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Working in Partnership to Deliver a Comprehensive Cost-effective Digital Collection Wiley-Blackwell offers flexible access to a truly comprehensive and authoritative library of resources which can be fully integrated into your collections and workflow, offering outstanding value for money. As an institutional library service we understand that you must respond to the varying needs across your institution. Access to our digital resources – journals, books, backfiles, lab protocols, reviews, databases, and more – will deliver exceptional quality content to your user community across the disciplines. Wiley-Blackwell offers the convenience and enhanced functionality they have come to expect, whether on their laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, at work or home, at conferences or in the field.

A Rich Selection of

Wiley Online Library hosts the most extensive multidisciplinary collection of online resources. Providing access to over two centuries of research, it comprises some of the most influential papers and discoveries in the life, health, physical sciences, social science and humanities. Coverage includes content from John Wiley & Sons as well as key imprints such as Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley-VCH and Jossey-Bass. Wiley Online Library has been engineered from the ground up in consultation with our users, publishing partners and customers to ensure it serves the complex needs of today’s researchers, authors, professional and scholarly societies, libraries and information specialists.

A Few Quick Facts n

750 society partners


5+ million articles


Over 1500 peer-reviewed journals


11,000+ online books and book series


125+ multi-volume reference

works, encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries n


Essential chemistry and evidence based


Journal Backfiles

Wiley Online Library delivers seamless, integrated access to high impact factor, peer-reviewed primary research and survey journals to meet the information needs of your institution. Our titles cover the full spectrum of subjects and include many titles ranked at the forefront of their field. Wiley Online Library operates in partnership with over 750 professional and scholarly societies, hosting the official journals of many internationally prestigious organizations.

Gain access to historical issues from more than 900 Wiley-Blackwell journals. The complete WileyBlackwell backfile spans three centuries of scientific research across 17 million pages. Backfiles rescue and preserve material that has been effectively beyond reach for decades and longer. From breakthroughs of enduring influence to promising ideas that may acquire new resonance in the 21st century, backfiles bring content and context back to the discovery process – and to your desktop.

Journals are available at the title level or in four Standard Collections: n Science, Technology & Medicine Collection n Medicine & Nursing Collection n Social Science & Humanities Collection n Full Collection

Impact Factors for Wiley-Blackwell Journals According to Thomson ISI 2010 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) 1,098 Wiley-Blackwell journals are ƒƒ ranked in the 2010 JCR, up from 1,016 in 2009

319 Journals Top 10 Rankings by ƒƒ Impact Factor

69 Wiley-Blackwell journals were ƒƒ

added to JCR 2010 for the first time, with an additional 1 re-listed

26 number 1 rankings within the ƒƒ 230 subject categories

medicine databases including The Cochrane Library and eEROS

MOST journals in 50 of the 230 ƒƒ subject categories

14,000+ step-by-step and regularly

MOST articles in 31 categories ƒƒ

revised laboratory protocols

n Coverage extends to Volume 1, Issue 1, and includes issues dating as far back as the 1700s n Featuring many of the top-tier and earliest journals in their respective fields n Articles are presented as full-text PDFs that have been optimized for searching, and enhanced to achieve exceptional print quality

Subjects areas covered for journals, backfiles and online books. Agriculture, Aquaculture & ƒƒ Food Science

Architecture & Planning ƒƒ Art & Applied Arts ƒƒ Biology ƒƒ Biotechnology, Biochemistry & ƒƒ Biophysics

Business, Finance & Accounting ƒƒ Cell & Molecular Biology ƒƒ Chemistry ƒƒ Computer Science & ƒƒ Information Technology

Earth & Environmental Sciences ƒƒ Education ƒƒ Engineering & Computer Science ƒƒ

Quality Content Online Books and Book Series

Online Reference Works

Online Books provide the perfect opportunity for you to add prize-winning and top-selling titles to your electronic resources collection and make them available to the broadest possible audience. With over 11,000 titles available, including handbooks, dictionaries, monographs, guides, and classic book series, they are the ideal complement to Wiley-Blackwell’s world class journals. Online Books offer flexible access to a truly comprehensive and authoritative library of research and gives you outstanding value for money.

Wiley-Blackwell Online Reference Works range from multi-volume encyclopedias to comprehensive dictionaries and handbooks. Available on Wiley Online Library, they offer a rich and comprehensive compendium of knowledge for students, researchers and clinicians across disciplines.

Online Book Series deliver landmark research across your institution’s community while eliminating physical volumes and associated administrative demands. Edited by eminent and pioneering scientists, and Nobel Laureates, these volumes feature cutting edge material to inform current research as well as historical overviews suitable for newcomers to the field

Features include:

n Highly structured full-text articles presented in HTML with embedded references n Full-text articles available in PDF format for selected works n Detailed descriptive abstracts and verified bibliographies n Multi-level subject index n Author index

Key reference works: Burger’s Medicinal Chemistry ƒƒ and Drug Discovery


Comprehensive Physiology ƒƒ Encyclopedia of Drug ƒƒ

Metabolism and Interactions

Genetics & Evolution ƒƒ Geography & Development ƒƒ History & Archaeology ƒƒ Humanities ƒƒ Law & Criminology ƒƒ Life Sciences ƒƒ Literature & Cultural Studies ƒƒ Materials Science ƒƒ Mathematics & Statistics ƒƒ Medicine ƒƒ Mobile & Wireless Communications ƒƒ Nursing, Dentistry & Healthcare ƒƒ Pharmacology & Toxicology ƒƒ Philosophy ƒƒ Physics & Astronomy ƒƒ Psychology ƒƒ Social & Behavioral Sciences ƒƒ Veterinary Medicine ƒƒ




Encyclopedia of Financial Models ƒƒ Encyclopedia of Life Sciences ƒƒ Encyclopedia of Quantitative Finance ƒƒ Encyclopedia of War ƒƒ General and Applied Toxicology ƒƒ Handbook of Social Psychology ƒƒ Homer Encyclopedia ƒƒ Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of ƒƒ Chemical Technology

Patai’s Chemistry of Functional Groups ƒƒ Pharmaceutical Sciences Encyclopedia ƒƒ Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of ƒƒ Industrial Chemistry


Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Literature ƒƒ Wiley-Blackwell History of ƒƒ American Film

Wiley Encyclopedia of Clinical Trials ƒƒ Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical & ƒƒ Electronics Engineering

WIREs are unique hybrid publications that combine the most powerful features of online reference works with review journals, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in research and education. WIREs publications offer state-of-the-science reviews covering all aspects of new and emerging areas of interdisciplinary investigation. The WIREs focus on high-profile research areas. Content is invite-only and reviewed by an internationally renowned Editorial Board, ensuring that the highest scientific and presentational standards are maintained. Each WIRE is carefully crafted to provide encyclopedic coverage of the field and is updated every month with new and fresh reviews, ensuring that the most current information in the field is always available.

WIREs: Climate Change ƒƒ Cognitive Science ƒƒ Computational Molecular Science ƒƒ Computational Statistics ƒƒ Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery ƒƒ Developmental Biology ƒƒ Energy and Environment ƒƒ Membrane Transport and Signaling ƒƒ Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology ƒƒ Systems Biology and Medicine ƒƒ RNA ƒƒ

Now encompassing 470 titles, Blackwell Reference Online is the most comprehensive online reference resource for teaching and learning in the social sciences and humanities. Featuring the highly regarded Blackwell Companions and Handbooks, valuable dictionaries and encyclopedias, Blackwell Reference Online is a vital addition to your library’s learning and teaching resources. Published in annual multi-disciplinary collections, Blackwell Reference Online gives you instant access to the wealth of knowledge contained within Wiley-Blackwell’s authoritative reference publications in the social sciences and humanities. With contributions from leading scholars all over the world, Blackwell Reference Online gives a truly international perspective on existing scholarship, whilst also charting new territory.

Volumes featured in the 2011 collection include: The Wiley-Blackwell Dictionary of Modern ƒƒ European History Since 1789

A Companion to the Anthropology of India ƒƒ A Companion to Greek Mythology ƒƒ The Encyclopedia of Eastern ƒƒ Orthodox Christianity

The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of ƒƒ Individual Differences

The Handbook of Communication and ƒƒ Corporate Social Responsibility

The Handbook of Hispanic Sociolinguistics ƒƒ

Databases Global Clinical Solutions Databases

Chemistry Databases

Wiley-Blackwell offers evidence-based medicine databases that are designed to provide healthcare professionals with up-to-date, impartial medical information to facilitate diagnosis and improve patient care by improving outcomes.

Wiley-Blackwell offers a suite of chemistry databases that are designed to complement full-text articles with uniquely powerful features such as chemical structure, sub-structure, reaction, spectrum and property searching. Continuously updated with fresh content, new capabilities, and an expanding network of live links, these databases will boost the working efficiency of active chemists, material scientists, and engineers.

This unparalleled resource provides practitioners with protocols, systematic reviews, abstracts, technology assessments, economic evaluations, and clinical trials abstracts, ensuring they have the most up-to-date, independent, and assessed healthcare information at their fingertips. Designed for clinicians who deliver first-contact care, this resource includes more than 13,000 topics, guidelines, abstracts and summaries, covering all the information required to make critical patient care decisions. Essential Evidence Plus now comprises EBM Guidelines when licensed directly from Wiley-Blackwell. An easy-to-use collection of clinical guidelines for primary and ambulatory care linked to the best available evidence summaries from Cochrane and other sources.

The Health Economic Evaluations Database provides access to studies of cost effectiveness and other forms of economic evaluation of medicines, treatments, and medical information, allowing practitioners to make decisions informed by more than 40,000 records over 50 years and the results of searches through more than 5000 journals weekly. Find this database on

Title List: Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Syntheses ƒƒ (e-EROS)

Organic Reactions ƒƒ Organic Syntheses ƒƒ Organic-Chemical Drugs and Their Synonyms ƒƒ SpecInfo ƒƒ Wiley Database of Polymer Properties ƒƒ Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data ƒƒ

Current Protocols

The Fine Art of Experimentation Provide your Life Sciences researchers with access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive laboratory protocols. Current Protocols have been the leading source of laboratory protocols for over 20 years and now comprise more than 14,000 techniques and procedures across 17 titles.

Peer-reviewed Selected and reviewed by editorial boards consisting of distinguished Life Sciences researchers, Current Protocols techniques are rigorously edited by scientifically qualified in-house staff.

Enhanced Functionality – New Design and Architecture Built to ensure robust delivery and discoverability ƒƒ Intuitive, user-friendly interface – enabling quick ƒƒ

and easy navigation, with “jump to” menu options Access journals, online books, reference works and ƒƒ databases on a single user interface Powerful search engine with enhanced filtering ƒƒ of results

ƒƒ Designed to comply with the latest accessibility standards


Enhanced Publication Features

Current Protocols content is regularly revised and updated with new material, ensuring that all titles present the latest developments in their fields. Clear, thorough, and easy to use, combining a high level of detail with straightforward, step-by-step presentation, Current Protocols procedures are further explained in helpful annotations, as well as in commentaries that include critical parameters and troubleshooting tips.

Content Alerts – now with journal branding, ƒƒ provides instant, easy access to protocol abstracts, material lists, and more, while linking to full-text content hosted on Wiley Online Library. The site features tools, calculators, videos, and webinars to help researchers both in the lab and beyond the bench.

Current Protocols: Current Protocols in Bioinformatics ƒƒ Current Protocols in Cell Biology ƒƒ Current Protocols in Chemical Biology ƒƒ Current Protocols in Cytometry ƒƒ Current Protocols Essential ƒƒ Laboratory Techniques


Current Protocols in Human Genetics ƒƒ Current Protocols in Immunology ƒƒ Current Protocols in Microbiology ƒƒ Current Protocols in Molecular Biology ƒƒ Current Protocols in Mouse Biology ƒƒ Current Protocols in Neuroscience ƒƒ Current Protocols in Protein Science ƒƒ Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology ƒƒ Current Protocols in Food Analytical ƒƒ Chemistry (backfile)

Current Protocols in Nucleic ƒƒ Acid Chemistry

Current Protocols in Toxicology ƒƒ

available also for Early View and Accepted Articles Save and share research easily using tools at the ƒƒ article and chapter level Export citations using a variety of reference ƒƒ manager options Seamlessly link to references or citing articles within ƒƒ and outside the service

Discoverability Tools Discover related articles on the same topic or by ƒƒ

the same author Federated Searching is enabled through support ƒƒ for the Z39.50 protocol Access Control – use Shibboleth, Athens, IP address ƒƒ or username and password for remote users Enhanced MARC records – available for ƒƒ online books and reference works OpenURL supported with links and DOIs at title, ƒƒ article and chapter level for all content types

Full Text Features Download articles in PDF or read in HTML, ƒƒ

for most journals Enlarge pictures, tables and graphs from links in the ƒƒ HTML full text View moving images and 3D interactive models ƒƒ from within the article full text, for select articles

Adding Value to Your Research Free Content and Access Icons Access Icons are available at the Title, Chapter ƒƒ

and Article level so you can easily identify which content is provided by your institution or which content is offered for free on the site Online Open – free access to articles funded ƒƒ by the author or author’s institutions Free access to tables of contents, article ƒƒ abstracts, chapter summaries, references, author details Free supporting information: video, audio, ƒƒ charts and graphs Free sample issues and trials ƒƒ

Customer Administration Area Log into a much improved Customer Administration Area, helping you better manage your holdings. Upload library branding, manage access control, purchase Article Select tokens online and more. Access usage statistics: download COUNTERcompliant usage reports for Online Books and Reference Works and for Journals and Databases, with SUSHI.

Licensing Options Wiley-Blackwell offers a range of subscription and licensing options to institutions and library consortia designed to meet different needs and circumstances. Select a multi-year deal and take advantage of predictable pricing, pick your holdings title-by-title or in standard collections to benefit from volume discounts. Choose between Online Only, Print Only, or Print+Online combined subscriptions. License directly with Wiley-Blackwell or through a subscription agent or book seller, as a single institution or as a consortium member. We have options for smaller libraries and corporate institutions including Pay-Per-View and Article Select tokens for downloading articles individually.

A Confident Choice for Libraries By selecting resources on Wiley Online Library you will be giving your library users the best opportunity to further their studies and research, whatever their field. Some of the benefits include: Unlimited, concurrent access for multiple users ƒƒ Counter-compliant usage data for your institution ƒƒ Flexible selection by title or by collection ƒƒ Roaming Access ƒƒ Free course-pack use and walk-in user access ƒƒ Campus-wide single site access ƒƒ Access to content dating back to 1997 ƒƒ

(where available for licensed customers) Perpetual access rights ƒƒ Flexible access 24/7 from your library, home, ƒƒ or on the road OpenURL with links and DOIs ƒƒ MARC records and Z39.50 for easy discoverability ƒƒ

Training and Support Global Customer Service: including telephone and ƒƒ

email support 24/5 and self-help online support 24/7 Online Tutorials: available 24/7 for key products ƒƒ and in a range of languages WebEx Training: participate in live webinars and ƒƒ online workshops Personalized Training: we can customize a training ƒƒ session tailored to the needs of your organization Suite of Marketing Tools: get resources and ideas to ƒƒ help you promote your online resources to your library community Librarian e-Newsletter: get updates on new and ƒƒ upcoming titles, platform features and special offers for you and your library patrons

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