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Understanding Digital Direct Security's Night Vision Cameras Once upon a time, night vision was something that only existed in high end security. We knew Special Forces and Commandos probably had night vision equipment, and from movies like Silence of the Lambs, we understood that these cameras did exist for the regular public as well. However, companies like have now made the night vision camera market accessible for absolutely everybody. By visiting, you will get a good idea of the various different models of cameras that are on offer, but it is just as important to first understand what they are, what they are for and who uses the. Night vision is, essentially, something that is used for hunting. Whether you want to hunt for deers or hunt for vandals, the same technology is used. This is why many of the cameras available through are adaptations from cameras used by the military for generations. Nowadays, the technology is so advanced and accessible that it is used in photography as well as cinematography.

First, however, you must understand just how a night vision camera works. Essentially, night vision cameras such as the ones for sale through are designed to help people see in the dark. Seeing in the dark can be achieved through biology (like in cats and owls), but in terms of the cameras on offer through DigitalDirectSecurity it is a question of better technology. Within technology, there are again two separate options to provide night vision. The first is the image enhancement technology. Here, the tiny little bit of light that remains from natural and man-made sources is collected and amplified, making it possible for the object to be seen. These cameras are able to collect and amplify light that is invisible to the human eye by using the lower end of the spectrum of infrared light. The other option is for the cameras to use thermal imaging, which is very different. Here, the upper end of the spectrum of infrared light is capture. Again, this is something not perceptible to the human eye. Essentially, the upper hand of the spectrum emits heat rather than light. A camera with the right type of technology is able to recognize that more heat is the same as more light and it can then convert these heat signatures into images we can actually view with the naked eye. One of the greatest things about night vision cameras is that they also work during the day. The cameras available from are all of fantastic quality. As such, although a

night vision camera is designed to work in the dark their daytime picture quality is as good as any other camera you can purchase through Digital Direct Security. As soon as the level of ambient light drops below a certain level, the camera will switch to IR - infrared - technology. This is what is needed for night vision, regardless of the type of night vision camera you may have. As soon as the light increases, the sensors on the camera will tell it to switch back off, returning instead to color video. Prices of these cameras varies greatly depending on what sort of features it has, what brand it is, whether it is new or refurbished, how big it is and much, much more. You must take the time to research the various features and to think long and hard about what you actually need and why. Perhaps you are a hunter who wants to be able to see the deer in the dark, in which case you will need small, silent and portable machine. If you want to increase the security around your home, you may want something a little bit bigger. If you are considering home or business security, you must also think about all the rules and regulations governing this use. For instance, you are not allowed to monitor any part of the property that isn't yours. As such, you may not place your cameras in bathrooms or toilets, or even trailing towards a door where a simple pedestrian may be walking by. With the right people and sales them behind you, however, you will know that you will get the right camera for you.

Understanding Digital Direct Security's Night Vision Cameras  
Understanding Digital Direct Security's Night Vision Cameras  

Once upon a time, night vision was something that only existed in high end security