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Written and Illustrated by Briar and Tatham


“See ya later mum!” said Rosilia and April. “We’re off to Cupcake Delish to do our shift.” “Ok, but be home by 6 o’clock.” “All right.”


“Now April,” said Rosilia, “what you have to do is stand behind the counter with me and wait for customers to arrive.” “Ok Rosilia.” said April.


Tick tock, tick tock. “Oh man!” said Rosilia, “There’s no-one wanting to come and buy our cupcakes! Umm, April can you please go to the store-room and get some icing and decorations?” “Sure Rosilia.” said April.


“Oh My Gosh!” yelled April. “What, what, what April?” “There’s a portal in the storeroom!” “Really? I’m coming to see.” WOW!” said Rosilia looking shocked, “Should we jump in and see where it takes us?” “Yes,” said April, “but wait, we should lock the doors first.” “Oh yeah, good thinking April!”


“All right,” said Rosilia, “all the doors are locked. Lets go!” “Here we go… AAAAHHHH!” “This is so much fun!” April yelled. “Hold on tight! We’re nearly out.” “Careful! You might get ground shock!” said Rosilia. THUMP!!! “WOW, what does that sign say?” “It says ‘WELCOME TO LOLLY LAND!’” said April looking amazed.


“Let’s look around.” said Rosilia.

“Sure, I wouldn’t dare to say no! The girls started exploring this magical land. “Look at the tree’s, they’re lollypops! Look at those clouds, they’re mallowpuffs!” “Oh my gosh.” said Rosilia, “Look at that! It’s a chocolate river! And look, there’s also a licorice bridge!”


“I have been dreaming of this place my whole entire life.” said April dreamily.

“Hey, April.” said Rosilia suddenly looking serious. “What?” said April still looking around in awe. “There’s something weird about that chocolate river, don’t you think?” “Oh yeah.” said April, “It almost looks like it’s rising.” “Um, April,” said Rosilia, “that’s because it is rising!” “OH NO!” said April starting to panic, “WE’RE GOING TO DROWN AND DIE!” “Oh no! It’s knee deep now.” said Rosilia. “What are we going to do?”


“Wait. Look over there.” said Rosilia pointing. “What’s that sticking out of that rock?” “I don’t know.” said April trying not to cry. “Oh my gosh! I think it’s a wand!” said April. “All we have to do is get to it somehow and we can stop this river from drowning us!”


“Hey Rosilia.” said April, “Are those stairs over there on that hill?” “Oh yeah! We can use them to get to the wand.” yelled Rosilia, “Lets go! Run! We have to be quick, the river is still rising!”


“Oh man, this is hard work trying to get up this hill,” said April panting. “Don’t worry.” said Rosilia, “We’re nearly at the top. Pheew! We made it. Now all we need to do is somehow rip the wand out of the rock! “How are we going to do that?” wailed April.


“I know,” said Rosilia, spying something leaning against a Lolly Pop tree, “go and get that jellybean thing. It’s shaped like a hammer. I’m sure that will work.” “Are your sure? Won’t it just wobble around?” said April looking at the hammer uncertainly. “April,” said Rosilia, “This is ‘Lolly Land’, a magical place. I’m sure if we believe it will work, it will work!” said Rosilia sounding more confident than she felt. “Just give it a go!” “Ok.” said April. “Here goes nothing! She grabbed the hammer and hit the rock as 12 hard as she could. 1…2…3 CRASH!!!

The rock split in two and the wand fell to the ground. “WOW! I can’t believe that worked!” said April surprised.

“I know!” said Rosilia. “Now. Let’s see what this thing can do.”


“ABRAA CADABRA...” “Oh no, nothing is happening!” wailed April. “Wait a minute. Look something is sucking up the chocolate. It looks like a giant straw!” Both girls gazed in disbelief as the giant candy cane striped straw made slurping noises and sucked up the chocolate sauce. “WOW! The river is back to normal! It’s a miracle!” the girls cheered.


“All this adventure and fun has made my stomach sooo hungry, its grumbling like mad!” said Rosilia. “Me to.” said April. “Let’s eat everything we can.” .


The girls ran around Lolly Land and nibbled at lolly pop branches, floating mellow puffs, bouncing jaffas, and licorice strips from the bridge. They took a quick slurp from the chocolate river and then lay down on the soft mint leaves grass groaning. “My stomach is full. I feel sick!” groaned Rosilia. “Me too!” said April, making chocolate bubbles every time she burped.


“Oh no! Look at the time on my watch,” yelled Rosilia. “It says 10 to 6 and mum said we have to be home at 6’o’clock. Quick! There’s the portal, jump in!” The girls grabbed each others hand, took a deep breath and WHHOOAA. WIIISHH. THUMP! They were back in the storeroom. They looked around for the portal but it had disappeared. They looked at each other puzzled. “Its gone!” April said sadly. “Never mind that,” said Rosilia hurriedly, “We’ve got another problem now. We have to get home! Now, lock the doors and RUN!!!!


We made it and it’s dot on 6 ‘o’clock!” Both girls hugged each other panting. “How was your day girls?” Mum called from the kitchen. “We had the most best day of our lives mum! You won’t believe what happened!” the girls said as they ran into the kitchen. “Really! Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.” said mum smiling, winking at the cat.


Lolly Land  

A narrative written by senior primary school students.