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Jonas Blixt (left), Jamie Lovemark, Massage Envy CEO Joe Magnacca and Justin Thomas.


Massage Envy is an Official Sponsor of the PGA TOUR® and PGA TOUR Champions along with the Official Total Body Care Sponsor of the PGA TOUR’s Player Performance Centers. It marks Massage Envy’s first major sports partnership and the relationship coincides with the introduction of Massage Envy’s new assisted stretching service called Total Body Stretch

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n the interview that follows, Massage Envy CEO Joe Magnacca gives insight into the company’s new role in golf, as well as some best-practice fitness advice for all golf fans.

Q. Why is the partnership so important to you, PGA TOUR players and all recreational golfers? The game has changed so much. Players truly take pride in caring for their body as a way to improve performance and longevity. And data tells us that fans of the PGA TOUR are also interested in and engage in the types of services Massage Envy provides. Golf is perhaps the only sport where anyone can play the same course with the same equipment and literally walk the same path as the professionals they follow. They can take care of their bodies the same way that TOUR players do, so they can do more of what they love to do. The PGA TOUR and the TOUR Player Performance Centers are a natural fit for our business, providing Total Body Care services. We are very excited about debuting Total Body Stretch in the Player Performance Centers at the same time we are launching, in our nearly 1,200 franchise locations

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HeAR iT fROm THe PROs JUSTIN THOMAS: “The things Massage Envy provides are an integral part in what we do in our sport to remain healthy and making sure everything is moving properly, injury-free. It’s a long season, so to make sure that everything is moving how we need it to without having to take any breaks for injuries is very important for all of us.” JAMIE LOVEMARK: “Golf takes a toll on your body. I’ve been injured in the past. I’ve had back surgery, so I know how important it is to stay healthy, stay flexible, maintain my body.”



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