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Written and Illustrated by Lily, Emma and Jessica


“Tag” “Hey, that wasn’t fair!” “I wasn’t ready” said Jaffa. As you might have guessed, Jaffa, a brown furred, blue eyed, crazy little monkey and his shy kind hearted, quiet friend, Skittles were playing tag outside on the soft silky sand of 2 Coconut Island, on a hot, muggy blistering Saturday morning.

“Ha! Sorry Jaffa, but that’s just how you play the game!” “Hey Skittles look at this!” “What Jaffa?” “LOOK! Look at this yummy glorious, amazing looking banana! It looks so juicy and ripe!” 3 “Yeah… and it would look even better in my stomach!” said Jaffa longingly.

“Ha, yeah right! Well obviously we can’t sort this out properly, said Skittles sarcastically, “so lets umm….juuust.” “Oooh, oh, I’ve got it! shouted Jaffa. “What is it Jaffa?” asked Skittles eagerly. “We could have some sort of competition like, how about a climbing contest! You know, to see who gets the banana first!” “That’s an awesome idea!” exclaimed Skittles. 4

Jaffa and Skittles grabbed a starting branch on both sides of the banana tree. “Ready?” said Jaffa. “Ready than ever!” replied Skittles “Right then. Ready. Set. GO!” they yelled The two monkeys starting climbing the banana tree Skittles started to 5 WOBBLE while up ahead Jaffa almost had the banana until… SNAP!

Skittles started to slip, then faster than a heartbeat she was falling!

Owch, eek, ooh, ooow, ooooh! It seemed to keep on going and going, until something, a hand (lemon scented,) grasped her arm and she stopped falling. 6

Everything around Skittles froze. She looked up and saw her best friend. “JAFFA! Jaffa, oh Jaffa! You just saved my life!� yelled Skittles gratefully as their fluffy feet reached the warm soft sands of Coconut Island once again. 7

“You have no idea how glad I am to see you safe” said Jaffa gently. “I…I.. have no idea how to repay you Jaffa.” stammered Skittles. “Well that’s what friends are for! Now come on, let’s go play tag!” “Wa…wa..wa..wait! What about the banana?” said Skittles scratching her head.8

“Oh yeah, um who could have that? Hmmm…” said Jaffa. “YOU!” They both yelled. “No you!” said Jaffa “You saved my life though!” Skittles wailed. “Wait.” said Jaffa, “Maybe we could both have some of the banana” “What? How?” said Skittles looking even more puzzled.


“We could share!” exclaimed Jaffa.


said Skittles. “But there’s one problem. Where is it?” she said looking around. “It’s way up there, in that tree! Which one of us would dare to get it down?” “Ummm how about…


Said Jaffa.


“Wow Jaffa are you ok? Come on. Look! Look Jaffa. The banana fell down!” “Wow! Its like magic!” “No.. Its just monkey power!” “Cool! Let’s share the banana” “Mmmm yum. What should we do now?” said Skittles


“Tag!” “Tag!” “Hey!” “Tag!” “Ha ha! You can’t get me!” “Tag!” “Tag!”

The End!


Written and Illustrated by Lily, Emma and Jessica 13

Monkey Power  

This is a story written and illustrated by a year 6 student at Eskdale School.