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Written and Illustrated by Frederick and Luke

Once upon a time there lived a badger called Benny badger. He lived with his mum and dad and his baby sister, Bossy in a burrow deep in the woods . One day, Benny badger decided to go for a walk down the long rocky road on the other side of the woods.

Benny got his favourite walking stick and went out his light blue front door saying goodbye to his family. He set off through the woods heading for the long rocky road. Along the way he met Mr Who Who. “Good morning Benny badger. Are you having a good day?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m just off to have a walk down the long rocky road.”

A few minutes later Benny stumbled over something. “Ouch!” said Benny. “Ouch!” said the thing. “Can’t you watch where you’re going?” it said angrily. Benny looked down to see a little Mole peering out from his mound of dirt. “Hello Mole.” Benny said cheerfully. “Sorry about that. I didn’t see you.” “Where are you going?” asked Mole. “I’m going for a walk down the long rocky road.”

After a while Benny heard squeaky voices coming from an anthill. “Good morning Benny badger.” say the voices. “Good morning anthill” Benny replies. “Where are you going on this simply stunning day?” It squeaks. “I’m off for a walk down the long rocky road.”

Just when Benny was walking under a tree, something fell on him and screamed. “PIGGY BACKRIDE!” “Ahhh!” screamed Benny. It was Squirrel. “You gave me a huge fright!”

“Where are WE going? he asked. “For a walk down the long rocky road.” replied Benny laughing.

Benny and Squirrel were walking down the path when Squirrel spotted something small. It was Snail. When she saw them coming she slowly shrunk back into her shell. “No need to worry.” Benny said quietly. Snail slithered out. “Where are you going?” she asked in her slow miniscule voice. “We are going for a walk down the long rock road.”

Benny and Squirrel walked into a thicker part of the forest. It was starting to get darker. They could hear strange noises. Suddenly, a fox jumped out of the bush landing next to Benny and Squirrel. “If you want to pass,” Fox snarled, “you have you have to solve my riddle.

“O.k.” said Benny.

“I’m always hungry. I must be fed. The finger I touch will soon turn red. “You have 3 guesses.” Fox growled slyly. “Is it blood?” Squirrel screamed excitedly. “NO!” “The red sea?” Squirrel screamed again. “NO!” “Is it fire?” Benny said in a thoughtful voice. “YES!” “One more question.” asked Fox. “Where are you going?”

“We are going for a walk down the long rocky road.”

Finally Benny and Squirrel made it to the long rocky road. When they were half way down the long rocky road, Badger looked at the map. “It says on this map that at the end of the long rocky road there is a disco. Do you want to go Squirrel?” “Yes please!” squealed Squirrel in his high pitched voice. “but its so far away!”

“True.” said Benny laughing gently, “But what did you expect? It’s the long rocky road!”

At the disco Benny and Squirrel danced quite a long time. Finally Badger said: “It’s time to go home Squirrel. Climb onto my back.” When they returned home Benny said to Squirrel: “Maybe we’ll meet again and go for another walk down the long rocky road .”

The Rocky Road  

A narrative written by senior primary school students.