETA Head Start to partner with them in the project because a pre-school was the perfect fit for First 5 Sacramento’s goal to enhance the health and early growth experiences of children. The Mather VA Hospital farm stand is located across the street from the Mather Head Start Preschool Center. Created by the Prop 10 tobacco tax, First 5 Sacramento funds programs

throughout Sacramento County that enhance the early growth experiences for children zero to five. The farm stands are open to all residents and accepts cash and EBT for payment. The Mather VA Hospital farm stand (East Parking Lot 10535 Hospital Way) is open every Wednesday from 11:30am to 2:30pm. The Grant Skill farm stand (577 Las Palmas Dr.) in Del Paso Heights, is open every Thursday from 7am to 10:30 am and the Freedom Park farm stand (6015 Watt Ave.), is open every Thursday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. For more information about the In the Grow program please contact Julie Dang at (916)556-3344 or by email at


• Dryer Vent Cleaning • Rain Gutter Cleaning • Gutter Filter Installation • Chimney Cleaning and Repair

“Veggie Chase” October 12, 2008 Welcome Kids! Let’s have some FUN, get out of the house with Mom and Dad and “Chase a few Veggies!” WIN some COOL awards and raffle prizes! Listen to some awesome music, and have some great food too! Kids (Ages12 and under), are FREE! Finishers will receive ribbons or medals… Beat “The Veggies” in the 5K or Veggie Mile and you can win cool raffle prizes too! Events include kid’s runs from the Diaper Dash and the “Veggi Chase”…Fit children (ages 5 - 6) who are capable are encouraged to take on the Mile and earn more incentives…Fit children (ages 7 - 8) who are capable are encouraged to take on the 5K (for the MOST incentives). Parents are discouraged from running alongside during separate kid’s events due to potential of falling on other kids. For children ages 5 and older, parents may not run alongside during separate kid’s events (ok to run alongside children on Mile and 5K). Followed by Awards Ceremony and Veggie Chase Raffle Drawing for cool prizes! Sunday October 12, 2008 at Hagan Park off of Chase Drive. Take Coloma to Chase Drive near Cordova High School. Race Hotline: (916) 541-6961 E-mail:


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Prompt & Courteous Service In Business Since 1980 Installation of all approved Gold River roofing materials “Emergency Repair” Insured with Workman’s Compensation & Liability Insurance

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Page 8 – Community Newspaper –October 2008

Events By Tia

Political & Event Photographer Tia Gemmell 920-2903

Sacramento Metro Chamber PERSPECTIVES 2008 Sacramento Convention Center September 19, 2008

This day-long event provided members and guests with the means to connect, engage and shape the region’s economic future with importance of regional advocacy. Speakers for the Morning session were: KARL ROVE, President Bush’s former chief strategist, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Environmentalist activist and attorney, and Bob Beckel & Cal Thomas, USA Today columnists and political pundits, “Common Ground” Afternoon session, Deepak Chopra, Author, teacher and philosopher. And Frank Calendo, Political comedian and impressionist.

Jeff Holden, Clear Channel Market Manager and Deepak Chopra at the Book signing.

Robert F. Kennedy

Karl Rove

Cal Thomas

Frank Caliendo

Bob Beckel

Robert F. Kennedy

Deepak Chopra

Robert F. Kennedy book signing, with Fred Teichert and Gary Stalick.

Investment Real Estate Group

IRA Strategist

Please mark your calendar our next meeting is on the 4th Thursday, October 23rd David Granzella

Presenter: Walter Wofford


David Granzella is a Walter Wofford, prolific Ira Dealmaker from Jackson, sophisticated real estate MS, will present his TOP TEN COMPELLING REASONS investor that continues to share his education and TO MASTER IRA INVESTING TODAY using many experience. David can be real life case studies successfully completed over the last reached at 916.791.8322 10 years. You will get a bucket full of ideas on how to

supercharge your own IRA as well as make CASH TODAY *********** using other’s IRA. This 2 hour presentation will fly by with Walter’s enlightening and entertaining information. By completing just one IRA transaction, this information can save you thousands in tax dollars. Be sure to sign up for Walter’s real time case studies at On Saturday, October 25, 2008, Walter Wofford, IRA Dealmaker, will present his one day seminar entitled Strategies for Tax Free IRA Investing at Holiday Inn Sacramento North- East. This comprehensive full day seminar is designed to get you off and running with your IRA investing. Both the seasoned IRA investors as well as the “yet to begin” IRA investors will benefit from this hard to acquire and sometimes confusing information. Walter will help you transition from the taxable world of real estate investing to non taxable . . . or at least tax deferred. You will be able to use these valuable money making techniques and models for the rest of your life!   One California student at a recent presentation used just one technique to boost his Roth IRA by $24,000 within 2 weeks from attending the Strategies for Tax Free IRA Investing seminar. Presenter Walter Wofford

Page 9 – Community Newspaper – October 2008

Events By Tia Continued

Political & Event Photographer Tia Gemmell 920-2903

The Sacramento chapter of the American Women in Radio and Television (SAWRT) Women in Radio and Television, Inc. was pleased to host mayoral contenders, in 2009 and what new categories of launch our season with such high profile incumbent Mayor Heather Fargo and opponent Kevin Johnson, at their luncheon on September 17th, 2008.  This intimate forum, sponsored by Comcast and Comcast Spotlight,  had both candidates addressing issues currently affecting the Sacramento business community and its residents.  Each candidate discussed their vision for the region, including their point of view regarding economic recovery

local businesses are on the rise. Both candidates also fielded questions from SAWRT members in the audience on topics such as relocating an arena at Cal Expo, revitalization along the riverfront and accountability of government employees.   “During the SAWRT Annual Planning Retreat, we decided to theme our 2008/2009 luncheon topics around “change” and we were so pleased to

Kate David (KOVR CBS 13 also SAWRT Communication Chair), Kristie Gong (Univision KUVS 19 also SAWRT Public Affairs Chair), Beverly Chow (Entercom Radio also SAWRT Signature Events Chair)

Jennifer Goto (SAWRT President), Kerri Dupray (Comcast Marketing Coordinator), Melanie Duvall (Entercom Radio Account Manager), Debbie Pino (Entercom Radio Account Manager)

speakers,” said SAWRT President Jennifer Goto. “Hosting both Mayor Fargo and Kevin Johnson shows how valuable SAWRT is to the market and helps us in our goal to be ‘the leading resource for media and communication professionals in the Capital Region through education, mentoring and networking.’” SAWRT, founded in March 2002, is a local chapter of American

Barbara Etrick (Comcast Spotlight Business Development Manager), David Lichtman (Comcast Spotlight Regional VP & GM)

(AWRT). AWRT is a national, non-profit organization established in 1951 with local chapters throughout the United States that promote AWRT’s mission: “To advance the impact of women in the electronic media and allied fields by educating, advocating and acting as a resource to our member and the industry.”

Bryan Byrd (Comcast Director of Communications), Marian Jackson (Comcast Director of Government Affairs)

Business Community–Technology & Internet SEO – the latest internet BUZZ “Results 1 - 10 of about 21,200,000 for search engines optimization.” It does not take a rocket scientist to know that if you are not in the top pages of any search engine nobody will find you or what you do. If your business depends on people finding you (and who doesn’t) then you must have some understanding of what SEO – Search Engine Optimization means. The concept has been around since the beginning of search engines in the mid 1990s even though the phrase did not come to light till July 1997. You do not need to understand how a car engine works to enjoy the ride, so I will not bug you with all the spiders and crawlers of search engine optimization. Simply put SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your website. Here are a few pointers on how to maximize the benefits: 1. Make sure you update your site regularly – search engines don’t like static sites. 2. Link to other websites and have they linked to you – search engines think you have something important to share. 3. Use some keywords that are in common use in your business or industry – that is what most people looking for you will put into any kind of search. 4. Find search engines in your industry and niche market – they are more effective. 5. Use a very minimum of flash in your website – they look very fancy but most search engines doesn’t read inside of them. Don’t forget the old fashioned word of mouth – tell everyone you come across about your website and ask them to tell their network of people. Edwin Edebiri is on a mission to teach 10,000 people in the next 100 days for FREE how to build and update websites. More at He can be reached at

New, Affordable Electric Car Design ‘zapping’ Record Gas Prices As gas prices hit new record highs, electric vehicle pioneer ZAP believes it has come up with the answer, a new affordable electric car design called the ZAP Xebra. The ZAP Xebra is a unique electric vehicle design from 13-year industry veteran ZAP. Rather than try to reinvent a gasoline car to be electric, ZAP designed the Xebra as a simple solution to expand the growing niche market for electric vehicles used in city-speed applications. Studies show that for short in-town trips, commutes, errands and deliveries, electric vehicles can be more efficient than gasoline cars. ZAP says its Xebra electric city-car and truck cost from 1-3 cents per mile while gasoline costs 15-20 cents per mile. ZAP’s research into used gasoline cars shows that average late model used cars average between 15-22 MPG. On a pure energy consumption basis, the ZAP Xebra can get about 146 MPG.

The California Air Resources Board estimates you can save 750 gallons of gas or $2,500 a year by driving an electric vehicle 30 miles a day. Electric vehicles reduce automotive emissions by 90 percent over gasoline vehicles, even including the emissions from power plants. They also offer quieter operation, less maintenance, tune-ups and insurance costs. Because of its unique design, ZAP calls the Xebra a city-car which falls under a motorcycle classification and was designed for a top-speed of up to 40 MPH. This makes the Xebra ideal for homeowners and businesses who run many short errands around town. Since 1994, ZAP has delivered more than 100,000 electric vehicles to consumers in more than 75 countries. Electric Car Living also will be showcasing ZAP’s fully electric city scooter called the Zapino and ZAP’s personal transporter called the Zappy3.

Rotoblock Inspires Innovation for 100-Year-Old Internal Combustion Technology

For the past 100 years there has been relatively little innovation in the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), but with gas prices at record highs and the economy squeezing average Americans, engine developer Rotoblock, Inc. has a new innovation called the Oscillating Piston Engine (OPE). Not since Ernest Godwin developed his Economizer in 1908 have experts recognized any remarkable innovation in Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) technology. Online encyclopedia Wikipedia lists the year 1908 as the last milestone in their overview on the history of the ICE. With gas-electric

hybrids quickly becoming the fastestselling cars in America, the future of the ICE seems uncertain. Some major automakers are even predicting in the future all their models may be hybrid or electric. While the days of the ICE seemed to be numbered, Rotoblock, a small startup in Northern California, still believes in pistons. Rotoblock has patented what is called the Oscillating Piston Engine, which they believe can increase the power-to-weight ratio by up to four times that of today’s ICE. What’s more, they are researching other drive train and power delivery technologies that may

increase the efficiency of thousands of today’s consumer products exponentially. The Company has attracted an ambitious new management team led by ChineseAmerican entrepreneur Mr. Chin Chih Liu who is exploring new business opportunities in China that can bring the Oscillating Piston Engine and other technologies to world markets. An Oscillating Piston Engine (OPE), unlike the standard ICE, incorporates four pairs of pistons. Each piston is a segmented toroidal section traveling within the closed toroidal chamber of a rotating cylinder block. The combustion chamber is formed between each pair of

pistons and as they rotate these pistons oppose each other creating a four-cycle interaction of combustion and exhaust. The repetition of these four combustion cycles produces sixteen power strokes for each revolution of the cylinder block. For a detailed explanation of the technology, visit Rotoblock’s website at What this could mean for the average user of a gas engine is that, with a Rotoblock OPE, fill-ups could be once a month instead of every week. For more information visit Rotoblock’s website at

Page 10 – Community Newspaper –October 2008

It is making a difference in me. I personally have experienced….Increased mental clarity, more energy and it’s also helping me in the stress area. I feel better than I have in a long time. My doctor friend introduced this to me. She told me she gives this natural product to her clients and has seen fantastic results. John Schwammel, Rocklin, CA My father is a retired Physical Therapist. He always instilled good health habits. After suffering for 17 years from debilitating pain, fatigue and mental fogginess, pursuing numerous physicians and methods of treatment, I finally found something that works. Within a few days of taking Univera’s Ageless Xtra, I experienced significant increase in my energy level and stamina. I had extreme increased levels of mental clarity, and no pain in my joints. Janie Schmidt, Rocklin, CA

• Less Stress • More Energy • Clearer Mind • Joint Comfort

Univera totally got rid of the issues I was having which were preventing comfortable movement, as well as my intense feelings of pessimism and my desire to ingest large amounts of sugar. My thinking and problem solving abilities have improved dramatically. I am moving like I was twenty years old. My energy levels are unbelievable. I actually look forward to doing exercise. Rich Herro San Diego, California For many years I had experienced feelings of being disconnected and extremely pessimistic, as well as feelings of fatigue and an inability to function with enthusiasm and energy. I began taking AgelessXtra and realized a complete reversal of the lethargy that had plagued me for so long. I found my pessimism turned to optimism, my energy and enthusiasm returned, and life is good once again. T. Palmer, Colorado A few years ago, my kids talked me into learning how to snowboard. On my second day out, I seriously injured my shoulder. I was fifty five at the time and not inclined toward surgery. After 2 weeks using RegniCare and Prime from Univera, the fire was out and I was able to start rehab on my Total Gym. In 7 months, I was stronger than before my injury. Next season, I was back on my snowboard - I love it! Doug Burtt, Denver, Colorado

TESTIMONIALS “I am a chef by trade. I could not open jar lids, it hurt to chop veggies, and I could not use my hands the way I used to. Hard for a young man to accept. I began taking Regenicare and within a couple of weeks, I noticed strength and flexibility back in my hands. I call it WD40 for my joints!” Dick Goss - Chef

The first time I took the Agless Xtra it worked on me fast, I was walking around and I noticed I had goose bumps on my arm I knew something was happening, my body was responding to this amazing product. Chuck Row, Roseville, Ca I have struggled with low energy and borderline depression for several years. I had lost the passion to get up and get things done that needed to get done. Everything seemed to require a lot of effort and I was having trouble accepting that, even though I did just recently turn 50. I resorted to drinking coffee and even energy drinks to give me more energy, but always with major swings in mood and focus. Then I was introduced to Ageless Xtra by a business associate who had been struggling with similar symptoms. I gave it a try and within a few days I was clearer minded. Now that I have been using this product daily for over a month, I can say I am sleeping better and I wake up with more energy, more mental clarity and I am able to stay motivated through the whole day! Jim Fitzgerald, Rocklin, CA “After returning home from a disaster relief mission, I fell down several stairs and ended up eight –weeks flat on my back. The only thing that brought relief was to lay flat. I was gifted Regenicare and within a couple of weeks of compliantly using this product I regained my flexibility and my chiropractic adjustments began holding. Now, I have flexibility I thought I had lost forever...I am skiing again and even attempting some bad golf. Thank you Univera!” Lori Goss – Entrepreneur

Several years ago I had a ski accident that required reconstructive surgery. I started taking RegeniCARE as soon as I returned home from skiing, and immediately following surgery. As a result, I breezed through rehab, have full range of motion, and have no residual effects of the accident or surgery. S. Oberling, Colorado

Would you like to implement a nutritional health initiative into your life? GO TO WEBSITE: ID 1317536

OR Call (916) 638-3137

Become a UNIVERA Customer Get on convenience plan of Twin Pack of : Ageless Xtra (HELPS: manage stress—promote vital energy—supports mental clarity & focus—and promote joint comfort & flexibility) & Prime (HELPS: restore cell renewal signals throughout the body and brain—promotes cellular energy)

Legal Ease

by Michael L. Hanks

The Importance of Meetings


   Much time and legal expense is saved these days Michael Hanks has practiced with electronic communications by lawyers. Emails business, real estate, estate and conference calls (even for some court appearances) planning law, and managing permit the attorney do more in less time, which means clients legal problems with lower fees to the client. However, for some purposes, great trust since 1975. He welcomes inquiries from face to face meetings are still the best, and sometimes readers. the only, way to move a case or a deal forward. The personal interaction and synergy of a sit-down can Gold River, CA (916) 635-0302 make all the difference. An experienced attorney can *********** tell when one is needed.  Sometimes, there is no real alternative to humans talking directly to humans.  We can’t let technology stand in the way of communication and diplomacy.

Page 11 – Community Newspaper – October 2008

Sale Pending

Rancho Cordova, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Corner Home

Rancho Cordova, Condo 11150 Trinity River Drive #1, 2 bdrms, 2 bths, 1006 sq ft, first floor. Totally remodeled. Every room. Better than any house you may see. You must see the quality of work. He changed the electrical, plumbing, floors, fixtures, lighting. It’s like moving into a brand new home. Close to the freeway, and great shopping. Public transportation at entry to condo complex. $219,950 PRO Real Estate, call 638-0277.

Selling Your House $ave $11,000 to $19,000 in Commissions

“You’ll find I’m easy to talk with and very approachable” Call 638-0277 (If I am in a meeting with you or other client I don’t answer my cell phone) Excellent Negotiator for you Multiple listing by Realtor Short Sale knowledge (how to buy or sell) Foreclosure knowledge (possible solutions) Discussing how each offer will affect YOU Assist you in coordination of home inspector, pest inspector, engineers, appraisers, and other professionals Straight talk on your property (THE TRUTH) Manage your transaction until you get your money or you move in Market Trends Knowledge Call for a FREE Report 638-0277

Free Consumer Classified Ads Help Wanted

Advertising sales promoter for this newspaper--great PR position. Pay is high percentage commission. Call 638-6737. Matheson Trucking, Inc. is now hiring an Executive Administrative Assistant to be the primary support for the CEO, CFO and COO. Supports front desk, prepares and maintains documents, schedules meetings and travel. Must have 5-7+ years exp supporting a corporate environment; excellent verbal and written communication skills; proficient in MS Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Must be professional, friendly and a team player. Fax resume to 866418-9913.

Real Estate for Sale

Rancho Cordova, Condo 11150 Trinity River Drive #1, 2 bdrms, 2 bths, 1006 sq ft, first floor. Totally remodeled. Every room. Better than any house you may see. You must see the quality of work. He changed the electrical, plumbing, floors, fixtures, lighting. It’s like moving into a brand new home. Close to the freeway, and great shopping. Public transportation at entry to condo complex. $219,950 PRO Real Estate, call 638-0277. Rancho Cordova, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Corner Home with newer roof. Room for RV parking. Painted April 2007. Garage painted also. Newer carpet, newer hot water tank, Big master bedroom, newer tile floor in master bath. Mirrored closet doors. Ceiling fans with lights in four rooms. Four fruit trees: peach, navel orange, cherry, pear. 2 birch trees. Storage shed at the side yard. Newer back yard fence. 11216 Bold River Ct. Sunriver $329,000. Call Gary 638-0277.

Sale Pending

Gold River, 2343 Pez Gallo Place, 3 bdrms, 2 bths, 1527 sq ft, on culdesac. Well taken care of. Storage in back. It’s a short sale and any offer must be approved by the lender. Near shopping, and freeway. Quiet neighborhood. $285,000 Short Sale. PRO Real Estate, call 638-0277

Sold Full Price

Gold River Marshall Village, 3 bdm, 2ba, one level, fresh paint, newer roof, on cul-de-sac.11274 Serpentine Court. $399,500-Call Gary to see at 638-0277


11486 Green Bluffs Ct., Gold River Sold $388,200 with $7,000 credit to buyer. Seller saved $11,587 through Gary Stalick, RE Broker

Seller Saved $11,124.25

11274 Serpentine Court. Gary Stalick Real Estate Agent since 1976 Broker since 1979 Gold River Resident since 1988

PRO Real Estate (916) 638-0277 Via Email

Seller Saved $11,587

Sold Full Price

Full Service Professional Company: • • • • • • • • • •

with newer roof. Room for RV parking. Painted April 2007. Garage painted also. Newer carpet, newer hot water tank, Big master bedroom, newer tile floor in master bath. Mirrored closet doors. Ceiling fans with lights in four rooms. Four fruit trees: peach, navel orange, cherry, pear. 2 birch trees. Storage shed at the side yard. Newer back yard fence. 11216 Bold River Ct. Sunriver $329,000 Call Gary 638-0277.

Classified Ads Sold

Gold River Spacious 2030 sq foot single level 4 BR/2 BA home with open floor plan located in a secure cul-de-sac. Features a stone fireplace in living room, an additional room off the kitchen, lots of cupboard space for storage and a nicely landscaped backyard with 3 fruit trees and an out building. 11486 Green Bluffs Court, Gold Spike Village $399,950 Call 638-0277

Income Opportunity

2343 Pez Gallo Place $285,000

Small Fee for Business or Real Estate Classifieds lent condition, and another buyer for a 3 bedroom 2 bath condominium, If you’re looking to sell your house call Gary 638-0277

Health & Beauty

MASSAGE MAGIC For Body Mind and Spirit, unsurpassed massage techniques, to relax and re-energize, Call Inge CMT 638-3345

Services Wanted in Gold River

Business Opportunity Start your own business at home buy a carpet cleaning truck that made me $10,000 to $15,000 a month. Easy to get started. $4,900. call 224-6624

We need petsitters call this newspaper at 638-6737

Make a high Commission doing Public Relations Marketing call 638-6737

We need good plumbers call this Community Newspaper at 6386737


MOBILE HOME WANTED CASH BUYER Single 12’-14’ wide, loc in MHP, available in 30-60 days, in good condition. Call Dennis 916-567-1155. We Can Buy Your House Save your credit, I’ll work with you and your lenders. Stop potential foreclosure. Call Gary now at 224-6624, If I’m not available please leave a message, or email Gary c/o


Wanted Contractor or good handyman. call 224 6624 Rehabber to buy low cost fixer upper houses then repair and either keep or re-sell. Call Gary at 224-6624. Looking for good webmaster to work with this newspaper. Call 638-6737 Want to buy house with great terms. 3 bedroom 2 bath one level in good to great location. NO commissions paid. Call 224-6624

House Wanted

I have a buyer for a 3 bedroom 2 bath single level home in excel-

Passive Real Estate Investments

Do you want to know how you can use your IRA, or 401k, or Roth Self Directed IRA to get a 7% return secured as a 1st mortgage on a house. I know of one home you could have a 7% return with 1st mortgage security at about 50% of the houses value. The house has been owned by me for 30 years and the tenant has lived in the house for about 10 years. The houses value is approx. $310,000 to $319,000. If you’re interested in knowing more you can call Gary a Gold River resident since 1988 at 2246624 (cell). If you’d be interested in a different home or a lower dollar amount I could refer you to another Gold River resident that is a very strong real estate investor. You can call me, I’m Gary 224-6624 (cell).

Room to Rent

Gold River home, room available for non smoker, clean person, good character, with integrity, bedrooms on 2nd floor $650 per month, 20 year resident/owner, Available October 638-3137.

Child Care Coming Soon CHILD CARE:COMING SOON, home child care, infant thru school age, bachelor in child development,10 yrs of experience, mother of two girls 9 and 19. cell (916)204-5257 home (916)942-9314

Page 12 – Community Newspaper –October 2008


Our highly skilled professionals are prepared to pamper you.

• General Dentistry • Orthodontics • Cosmetic Dentistry, Bonding - Veneering • Established 22 years in practice

Mon - Sat 9am - 7pm Sun 11am - 5pm

Call for appointment...635-2100

Spa manicure and pedicure for men and women with a variety of services to fit your needs.

Sunrise at Gold Country Blvd.


Sunrise at Gold Country Blvd.

Italian Restaurant, Bar & Wine Shop Patios & Private Parties Wine Tastings - Thursday, 6-9pm

Call 858-0651 or visit us online at:

Sunrise at Gold Country Blvd.


Outstanding service, selection, and convenience! You’ll love shopping at Gold River Town Centre. Anchored by Bel Air Market, GOLD RIVER TOWN CENTRE provides an inviting shopping atmosphere with lush landscaping, shade trees, and a fountain. Located in a magnificent river setting in historic Gold River, the popular center creates excitement for neighborhood shopping with the variety you want. ®

Applebee’s Bank of America Bel Air Market Bellissima Nail Spa Big Valley Federal Credit Union Blockbuster Video Brockway Hair Design Casa Ramos General Nutrition Center Gold River ReMax Gold River Shoe Repair

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ce n e r ffe i D ta a h !W W O W

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