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“Good-Bye girls, have a nice day at school. Now, remember not to talk to strangers.” Mum said as she kissed her girls good-bye. “Yes mum we know.” the girls replied. “Come on Billie and Millie we will be late for school!” Rose yelled as they left the house.

As they walked down the street Millie asked Rose, “Do you know where we’re going? It’s pretty foggy and I can’t see our school.” “And it’s starting to rain!” Billie added zipping up her raincoat. “Of course I do sillies! Look it’s just here. See? Here’s the gate.” Rose said confidently.

The girls walked through the gate, climbed the stairs and opened the door. “Why do I hear snoring?” Millie whispered, sounding puzzled as they entered what they thought was the school. “It’s just your imagination. See here’s my class. Let’s go in.” Rose replied, as she turned the door handle and went inside. The girls followed.

BANG! “Oh no! What was that?” Billie screamed. “It was the door! Millie screamed. She jiggled the handle. “It’s locked! We’re TRAPPED!”.

The girls stopped and stared in amazement at each other. “I don’t think we’re at school anymore.” Rose whispered to her sisters trying not to sound too scared. “Maybe we took a wrong turn.” said Billie. “I want to go home.” sobbed Millie. “What is this place?” said Rose.

The girls looked around and to their amazement, a beautiful garden appeared filled with flowers, plants and trees. But they were no ordinary flowers, plants and trees. They seemed to be made out of LOLLIES and peeking out from behind them, were gummy bears with cheeky grins on their faces!

Millie walked over to a tree and picked a Lolly pop. “YUM! You should try this Billie!” Millie said taking a bite. “O.K.” said Billie, picking a green and blue striped Lolly Pop and licking it. “Yum!” “You two! Don’t eat them!” Rose said snatching the Lolly pops off the girls. “We don’t know where they came from or who they belong to!”

Suddenly, the girls toys, Inky, Teddy and Spotto appeared in ghostly images before them. “If you want to get home,” they said, “you need to pass the 3 tests of fear!” “Billie’s is heights.” Teddy said. “Millie’s is the dark.” Inky said. “Rose’s is snakes!” said Spotto. “Why snakes!” wailed Rose.

The three sisters stared at each other in disbelief. They huddled in a circle and started muttering to each other, every now and then looking over their shoulders to see if the ghostly figures of their toys were still there. They finished talking, hugged each other and turned to look at the toys. “OK toys, we accept your challenge� Rose said trying to sound more brave than she felt.

You will follow your toy into different rooms.” said Inky. “There you will complete your challenge’s. Good luck!” Billie followed Teddy. Millie followed Inky. Rose followed Spotto.

In Billie’s room, there was a large swimming pool with a high diving board and a little platform. On that platform was Billie, with no way to get down. “GET ME DOWN PLEASE!” Billie screamed hiding her face in her hands and trying not to look down. “GET ME DOWN NOW!” Nothing happened. She peered out from behind her hands and looked down. “Wait a minute!” she said in surprise. “It’s just Jelly! She held her breath, closed her eyes and jumped. She landed in the pool of Jelly with an almighty squelchy SPLASH! “WELL DONE Billie!” you passed said Teddy.

Millie was in a different room. It was pitch black . “Hello is anyone there?” she stuttered “I, I, I do see you. You can’t hide.” she continued trying to sound brave. “I’ve got to calm down,” she said to herself. “There’s a door over there somewhere. I’ve just need to get to it.”

She walked across the room with her arms out and her eyes wide open trying to get used to the dark. Suddenly, she tripped. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.” She stood up and reached out finding the door knob. “Oh look! I found it!” cried Millie excitedly, she opened the door and there was Inky clapping his eight tentacles in delight. “Well done! You have passed your test.”

“Rose. Do you want a quick swim before you complete your challenge?” said Spotto. “Sure.” said Rose looking around suspiciously. She climbed into the pool. “Eeeww! It’s all slimy!” Suddenly, she felt something wrapping around her ankle. She peered into the water and squealed. “Snakes! One just bit me!” she yelled and headed for the side of the pool. “Wait that didn’t hurt! It actually tickled a little.” Rose slowly lowered her hand into the water feeling for the snakes. “They're slimy, just like jelly snakes!” She grabbed one, and holding it tight got out of the pool triumphantly. Spotto said, “Good job, you have completed you’re challenge.

The girls all returned to the room they started in. “I passed!” exclaimed Rose. “Me two!” said Millie. “Me three!” said Billie. “Yay! We can go home!” the girls yelled, jumping up and down with excitement. “Yes you can.” said the toys. In a puff of pink smoke, POOF! They were back home.

Behind the Door  
Behind the Door  

A narrative written by senior primary school students.