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1 Written and Ilustrated by Kate and Savanah

“Clover, Pepper and the Adventure”

Once upon a time there was a kid called Clover. She was a brave and smart girl who loved adventures (when she gets older she wants to be a Viking). She had a big cousin called Pepper. Pepper was adventurous too. One day, the girls got together and went for a walk up a hill (now this was no ordinary hill, it was filled with magical creatures that you could never dream of). Parents told their children this legend: “If you go up the hill beware of goblins! If you see a goblin and look it the eye, you will turn into a flower forever.” Pepper and Clover did not believe this story could be true. As they walked up the hill, Pepper and Clover kept an eye out for Goblins, (even though they said they didn’t believe in them), but no goblins. They kept on walking. Suddenly, out of the corner of Peppers eye, she saw two eyes, one red, one yellow, peering through a blackberry bush (looking at a butterfly). She tugged on Clovers shirt and whispered, “What’s that thing behind the blackberry bush?” Clover turned her head slowly. Her eyes grew huge and she screamed. “It’s a goblin! Run!” She grabbed Pepper by the arm and they ran as fast as they could.Pepper saw a cave poking out from under some old tree branches. “Quick! In here!” “Phew! That was close! Yay we’re alive and safe from the Goblin.


The girls sat down in the corner of the dark cave. Suddenly, they felt a warm gust of wind. Pepper pulled her torch out of her backpack and shone it around. She saw two little dragons sitting at the back of the cave. They were shivering and breathing hard. Little orange puffs of smoke were coming out of their nostrils. They looked really scared. The little dragons had two little wings and stripy, sparkly, colourful, chests. They didn’t look very happy. Clover walked over to them slowly and sat down. “Who are you?” she said in a gentle voice, “And why are you crying?” The little dragon with the blue veiny wings sobbed. “We’ve lost our mother. She went out for food and never came back.” Sob. Sob. “We think the Goblins have got her.” they cried. “Don’t worry.” said Clover, “We’ll help you find your mum.”


“What should we do?” said Pepper. “Should we keep them?” said Clover. Pepper agreed. They took them home promising to help them find their mother. Pepper, Clover and the little dragons stayed up all night planning their quest to save the little dragons’ mother. Finally, at 2 o’clock in the morning they had the most brilliant idea that they had ever had. They were going to dress up as Goblins, fly to their village and get their mother back! At 8 o’clock the following night, they jumped onto the dragons’ backs and flew off to where they last saw the Goblin. They peered through the blackberry bush and found the magic hole in the ground that would lead them to Goblin Village. “Ready Clover?” “Ready as I’ll ever be!” “Let’s do it!” The girls and the dragons took a deep breath and jumped into the hole. Swirl, Swirl, Crash! The girls stood up rubbing their heads. “Are you ok Pepper?” said Clover. “I’m fine, I’m fine. That was awesome!” said Pepper excitedly. “I want to do that again!” “Maybe later. First things first. We’ve got to save the mother dragon! I think the village is at the top of this hill. Let’s go! They grabbed their backpacks and headed off up the hill.


They walked for miles and miles. “Are we there yet?” moaned Clover, “I’m getting tired.” “Hop on our backs.” said the little dragons. “We’ll fly you to the top of the hill.” “Thanks.” said the girls. They hopped on the dragons’ backs, trying not scream or fall off. Both girls giggled with delight. “This is awesome!” they cried. In no time at all they made it to the top of the hill. When they got there they could hear a sobbing sound. Peering out from behind some bushes Pepper, Clover and the little dragons could see a glorious creature. Her wings were covered in sparkles and her body glowed like a million glowworms. She was magnificent. “That’s her. That’s our mum!” The dragons cried. The mother was sitting in a huge cage, chained up. “That isn’t very nice, chaining a poor dragon up in a cage,” said Clover, “we’ve got to get her out.”


The girls decided to wait until the Goblins went to beddy byes then they snuck over to the cage. They turned the handle, but it was locked. They looked under the door mat, and you won’t believe this, there was the key! They unlocked the door and slowly it creaked open.There was a bunch of keys hanging on a hook. Pepper grabbed them and tried each one until she got the right key. She unchained the dragon and set her free.


“Thank you. Thank you! Those beastly Goblins were going to keep me as their servant, if you hadn’t come to rescue me!”“What’s your name?” the girls asked. “My name is Katie.” said the Dragon. “How did you get here?” “Well, I was gathering food when I got caught in a blizzard. It was coming towards me. I tried to fly away but the wind was too strong.” “That must have been terrible.” said Clover. “It was. When I finally made it out, I was lost. Next thing I know, Goblins had surrounded me and chained me up.” “We need to get out of here before the Goblins wake up.” said Pepper. “Climb on my back,” said Katie, “I’ll fly you home.” “That would be great!” the girls said trying not panic because this was the first time they had been on a GIANT dragon. They flew off back to the girls’ home with the little dragons, swirling and zig-zagging happily behind. As they came into land, the girls could see their mothers looking scared. “It’s ok mum,” the girls called out, “these are friendly dragons. We’ve saved their mother from being a Goblin servant.” “Are you telling fibs again?” Clover’s mum asked. “No mum! We really did save them!” the girls giggled happily. The mothers looked at each other speechless! The girls looked at each other and winked. What an adventure.




Clover Pepper and the Adventure  

A narrative written by senior primary school students.