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SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES     DIGITAL  ATLANTA  2011     Thank  you  for  your  interest  in  supporting  Digital  Atlanta  2011.    As  you’ve  read  on  our  site,  Digital  Atlanta  is  a  weeklong  series   of  events  celebrating  the  technology  and  new  media  marketing  achievements  of  Atlanta.    Now  in  its  second  year  and  taking   place  from  November  7-­‐11,  Digital  Atlanta  will  showcase  experts  from  various  backgrounds  as  well  as  provide  multiple  forums   for  social  networkers  to  meet,  share  ideas,  trade  best  practices,  and  ultimately  network  with  like-­‐minded  individuals.         Last  year,  we  attempted  to  keep  all  events  free.    This  year,  we  will  be  charging  a  nominal  cost  for  most  events  to  reduce  the   no-­‐show  percentages  we  experienced  last  year.    However,  we  still  need  your  help  to  put  on  an  even  bigger  and  better  event.   You’ll  have  the  opportunity  to  showcase  your  brand  to  influencers  and  a  wide  array  of  new  contacts  within  key  target  markets.         Once  again,  we’re  aligning  ourselves  with  some  of  the  best  speakers  and  new  media  enthusiasts  in  Atlanta  to  bring  together   various  events  and  seminars.    How  you  can  participate?    We’re  looking  for  corporations  to  help  support  our  cause  by   sponsoring  or  donating  products  and  services.    Below  we’ve  outlined  some  standard  packages;  however,  we’re  quite  creative   and  able  to  customize  packages  to  suit  businesses  of  all  sizes  and  budgets!         Last  year,  we  sold  over  3,000  tickets  to  more  than  55  events  throughout  the  week.    We’re  anticipating  an  even  bigger  crowd   and  more  events  this  year,  so  this  is  a  tremendous  branding  opportunity  to  showcase  your  company  as  a  leader  in  new  media,   marketing,  and  technology.        

PARTNER PACKAGES:     Diamond  Partner  $10,000   Year-­‐Round  Benefits   o Top-­‐level  placement  of  your  company  logo  on  the  Digital  Atlanta  sponsor  page  and  rotating  on  home  page.   o Opportunity  to  provide  a  45-­‐second  video  for  the  Digital  Atlanta  YouTube  account  that  will  stay  up  all  year.   Advertising   o Logo  on  all  printed  signage.     o 25  Tickets  to  the  opening  night  event  at  The  Fox  Theatre  (valued  at  $40  each).   o Mention  in  all  pre-­‐,  onsite  and  post-­‐event  announcements  and  press  releases.   o Logo  on  Digital  Atlanta  slide  presentations.   o Twenty  sponsored  tweets  from  the  Digital  Atlanta  Twitter  account.   o Your  company’s  Facebook  page  added  to  Digital  Atlanta  Favorites.   o Five  Facebook  posts  of  your  video  or  link  to  your  site/blog/news  on  the  Digital  Atlanta  Facebook  Page.   o Opportunity  to  set  up  a  6’  exhibit  table  at  two  selected  events.   o Sponsorship  Options  –  please  select  one  of  the  following:    Opening  party  registration  table.    Closing  party  registration  table.      

Platinum Partner  $7,000   Year-­‐Round  Benefits   o Mid-­‐level  placement  of  your  company  logo  on  the  Digital  Atlanta  sponsor  page.   Advertising   o Logo  on  all  printed  signage.   o Mention  in  all  pre-­‐,  onsite  and  post-­‐event  announcements  and  press  releases.   o Five  sponsored  tweets  from  the  Digital  Atlanta  Twitter  account.   o Opportunity  to  provide  a  poll  for  the  Digital  Atlanta  Facebook  page.   o Opportunity  to  set  up  a  6’  exhibit  table  at  one  selected  event.   o Sponsorship  Options  –  please  select  one  of  the  following:    Appetizer  sponsorship  at  either  the  opening  or  closing  party.    One  bar  sponsorship  at  either  the  opening  or  closing  party.    

Gold Partner  $5,000   Year-­‐Round  Benefits   o Mid-­‐level  placement  of  your  company  logo  on  the  Digital  Atlanta  website.   Advertising   o Five  sponsored  tweets  from  the  Digital  Atlanta  Twitter  account.   o Five  sponsored  Facebook  Page  posts  to  your  site  or  blog  or  latest  news.   o Logo  on  all  printed  signage.   o Mention  in  all  pre-­‐,  onsite  and  post-­‐event  announcements  and  press  releases.   o Sponsorship  Options  –  please  select  one  of  the  following:    Refreshment  sponsorship  at  one  of  the  panels/presentations.    One  bar  sponsorship  at  an  evening  event.    

Silver Partner  $2,000   Year-­‐Round  Benefits   o Your  company  logo  on  the  Digital  Atlanta  website.   Advertising   o Mention  in  all  pre-­‐,  onsite  and  post-­‐event  announcements  and  press  releases.   o Three  sponsored  Facebook  Page  posts  to  your  site  or  blog  or  latest  news.    

Attendee Lanyards  and  Badges  -­‐  $3,500  for  both     OR  $2500  for  badges  and  $1500  for  lanyards:   o


All Digital   Atlanta   attendees   will   sport   your   logo   on   the   lanyards   and/or   badges.     You’ll   have   the   opportunity   to  place  a  custom  message  or  offer  on  the  back  of  the  badge.      

Blogger Cafés   and   Internet   Lounges   (in   conjunction   with   local   coffee   shops,   pubs,   and   restaurants   around  Atlanta)  $TBD  depending  on  location  and  offer:   o


Your company  will  sponsor  free  items  (coffee,  food,  drinks,  etc)  or  percentage  discounts  at  any  of  the  Official   Digital   Atlanta   Blogger/Internet   Lounges   set   up   to   host   Digital   Atlanta   participants   throughout   the   entire   week  (November  7-­‐11).     Signage  or  branded  items  to  be  placed  at  venue  available  for  $250.      

In-­‐Kind  Sponsorships:   Your  logo  will  be  placed  on  the  Digital  Atlanta  website  in  exchange  for  in-­‐kind  sponsorships.    Items  needed  include  things  such   as:   o A/V  Equipment,   o Beverages  (beer,  wine,  soft  drinks,  water).   o Food  (pre-­‐packaged  and  catered).   o Discounted  printing  for  T-­‐Shirts.   o Discounted  printing  for  signage.   o Giveaways  for  door  prizes  such  as  t-­‐shirts,  hats,  gift  cards,  etc.   o Transportation  partner  (i.e.  taxi  service  to  offer  free  rides  to  people  after  events).      

Thank you  again  for  your  interest.  We  look  forward  to  partnering  with  you  and  your  company.        

If you   have   any   questions   please   contact   Stephanie   Frost   at     If   you’re   ready   to   sign  up,  please  complete  the  attached  two-­‐page  contract.  

DIGITAL ATLANTA  2011   SPONSORSHIP  CONTRACT       _______________________________________________________________________________________________________   Company  Name:    

Company Web  Site:    

Company Twitter  ID:  

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________   Contact  Name:    

E-­‐mail Address:  

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________   Street  Address:    

City, State,  Zip:  

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________   Phone  Number:    

Mobile Number  (if  applicable):  

  Partnership  Packages    Diamond  -­‐  $10,000    Platinum  -­‐  $7,000    Gold  -­‐  $5,000    Silver  -­‐  $2,000    _______________________________________________________________________________________________   Please  indicate  sponsorship  item  and  amount     Donations    Donation  Sponsor  $_________  (please  enter  your  donation  amount)      In-­‐Kind  Donation  _________________________________________________________________                                                                     (please  enter  in  the  item(s)  you’d  like  to  donate)      Giveaways/Door  Prizes  ____________________________________________________________   (please  enter  in  the  item(s)  and  quantity  of  your  giveaways/door  prize)       Total  Price:  ___________________                   _______________________________________                                   ______________   Authorized  Signature             Date     _______________________________________                                   ______________   Print  Name               Phone  Number       SIGN,  SCAN,  AND  E-­‐MAIL  COMPLETED  DOCUMENT  TO:  


Invoices   Once  a  signed  contract  is  received,  an  invoice  will  be  generated  and  sent  to  the  designated  person  in  your  organization  from   Digital  Atlanta.     Note:  Check  or  payment  must  be  received  prior  to  delivery  of  benefits  and  promotion.  There  is  a  $35.00  returned  check  fee.  

CANCELLATION  POLICY:   Up  to  June  30,  2011  –  75%  cancellation  fee*   After  July  1,  2011  –  Refunds  will  not  be  issued   *Cancellation  penalties  are  based  on  the  total  value  of  the  contract     TERMS  AND  CONDITIONS:   Signed  contract  and  full  payment  constitute  sponsorship  agreement.    Delivery  of  benefits  may  be  tied  to  first-­‐come,  first-­‐served  selection  of   available  programs.  All  benefits  within  this  contract  are  based  on  the  receipt  of  materials  by  the  deadline  dates.     Failure  to  adhere  to  the  terms  of  this  agreement  will  immediately  cancel  the  agreement.  If  deemed  canceled,  the  terms  of  the  cancellation   policy  will  apply.  Any  changes  to  this  contract  will  result  in  a  contract  change  and  new  terms  and  conditions  will  be  settled  on  your  new   contract.  

Digital Atlanta Sponsorships  
Digital Atlanta Sponsorships  

Sponsorship Information for Digital Atlanta. November 7-11, 2011.