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{Sam Powyer}

{Sam Powyer}

{Elli Zacharowitz}

A showcase of skateboard & Character designs

{Sam Powyer}

{Nick Green}

whats the best thing about doing what you do? There are no rules! You can do whatever and its damn fun

What is your best or favorite artistic weapon? Felt tip pens

any icons you look up to? Artists like Pushead, Mark Riddick, Murdoch Stafford and Neckface

what do you do for fun these days? Surfing(generally being in the ocean really) and playing guitar oh and drawing!

what is your main focus right now? wether its in art or life? In my art mainly just experimenting and trying to push it and life is to have FUN!

How did you get into illustration? Watching cartoons as a kid, i couldn’t get enough. I wanted to have my own series like the simpsons!

Inspiration? HEAVY METAL music .. Like album covers and lyrical content.

Your style My style is influenced by a lot of medieval style etchings with a few bits of other things in there as well

where would you like to take the next step in your illustrations? It’d be cool to have them used in something big, not sure what exactly, but as long as it reaches a wide audience.

open mic, any thing you would like to get off your chest? Turn up the good, turn down the suck!


Carlo Sabino

colab oration with Blomtrog & Carlo Sabino

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Nick Potts, Curtis Dart, Blomtrog & Carlo Sabino


digitalchildren issue five  

art, design, photography

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