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Experience Gifts, give the experience of a lifetime… If you can imagine the thrill of touching down after an exhilarating tandem skydive or sliding behind the wheel of a Ferrari Scuderia or Lamborghini Huracan, you’ve understood why experiences make such incredibly powerful gifts. Simply put, experiences create memories that last a lifetime. Great American Days is your one stop shop for America’s most exciting experiences - from exotic car driving to hot air balloon flights. We have more than 6000 amazing experiences for every budget, taste and occasion. From riding in a race car to relaxing at a day spa, we make dreams come true all over America from as little as $25. Picking out the perfect present for the men in your life can be difficult - particularly for those guys who already have every latest gadgets and gizmos. Help your boyfriend burn rubber like a budding Bill Elliott around a championship speedway or give your Dad the perfect excuse to cross a dream off his bucket list at the controls of a real deal helicopter. Mom’s secret desire is our speciality this Christmas - whether she’s a domestic goddess or daredevil. Give her some TLC at a day spa with a relaxing hot stone massage or send her soaring with a hot air balloon flight. Incredible memories come guaranteed with our range of gifts for the special lady in your life from culinary tours to dinner cruises, wine tours to scenic flights. Whether you’re after adrenaline or relaxation, inspiration or gourmet delights, we have the hottest gifts this holiday season for every taste and budget. Check into a guitar masterclass

Great American Days.indd 1

or learn to play the drums, enjoy a culinary tour or customize your own surfboard - Great American Days makes America’s dreams come true at locations all over the country. It also costs less than you think to make someone’s dream come true with many of our experiences starting from as little as $25. Choose an experience and we’ll send to your loved one or friend a certificate that can be booked at a date and time to suit them. You’ll have the option to have your gift shipped in our signature gift pack or as a colorful e-certificate sent directly to your gift recipient. Every Great American Days gift pack comes with everything you need to know from ‘how to book’ to ‘what to wear on the day’. All you need to do is tell us where to send it. Inside each pack you’ll find: • personalized gift certificate • presentation wallet • how to book • detailed information cards showcasing the experience or choice of experiences available If you can can’t decide which experience to give, you can also give an open gift certificate that can be used towards our entire portfolio of experiences. Gift Certificates range in price from $25 to $1000. They can be used to enjoy any Great American Days experience of equivalent value or greater on payment of the difference. | 1-866-987-9876

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GAP YEAR: Why taking a gap year


SETTING GOALS: Get ahead at

could be a great education in itself school with our tips on setting academic goals




26 #CTOL: What’s it like being married to a professional footballer? We talk to the wife of an NFL player


29 NATIVES IN SCHOOL: College News


11 GAME REVIEW: Pokémon GO! and why it’s great for everyone


13 EAT WELL, LIVE WELL: Get into shape for school with our top tips



LGBT: Why are transgender students’ rights being impeded?

15 WOMEN’S RIGHTS: Abortion rights

talks to Shibastik

31 CAMPUS: Finding your way around a


33 SCHOOL STRESS: Manage school


new school

stress with these suggestions


35 SAFETY: Protect yourself on campus this fall

37 SCHOOL ESSENTIALS: Essentials for this new year

17 MARIJUANA: We discuss racial disparity when it comes to marijuana arrests in Colorado


18 COVER STORY: 2016 college football highlights


40 DECORATIONS: Kit out your dorm

with these seasonal decorations

42 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: The perfect

secret Santa gift for classmates


23 TAILGATING 101: We talk tailgates and good food with ESPN’s Mike & Mike


schools are making an impact in college football?

45 PRODUCT GUIDE: This just in! These products are a must-have

49 FASHION TRENDS: What’s in this winter?

50 HOLIDAY SEASON: Get our costume ideas for the holiday party season


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CONTENTS | winter 2016


CONTENTS | graduation 2013

| graduation 2013 writer, journalist, musician, and academic institution throughCONTENTS in human services. He has a non-profi t organizations and Derick Edgren is a freshman student,diversity I proudly exchanges. hale Detroit, no, notis BSBALLANTINE in Psychologyisfrom Eastern She 1. STEPHANIE a 7. TED a at SarahCHOPORIS Lawrenceis College, city limits-to where all the bad Journalism major with a minor in recent graduate of DePaul University Michigan University and dedicated influencing the where he pursues a degree ininside the things happenbuthale close enough in his junior student, I proudly Detroit, no, that not in Chicago where she studied is a 1. STEPHANIE CHOPORIS 7.Economics TED BALLANTINE is ayear at has amajor deep empathy for the world, one Imind time. English and Theater Studies. it’sinside easier enjoy the good thethat cityway. limitswhereat all athe bad Loyola University Chicago. Journalism with a minorWhen in recent graduate of DePaul University Journalism and Communication creative establishing things but close enough that of happenDetroit, toothe Red Wings, Economics infor hisprocess, junior year at he not writing College News, in Chicago whereWhen she studied Most recently, his and Media Studies. sheplay is not“Earthparts 3 it’s easier that way. JOHNSTON I enjoy the good 1 2 Loyola University Chicago. When the Lions, the Tigers, Belle Journalism and Communication contributes to various online music writing or researching story received ideas, she its sometimes 5.Detroit, JULIA relationships with a wide range from the Moon” parts toothe Red Wings, not writing for College News, he andbowling, Media Studies. When she isinnot Isle andofbeautiful architecture. Good publications and sports blogs. enjoys trying new places Julia grew up in the Lilac of media sources including NYC premiere through La sometimes the Lions, the Tigers, Belle contributes to various online music writing researching In his free time he enjoys playing the city andorspending timestory withideas, familyshe food, preferably Middle Eastern cuisine, Isleeasy and beautiful Good publications and sports blogs. Village of architecture. Lombard, Illinois publishing houses, editors enjoys bowling, trying new Theater’s places in and conversation, preferably with guitar, watching Chicago sports andand Strada Ensemble and friends. food,women, preferably Middle Eastern cuisine, Inconvincing his free time he enjoys the city and spending time with family pretty all that’s needed to himself thatplaying tonight is the butconversation, hasarelived inpreferably Chicago for authors. short play festival. Derick 2 3 and easy with guitar, watching Chicago sports and and friends. keep me happy. night he will finally go to bed early 2. JOSH SMITH has lastare fiveallyears. She likes women, that’s needed to convincing himself that tonight is the currently hasbeen workenjoying featured in pretty the 1 2 3 tech and gaming since the early keep me happy. time with her dogs, night he will finally SHEWMAKER go to bed early 2. JOSH SMITH has been enjoying 8.NIKKI spending Word Riot, Dramatics, and will 5. IESHA POMPEY is a 26-year-old 8. CYNTHIA MARTIN is a writer 80’stech starting thesince Atari the 2600 and with gaming early server at a tapas restaurant. I love of the interesting, a student life, Nikki Shewmaker aof pop friends, family and books (in soon appear in an anthology 5. IESHA POMPEY is a 26-year-old and 80’s continuing 8. CYNTHIA MARTIN is ais writer 6 5 4 startingthrough with theour Ataricurrent 2600 writing, humor, and all things Iquirky. lover of sci-fi and an writer avid server no at aparticular tapas restaurant. interesting, a student of life, generation. Josh lives in Maine with culture afi/fantasy, cionado and order).love She loves ofa the Samuel French. andby continuing through our current I’m a sucker for anything that combines glitter enthusiast. She graduated writing, humor, and all things quirky. lover of sci-fi/fantasy, and an avid his wife and twoJosh wonderful children, generation. lives in Maine with in Chicago. She writing and traveling and hopesaglitter the three. I’m totally into isms, feminism fromliving Ball State University withis a I’m a sucker for anything that combines enthusiast. She graduated bothhis intrigued as wife andwith twotechnology wonderful children, being atnot theI’m toptotally of that I’m feminism running degree in the University very useful field of currently working on to become anything like from the three. intolist. isms, Ball State with alaunching 3.MAX TROJA much as he is. Josh dreams of one both intrigued with technology as 5 6 the Aruna 5k and shamrock shuffl e this Creative Writing. With afield penofin hand being at the top of that list. I’m running degree in the very useful her own website. Carrie Bradshaw. day controlling his entire life with much as he is. Josh dreams ofaone Having proven himself to be year. 4 5 6 I should start shuffl training the Aruna 5k probably and shamrock e this Creative Writing. With a penshe in hand and a story in her heart, hopes daya controlling his entire life with a remote control. writer with a distinct voice, year.seriously, I should probably start its training and a story her heart, she hopes more considering mid to one dayinwrite a novel worthy remote control. more seriously, considering its writing mid toofone write a novel worthy February. three pages into 6.I’m COREY DEMALINE 9.dayELLEN ZACARIAS being canonized with the great Max contributes opinion pieces 3. MEREDITH DOBES is an overly February. I’m three pages into writing of being canonized with the great my fi rst book, and I’m excited to see the authors that high school students 7 9 8 a published author, Corey authors Ellen graduated with a lit/ 3. MEREDITH DOBES is an from entertainment tooverly politics. my firstAs ambitious journalism and political book,hopefully and I’m excited to see high school students final product, later this year.the hate tothat read. ambitious andUniversity political has spent the later pastthis sixyear. years hate towriting science major journalism at Roosevelt final product, hopefully read. degree from UCSD. science major at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL. When I’m not running her skills in writing She has a love for books and TREACY graduated from the 6. JILL perfecting 9. NIKKI SHEWMAKER is a 4. ADRIEANNA in Chicago, IL. When I’m not COCO running 6. JILL TREACY graduated from the 9. NIKKI SHEWMAKER is a around trying to make deadlines University of Illinois with a degree in writer and editor living in Chicago. 9 8 1.ANA VEGAS around trying to make deadlines and editing while rapidly working with text. Adrieanna has found her University of Illinois with a degree in writer and editor living in Chicago. 9 7 8 and get stories, I’m hanging out with English and an array of incredibly random Originally from southern California, and get stories, I’m hanging out with Englishdeveloping and an array of incredibly random Ana is a paralegal student at the University of fromshe’s southern her graphic design Originally When notCalifornia, working, humble beginnings as a writer some really cool people and a really extracurricular shestudied studiedcomparative comparative literature some really cool people and a really extracurricularactivities. activities. She She spends spends she literature Miami and writes for various magazines and cool cool canine, playing piano, writing company. reading orthe writing, she enjoys her time traveling, attending concerts, andjournalism journalism the University through active participation canine, playing piano, writing her time traveling, attending concerts, and atat University eveneven more, attempting to make artart researching fashion blogs and failing of Washington before heading blogs about health, entertainment and selfmore, attempting to make walking along trails, researching fashion blogs and failing of Washington before heading spending of writing contests hosted and and going to astomany awesome horribly atatcooking. is her fifirst rst Illinois.Shewmaker is working going as many awesome horribly7. cooking.Chicago Chicago is her totoIllinois. is working improvement. Her work experience centers DAVID MORALES time Shewmaker with family and thinking through the school system. and shows as I as can. to towardbecoming becoming a travel writer. shows I can. andfavorite favoritecity cityand andshe she is is excited excited to toward a travel writer. in the legal field and human resources. Her Morales’ professional about imaginary realms Since then, she has been pursue ininwriting editing. canonized with the great authorsand pursueaDavid acareer career writing and and editing. canonized with the great authors is aisLoyola 4. ROB GILMORE a Loyola not writing passions are music, books, nature and traveling. 4. ROB Forthe therecord, record,she shedoes does not like writing thathigh highschool school students hate students hate to to background includes work as athat characters. aGILMORE prolifi c contributor to the For 2.DERICK EDGREN






University Chicago senior journalism University Chicago senior journalism



:-) ==:-)

aboutherself herselfininthe thethird third person. person. about

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Winter 2016 | | Graduation 2013

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EDITOR’S LETTER | winter 2016

Welcome! What is it about the holidays that gets you all warm and fuzzy inside? For me, the holidays are a special time for the annual reliving of old—and the making of new—traditions. It’s about the gathering of friends and family in huge celebration of the year-end; it’s about making stories to tell in futures to come. It’s those blissful few weeks of curling up without assignments and exams clogging up mind-space. Cue our football-special winter issue; designed for you with de-stressing and fun in mind! We’ve compiled fabulous guides full of ideas for DIY decorations that will look great throughout the holidays on p.44. To help you ace your secret Santa this year, we’ve compiled stellar gift ideas for your classmates on p.46. It’s all kicking off as the college football season is well underway, so join in our chat on p.24 with ESPN’s Mike and Mike and their take on the best tailgates across the country. This special issue also gives you the lowdown on the year’s exciting college football season so far in our cover story on p.18. Although the semester is coming to a close, school reminds us that real life is edging ever closer. It’s a time to think about your future, so we’ve compiled some advice on setting academic goals to put you in the right mindset on p.9. Throw bad eating habits in the trash this winter with our advice on living (and staying) well on p.13. With the presidential election being at the forefront of the media, it’s easy for equally important issues to slip under the radar. College News invites you to remember these as we challenge the current laws on women’s rights to abortion on p.15 and the damaging effect that new bathroom laws impose on transgender students across the country on p.14.

Group CEO & Publisher Kevin Harrington Editor Kayley Loveridge Art Editor Friyan Mehta Editorial Assistant/Designer Hanaa Foura Editorial Contributors Ana Vegas Derick Edgren Max Troja Nikki Shewmaker Adrieanna Coco Corey Demaline Julia Johnston David Morales Ellen Zacarias

I am so excited that this issue fell into your hands, so go ahead; get cozy, curl up and get stuck in!

Production Director Jo Harrington Production Coordinator Venice Coleman

Kayley Loveridge, Editor Editor: Kayley Loveridge




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MONEY & CAREERS | gap year

Mind the

Gap Year The United States’ higher educational system rarely teaches agency—the gap year does


can count higher than you. I can run faster than you. I can hold my breath longer than you. I can—and will—be better than you. I will do all of these things and I will do them while holding the star-spangled banner belting “Born to Run”. I can also juggle and have just been accepted at Duke University on a juggling scholarship—this is the American way! Perhaps the above exaggeration—which is only slight—resonates with a few prospective undergraduates. The following is a piece in praise of the gap year, a blanket term for the deferral from college acceptance in favor of a year in the professional workplace or in a volunteer service. While there are a myriad of gap year programs, the idea still feels foreign and elusive to a lot of young Americans and that’s usually because it is. For high school students on the highway (not road) to university, the idea of holding one’s breath and singing at the same time is somehow not so daunting next to the awful list that comprises college requirements. Be qualified and complete the most difficult courses offered, but be well-rounded and have a job. Be artistic and play an instrument, but be proactive and able to consider prospective career paths. Be everything. Be in two places at once. Be a hologram. That’s not all, though, perhaps the most important part: have money to line your pockets. A gap year is not only an option; for some, it is the only option—and an indefinite one. Higher education isn’t just compulsory in certain circles; it’s also, as some know better


than others, quite expensive. A gap year becomes life for those who can’t escape the cycle of poverty to seek access to a degree beyond high school. While a few elite universities have taken awkward steps toward equity (Stanford), the majority remain inaccessible to all but a minute fraction of incredibly privileged youth. The problem of access to education is hardly unique to the United States, and the issue is highly complex when considering the multifaceted nature of humanity. Racism, classism and transphobia drive artificial wedges into the population and leave “minorities” in the dust of dead-end towns. Some are singing, some didn’t know they could and some can’t. The United States must better service its disenfranchised youth, specifically for its lowincome, black, and transgender students, who all graduate high school at dramatically lower rates than their white, mid to high-income cisgender peers. The gap year does not solve inequity, but it challenges the status quo and provides disenfranchised youth a greater propensity for success. On the highway to higher education, the gap year and subsequent government programs provide students with hands-on, career-oriented skills that will benefit both the student and partnered communities. For those who wish to attend university, the gap year has become a more credible option in recent years, especially with high-profile individuals such as Malia Obama deciding on delaying entry to Harvard. With such a high-profile case comes the everlasting misconceptions. The idea that the gap year is expensive is only half true. AmeriCorps’ City Year, for example, provides student volunteers with a stipend. For some, a gap year is not facilitated by a non-profit organization, but simply means working full-time in order to find the means

by which one might actually afford a decent higher education in this country. To dismiss this option is classist. It is actually arguably the most rewarding one. For those to whom this applies, I personally advise against finding yourself in other countries through pricey international programs. The gap year is about you and your education, you will not find yourself; you will find other people. There are certainly some excellent programs abroad for those who can afford it, but there are also programs—and ways to live—right here. The gap year is a space to breathe, to sigh and return to life. Why does the American often discount the credibility of the gap year? Well, as we discussed previously, Americans hate breathing. In returning to the hyperbolic Annie Get Your Gun-inspired first paragraph, though the disparities are made plain. I do mean to say that the college process is mere pageantry, and in saying so emphasizes the performative nature of pageantry, which is an expensive, luxurious and inaccessible one. The gap year, alternately, has the capacity to strip away the smoke and mirrors in exchange for life lessons and proper growth. To dispel the great mystery of the gap year, consider the courses of action laid out by the American Gap Association. You’re not better than anyone, and you deserve equal access to a lesson on agency. cn

© 123R F


Winter 2016 |

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Advertisement Feature

Spend a Summer Learning Language

The Middlebury Language Schools are summer intensiveimmersion courses offered in eleven languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Graduate programs are offered in eight languages. Courses take place at Middlebury College (VT) and Mills College (CA). Students read, write, listen, and speak in language 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The School is open to all levels of students who want to learn the target language--from beginners to advanced levels--and students are current undergraduates, graduate students, professionals, and life-long learners from all over the world. Students in the Language Schools will make rapid gains in speaking, earning a full year’s worth of college credit in just six to eight weeks. Some students gain even more proficiency.

The Language Pledge--Why Our Program Works

If you were to choose one thing that sets the Middlebury programs apart from other language learning options, it would be the dedication of students and faculty to making great strides in language learning, embodied by the Middlebury Language Pledge®. The Pledge is a commitment to communicate only in one’s language of study for the entire time on campus. In our immersion environment, students read, write, listen, and speak in language 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Inside the classrooms, the Pledge creates a solid foundation and helps students learn all day, every day, in a formal, structured setting. And during all the informal moments--speaking in the dining

Middlebury.indd 1

halls, the dorms, and on the way to class--the Pledge fosters engagement between students, helping them move quickly toward fluency. With cocurricular activities such as sports, cooking, choir, theatre, and more, you will learn how to speak the language and gain insight into various aspects of culture. Professors lead these activities and offer an informal setting to practice language. At the Middlebury Language Schools, you don’t merely learn language, you also learn about literature, history, politics, art, film, music, food, and dance, because we don’t separate language and culture.


Why spend a summer at the Language School instead of studying abroad? You will have dramatic breakthroughs, regardless of your incoming proficiency level and unmatched growth in language ability. After taking courses over the sevenor eight-week summer session and attending the co-curricular activities, lectures, and films, you will gain a full year of collegelevel language.

23/11/2016 08:45

new way to snorkel From career and money management to dating and eating healthy. EAR CAndy College News music contest winners, powered by Sonicbids

SEx & dAting Dating and relationship advice

ContEStS Win! the latest gadgets and trends

The new generation full face snorkel. Providing the ability to breathe through the nose and mouth, enhanced visibility, and reduced fogging.

CollEgE lifE Tips and advice for living on/off campus has what you need.

NEED A BOOST? Try Lumos Energy Strips Mint flavoured strips with 30 mg of caffeine each

Visit Free shipping on orders of $20 with the code CN2016


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academic goals | MONEY & CAREERS


Academic Goals BY ANA VEGAS


riter and expert in personal development, Earl Nightingale, said “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going”—this is a proven certainty. A fundamental element of professional and personal success depends on our ability to identify our goals and the development of a plan to reach them. Setting goals is a skill you should acquire to be successful in you academic and professional life. Goal-setting helps you to focus on what you want, is related to a better performance and increases your self-confidence and feeling of happiness. In this short guide, I will tell you how to set effective academic goals to reach your career milestones.


LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOALS, MILESTONES AND OBJECTIVES: It may sound evident, but the truth is that too many people often confuse these terms: •

Goal: A goal is the desired end result after committing to—and achieving— objectives and milestones. Milestone: A milestone is a significant achievement on the road to that overall goal. Objective: A strategy in place to help achieve an overall goal.

© 123R F


VISUALIZE: Goal-setting can be easy when you know what you want. However, students often struggle to decide about which path they want to take in their professional life. So, the first step is to identify your career goal and visualize yourself in the future; what is the highest level you would like to achieve in your career? Once you know this, it is easy to set the milestones you need to reach to get there. If your dream is to be the marketing director of an important company,

you will need a specific background built up by academic skills and work experience that you acquire throughout that time and beyond. These should be your career milestones.


RESEARCH YOUR CHOSEN FIELD: This is fundamental to setting your academic goals. Nowadays, recruiters are demanding more professionals with knowledge and skills related to their field; it is not enough to have a degree and a good GPA to get a job. Most require second languages, some experience in the field you want to study and specific things that show your interest in the matter— internships, volunteering, researches and publications for example. In order to reach your career milestones, you need to have previously reached these goals in college. Understand what you need to achieve in order to get the position you want after graduating or to begin a master’s degree.


CLASSIFY: Classify your goals according to their nature. Your academics goals could be, for instance, to earn a degree and get a specific GPA. Your skills goals, as I like to call them, are more related to those activities you do to gain experience. Network and acquire or improve your professional skills through internships, volunteer work and extra-curricular activities.


KEEP THEM FEW: In his article “The Beginner’s Guide to Goal Setting”, Michael Hyatt proposes five basic principles. The first of them, of which I consider the most important, is: “Keep them few in number”. According to Hyatt, having a lot of goals only makes you lose your focus, so it is important to identify which specific goals you need to accomplish during your career and focus on them.


BE SPECIFIC: All of the theories about goal-setting coincide in this point. Your overall goals have to be all the more clear and as specific as possible when you set objectives—learn a second language or improve your GPA, for example. Remember, when you know where are you going, you will know what you have to do.


CHOOSE CHALLENGING GOALS: It is also proven that people make the biggest effort to accomplish a goal when it represents a big challenge. So, at the time of choosing your goals, always prefer those that push you to work hard as this will give you motivation and better results. Even so, don’t forget to be realistic. If you choose something out of any possibility of achievement, the only result will be frustration.


WRITE: When you write your goals down it becomes easier to visualize and focus on them. It also helps you to trace your map to reach them. Most theories about this topic recommend activities like writing your goal on a card, focusing on it daily or putting it in a visible place. It is also a good strategy to motivate yourself to add pictures, stories or anything that inspires you on this card to work hard in order to achieve what you want.


ASK FOR HELP: Many colleges have orientation departments to guide their students on their way to academic success. You can look for a program that helps you to identify what you want to do after graduating, create a strategy to reach your goals and track your progress or set objectives year by year according to your goals. cn | Winter 2016

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29/11/2016 10:54

For long gaming sessions, it is critical that you have a chair that can keep up. This is where DXRacer steps in. DXRacer is a manufacturer of high-end ergonomic gaming chairs, based out of Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Their lineup of gaming chairs offer extreme comfort and ergonomic design to help raise your game. Unlike other chairs in the market, who focus more on the look of the chair, each DXRacer chair is designed from the ground up with ergonomics in mind. A steel framework provides structure and rigidity to the chair, while a cold-cure foam helps provide form and comfort. These components come together to provide great spine alignment and comfortable seating for hours at a time. To ensure the optimal seating position, each DXRacer chair comes with a collection of different adjustable armrests, a full reclining backrest, durable bases, and a wide array of colors to match any setup. Gone are the days where you can’t find a chair that fits you. DXRacer offers 12 different series, each designed to accommodate different body types. For the up-and-coming phenom at 5’4” and 100 pounds, to the gaming giant at 6’7” and 450 pounds, there is a DXRacer for everyone!



= :-)

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games | TECH

is for Everyone! BY MAX TROJA

A review of the latest mobile hit on all our phones


f you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ve probably heard the stories. If you’ve been on the internet recently, you’ve probably seen the memes. If you’ve been out in public recently, you’ve probably seen the crowds; hordes of people, all ages and creeds wandering around, staring at their phones and shouting excitedly about words you haven’t heard since the late 90s. The craze of Pokémon GO has swept the nation and part of the world.

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You may be asking how Pokémon is so relevant again considering it was first released in 1996 and the popularity of Pokémon has seemed to dwindle in the following years. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the video game and Nintendo, the company that owns Pokémon, decided to celebrate the birthday with a bang: a new kind of gameplay. Pokémon GO introduced a different kind of Pokémon game compared to the 25

other main title games—soon to be 27 in November. Instead of the standard handheld RPGs we’ve grown so accustomed to, Nintendo partnered up with lesserknown developer, Niantic, to create the first augmented reality Pokémon game. Augmented reality, or AR, accesses the smartphone’s camera to display 3D models of the original 151 Pokémon interacting with the real world around you, allowing you to catch, train and battle with them in real-time and in the real world (through your screen). The object of the hit game is simple: walk around and encounter Pokémon. The game uses the player’s phone’s GPS to track their movements and steps. A predetermined code decides whether or not to generate a “wild encounter” for them. Should it, a Pokémon will pop up on the player’s screen and they will have the chance to try and catch it. The Pokémon’s 3D sprite will be transposed upon the camera’s viewfinder showing the Pokémon in the world in front of the player; whether that be the kitchen table, the backseat of an Uber or the boardwalk next to a beach. The possibilities, just like the Pokémon, are limitless.

Now, while this all sounds very fun and innovative, many potential players are dissuaded from downloading the free app because, as one friend of mine put it, “I’ve never played the Pokémon games before, I don’t think I know enough to pick this one up”. Don’t let a lack of experience prevent you from joining the party; Pokémon GO is designed to be completely separate from the rest of the Pokémon games and requires almost zero prior knowledge to succeed in. It’s not a limiting or discriminatory game demographics-wise. Players of all ages, genders, races and anything else are free to play and enjoy. Whether you’re a college student who’s reliving an old, lost love for Pokémon, a child who’s getting their hands on their first game in the Pokémon franchise, an older player who doesn’t usually play video games or even an experienced Pokémon player who’s discovering a different way to play, Pokémon GO doesn’t care. It’s a fun game for anyone to play—so long as you watch where you’re walking! cn | Winter 2016

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As the summer is coming to an end and the new school year is about to begin, it’s time to look your very best. You’ve tanned this summer and spent time in the gym and you are looking good. You are about to go to some pretty cool fraternity and sorority parties. The last thing you want to leave your back and body hair “unmanaged”. Developing a sorority nickname like “Captain Carpet”, or “Sir Sweater Vest” could be damaging to your ego as well as your reputation which could haunt you the rest of your glory days in college! Don’t be that guy with the unsightly back and body hair. Now is the time to get your baKblade and get that smooth and sleek back and be ready for the fun to begin. Unfortunately, millions of men are plagued with unsightly back hair. This isn’t a problem any longer with baKblade. BaKblade is an affordable DIY back hair shaver that removes hair quickly and without pain. This can be used while you are wet or dry. You don’t need the assistance of anyone else and is easy to use. The unique patented blade cartridges leave a smooth shave and are designed to minimize the risk of cutting. Available now on or and Don’t worry it will arrive to you in a discreet package and your secret is safe with us. Never let back hair get between you and the ladies again. Because here at baKblade, “we’ve got your baK”.

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get in shape | HEALTH

Easy Steps to Get in Shape This School Year BY ANA VEGAS

Advice on how to get fit and healthy for the school year


new school year is always a good chance to work on your health and improve your appearance. When we’re at school, we always want to look the best we can but sometimes we are left with some unwanted side-effects in our body from eating excessive food and lack of physical activity. I will share with you some effective tips to get in shape and feel healthier during the rest of the school year. 1 START A DETOX PROGRAM: Detoxing could be as simple as eliminating dairy from your diet or cutting out sugar in your drinks. Detox programs act as an excellent kickoff for a healthier lifestyle and for eliminating the toxins you may have built-up during the holidays. They help clean your organism, boost your energy, make your skin look better and also help you to lose weight in short term.

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2 START CONSUMING DIURETIC DRINKS: Sometimes the reason for our extra weight is fluid retention, so the best way to avoid and offset its effects is drinking diuretic teas or infusions every day to stimulate the production of urine. Experts recommend them before breakfast as they help your body start the day off better. The most recommended are green tea, lemons,

watermelon, cucumber and pineapple juices. Believe it or not, these could even help you lose some of those pesky pounds. These drinks are also a big source of vitamin A, C and E which benefit your overall health whilst promoting healthy looking skin. 3 MINIMIZE SIMPLE CARBS INTAKE: Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in any diet and when you quit them, your body is forced to transform its fat reserves into energy. Even so, you should know there are two types of carbs: Simple carbs are those composed of fiber, starch and sugar (e.g. baked goods, pie, cookies and white bread) while complex carbs are basically fiber and starch (e.g. broccoli, quinoa, apples, carrots and whole wheat bread). If your goal is to lose and control your weight, you must reduce simple carbs or substitute them for complex carbs. This will help your body burn fat, feel fuller for longer and will make your belly appear flatter. 4 SLEEP: This is essential if you want to

feel and look better. Numerous studies have proven the correlation between good sleep habits and weight control. People who sleep at least eight hours per day are more likely to see better result in their weight-loss programs. Additionally, you will look more radiant, relaxed and have more energy during the day. With the college year underway, your sleep habits might be affected due to the expected increase in academic activities. Try to adjust your schedule in order to enjoy the hours of sleep you need.

5 ART DOING SOME PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: ST In case you don’t workout frequently, this is a great opportunity to become more active, so choose a sport club or activity to join in this academic year. Start walking, running or swimming—even when it could be hard at the beginning, a few days into your routine will see your body demanding more rigorous workouts and you’ll start seeing results. 6 DRINK WATER: Drinking a substantial amount of water daily has well-known benefits for healthy insides and for the appearance of your skin. This can be a tricky habit to kickstart and maintain if you don’t already do it, so start off by taking a bottle of water with you everywhere and sip constantly during the day. If you have problems reminding yourself to do it, set some alarms or mark your bottle with the hours at which you must drink. After doing this for few days, drinking water will become a good habit. 7 CHANGE YOUR MEALS: Experts recommend eating five little meals during the day; this could be hard if you are busy doing any activity. So, instead of having five little meals, try to schedule two healthy snacks for both mid-morning and evening. The key is to choose the right food depending on the time. During the morning, it is good to choose fruits due to their high fiber content. While in the evening, the best options are nuts, pumpkin seeds or protein bars since they help balance your blood sugar level at a time when we usually feel tired and sleepy, giving an immediate energy boost. cn | Winter 2016

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POLITICS | transgender debate

Staying Safe on Campus Is Not Necessarily a Right—apparently BY MAX TROJA


016 has been a rollercoaster year of equal rights and progressivisms for the United States. Same-sex marriage rights have been federally mandated by the US Supreme Court for a full year now and we have more and more LGBT characters in media than ever before. However, many states across the nation are implementing and enforcing a new law banning transgender folk from using the public bathrooms that match the gender they identify with. They instead require that they use the bathrooms of the gender they were assigned at birth; something reminiscent of “one step forward, two steps back.”

Many conservative lawmakers in North Carolina signed the “Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act” into law in March of 2016. This law prevents transgender people from using their appropriate bathrooms. North Carolina governor, Pat McCrory, signed the law with defenders claiming it would prevent male criminals entering the women’s restroom to assault someone. Regardless of how statistically improbable this situation is, this boils down to the fact that these states are targeting and persecuting trans people for the actions of criminals with zero affiliation to trans lifestyles. The ban of trans students


using their appropriate bathrooms affects not only those on college campuses, but every public restroom in those states. For many students, college is a time to discover yourself, learn more about yourself and express yourself in ways you may not want to or be able to back at home. However, this new bill is making these college campuses unsafe spaces for trans students who are now forced to use the bathrooms of the gender they were assigned at birth. By being forced to use these incorrect bathrooms, trans students are made vulnerable to harassment and assault. Furthermore, it can stunt their transition and drastically hinder any steps they were taking towards openly being themselves. Some schools, such as California’s UC Irvine, have taken small

steps towards student safety by introducing large amounts of gender neutral bathrooms. This is a move that gives students safety as well as giving more bigoted individuals a sense of security still. Laws like this that are imposed on students currently transitioning, are inherently harmful and damaging no matter what “good intentions” the lawmakers had in mind at the time of legislation. A trans student from North Carolina, who chose to remain anonymous, disclosed that they “don’t really feel safe going to school [in North Carolina] anymore. It’s scary to think that there are actual laws telling me I can’t be myself safely.” Instead, these laws force trans students into potentially harmful situations—something schools are supposed to be avoiding. As the new school year gets underway, it is important to remember that one thing—and one thing only—should be the top priority of universities and colleges across the United States: the safety of the students. However, this bill, passed by North Carolina and considered in states such as South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin, disregards the safety of ALL students and instead chooses to turn a blind eye to trans students. Every student should have the right to feel safe on their school’s campus. Targeting individuals with outdated laws that have no place in a more progressive 2016 is a mistake made by these schools, who need to be held accountable. Students deserve safety. cn

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How the new transgender bathroom laws are affecting college campuses

Winter 2016 |

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women’s rights | POLITICS


Women’s Rights W

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hile we, as a nation, readily agree with the credence of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” which has served as the underpinning for our claim as the “land of the free, home of the brave”, many of our legislations have been consistently on the wrong side of history in respect to the innate rights of women. In 2016, an influx of bills, mandates and lawsuits bring to mind the question: To what extent will we allow government regulation to impede the inherent rights a woman has to her body? Anti-abortion organization The Center for Medical Progress, founded by David Daleiden in 2013, launched an extreme “undercover” exposé on the alleged “organ trafficking” said to be prolific within Planned Parenthood. By establishing a fraudulent biomedical research company named Biomax Procurement Services, the biased video releases lead many politicians to request a criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood. The misreported narrative shows Deborah Nucatola, the Planned Parenthood senior director of medical services, speaking candidly regarding the price of fetal body parts. With the insertion of heavily edited videos during the primary debates, this has become a political issue for both the Republican and Democratic parties. Most Republicans have denounced and called for the defunding of PP. However, on July 23 during a campaign stop in S.C, Hillary Clinton (Democratic

party) said of the videos that “an attack on the organization is an attack on women’s constitutional right to an abortion”. The right-wing agenda pushed by these videos misinformed the public, disregarding that most researchers who use fetal tissue study fetal development, fetal abnormalities and diseases of the fetus. Instead, they insist that organizations such as Planned Parenthood are committing the illegal crime of “organ trafficking” as defined by Title 42. However, Title 42 of the U.S code reads: “It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human organ for valuable consideration for use in human transplantation if the transfer affects interstate commerce.” This, however, does not extend to fetal tissue. A grand jury in Harris County, Texas, cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing and indicted Daleiden and the employee on felony charges for tampering with governmental records. The aftermath, however, is felt in right-wing, conservative states like Indiana. On March 24 2016, current Vice President-elect Mike Pence quietly signed the unconstitutional House Bill 1337 dubbed the “Heartbeat Act” to impose the most restrictive abortion law in the country. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines reproductive rights as the following: “Reproductive rights rest on the recognition of the basic right of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly

the number, spacing and timing of their children and to have the information and means to do so, and the right to attain the highest standard of sexual and reproductive health. They also include the right of all to make decisions concerning reproduction free of discrimination, coercion, and violence.” While reproductive rights have been in discussion since the United Nation’s 1968 International Conference on Human Rights, no legally binding law has been set forth. This allows this issue to continue to fall in favor of the argument with the strongest supporters. Your rights cannot be taken from you if you are educated in the power it appoints you. With the naïve hope that millennials will seek factual evidence to support their beliefs, I submit this article as the reference point to seek the truth. cn

Anti-abortion Campaigns: The Facts • The establishment of anti-abortion organizations are largely influenced by Dr. Kermit Gosnell—the abortionist convicted of three counts of murder in April 2013 (acquitted of a fourth). • The National Right to Life committee advocates for the passage of the “Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act”—providing nationwide protection for unborn children capable of feeling pain from 20-22 weeks. • Nucatola “describes” that the average cost of transporting and storing [fetal tissue] is $30-$100 per patient and facility, a cost associated with collection, processing, storage, inventory and record management of the same. The average cost of this is realistically $100-150/per. | Winter 2016

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marijuana arrests | POLITICS

Marijuana Arrests in Colorado BY ADRIEANNA COCO


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n 2012, Colorado became the first state approving the recreational use of marijuana. Amendment 64 was the result of some group efforts that promoted the positive impact it would have on society. It’s been almost four years since the 55.32 percent of voters approved the retail sale and possession of marijuana in Colorado, and many experts agree with the positive effect this regulation has had on society—as was expected. But even when the positive results are remarkable, an issue that continues to create concern is the racial disparity in the rate of marijuana-related arrests. According to a Drug Policy Alliance’s study, since the first retail marijuana store opened on Jan. 1, 2014, the state of Colorado has benefitted from a decrease in crime rates, traffic fatalities, an increase in tax revenue, economic output from retail marijuana sales and an increase in jobs. But the most remarkable positive effect has been the reduction of the arrests for possession of marijuana, which have decreased by 46 percent. Even so, this percentage of decreased arrests vary for white, black and Latino

people. Another study, released in March 2016 for the Department of Public Safety, reflect a decrease in arrests of 51 percent of white people, 33 percent of Hispanics and 25 percent of African-Americans. This marked difference evidences a notable disparity apparently based on racial criteria, since some studies made for departments of public health have proven that there isn’t a racial difference in who actually smokes marijuana—all of these groups do it in the same proportion. What is more concerning about this is the fact that this disparity affects a bigger proportion of young people. While the number of white juvenile arrests decreased by eight percent, black and Latino arrests increased by 29 percent and 58 percent, respectively. The drug policy expert, Keith Humphreys, explained in an interview with National Public Radio the possible causes of this disparity. One being that police do more patrols and get more calls in neighborhoods of color, while another reason, according to their studies, is that

the legal marijuana industry is primarily white-owned. This fact provides an easy access of marijuana for white people, and leaves the illegal market disproportionately composed of people of color. Experts are studying the reason for this difference and looking for possible solutions to prevent and minimize the negative effects that these arrests can have in the life of young people. These negative effects can include a permanent criminal record that can easily be found by employers, landlords, schools, credit agencies and banks. cn | Winter 2016

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Š ES PN i m agES

college football | 2016 season roundup


Winter 2016 |

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2016 seaon roundup | COLLEGE FOOTBALL

College Football 2016 Season Roundup

This season brought to the forefront some questions: Can Alabama repeat? Has Jim Harbaugh brought Michigan all the way back? With just a few weeks to go, the answers surface in another typically interesting college football season BY Steve Sadler


labama entered the season on its usual terms; a suffocating defense and questions at quarterback— which is exactly how they started the 2015 season. That season ended with a thrilling 45-40 victory over Clemson in the National Championship game after destroying Michigan State 38-0 in the semifinals.

seemed to be the biggest conference threat to the Crimson Tide when the season began. However, lackluster losses to Wisconsin and Auburn ended the Miles-era in Baton Rouge. Miles was unceremoniously fired after just four games and a 2-2 record. Michigan’s Harbaugh was a lightning rod of controversy during the off-season. With quirky recruiting stories and his often goofy behavior aside, as this season progressed, Harbaugh had already convinced many he was

© ES PN i m agES

Crimson Tide coach, Nick Saban, rarely puts too heavy a load on his quarterback. Typically

armed with a dominant offensive line, strong running game and great defenses, he has won national championships without flashy quarterback play in the past. But Saban found a dual pass and run-threat in true freshman quarterback, Jalen Hurts. Hurts gives the Tide a dangerous new look to go with perhaps its best defensive team ever. In short: yes, they look like the favorite to win the national championship again. LSU and its embattled coach, Les Miles,

Crimson Tide | Winter 2016

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02/12/2016 11:46

college football | 2016 season roundup

Ohio State Buckeyes

Washington Huskies


Winter 2016 |

CN13.College Football(1).indd 20

02/12/2016 10:33

© ES PN i m agES

last-second loss at home to North Carolina in week five which eliminated the Seminoles from the Playoff picture. Florida State had been a sexy pick to win it all in the pre-season but has had three losses this year after it also lost to Clemson. Michigan State’s drop from last year’s Big Ten champion to being 2-7 at one point this season, is perhaps the biggest shock off them all. While these perennial powers struggled, Louisville surged behind Heisman Trophyleading candidate, Lamar Jackson, whose dazzling quarterbacking had the Cardinals thinking playoffs until they were hammered by Houston. Now there are just a few weeks left before we know who is in this year’s fourteam playoff. cn

© ES PN I m agES

ready to have the Wolverines contending in the Big Ten. The defense, headed by Jabrill Peppers, has dominated and Michigan was unbeaten until its Nov. 11 loss at Iowa. Nov. 11 turned out to be a tumultuous day in college football as #2 Clemson, #3 Michigan and #4 Washington were all upset victims; the first time since 1985 that this had happened on the same Saturday. But for Harbaugh, the final game of the regular season at Ohio State will be the ultimate test. Besides the league title, playoff and ranking implications, he must still be smarting from the surprisingly lopsided 42-13 loss to the Buckeyes last year at Michigan. Urban Meyer is in his fifth year as coach at Ohio State and they were ranked ahead of the Wolverines heading into this year’s big game. Meyer is retooling after a nearrecord 12 Buckeyes were drafted in the first four rounds of the NFL draft in April. That included the third overall pick, Joey Bosa, and fourth choice, Ezekiel Elliott, in the draft. With J.T. Barrett as quarterback and a host of young, inexperienced players stepping up, the Buckeyes have been one of the most impressive teams in the country this year. Big wins on the road at Oklahoma and Wisconsin have the Buckeyes in at #2 in the country. However, a blocked field goal return for touchdown by Penn State late in the game gave the Buckeyes a surprise loss. Stanford and its all-purpose running back,

Christian McCaffrey, looked like the best team in the PAC-12 early on—until they ran into red-hot Washington. The Washington Huskies 44-6 win in week five is one of the most shocking margins of victory between two top teams this year. The Huskies still have some work to do following their 26-13 loss to USC, but former Boise State coach, Chris Petersen, has guided his team into potential Playoff territory. This season has also seen its share of disappointing teams. Notre Dame lost six of its first nine games and fired defensive coordinator, Brian VanGorder, after the Fighting Irish’s shocking loss to Duke at home in week four. Florida State got blitzed at Louisville, 63-20, before suffering a








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tailgating 101 | College football

Coping Tailgating 101 on With Campus MIKE & MIKE BY Julia Johnston


© ES PN I m agES

hen it comes to sports-talk radio, one name comes to mind: Mike. Well, it’s actually two Mike’s in particular, Golic and Greenberg, the hosts of ESPN’s radio talk show Mike and Mike in the Morning. The duo, who have been together since 1998, moved into television in 2005, when their show began airing on ESPN2. It’s safe to say these guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to football and they are downright aficionados when it comes to tailgating. Mike and Mike, who recently partnered with Lee Jeans, bestow upon us the holy rules of tailgating. Superstitions and fashion advice ensue! College News: Let’s start off with a big one: What city do you think has the best tailgate reputation and why? Golic: Well, like you’ll see in the Lee Jeans Survey, so many people say Green Bay, which is a fantastic place. I got to play there when I was in the NFL, and it’s like a religious experience for a player. The tailgating is incredible because of the smell of brats everywhere. For me, I like Kansas City, I’m a big barbecue guy, and I love the smell of that stadium and all the barbecued foods. I lean to the red of Kansas City.

Greenberg: I like San Francisco. If you’ve ever gone to a football tailgate at San Francisco, they’ve got lobster on the grill, they’ve got Caesar salad. They’ve got good white wine. As far as I’m concerned, we’re dressing up our tailgate a little bit and that’s what I like. That’s what I appreciate. You take your basics and you dress them up. So you have Lee Jeans, which are comfortable enough for Golic

As far as I’m concerned, tailgating is such a unique part of Americana. I’ll take my football tailgating Saturdays, Sundays, or any day of the week


but they’re stylish enough that you can dress them up with a nice shirt. You can put a blazer on if you like. An open neck. You can wear some boots or something like

that. So you look good when you’re going to your tailgate. You take selfies and you’re feeling good about yourself watching your team win. CN: Now onto to the more serious question: team jerseys. Should they be tucked in? GR: Oh my goodness, no. GO: Oh no. GR: If anyone—besides one of the players in the game—has a tucked in a jersey, they require immediate assistance. GO: Anyone like that stops at my tailgate, I’d give them the move along sign. Just move it along, you’re not stopping at my tailgate. CN: Do you think that superstition dictates the way people dress across the country at tailgates? GR: Certainly does for me. GO: No. GR: I’ll tell you a quick story. In 1982, the New York Jets made a run all the way to the AFC Championship game. My family ate dinner—the same dinner—in the same restaurant, every single night. Pete’s Tavern on Irving Place, in Lower | Winter 2016

CN14.Tailgating 101.indd 23


29/11/2016 12:18

COLLEGE FOOTBALL | tailgating 101

Manhattan. I had the same dinner every single night, spaghetti with sausages, because they were making this run. I believe strongly in that. So if your team is winning, you go to the tailgate, you got your Lee Jeans. You wear the same shirt; whatever it was you were wearing the first time, you keep wearing it. Whatever time you arrived, that’s when you arrive. Whatever it is that you ate and drank, you eat and drink. Until they lose. Then you can reset, but until then the karma is working, don’t mess with it. GO: Not me, I wear whatever I want. Eat whatever I want. And I don’t worry about all that. It’s too much work for me.

CN: Pro or college football, what fans throw the most epic tailgates in your opinion? GO: I’d go college. Pro is nice, but you’re in the stadium, you’re in the parking lot of the stadium in a big city. In college, you’re in a parking lot, but then you have the campus. You can walk

I wear whatever I want. Eat whatever I want. And I don’t worry about all that. It’s too much work for me


around and check it out. If your school is visiting another college, you go to that, you see a different campus. You can walk around. There’s just more of that collegiate experience. The biggest key, is you can tailgate all day Saturday and Saturday night, sleep in on Sunday. If you tailgate all day Sunday, you got to get up for work Monday and that could be difficult. GR: I tend to be more of a pro football fan than a college football fan, though I’m actually coming around on that a little bit. But as far as I’m concerned, tailgating is such a unique part of Americana. I’ll take my football tailgating Saturdays, Sundays, or any day of the week. CN: Thank you so much for talking with us. Where can we find more about the survey results you mentioned? GO: Survey results are very easy to find, just like the name of our show is Mike and Mike, this can’t be any easier: GR: Even Golic can spell it. cn

© ES PN I m agES

CN: What about tailgating food staples? GO: For me, the staples are: hot dogs, brats, cheeseburgers, and a beer in each hand. And I think I’m good. GR: Yeah, and I don’t mind any of those. I like the staples, but I like to dress them up a little bit. If you’re going to do hamburgers or hot dogs, why don’t you caramelize some onions? Why don’t you roast some peppers? Why don’t you do a

little something to dress it up? Which, again, goes back to our theme, you’ve got the comfort food, but let’s make it a little more stylish. You’ve got the comfortable jeans from Lee, let’s make them a little more stylish. As the case may be, in this case, Lee has taken care of that for you. They’re stylish enough to wear anywhere.


Winter 2016 |

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29/11/2016 11:48

group of five | COLLEGE FOOTBALL

Group of Five: Teams to Watch BY steve sadler

Not only was 2015 a banner year for the Group of Five conferences in college football, it was a preview as to what would come in 2016


© ES PN I m agES

ast season, Toledo won at Arkansas. Bowling Green won on the road at two Big Ten schools (Maryland and Purdue). Memphis whipped Ole Miss (the only team that beat Alabama last season) and Houston toppled Florida State in the Peach Bowl. And while the Power Five conferences—led by the SEC and the Big 10 and including the ACC; Big 12 and Pac 12—will continue to dominate getting teams into the College Football Playoffs and into most of the top Bowl games, the Group of Five had several distinguished teams in 2015 and 2016 with several signature wins. The Group of Five conferences include the Mid-American Conference, Conference USA, Mountain West, Sun Belt and American Athletic Conference. These schools often toil in the shadow of the

traditional Group of Five schools but they made plenty of noise in 2015. So what happened during the 2016 season? On the first weekend of the season, Houston (AAC) beat pre-season #3 Oklahoma by 10 points. That win firmly put the Cougars in the discussion for the playoff—something no Group of Five school has achieved under the new system. Since then they have lost twice and are unfortunately now out of that discussion. Houston wasn’t alone in beating a Power Five school this season: • Western Michigan (MAC) beat Northwestern and Illinois of The Big Ten • Sun Belt’s Southern Alabama topped SEC team Mississippi State • San Diego State (Mountain West) upended

Cal of the Pac 12. • Central Michigan (MAC) shocked ranked Oklahoma State of the Big 12. One of the reasons is that the Group of Five continues to feature some of the brightest young coaches in the country. In fact, the hardest thing about being a good Group of Five school is hanging on to your coach. Last year, Memphis, Bowling Green and Toledo lost their coaches to Power Five schools. Expect Houston and Western Michigan to be among the teams who lose theirs following the 2016 season. After all, both Nick Saban of Alabama and Urban Meyer of Ohio State, the nation’s top two coaches, started their head coaching careers in the Group of Five; Saban at Toledo and Meyer at Bowling Green. Expect that trend to continue. cn | Winter 2016

CN17.Five Schools Football.indd 25


29/11/2016 11:50

SEX & DATING | #ctol

Being Married to an

NFL Footballer M

arriage in the ordinary household is a huge commitment and a test of love like no other, but how would this compare to being married to an NFL football player? We talk to Junior Aumavae’s wife, Jenna, as she gives us an insight on what marriage to this professional football player is really like.

It was very difficult to be away from him for weeks on end, but he is very kind and loving so his affection and attention made the distance a little easier to bear


CN: Did you know right away that he was “The One”? JA: On our first date, he was so completely and unapologetically himself. I knew he was the one that night. CN: Could you give us a little background about his career and what his current schedule is like? JA: He graduated college and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. He later played for the New York Jets and most recently began working with the WWE. He is gone nearly six months of the year.

© 123R F

College News: For starters, we have to ask the obvious question: How did you meet Junior Aumavae? Jenna Aumavae: Through mutual friends at a charity event in Green Bay, Wisconsin.



Winter 2016 |

CN21.CTOL rev 2.indd 26

02/12/2016 11:52

#ctol | SEX & DATING

CN: When you first started dating, was it difficult adjusting to his lifestyle?

JA: It was very difficult to be away from him for weeks on end, but he is very kind and loving so his affection and attention made the distance a little easier to bear. CN: During football season, how often do you see him? Are there times when you spend weeks apart? If so, how do you cope with the separation? JA: When he is playing, I see him every six to eight weeks. It is through his strength and our faith in God that helps me cope. He always makes me feel special and loved. We do bible study every night to keep our relationship protected and positive. CN: How many children do you have? How do you help them stay strong during times he is gone? JA: We have four children. FaceTime is a huge blessing!

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CN: During his travels, do you and the kids ever join him, making it a “family trip”? JA: Visits have to be kept to

short periods of time because it is very important for him to stay focused. We spend tons of quality time together when he is home. CN: What are some of the most memorable experiences you’ve shared together involving his career? JA: I’ll never forget the first time he was away from me after we started dating. It had been six weeks and I missed him terribly. I stepped off the plane and he was waiting for me. I’ll never forget the feeling of running to his arms. The most memorable times are the hardest times of his career, though. When he was cut or worked out for a team that didn’t give him an offer, he was so strong, confident and resilient.

On our first date he was so completey and unapologetically himself. I knew he was the One that night


CN: Football can be a dangerous sport. Has he faced any minor or severe injuries since you’ve been together? How do you stay strong for your family knowing the risk he’s involved in? JA: It’s tough, that’s for sure. He has had a back injury and knee surgery since we’ve been together. Faith in God’s plan for him and for our family always gives us the strength we need to get through those times. Plus, I love taking care of my husband, so I don’t mind having him home and waiting on him hand and foot at all. CN: How does your extended family feel about you being married to a professional football player? JA: Both of our families think it’s so awesome! They love to cheer for him.

CN: Given the competitive nature of his industry, I’m sure there are times when his career can be stressful. What would you suggest to other football spouses to help them stay positive? JA: A family that prays together stays together. Keep God first in your marriage and he will walk with you and show you the way. CN: I imagine his career can be time consuming. As a couple, how do you balance work and family life? JA: We make the best of every second we get to be together. We have fun and we work hard every day to keep home life a happy life. CN: If you could describe your marriage in three words what would they be? JA: Blessing from God. CN: What’s in store for his career in the future and where do you see your life together in 10 years? JA: He will retire from football this year but continue a career path of a professional athlete. In 10 years, I’m thinking we will be relaxing in Samoa, living off the land in which my husband was born. Well, at least that is where we’d like to be...but realistically we hope to be pastoring a church, taking lots of vacations, and spending years of quality time together. cn | Winter 2016

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natives in school | FEATURES

n i s e v i t a N School:

Coping on Campus BY DAVID MORALES


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or a variety of historical and cultural reasons, conventional education is often devalued among Native American students in North America. Because of the history of boarding schools in the United States and the residential schools in Canada, approaching western modes of education can be a challenge. The children that attended these schools experienced many traumatic losses. They were exposed to physical, psychological and sexual abuse that carried on for years. As a result, many Native Americans today suffer from a cultural disconnection that remains at the heart of our nation. But what can Native students do to help enhance their education? Cultural isolation and poverty are only a few factors that come into play when discussing Native experiences on campus. Acknowledging educational disparity is important, but recognizing that it also intersects with race, class and gender is equally important. These multidimensional constructs interplay and affect education, adjustment, substance abuse and crime; consequently overwhelming Native communities. According to the National Center

for Education Statistics (NCES), Native students have the lowest graduation rates for public high school in the United States—and that’s not all. Statistically, Native students have some of the most troubling numbers against them. According to Indian Country Today Media Network reporter, Simon Moya-Smith,

Every [Native] alive today has been affected by the policy of assimilation implemented by the United States government not that long ago


“Native American students will continue to remain the minority among minorities through 2019, according to federal government projections”. The NCES also reports that the number of Native students will gradually decrease through the next

five years and drop from 1.1 percent to 1 percent. Meanwhile, the U.S. Census Report projects that the Native population will increase. It is fair to say that Native students deal with a much different type of stress than their peers. “Every [Native] alive today has been affected by the policy of assimilation implemented by the United States government not that long ago,” stated Simon Moya-Smith. And there is new evidence that suggests that Native students experience stress due to intergenerational trauma. According to Michelle M. Sotero, an instructor in health care administration and policy at the University of Nevada, intergenerational trauma is a symptom of psychological distress that offers a three phase definition. In the first phase, mass trauma is inflicted such as colonization or war. In the second phase, signs of clinical trauma are present. Finally, the trauma is passed along to the next generation. Sotero goes on to explain how intergenerational trauma continues to undermine psychosocial health and overall emotional well-being. It has also been linked with more contemporary stressor experiences. | Winter 2016

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FEATURES | natives in school

families, then what happens? If you’re my daughter and you leave your dress out, I’ll knock you through that wall. Why? Because I’m taught discipline,” Wright said. Boarding schools and residential schools in Canada directed a platform toward assimilation and migration, rather than preparing students academically, socially or vocationally for urban life. The intent was clear; it was to completely transform them inside and out. Teachers who educate Native children today must understand this history. They must treat each child as an individual within the tribal structure and not a product of their disposition. It is also important to understand that students from collective cultures have a different scope of identity formation and motivational outcomes. Native students can be exposed to new and exciting ways in which different communities have worked to reconstruct the foundations of familial systems that are directly related to the education of their children. One educator in Canada does that by teaching about the power of healing. Shibastik is a Northern Cree painter, lyricist and hip-hop artist. He is a member of the Moose Cree First Nation, Moosonee, Ont. He is a proud hunter and was taught to live off the land utilizing the traditional seven grandfather teachings. Through his work in human services, Shibastik has received a wide variety of training in everything from

cognitive and dialecticalbehavioral therapy, to building sweat lodges and managing sharing circles. He also runs a series of workshops called Healing Through Hip Hop and Hurt People Workshop, which focuses primarily on a discussion of the intergenerational effects of the residential schools in Canada. “We do not have these issues because we are Native,” says Shibastik. “We have these issues as a direct result of our historical trauma.” Shibasitik told College News from a camp near Moose River, Ont., that he hopes to raise awareness about intergenerational trauma and to promote healing. His workshops focus on that very issue and illustrates a way for Native youth to cope. The reconnection and return of Native people once separated from their traditions involves both unity and selfdetermination, but it is collaboration and the strengthening of kinship systems that will direct their recovery. To overcome the devastation of the federal government’s policy of assimilation and to heal from the boarding school movement, we must listen to the voices of our children and the wisdom of our elders. cn


Boarding schools were established by the US military with the belief that Native culture was inferior to modern society and that Native children could be successfully assimilated by adopting Christian beliefs. “An Army officer, Richard Pratt, founded the first of these schools. He based it on an education program he had developed in an Indian prison,” said NPR reporter, Charla Bear. Tens of thousands of Native children attended boarding and residential schools and many of them faced inhumane abuses. For the United States and Canadian government, this was the solution to the so-called Indian problem. Students were taught to suppress their Native language and were discouraged from practicing their traditions. They lived in substandard conditions and were exposed to government experiments, torture and rape. NPR reporter Charla Bear, tells the first hand story of a survivor. In 1945, Bill Wright, a Patwin Indian, was sent to the Stewart Indian School in Nevada at the age of six. Wright remembers an administrator at the school striking a student. “Busted his head open and blood got all over,” Wright recalls. “I had to take him to the hospital, and they told me to tell them he ran into the wall and I better not tell them what really happened.” Wright explains how he still is haunted by nightmares from the severe discipline and talks about how he and other former students have inadvertently re-created that harsh environment within their own families. “You grow up with discipline, but when you grow up and you have


Winter 2016 |

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getting around campus | LIFESTYLE

Getting Around

Campus I

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f you thought your high school grounds were huge, you obviously haven’t been on a college campus yet. College feels like a small city of its own and navigating your way around it can be quite daunting—particularly when you’ve noticed that two consecutive classes are at opposite ends. We’ve compiled a list of must-dos when it comes to getting around campus. MAPS Paper maps may seem out-of-date but Google Maps can’t help you with this one. Each college faculty will have a stock piled high of campus maps for students, so take advantage of these. Consider taking a day before classes begin to work your way around campus grounds and get to grips with the map. Mark in color pen the buildings you will be spending the most time in.

MEMORIZE LANDMARKS When exploring your new campus, you’ll probably notice that there are some art statues, car parks or quirky buildings plotted about. These are landmarks and it’s these memorable features that will stick in your mind way before you know your route like the back of your hand. When you find the buildings your classes take place in, take note of the closest landmark and write this down on your map. If all else fails when you’re running late to class—hunt down the landmark! PUBLIC TRANSPORT College campuses generally have public transport systems in place that cater to students—making them a cheaper and safer means of transport. Routes to any major town or city will be marked out with the associated bus best to use. Because these

buses cater to students, they will run in to the early hours of the morning, delivering you straight back to campus grounds after a big night out. Head to the college reception desk to grab a timetable and tuck it in to your organizer for the rest of the year. JOIN A CLUB BASED ON CAMPUS One of the great things about campus life is the countless clubs, sports groups and societies you can join. These are beneficial for numerous reasons but particularly for acquainting yourself with your new home. The first group get-together may be an orientation of the campus, or if it’s a sports group, perhaps a jogging lap of the same. Joining a club is also a great way to meet peers with similar interests to your own—a definite win-win situation. cn | Winter 2016

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Tabletote Thousands of students nationwide have already changed their studying habits by using Tabletote. What are you waiting for? Head over to to order yours TODAY. For more information, you can also visit the company website at OR call 314-265-7071. Tired of getting to the library and seeing nothing but full tables or trying to study on your bed which just puts you straight to sleep? The Tabletote is the perfect piece of survival equipment for studying on-the-go or at home! This handy companion can be assembled and used anywhere from the dorm room to outside or anywhere that a stable work surface doesn’t exist. This convenient workspace sets up in just seconds and without tools. Tabletote is available in two models - Original and Plus. The Original Tabletote weighs less than 3.5 lbs and comes with lightweight aluminum telescoping legs that can extend from 13” to 29”, enabling you to have a versatile space to use while sitting or standing. The Plus model offers the same great features as the Original, plus two clip on

accessories for your cup and PDA. Both models can easily fit in backpacks and most laptop carrying cases - transport size is 13” long x 10 1/8” wide x 1 1/8” thick when fully compacted. Both models also offer an offer a large extendable work surface, allowing for an external mouse or even a portable projector! You can also order with ease and confidence knowing that Tabletote is sold EXCLUSIVELY on (It’s been one of Amazon’s best selling laptop stands since 2009). PC TABLES Inc., the manufacturer of Tabletote, has been in business for over 14 years - they’re a trusted company with a 30-day money back guarantee. Tabletote is a steal at $29.99, compared to many other laptop stands which sell for $75-$100!

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managing stress | FEATURES

Five Tips

to Manage Stress at School BY ANA VEGAS


nce a new school year begins or when final exams approach, it is usual to feel stressed out due to the huge amount of tasks and issues we have to take care of. Experts have demonstrated that moderate stress is normal and even beneficial for our balance. The problem comes when stress gets out of control and becomes an obstacle for our regular activities. In some cases it leads us to feel physical symptoms. Controlled stress pushes us to work hard and get results, while excessive stress can have an impact on our performance and our health. This is why it’s important to know and practice simple little steps to avoid and reduce its effects. 1 PLAN AHEAD: Stress is our body’s

F R 321 ©

reaction to unknown situations. When we have to face a new situation, our body activates our defenses in order to overcome it. For this reason, planning ahead is the best way to avoid it. There will always be unexpected situations; the key is to reduce them and try to have control over anything that could happen. Keep an organizer or diary to keep track of all your classes, assignments and upcoming tests. Even your social activities could be included in this organizer, since this gives you the chance to plan better and avoid any interference they may have with your academic duties.

2 AVOID PROCRASTINATION: While this point is closely related to the previous one, its importance calls for discussion. Procrastination is the act of avoiding tasks and is closely related to failure, leading us to have an unsuccessful career. When you procrastinate, you’re not only increasing your odds of failure in reaching your goals, you’re also contributing to increased levels of stress. All of us have to work with deadlines and according to schedules, so it is important not to leave tasks to the last moment. This only leaves you feeling stressed-out and affects the time you have for the rest of the activities included in your agenda. 3 FIND A HOBBY: This is a good way to have a break while still doing something productive. A hobby will make you feel relaxed and boost that feeling of passion and purpose in life. When you do something you really enjoy, you feel happy and motivated. This will also make you manage your time more efficiently in order to combine your hobbies with your academic life. 4 WORKOUT: Many studies have proven that committing to any type of exercise on a daily basis has numerous benefits

for our body and mental health. It helps to improve our mood, feel relaxed and energized and regulates our sleeping habits. It is not necessary to pay for a gym membership or join a sports club—even though this is a good idea—it is enough to walk 30 minutes each day to balance your mood, clear your thoughts and feel more relaxed. If you’re studying hard for a test or facing an imminent deadline, take some breaks to walk around campus and get some fresh air while boosting your energy. 5 LISTEN TO MUSIC: Music is one of the best stress relievers; it has the power to make you feel calm or energized. Play around with creating different playlists for different moments in the day. Choose positive and upbeat music to boost your energy in the mornings and slow or instrumental music for evenings when it’s time to relax before sleeping. It is proven that classical songs are good for our concentration so you can even listen to music while studying! cn | Winter 2016

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02/12/2016 12:12 Praise for The Book on immediaTe self defense: “i believe these personal safety skills are very important and should be taught to all incoming freshman.” Jacquelyn Guilford, Phd, sonoma state University “self defense is important, and this book is fun, approachable reading on what could be a challenging subject.” Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author don’t reinvent the wheel. Work with an experienced expert and learn the best methods. do you represent a group and want Tony to present a lecture or hands-on workshop? Want to work out a large bulk order of the books for a special discount? Contact the author: Tony Johnson | (707) 364-6478

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protecting yourself on campus | LIFESTYLE

g n : i f t l c e e s t r o u r P Yo on Campus BY NIKKI SHEWMAKER





illions of students have returned to their campuses for a new school year. Between classes, keggers and sporting events as the semester is well underway, it’s easy to forget that college students are one of the easiest targets for crime and sexual assault. While most colleges make safety a top priority, there are a few tips you can follow to improve your personal safety and still have the full college experience. USE THE AMENITIES PROVIDED BY THE SCHOOL Every college campus has a security office and you should familiarize yourself with its location and the programs it offers to students and faculty. Download campus maps with suggested safety routes, use the emergency phone system on campus and take advantage of the late-night escort services. You need to be prepared for the times you end up out late at night or happen to find yourself in a scary situation.


INVEST IN SELF-DEFENSE ITEMS It’s always a good idea to have pepper spray on hand, even if you’re out in a group. Pepper spray comes in all shapes and sizes and can be carried in your hand, pocket and purse or on a key ring. If you’re out walking, you should always have it within easy reach. Test it out (away from innocent bystanders) after you purchase it to make sure the canister works.


KNOW YOUR LIMITS Sexual assault is the most prevalent crime across college campuses in the United States. One in four women and one in 16 men will be sexually assaulted during their college education and someone the victim knows will perpetrate the vast majority of those assaults. Collegeaged students often tend to go overboard when drinking at bars or parties. It’s important to know your limits and to have friends who will watch out for you if you happen to over-imbibe. If you are out and the rest of your group is calling it a night, you should too. Do not allow yourself to be put in a possibly dangerous situation, and never feel guilty for saying no and excusing yourself from anything that makes you uncomfortable. cn

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POWER IN NUMBERS It might sound trite, but it’s always safer to be with a group when walking around campus and the surrounding neighborhood at night or in the early morning. People walking alone are easy targets for crimes of opportunity. Stay safe and get someone to walk you to and from your car or dorm room whenever possible.

BE AWARE It’s easy to get caught up listening to Spotify or checking Facebook on your phone, but don’t let it interfere with your safety. Avoid possibly dangerous situations by turning down the volume and staying aware of your surroundings—keep your fancy electronics out of sight as much as possible. | Winter 2016

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= :-)

Want to keep up-to-date on everything that’s happening on campus, across the country and around the world? Follow us on Twitter (@CNcollegenews) and friend us on Facebook! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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school essentials | LIFESTYLE

Top Four School Essentials

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LIFESTYLE | school essentials

As winter rolls in, getting into the school grind can be tough. Here is a list of things that can help you get through the day Portable Phone Charger / Power bank: Whether you’ve been draining your cell phone’s battery by catching Pokémon or using GPS apps like Google Maps, a portable phone charger is going to come in handy to get you through your day—especially when you’re on the go. Portable power banks come in many colors and store varying amounts of energy. Many of the inexpensive ones store about one full charge for your cell phone. Larger ones can store three or more charges, but they tend to be bulkier and heavier than the one-charge power banks that you can toss into your pencil bag or purse.

thank you CarDS: Have some pretty stationery ready for when a friend goes out of

their way to do something for you, someone gives you a gift or a professor writes you a letter of recommendation. Writing a “thank you” card is a way to show appreciation that goes beyond an email or a text message. “Thank you” cards are often inexpensive when purchased in a box (as opposed to individually). You can find them in places like your college bookstore or Target’s $1 section (eight cards for a $1 pack of “thank you” cards is a fantastic deal and their designs are often beautiful and fresh-looking). aCaDemiC Planner: Stay on top of your assignments and deadlines with an academic planner. *Bonus: You can use the planner to keep track of club meetings, appointments and hangout plans too! cn

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Daily SunSCreen: While this may be a given for people who already do it regularly, it’s a habit that I only recently began. One of the most common pieces of advice I’ve received is to wear sunscreen. Whether you live with ample sunshine or ample clouds, daily sunscreen is a must for preventing skin

damage and premature wrinkles (your skin will thank you in 10 years—or sooner!) You can get a lighter formula and apply it to your face, neck, chest, arms, hands...anywhere the sun hits. You should still wear daily sunscreen on cloudy, snowy or rainy days. The goal is to prevent UV damage to your skin—clouds only block about 20 percent of the sun’s UV rays (so your skin is still being pelted with 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays). Make sure to protect your lips, too! I’ve known people to wear sunscreen but forget to protect their lips (either with sunscreen or lip-balm with sun protection). They suffered swollen, dry and flaky lips which resulted in a trip to the ER because of the pain. Ultimately, it’s best to get in the habit of wearing sunscreen everyday.


Winter 2016 |

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FASHION | holiday season decorations

Seasonal Decorations For Your Dorm

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Winter 2016 |

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holiday season decorations | FASHION

Get into the holiday mood with these cheap DIY decoration ideas for your dorm


he holiday season is the time for good food, pumpkin-spiced lattes and the cosy indoors—in theory. For students, the holiday season can be stressful with exams, essays and cold morning journeys to lectures. We’ve decided to help you get into the holiday season spirit with these great (and cheap!) ideas to decorate your dorm. Bring the holidays to you with endless festive décor inspiration for Christmas, New Year’s and the upcoming holidays.

DIY ornament tree

What good are baubles if your Christmas tree is non-existent? Use them to make the tree instead! Inspired by inmyownstyle. com, create an easy and inexpensive DIY bauble ornament tree. All you need is a box of different sized baubles in any color (we love gold, copper and white for great Christmas and New Year’s tones) and a knitting needle for the stand. Start with the larger baubles and slide four of the ball hooks down the length of the knitting needle to make it

Don’t let those candle jars go to waste!

Fill your dorm with the familiar smells of the holiday season by lighting Bath & Body Works holiday collection candles. When there’s nothing left of the candle, use the empty jars for a bit of DIY. Wash out leftover wax with hot water and wipe it clean, then apply a thin layer of clear-drying glue around the inside of the jar. Gently shake different types and colors of glitter into the inside of the jar for an even layer. Finally, pat out the excess glitter for a perfectly versatile decoration to suit the holidays. Stuff fairy lights in jars or vases for another quick and

festive DIY decoration for your dorm. Add sparkle with metallic spray paint—ensuring not to fully cover the jars—for a twinkling light experience.

Decorative food basket

Any student’s quest to stay healthy during Christmas is difficult with the temptation of candy and wholesome food. Make it a goal to have at least one piece of fruit every morning. Apples are fantastic fibrous and tasty fruits, so we suggest throwing one of these into your daily diet. To make it easier to remember to eat an apple, create a festive food basket to hold your fruits on your desk. Gather some seasonal foliage and nuts and pop them around your apples in the basket for a healthy holiday-themed decoration for your dorm. cn

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stand independently. Continue sliding the baubles on top of one another with ornaments getting smaller until the needle is no longer visible and finish with a little star. Check out for different variations of this decoration and inspiration for budget décor for the home. | Winter 2016

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LIFESTYLE | holiday gift guide

It’s a Wrap! Holiday gift ideas for your classmates BY KAYLEY LOVERIDGE

Ah! Sleigh-bells are ringing, carollers are singing, festive stalls are up and running—this can only mean one thing! The holidays are right around the corner. Perhaps the thing we often look forward to most (well, besides the gluttonous freedom the holiday season promises—chocolate, anyone?), is the giving and receiving of gifts. When the Secret Santa tradition calls, we’ve got you with these fab gift ideas for the classmate in mind.

The business student

If there’s any student that “dresses to impress”, it’s the business student. Suits aren’t just for meetings; they’re swell classroom attire too, don’t you know? A simple yet great idea for this student’s gift is a tie. Add a splash of color and personality to your pal’s wardrobe this holiday season for something that lasts year-round. Leather-bound organizers are a sophisticated accessory for remembering meeting and deadline dates—a great stocking-filler, too. For something personal, gift them with a businesscard holder, embossed with their initials.

The foreign languages student

Guten tag, hola, bonjour! If you have spare cash in your wallet, then nothing can beat a trip to Europe, obviously (one can hope!). But for something a little less expensive, other stellar gifts perfect for the language student include a monthly magazine subscription written in their language of choice. Bring foreign language fun to the dorm and pepper their fridge with language magnets for sentence structure games to do before breakfast.

The literature student

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Literature students will attest that books are not just for the study room but a place for escape; a place where imagination takes centre stage. The library is to the bookworm what a candy-shop is to children. Yes, books are read for “fun”, too! For the literature student, grab a limited-edition run of the works of their favorite poet for something sentimental. Perhaps give their couch personality and buy—or make—cushion covers with printed quotes or depictions of their favorite characters (Harry Potter, anyone?)


Winter 2016 |

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holiday gift guide | LIFESTYLE

The science student

Curious about the world around them, the science student is bound by their desire to learn as much as they can about the universe they live in. Whether they’re into astronomy or neuroscience, there’s plenty of fun, science-themed gifts for the scientist of the group. DNA and molecule-themed jewelry is sold all over the internet, ranging from serotonin and dopamine through to chocolate and caffeine. Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” is a wildly fascinating read and very easily accessible; a gift that will definitely be appreciated.

The music student

Famous writer Jack Kerouac once said, “The only truth is music”, and you can bet your music-loving friend feels the same way. Let them know you’re thinking about them this Christmas with a customized guitar pick; perfect whether they play guitar or just for a sweet keepsake. For something super personal, find the sheet music to their favorite song and frame it; cheap and effective, what’s not to love?

The art student

Who inspires your favorite artist to pick up a brush? Dali? Monet? Da Vinci? Replica prints are readily available and will brighten up any artist’s studio. These prints can be found in art galleries and boutique art shops all over the country at just a fraction of the actual painting’s cost. The fantastic thing about buying for art students, is that the possibilities are, quite literally, endless. Go beyond the generic “pens and paper” idea and buy your secret Santa nominee an artist’s apron with pockets for their brushes. Etsy is your friend when it comes to artsy gifts; go for a quirky iPhone case accessory with a faux water color palette design.

The history student

Take the historian deep into the darkest depths of Paris’ catacombs—all from the comfort of their couch. The English-translated version of “Catacombs of Paris” by venerable author, Gilles Thomas, is a must-have for anyone interested in France’s rich history. Perhaps ancient Egypt is where their interests lie? The Rosetta Stone was a decree issued on behalf of King Ptolemy V in Memphis, Egypt in 196 BC. A Rosetta Stone designed USB stick is not only an excellent accessory, they’re also useful for all of those lengthy history papers! cn

A little something extra… Not finished with your generosity? Throw a little something extra in the stocking this year: 2017 funky print journals—get friends organised for a new semester Mugs with motivational quotes printed on the sides Balls of colorful wool and knitting needles for the creative in the bunch 2017 calendars with influential academics on each month for the dorm This year’s best-seller for the reader Festive Christmas jumpers for that all important holiday snap! | Winter 2016

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Giraffe Razor Extension Handle In the evolution of the razor with all of its technological advances on getting a close shave; it has yet to evolve in the designing of a razor handle to include people limited in flexibility and mobility. How can you get a close shave if you cannot get close enough to shave? There is now an option for these women to shave their legs independently with comfort and safety. Introducing the Giraffe Razor Extension Handle, a shaving accessory designed to customize the length and angle of your premium disposable or reusable razor. The Giraffe’s Benefits Include: • Safety - Decreases the Risk of Falling • Comfort - Minimizes Lower Back Strain • Privacy, Independence and Time Management • Broadens Options for Wearing Comfortable Clothing • Positive Self-Image • Improve Quality of Life The Giraffe is available at Bed Bath & Beyond (In Select Stores), and

Campus approved Winter Boots As temperatures dip, choosing the optimal winter footwear is a quandary at college campuses across the country. Or it should be! Because we’re a stone’s throw from the University of Vermont, we have a window into the winter boot habits of college students in their native territory. Much to our collective horror, we’re seeing guys adapting their facial hair to the season without giving a thought to their footwear. In a recent heart to heart, a senior from San Francisco confessed that she’d yet to master the science of winter boot selection. She came east armed with her Frye Campus boots – the name should be resume enough, right? – without realizing that a leather heel was not going to keep her upright on icy streets or in slippery dining halls. Our mission is to save you from a layover at Health Services after you careen across the quad grabbing that 8 a.m. coffee. We think you’ll love Sorel’s all-day styles, lightly insulated and waterproof with sturdy traction. Perfect for sitting through class then making it safely home to your Netflix.

shop our Campus Collection!

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PRODUCT GUIDE | holiday gift guide

Winter Gift Guide Winter Boots Instant Energy Strip Need to pull an all-nighter to write an essay or just want to feel energized for that morning lecture? Lumos Energy Strips are a healthy way to get that caffeine kick. The thin strips dissolve on your tongue and deliver 30mg of caffeine with a fresh mint flavor for instant energy.

Keep your feet warm and toasty with this range of stylish and durable winter boots. With a variety of designs to tackle different activities, there’s a lot to choose from without sacrificing practicality and style.

Comfortable Shaving Shaving can be difficult with a short-handled razor. Giraffe Bath & Body Razor extension handle takes the pain out of shaving with a unique design that allows ease. This shaving accessory can assist women with varying physical abilities to shave their legs safely and comfortably.

Dorm Lamp Brighten up your dorm room this season with vibrantly designed lava lamps. You can create your own lamp with glitter globes and funky effects including chalkboard and metallic styles.

Helix Cuffs You’ll never own jewelry quite like this! Helix cuffs brings to you beautiful, handcrafted jewelry made using earth metals and rugged materials; there’s nothing that says individuality more. Perfect for both men and women, suitable for all occasions.

Convertible Darts The Laserdart Diversi-Dart® Convertible Darts has it all so there’s no need for a full set! This dart is slim with a multi-grip design and a high-density 90 percent Heavyweight Tungsten Barrel to use 2BA points for fixed or moveable soft or steel tips. | Winter 2016

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PRODUCT GUIDE | holiday gift guide

DX Racer Gaming Chair Sit back, relax and game to your heart’s content with these comfortable gaming chairs from DX Racer. Designed with 4D arms at 90 degrees and comfortable Vinyl and PU covers for ultimate gaming comfort.

Self Defense Book Stay safe on campus with self-defense. Learn the skills needed to confidently protect yourself with this beginner’s guide ‘Book on Immediate SelfDefense’ for people with no formal training.

National Shave Club Spend too much money on razors and shaving? The National Shave Club may have the answer. It’s a subscription service that gives you the lowest prices for national brand shaving products for both men and women to enjoy.

H20 Ninja Mask® Breathe using both the nose and mouth and get up to 50 percent more snorkelling ® time with the H20 Ninja Mask . This mask drastically reduces fogging and has Dry Top technology that stops water entering the mask for the most comfortable snorkelling experience you’ve ever had.

Over The Line Party Game SMALL BLACK COCK, 4:20, BUKKAKI, ELEPHANT WALK, MIDGET TOSSING, TEABAGGING, NAKED GRANDMA, AND FREE BEER! Now you can act or draw these horribly offensive words with your friends. Over The Line is a hilarious party game that is a combination of Charades and Pictionary only the words go too far, too soon, too often. OverTheLineGame.Com

Portable Electronic Generator Forget the horror of being left with a low battery on your phone with the Pocket Socket 2. K-Tor provides human-powered generators to charge your electronic items on the go. Enjoy eco-friendly power in emergency situations.


Holiday Costumes Be creative this holiday season with your party outfits. Opt for Mrs Santa, Jack Skellington or even Wonder Woman with a range of costumes available from Costumes4less.

Winter 2016 |

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There Are No Power Outlets Out Here | 802 777 6229

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ALL-NATURAL PREMIUM COTTON APPAREL THAT REPELS LIQUID, ODOR, AND STAINS Ably Apparel is activated with Filium®, a technology that makes natural fabrics repel liquids, stains, and odors. Go ahead and pour water, coffee, beer or wine on an Ably shirt and it just beads up and rolls off like it’s on glass. Unlike most performance apparel, ABLY clothing doesn’t absorb sweat. Your perspiration just evaporates through the breathable fabric, keeping your clothes fresh. You can wear our shirts to the gym every day for a week and it’ll still smell new. Plus our technology doesn’t use nanoparticles or toxic chemicals that can leach into your skin or the environment. Use coupon code “COLLEGENEWS” to save 20% off. Need proof? Check out our videos at ABLYAPPAREL.COM

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winter trends | FASHION

Winter Trends BY HANAA FOURA


ollege classes are in full swing, and whether it’s your freshman or senior year it’s important to impress but feel comfortable at the same time. From preppy to sportswear, we uncover the best trends to inspire your style on campus.

Guys SMARTEN UP: And we’re not just talking about your grades. Get the studious look not only through actual studying but also through your style. Funnel neck tops are a great way to smarten your look and keep you comfortable this season. Pair a neutral colored (navy, black, white) top with a casual blazer and pointed shoes ready for job interviews, or play down the preppy style with converse and fitted jeans for a smartcasual look. SPORTIFY: Bomber jackets are replacing varsity jackets this season for both guys and girls. Channel Grease vibes in your style by adding a black (satin sheen for the ladies) bomber jacket over a scruffy t-shirt. How about that for a trendy take on wearing your pyjamas to college? Ditch those basketball shorts for well-fitted jeans to complete this comfortable yet stylish look. Alternatively, if you want to stand out, go for a bomber jacket with a funky print.

© 123R F

KEEP WARM: As the temperatures drop for those on the east coast, duffle coats are a great addition to your winter wardrobe. The duffle coat is a big FW 2016 trend in menswear—try a camel-coloured number and pair it over your usual college outfits and hiker boots for a warm stylish take on this season’s trends. Key trend colors—Copper, dark green, navy, gray, black, maroon, and check print.

Girls IT’S HAT SEASON: Winter doesn’t mean letting go of your fall hat collection. Whether your outfit is a bit plain or you don’t have time to do your hair, a hat can disguise all of this whilst still looking fashionable. This season is all about black floppy hats and berets. Add to a monochrome outfit such as a button-up flowing shirt and black jeans with a bold lip to ooze winter cool with minimal effort. LAYERING: Layering is the perfect hack in that awkward transition from fall to winter. Don’t buy a whole new wardrobe, just mix it up through layering. High neck tops and duster jackets are big this season, being great layering pieces to pop on and off during college. Transition your summer dresses with a long sleeve high-neck top, pantyhose and ankle boots. Pair your crop tops with a shirt or a chiffon vest underneath for a whole new look. Puffer jackets have been seen on Balenciaga’s FW16 catwalk in bright colors. They are light but warm, making them great for winter. STAND OUT: Whatever your personal style is, this season is all about standing out and expressing yourself through fashion—go bold. Rock those choker necklaces or mismatched earrings for a 90s back-to-school look. Adding in statement accessories is an easy way to upgrade your wardrobe and try different trends. For those going to job interviews, ditch the heels and wear pointed flats that give the illusion of wearing a fancy shoe but are also super comfortable. cn Key trend colors—Monochrome, maroon, mustard yellow, burnt orange and check print. | Winter 2016

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FASHION | best costumes for 2016

Dress Up This

Holiday Season


Have some fun and get creative this holiday season with our costume ideas

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Do-it-yourself this Christmas and make a homemade treeinspired dress for festive party attire. Recycle the big boxes you used to move in to your dorm to create a Christmas present costume where you’re the surprise. If you don’t have a box then just wrap yourself up with festive wrapping paper, secure a bow and you’re good to go. Take inspiration from Disney’s hit movie, “Frozen”, and dress as Olaf this season. For the snowman costume, wear black jeans,


boots and a white t-shirt attaching three big black cut-out circles—made from paper or felt—down the middle as buttons. Then accessorize with a small top hat and scarf. Or to sympathise with the literal nightmare of college work due in before Christmas, why not go to your costume party as the Grinch? Keep people guessing as to which character you are at the party and think up clever costume ideas based on puns. Try “Holy Cow” and turn up in a cow animal costume with a halo accessory for your head. You could also keep it simple with the “Party Animals” pun. Attend the event in your usual outfit but pair it with cat ears and whiskers or any other animal you desire! NEW YEAR’S: Those following “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) will be quite upset to see it come to an end after season eight. To pay homage to the ups and downs of Elena’s life— or any character on the show—use “The

Vampire Diaries’” costume style as inspiration for upcoming masquerade-themed formal parties. Besides festive masquerade masks, guys should don fitted suits and the ladies a little black dress. New Year’s Eve celebrations this year will see a rise in 1920s themed parties (yay!). Choose from gorgeous flapper dresses and feathered headbands for the ladies and classy fedoras with an added waistcoat under a suit for the guys —cute and fun! VALENTINE’S DAY: If you didn’t have time for Halloween this year and need a quick last minute costume for Valentine’s 2017, then don’t fret. Take inspiration from “Pretty Little Liars” and recreate the romantic mysteriousness of The Girl in the Red Coat. Wear a red coat over your party outfit for a stylish yet warm way to enter the party. If goofy Valentine’s day costumes are more your thing, dress as Cupid and go pair up some couples this holiday! cn c

Winter 2016 |

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iss Halloween already? Well, there’s nothing stopping you from going all-out this festive party season. Get creative and stand out at college parties from Christmas to New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. As they do on film and TV production sets, work your artistic skills to transform yourself into your favorite on-screen characters. For a little inspiration, read on.

DRESS UP THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! The holidays are the perfect time to get dressed up and get creative. Every year, we strive to present you with the best collection of costumes and accessories to make your celebrations fun and memorable. At, you’ll find the latest trends in costumes. We carry fabulous collections of costumes in all sizes and competitive prices for infants, toddlers, children, teens, men women and even pets! Our quality costumes include classic Christmas and Halloween Costumes, sexy costumes, licenced TV/movie costumes, science fiction costumes, animal costumes and much more. Besides, we also carry a selection of accessories including shoes, hats and wigs to complement every costume purchase. You’ll also find the latest props and accessories, perfect for the holiday season. Go to! 1

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Which type of student are you? stuck in the dark ages

modern learner

E-learning is pushing out traditional text books in the classroom as the digital-age takes over. Cue: College Tutor. College tutor is an interactive e-learning experience for both students and teachers alike. Teachers receive great volume discounts when buying College Tutor eTextbooks for their students. Promising a 90% pass success-rate, College Tutor is the must-have supplement to studying and a tool for a successful career. About College Tutor: • Covers a range of comprehensive and relevant subjects • Interactive and easy-learn technology ensures retainment of important information • College Tutor is like having a personal tutor with you at all times!

Tr y be fore you bu y

Two c om trials fo pletely free ra up to 2 ny subject hours e ach.

You have nothing to lose and great grades to gain!

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College News: Winter 2016/17  

College News: Winter 2016/17

College News: Winter 2016/17  

College News: Winter 2016/17