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The all-new Bakblade 2.0 has been re-engineered from the ground up to be the finest shaver in men’s back hair grooming ever. Think were exaggerating? Think again, my friend. With redesigned DryGlide safety blades that you can use wet or dry, a long, curved ergonomic handle that can be gripped from multiple positions to let you reach anywhere on your back, and a detachable blade cartilage you can use to detail areas like your chest and abs, the BaKblade 2.0 is the finite shaving instrument ever to grace a man’s back. If you have back hair and you don’t have BaKblade, you’re doing it wrong. It’s about time you finally “Escape your Ape” and get yourself a Bakblade? Believe us when we say your loved ones will thank you. Bakblade.indd 1

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APPLYING FOR INTERNSHIPS Thinking about internships? Stand out from the crowd with these tips


AVOID THESE MISTAKES DURING AN 20 INTERVIEW Congratulations—you’ve made it to the interview stage! Avoid these interview mistakes to be in with a chance of landing a job


WHAT TYPE OF LEARNER ARE YOU? There are several ways to improve your revision technique









MAKING A STATEMENT Designers at the London, Milan and New York fashion weeks adorned their models with a new wave of back-to-the-90s fashion trends this year—and we’re excited


MAKEUP OR NO? These are exciting times for both our generation and past generations when it comes to makeup


BOYS WILL BE GIRLS Women have long appropriated men’s fashion, but now, the coin has been flipped

TRUMP’S AMERICA His presidency has been without a doubt one of the most bizarre and erratic in America’s 241-year history



Move over Hollywood, Silicon Valley has taken over the entertainment industry


Kate Nash talks about her revival in the music industry, female empowerment and getting to know her body for Netflix comedy, Glow

Rethink your waste habits and put your leftovers to good use with these delicious recipes

The topic of safety on campus has been urgently revisited in the media recently



After a strenuous academic term, get some much-needed R&R— check out our top destinations for your next spring/summer break


On the release of his latest album, Ron Pope talks music, almost giving up and what’s in store for 2018


MARKET YOURSELF ON SOCIAL MEDIA 81 percent of Americans have a social media account—how can we use it to market ourselves professionally?




Kate Nash

PRODUCT GUIDE Our product guide brings you the must-haves of the season | Spring 2018

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The mighty, mini, removable camera for your glasses.

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Spring 2018 | CONTRIBUTORS

Welcome! The promise of spring brings with it a sense of revival and new beginnings. For our cover story, we chat with singer-turned-actress Kate Nash about her revival in the entertainment industry, the release of her new album and her blossoming role in the highly acclaimed Netflix comedy, Glow (page 20).

Group CEO & Publisher Kevin Harrington Editor Kayley Loveridge

There’s more: Ron Pope inspires us with his story of almost giving up and how that pushed him to achieve the success he enjoys today on page 18. With the end of the year fast approaching, we’ve got plenty lined up to help you prepare for that dreaded job search. Get advice on applying for internships on page 6 and nail a job interview with our tips on page 8. After all that, be tempted with the hottest, dreamiest escapes for this year’s impending spring and summer breaks on page 24.

Art Editor Friyan Mehta Production Director Jo Harrington Production Coordinator Joel Simpson

Did you know that Americans throw away an astonishing $165 billion in food every single year? If we reduced our food waste by just 15 percent, then we would have the means to feed 25 million Americans each year. It is our responsibility to the earth and to future generations to change our waste habits. This is why, on page 26, you will find delicious recipes that work to help you do just that. Editor: Kayley Loveridge College News 730 N. Franklin Suite 604 Chicago, IL 60654 Tel: (312) 572 7727

Go on; take 20 minutes for yourself today and have a flick through.

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As a published author, Corey has spent the past six years perfecting her skills in writing and editing while rapidly developing her graphic design company.

Josh has been gaming since the early 80s and his passion for technology and gadgets followed soon thereafter. Residing in Maine with his wife and two children, Josh is constantly searching for a balance between technology and nature.

Chicago, the third largest city in America is where Robert calls home and Columbia College Chicago is where he furthered his passion for journalism. Robert aspires to soon monetize a broadcast platform but likes to read, write, watch and create content in his spare time.






Phoebe has a BA English Language and Film Studies degree from the University of Manchester. Since graduating in 2014, she has pursued a career in the publishing sector and now writes for several medical and lifestyle magazines. When she’s not expressing herself on the page, she can often be found playing with her sister’s two mischievous Dachshunds, exploring new hiking trails or cooking at home.

4. SAM STEVENSON Sam studied Spanish and Italian at University College London. As a modern foreign languages graduate, he is always keen to visit and embrace new destinations. Along with writing, Sam has a strong passion for photography and art. He currently works as an editorial assistant and freelance journalist, specialising in news, lifestyle and arts and entertainment.

6. MARIA MELLOR If Maria isn’t stuffing her face full of spaghetti, she can usually be found sobbing over the latest Netflix show. She graduated from Cardiff University in 2017 and has been hustling to become a fully-fledged writer ever since. While you shouldn’t expect her novel to be released anytime soon, you can find her articles right here in College News. | Spring 2018

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MONEY & CAREERS | Internships

Applying for an



here are all sorts of internships to take part in and many different ways to find them. The best way to stand out is to do what everyone else around you aren’t doing. The search for the right opportunity is time-consuming enough, but learning how to stand out to potential employers, thankfully, goes hand-in-hand with all the time you’re investing in your search. Internships are slightly different to regular jobs. Typically, an internship has a set duration contract—this can be anything from two weeks to three months and up to a year. In some cases, you may not be compensated


for your time spent interning. Of course, a young student is looking to make money, but one reason a pay cut may be worth the risk is because job experience is the main objective when it comes to internships. The goal is to walk away with the hands-on experience that a newcomer applying for an entry level permanent position may not have. USE SKILLS GAINED AT COLLEGE A great way to set yourself apart from your competitors is to use any experiences you have gained from your classes at college and tailor them to your field of interest. For example,

this may be writing and research skills that you have obtained from your studies that you can apply to a writing internship. Being in a space that you share with fellow like-minded classmates can create dialogue or scenarios that may be relevant to landing an internship. The first thing people typically do in the application process is emphasise past work experience from former jobs. You’re trying to grab your potential employers’ attention in a way that others aren’t, so just referencing old jobs won’t entirely work. Your field of study should be a passion of yours. Recounting your accomplishments and what you’ve individually taken from each course at college and putting it on your CV can be a nice


Thinking about applying for an internship? Stand out from the crowd with these tips

Spring 2018 |

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Internships | MONEY & CAREERS

addition to any work experience you have. RESUME WRITING YOUR RESUM In an article written for CV-Library, content writer for Rate My Placement and Rate My Apprenticeship, Conor Reilley, says that employers may not get to thoroughly read each application. “The general rule is that an employer will look at the top half of every CV, putting the best in one pile, and the rest in the trash with their half-eaten tuna sandwich,” he says. “If you want to avoid the tuna sandwich, focus on key employable skills, like organization, verbal and written communication. You can look at the information provided in job vacancies for inspiration.” TALK ABOUT YOUR INTERESTS One other thing that may give you the upper hand when applying for internships is letting the employer know somewhere on your CV what your interests outside of interning and school are. If your hobbies and interests relate to the opportunity that’s being offered—such as reading and writing, if the job you’re applying for is editorial-driven—

that’s a great way to get noticed in the most organic way possible. Being a member of a university’s societies and extra-curricular activities show you are sociable, willing and comfortable in a team setting. WHO ARE YOUR REFERENCES? Finally, references can be that extra shot of vitamins that your CV needs. References to back-up your employment history are great because they reinforce that you have already laid a lot of ground work needed for the role to potential employers. The last thing you need is a former employer contradicting information you’ve already stated. Have a conversation with both past and current instructors and employers who you believe are in your corner and wouldn’t mind helping out if needed. Three references are plenty and you don’t need to list them when first sending in your CV. Writing “References provided upon the request” at the end of your resume will suffice in the inital stages. Hold on to them, because if employers are mesmerized by your internship application, then they will reach out to you for further details. cn | Spring 2018

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MONEY & CAREERS | Interview

Avoid These Mistakes during an

Interview By Robert Walker

Congratulations—you’ve made it to the interview stage! Avoid these interview mistakes to be in with a chance of landing a job


1 Not doing your research

Doing your homework on an establishment before even applying for the role is imperative as it will save everyone’s time. Knowing the hours of operation, what some customer reviews say, or even asking an employee what a typical day is like at the prospective company is nothing to be ashamed of. All sorts of things including not knowing what you’re interviewing for can lead to a failed interview. Always remember that your time is as valuable as a potential employer’s time.

2 Not knowing what you


After investigating the potential opportunity, always remember firstly what it is you want out of this job and secondly, what you want out of this interview. As much as you’re going in to the interview hoping the employer chooses you, keep in mind that you should also be in a position to walk away from the meeting knowing more about this new venture than you did before you walked in. Generally not knowing what

© s h u t ter stock


pring time is around the corner which means new jobs are almost ripe for the picking—but it’s the interview process that does all the choosing. Being either a fresh face in the work force or even a seasoned veteran can have its intimidating moments when you’re looking for that perfect new job. It’s understandable that an interview isn’t as easy as one, two, three, but with a few simple reminder tips, that looming interview might just be a stroll in the park.

Spring 2018  |

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Interview | MONEY & CAREERS

you want could backfire and be a waste of time for both parties. 3 STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE

Interviews come in all shapes and sizes. A group setting-style interview, for example, may mean that you will be interviewed alongside other potential candidates or interviewed by multiple senior staff members at once. Both scenarios are uncomfortable and not very appealing but both require your full attention and both need you to leave a lasting impression regardless. Be confident in stepping out of your comfort zone during a make-or-break conversation. 4 REMEMBER! TRY AND

they present an opportunity to paint a picture of how you handle situations. Behavioral questions include “Describe a stressful situation at work and how you handled it.” 6 DO NOT ANSWER IN GENERALITIES

Specific and definitive answers are the best and only way to go in to any kind of interview. You should be able to walk away from a meeting knowing what answers you gave and what questions were being asked of you. Your personality shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to a question regarding your interest in applying for the job. 7 BEING DISTRACTED


The last thing you want is to be distracted— or distract your interviewer—during an interview. Avoid fiddling with something in your hands, rambling, slouching, chewing gum and not making eye contact. These things can make you come off as being uninterested because all of these things are, in one way or another, a distraction. A straight posture, a focused yet relaxed demeanor, and an on-topic discussion about why you’re there is the best path to stay on.



Whether you’re about to take on your first interview or your fifth interview, it’s key to answer all of the questions. During a “get-toknow-each-other” conversation, there’s not too may wrong answers you can give when the interview is all about you as a candidate for employment. Over-thinking answers can lead to a mind blank when asked questions, but taking a few seconds to gather your thoughts isn’t something to shy away from.


This one ties in with point number four, but it tends to be trickier for those with not much work experience over those with plenty. In her 5 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes article on Linkedin, career coach Lori Bumgarner writes “Behavioral questions are asked not to see how you would potentially handle a certain situation, but instead to see how you’ve handled that situation in the past. This is because past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.” These questions are great because

Lastly, a common mistake potential candidates make is to arrive to an interview emptyhanded. A great and easy way to stand out and give you a better understanding of what you’re signing up for is to have a few questions of your own prepared. If needed, also be ready to take notes. Think of questions that no one else is probably asking like “What are the company’s work ethics?” or “What opportunities will I be given to climb the career ladder should I join?” This is an effective way to get a genuine interest going about you as a possible new employee. cn | Spring 2018

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MONEY & CAREERS | Learning

What Type of

Learner Are You?

Have you ever tried to process a new piece of information but find that you simply can’t grasp or understand it? You may need to approach it with a different method By Maria Mellor

Reader/writer Reading and writing is a combo that makes up a very traditional style of learning. Reader and writer-type learners will be able to learn best by reading some text and rewriting it. For example, if you were learning a language, you would find it easiest to study the vocabulary by reading


the words on a page, then copying them out yourself. Visual Graphs, infographics and dioramas are a visual learner’s bread and butter. It helps them to see the information in context and be able to visualize it in their mind. If you are a visual learner, then you’ll find colors helpful. When trying to remember a point, you will try to form an image of it in your head. When learning a language, creating charts and maps to link vocabulary and learn conjugations is hugely helpful to visual learners. Auditory Auditory learners will flourish when they are able to listen to information in order to learn it. If you’re an auditory learner, you will be a whizz at learning in

lectures and will find podcasts incredibly useful. Auditory learners tend to process information by repeating it to themselves either out loud or in their heads. They will be the ones to be able to commit language to memory by listening to others speak it. Kinesthetic A more tactile approach is favored by kinesthetic learners when studying. They will enjoy reading the information aloud, acting through problems and practical work. A kinesthetic learner tends to prefer picking up a language by conversing with native speakers. Don’t try to punish yourself by studying in “traditional” ways. Everybody learns differently and at different paces, so try alternative methods to find one that works for you. cn



veryone learns differently—some people will want things shown to them, while other people need information written down. Some people like to listen to explanations while others will need to physically study it in order for it to soak in. Schools tend to apply different methods of teaching during classes in order to accommodate all kinds of learners, but when you’re studying at home, it may be beneficial for you to figure out how you learn best and apply it to your personal study time.

Spring 2018  |

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Marketing Yourself on

Social Media

Statistics tell us that in 2017 alone, a huge 81 percent of Americans had a social media profile—but how can we use this tool to market ourselves professionally?



t’s amazing the way people can perceive someone from a simple, yet detailed, social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. The saying is true: “A picture says a thousand words.” So how do you make yourself more appealing when it comes to prospective head hunters looking for their next applicant? For starters, eliminate all those old photos starring you holding a beer bong or a bottle of liquor with your tongue hanging out. Sure, save them onto your computer so you can look back someday and laugh at your memories, but remove them from social media because employers will take a look at a candidate’s social media profiles. The last impression you want to make on a prospective employer is that you’re unprofessional and irresponsible. There’s a time and place for everything, and as we get older, we need to leave a lasting, positive impression for those who may help us plant seeds for a long and prosperous career. A person’s perception of you can change in an instant. All it takes is some light “Facebook stalking” to find out where you might live, who you’re currently dating and the things

you enjoy doing. I, personally, have found myself reeling in shock after seeing an old friend’s social media page. It makes you wonder what kind of life they’re living and this is what potential employers will think, as well. Even though you may not be connected on social media, your profile picture is very much visible and certain information about yourself could be posted publicly. Hide anything that may potentially harm your reputation—such as offensive public statuses or tweets—and make a future boss reconsider adding you to the team. Instead, consider publishing your academic and professional achievements. You can also use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to build a network of like-minded professionals by creating groups or forums for topical discussions. This will help future employers see that you are serious and passionate about the industry you’re applying for. Not every profile photo of yours needs to be of you wearing professional attire or a head shot you had snapped at Sears. Just try to keep it moderately conservative and classy. Don’t be too revealing in certain areas—if

you catch my drift. Men: this goes for you, too. Keep status updates to a minimum so it doesn’t appear that you spend the majority of your day with your nose in your phone. Yes, we all have our opinions on politics, children and lifestyles; to a head hunter, however, an aggressive and assertive personality could spark controversy in an office setting—this is a big turn-off for someone in search of a solid candidate. So keep those blunt thoughts between you and your friends and away from your social media accounts. I’m not saying do not be true to who you are—by all means, be yourself. Just remember though, you’re not the only person viewing your profile. Words mean something, an image represents something, and social media portrays you. Don’t be fake, just be smart. A positive mind is the beginning to a positive life. You know that “Memories” notification you get on Facebook every day that displays everything you posted on that very day over the past um-teen years? Wouldn’t you love to look back at it in a year and say, “Wow, I’ve come a long way since then”? Welcome to adulthood! cn | Spring 2018

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An estimated 85% of all sexual assaults committed against college women are not committed by strangers, but rather by someone known to the victim; and about half occur on dates.1 If you find yourself with an acquaintance who doesn’t understand what “NO” means, you may need some help convincing them to leave you alone. At the same time, we understand you may not want to make a scene, nor think it serious enough to send them to a hospital or anything that dramatic. Our discreet, “lipstick” pepper spray fits perfectly in a clutch or other small pouch and may be just the tool you need. Designed as a close-range, moderate burn pepper spray, it won’t shoot out and accidentally hit another group 20 feet away like many pressurized aerosol sprays can, nor is it so strong as to blind a target for up to 30 minutes as some police strength sprays can. Yet it’s plenty strong enough to make your point if someone goes too far and won’t listen to you. Don’t Be Alarmed. Be On Guard. • Discreet: looks like a tube of lipstick • Small: easily fits in the smallest handbag • Close-range: only hit your target, not someone behind him • “Normal” strength: (probably) won’t send anyone to a hospital

And best of all:

FREE TWO PACK with any purchase, with code: CNSAFETY Or get 20% OFF a full College Defense Kit, with FREE shipping, with code:

CNDEFENSEKIT 1 “Most Victims Know Their Attacker.” Sexual Assault on Campus, National Institute of Justice, 1 Oct. 2008,

Don’t Be a

Victim Stun & Run Self Defense is a personal protection and crime prevention company intent on preventing crime and saving lives. We specialize in non-lethal self-defense products such as pepper spray, stun guns, TASERs and more. The newest addition to the Stun & Run family is the Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet: Having the Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet is the equivalent of being Spider-Man. Just turn towards your attacker, hold down the dispenser and spray into their face! Then run to get to safety. This unique pepper spray product is “personal protection with a bite.” The trouble with most pepper spray products is that you have to have them at the ready at all times, whether out in a parking lot or other isolated areas. This requires being “on guard” or constantly vigilant, a feeling we shouldn’t have to have. With the accessibility of the Little Viper, you don’t have to worry about digging around in your purse or rifling through your pockets to get it out. Every second counts in an altercation. The Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet sprays up to an effective range of 3 feet, has a 10% OC pepper formulation and holds 3-6 one second bursts. Weighing in at only 1oz, this adjustable silicone bracelet is easily portable and simple to use. Best of all, its entirely concealable; no one will know its pepper spray!

Get 15% off the Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet with promo code LVIPER at Checkout. Bonus: Get a FREE in-depth pepper spray training course with purchase!

Female Defense - Stun Run.indd 1

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Protection | CAMPUS


Ending Sexual Violence on Campus The topic of safety on campus has been urgently revisited in the media recently, with the number of both sexual and physical assault incidents on campus rising



n 2016, student Brock Turner was infamously tried and convicted for raping a woman outside a fraternity party. His sentence was a mere slap on the wrist at just three months, and would demonstrate how common this type of attack is on campus and—even more shockingly—how often perpetrators get away with it. According to the government’s Department of Justice, 25 percent of female college students will experience sexual assault before they reach graduation. Sexual violence on campus is more likely to affect minority groups, too. In 2016, UC San Diego School of Medicine Center on Gender Equity and Health reported that one in three transgender students had been raped or sexually assaulted. Perhaps more chilling is that an estimated 95 percent of incidents of rape on campus go unreported, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). These dire statistics solidify the fact that more protection, preventative measures and support systems need to be implemented into colleges nationwide to tackle this widespread problem. Many schools are working to lower disturbing cases of sexual violence on campus by increasing the number of security officers, bystander intervention programs and educating students on the meaning of consent.


of all students in the US experience sexual assault Source:

How can we protect ourselves? The blame for any type of assault always, always, lies with the perpetrator and victims are not at fault. In the current climate, however, there are some precautions students can take to minimize their risk of an attack. Stay in groups. Whether at night or not, walk, travel or attend gatherings with a group of trusted friends. Keep an eye on each other and hold each other accountable to ensure safety. If you do go somewhere by yourself, let people know where you are going and what time to expect you home. Be self-aware. Excessive alcohol consumption can make people more vulnerable to dangerous situations. Know your limits when it comes to alcohol and keep drinks covered and with you at all times. Trust your instincts. If you find yourself

in a situation you feel unsafe in or around people that you have a bad feeling about, then leave immediately. Attend a self-defence class. Some colleges, including Ivy League university Cornell, hold self-defence courses for students to better prepare them for such an eventuality. After an assault Experiencing sexual assault can lead to significant mental health issues and deeply impact college life from academia to forming relationships. Take these steps if you have suffered sexual assault on campus: »» Call 911 and report the incident as soon as you can. »» Seek medical attention as soon as possible to treat injuries and collect vital evidence. »» Speak with someone. Use your college counseling service or contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline on 800-656-4673. »» Work with your tutors and instructors to arrange time off from academic responsibilities so that you can heal, both mentally and physically. Visit for more information and advice on sexual assault on campus. cn | Spring 2018

CN9.Assault.indd 13


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TECH | Video Games

o e d i V A AA : s e l t i T e m Ga A Look Ahead in 2018 By Josh Smith


ach year it seems the revenue gap between video games and movies widens, and the video game industry is the reigning champion. In North America alone, video games grossed more than $30 billion in 2016, while movies limped in with under $12 billion. Gone are the days of waiting for the next Hollywood blockbuster to drop. For 2018, it’s going to be all about those AAA titles. It’s important to remember that video game release dates are very fluid. They’re ever-changing and delays happen often. With that in mind, here’s what you can look forward to for 2018—with rough estimates of when to expect them.

Hunter World (PS4, XBO) has a heretical following worldwide and, with the expansion to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, will continue its conquest.

the same. Delayed from 2017, SMB2 will be launching just in time for Major League Baseball season and provides wacky, fun, arcade-style gameplay.

Far Cry 5

Crackdown 3

Ubisoft will be releasing Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, XBO) early in the year as well, helping to quench the thirst of what could be an early drought for gamers. The free roam, sandbox gameplay should provide hours of entertainment while waiting for the next wave of games to release. Additionally, Far Cry has a history of creating despicable, charismatic bad guys that add extra depths your adventure.

Monster Hunter

Super Mega Baseball 2

Looking into the second half of the year is nearly impossible. However, there are games slated for a 2018 release that don’t have dates yet, but even a casual observer could guess that we’d see them in the latter part of 2018. Exclusive to Windows 10 and Xbox One is Crackdown 3, created for anybody who wants to be a crime-fighting super-soldier. Jumping tall buildings, throwing cars, and running down vehicles is just a fraction of the amount of awesome typically included in a Crackdown game. Throw in a sprawling map, collectibles, ridiculously designed weapons and sparkling visuals, Crackdown 3 has high expectations for Microsoft and gamers alike.

The first half of the year has historically been the slowest and 2018 looks to follow that same path. For the first time the Monster Hunter series will be available on a console other than Nintendo. Monster


An honorable mention goes to Super Mega Baseball 2 (PC, PS4, XBO), an indie darling that won’t get the same attention as some of these other games, but should be viewed as a diamond in the rough all

Spring 2018  |

CN11.Video Games.indd 14

09/03/2018 14:40


Move over Hollywood, Silicon Valley has taken over the entertainment industry

Video Games | TECH

GOD OF WAR Playstation 4 isn’t without its own exclusives, either. With God of War, we’re finally going to get a chance to play a new story on the most recently released console. Moving on from Greek gods, players will experience a wider open world and a story that focuses on Norse Mythology.

SPIDER-MAN Spider-Man is the other exclusive to PS4 and, since the trailer at E3 in 2016, has had fans champing at the bit for a chance to play. Because it’s not tied to a movie, comic book, or television show, the developers behind Spider-Man have been given the chance to tell a story on their own terms and fans should be excited.


ANTHEM It’s worth mentioning that, to this point, every major title is one of an alreadyestablished series. Game developers and publishers seem to be taking less risks, but 2018’s most anticipated title of the year is the only new IP on this list. Bioware has teamed up with EA to release Anthem (PC, PS4, XBO), a third-person, online multiplayer, action RPG, and it looks breathtaking. Players are essentially mercenaries who use exo-suits (called Javelins) to complete contracts in an open world. Character roles are determined by which Javelin is equipped and players will need to work together to maximize their abilities. From what has been seen, Anthem’s environment goes from the depths of the seas to the tops of mountains and includes every ecosystem in between.

EA’s own VP, Patrick Soderlund, has commented that he expects Anthem to be “the start of maybe a 10-year journey,” for the players. Given EA’s recent bad publicity over loot boxes and micro-transactions in their games, most notable Star Wars Battlefront II, one has to wonder how much influence they’ll have over Anthem. Bioware is a veteran studio though, and one with a solid reputation. Watch for Anthem to top the charts in 2018. cn


Developer Rockstar announced the sequel to their wild west hit with Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, XBO), but the studio has a history of delays with most of their games, so that’s worth noting. Still, if RDR2 hits their 2018 release

date expectation, gunslingers will get a chance to see life through the eyes of a new outlaw, Arthur Morgan. The game takes place prior to Red Dead Redemption, so expect to see a few nods to John Marston and his story as well. | Spring 2018

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Politics | Trump’s America

By sam stevenson

Trump’s America: The Story So Far Donald J. Trump, self-styled ‘stable genius’ and billionaire businessman, hardly sleeps, loves cable TV’s Fox & Friends, lives in perpetual campaign mode, dines on the finest American fast-food and uses Twitter as the strangest form of diplomacy. He also thrives on controversy, relentlessly seeking out his next target—be it the ‘fake news’ media or his Democratic foes. College News takes a look at his administration so far and the legacy it’s likely to leave. A nation divided? For his supporters, president Trump is the best thing to happen to the USA for years. He is the standard-bearer of American business, he stands up for the nation and champions the “America first” mantra. Indeed, support from his loyal base is


Trump has signed 33% more executive orders than Obama in his first year. Which is awkward, given he criticized Obama on at least 6 occasions for making them


staunch; thousands turn up to his rallies, worshipping their idol with pseudoreligious enthusiasm. But millions of Americans regard Trump with dismay. For them, he is a divisive figure—an egotist who stokes tensions over race, the media and the environment. His approval ratings are low—they linger at around 40 percent, according to Gallup—yet if Trump has taught us anything, it’s that he repeatedly defies the pollsters and disproves the naysayers. In an administration plagued by allegations of Russian collusion, accusations of racism and serial sacking of senior staff, Trump seems invincible. What’s more, the divisions he instills serve only to make him more defiant and eager to remain in power. The predictability of Trump’s unpredictability One thing is certain. The most predictable thing about Trump is his unpredictability—

Spring 2018  |

CN13.Trump's America .indd 16

09/03/2018 09:31

© s h u t t er stock


is presidency has been without doubt one of the most bizarre and erratic in America’s 241-year history—whether you love or loathe him, Trump is here to stay.

Trump’s America | POLITICS

making it nigh on impossible for political commentators to foresee his next move. From his inauguration to his state of the nation address, Trump’s tone has fluctuated. He now seems more conciliatory, offering something of an olive branch to the Democrats, though this could change at any time, as appeasement certainly isn’t his style. What we will see of the president over the next few years is anyone’s guess. All we can do is sit back and enjoy the show— because that’s what Trump does best: he entertains. (Though some may question the sustainability of an entertainer at the political helm of the free world.)


A BUSINESSMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE Trump is not a politician. Rather, he is a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to get the job done. As such, his cutthroat approach to business has permeated the White House, with the hiring and firing of senior staff as commonplace as his scolding of the mainstream media. Perhaps this is what the American political system needs: someone who takes no prisoners to push an agenda through. Trump has signed 33 percent more executive orders than Obama in his

first year. Which is awkward, given he criticized Obama on at least six occasions for making them. In January 2016, he said: “We have a president who can’t get things done so he keeps signing executive orders all over the place.” Nonetheless, you can’t deny Trump’s got guts; and this appeals to his unswerving devotees. They love the fact that, finally, someone is strong for America, asserting the country’s place on the capricious world stage. RACE The successor of Obama, America’s first ever black commander-in-chief, has proved to be one of the most contentious figures in US history and, more often than not, race is at the center of the controversy. From his refusal to condemn white supremacists after a march in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a civil rights activist was killed, to which he said: “I think there is blame on both sides”, to the condemnation of American football players who “take the knee” during the national anthem to make a statement against racial injustice, Trump has done

little to heal America’s endemic social malaise around race. The majority of Americans (60 percent) say Trump’s election has led to worse race relations in the US, while just eight percent say it has led to better relations, according to a national survey by Pew Research Center. If African American turnout at the next general election is high, the Republicans could pay the price. RUSSIA Trump’s first year in office has been dogged by charges of collusion between his election campaign and Russia. The steady drip of revelations may hit fever pitch in 2018, with Robert Mueller’s appointment last May threatening to bring matters to a climax. Should Mueller accuse Trump of collusion, there will be calls for impeachment, but Republicans on Capitol Hill are unlikely to heed them. Meanwhile, the world waits for Trump to utter anything vaguely critical about Russian president, Vladimir Putin. TRUMP’S LEGACY Regardless of your opinion, Trump will go down in history as one of the most colorful, yet deeply notorious, presidents of all time. He is the product of an era of political populism and has ridden the wave spectacularly well. Trump—a deft maneuverer—may not be a bona fide politician, but he has read and played America’s political pulse with enviable skill. For this, he will always be remembered. cn | Spring 2018

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By Kayley Loveridge


Ron Pope I

t was in 2012 that I first heard A Drop in the Ocean (2007), one of Ron Pope’s most listened-to tracks on YouTube (with 53 million views at the time of writing). That song marked the beginning of a lifelong love of all things acoustic, so when the opportunity to speak with the man himself arose, I jumped. We’ve just a 20-minute slot in which to speak, but Ron is relaxed, optimistic and ready to go. Naturally, the conversation begins with the release of his highly anticipated EP, Worktapes. “The response has been great,” he tells me. The EP comes just months after the release of Work, the first in the two-album series. “I kind of thought of it as one project, but I wanted to divide it just to give people more manageable, more bite-sized pieces.” Pope explains that with the advent of technology and smartphones (“little computers”, he calls them), musicians have to compete with everything out there now. “Because there is so much that people are doing, and so


much in their faces, I think it’s easier on my audience if I give them 10 songs at a time or seven songs at a time and not 20, or whatever.” A nod to the past Worktapes is a nostalgic trip to the musician’s earlier albums—slow, quiet and vulnerable tracks that have earned him his distinct sound and reputation. I ask Pope if this was a conscious decision. “It’s intimidating writing quiet music. If a crowd makes noise and you’re in a band, you can just play louder, you know? If you’re playing quiet music live, if people aren’t quiet, then it’s ruined, it’s a waste of time. So you have to really believe that people are going to listen to it if you’re going to create it… [quieter music] has come back into my life in a very real way in the last handful of years.” Pope is truly in touch with his intuition and it’s his connection with his emotions that makes

his deeply authentic music so attainable to his fan base. “You make music for yourself, and then you release it for your audience, so I’m creating music that feels good to me; I’m shaping the music and I could never manipulate that [process]. What sounds good to me right now is what I will create, that’s why the records sound different from album to album, that’s why sometimes there’s loud songs and sometimes there are quiet songs and it really has to do with what feels right to me.” On giving up The indie star attributes the freedom he has to create the music he wants to his label Brooklyn Basement Records, a company that he runs with his wife, Blair. “Music is really keeping me off the streets—which is good for me and good for the streets,” jokes Pope. But it hasn’t always been an easy journey; Pope’s past

© Co u r tesy Sacksa n dCo, ph otog r a ph y by n ico le m ago

Defining independent artist of the moment Ron Pope has sold more than two million digital tracks worldwide, has racked up over 200 million streams on Spotify and 150 million views on YouTube. On the release of his latest EP, Worktapes, we talk music, almost giving up and what’s in store for 2018

Spring 2018  |

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Music is really keeping me off the streets— which is good for me and good for the streets


encapsulates the old ‘struggling musician’ adage almost entirely. Has there been any point where he considered giving up? “There were definitely times early on where I thought about giving up,” he recalls. “I was playing in the subway, I was paying my rent in old change and I was living off, like, hot dogs. One day, when I was down in the subway playing and I hadn’t eaten all day and I didn’t have any money and I was freezing… It was the middle of winter, nobody came, I played a bunch of songs and it was just so cold down there and at some point, I just started crying. I couldn’t control it and I just started crying.” This would become a defining moment for Pope, one that would change his attitude to hard graft in the coming years. “The adversity I deal with in running a business and being an entrepreneur and trying to compete on a global level with the giant multi-national corporations… Even when that gets overwhelming, at least I’m not starving. I try to have perspective.”

RON IN THE HOT SEAT CN: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be? RP: [Laughing] I really don’t have any other skills, so I have no idea—thank God I am a musician. CN: Which animal would you be and why? RP: My dog has the best life in the world. If I could be any animal, I would be my dog. CN: If you were a musical instrument, what would you be? RP: I would be an old telecaster [guitar], kind of beat up and rough around the edges but still plays pretty good. CN: Top piece of advice for budding musicians? RP: Don’t give up! If you’re meant to be a musician, you don’t need me to tell you not to give up—but don’t give up. When everybody else quits, keep going. CN: Tell us a secret… RP: I’m still wearing my pyjamas and it’s 1.20pm! >> Worktapes is available online via iTunes and in stores nationwide.

2018 So what does 2018 have in store for the captivating artist? “It’s been 10 years since my first solo album Daylight came out, so I’m probably going to do some ‘stuff’ around that,” he chuckles. “I say ‘stuff’ because I’m not going to tell you what that is yet.” That’s unfair, I think, but I can’t wait. 20 minutes goes by so quickly, doesn’t it, I say; it does, he replies in his cheerful, chippy tone. cn | Spring 2018

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Cover Story | Kate Nash


© H ig h r i s e pr

Kate Nash


Spring 2018  |

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Kate Nash | Cover Story

In an honest and passionate interview, singer-turned-actress Kate Nash talks about her new record, the dark side of the music industry and connecting with her body during training for Glow BY kayley loveridge


© H ig h r i s e pr

ate Nash rose to the heights of fame in 2007, dominating the UK charts with her debut album Made of Bricks before hitting 20 years old. Ten years later, the musician and actress is back with fervour and busier than ever with her first studio album for five years, Yesterday was Forever and her dazzling role in Netflix favorite, Glow. New Wave Nash Nash tells me that Yesterday was Forever was recorded over four years. “I started recording it in 2014, but it’s been really challenging… I went through this period of kind of writing pop songs again and trying to write songs for other people…There’s a massive scene of writers and producers and song-writing camps and rooms that are really draining and confusing. But I also did find some really cool people that I worked with individually from those sessions and so I worked primarily with two producers.” She tells me that while some of the tracks on the record were written as little as two months ago, some were recorded at the very beginning, four years ago. “I was worried when we were recording it that it wasn’t going to sound like a record,” she remembers. “But when we were mastering it, I was like, ‘Wow. This is a record, this sounds like an album.’” Recording an album this time round wasn’t the stressed out, time-strained process it once was. “Putting together the album was really chilled because I’m not attached to everything in the same way [as in the past] because I have changed a lot since I started writing it… There’s this journey throughout the album from where I was when I started and where I am now and that’s really cool as well. It wasn’t the way I chose to do it, but I do believe everything happens for a reason and I think, you know, that this is that album that’s supposed to exist and I’m really excited about it.” Nash shot to pop stardom rapidly, having recorded and distributed Made of Bricks

before even turning 20. Was fame a difficult thing to cope with? “Yeah, definitely. How can it not be?” The artist replies. “You’re trying to figure out who you are and everyone is telling you all these things… and you’re like, ‘I literally don’t know who I am yet, leave me alone!’ Just being so young, managing all of these people and being a boss and being in control of something that feels really big but also felt like it was controlling me for a while.” Nash credits her close-knit network of family and friends for keeping her stable and grounded during such a crazy time in her career. “Fame is its own beast, so you really have to manage it carefully and know what it is. It comes with the job and there’s benefits but it’s not something I’m ever desiring. Fame itself is just very rapid and empty and it doesn’t really do anything, you know? It’s sort of confusing and it sort of creates weird social environments. But I think it’s just changing your idea of how you measure success, which I think is really important in this industry.” The dark side When Nash’s second album didn’t hit the same dizzying heights of success of Made of Bricks, she was dropped by her record label. “It felt really fucked up because I found out by text message and no one was there to talk to me about it—and no one really ever talked to me properly about it. I still feel like I don’t really know what happened, but I also don’t mind.” Even after such a crushing time, Nash remained admirably positive. “I feel very lucky to be an independent artist… Being on a label is really great, but there’s also a lot of stuff that comes with being on a label that’s controlling and there’s so much pressure and so many people involved in your vision. I’m in a different place now, but at the time it felt really, like, ‘What the fuck just happened?’ It felt like no one really cared. All these people came and found me when I was really young and wanted to get in on the hype

of my MySpace and the shows I was doing in London, but really, they didn’t care about me as a person or as an artist.” Nash tells me how important she thinks it is that artists and musicians have an open dialogue about the negative side to the industry. “It’s important to talk about so that it’s normalised, because I think everyone in the music industry is having a fairly hard time at the moment… We can [artists] all learn from each other’s experiences.” The topic of conversation progresses to the star’s upcoming North American tour in April. Contrary to usual tour-type questions, I want to know about the dark side of being on the road. “The dark side of touring is how many people on tour are addicts and have ended up in dark situations because of how you party every night and how you’re expected to drink and do drugs and have this adrenaline boost that not everyone can do naturally. There’s a lot of mental health issues on the road; it’s a lifestyle that isn’t suited to everybody. I’m really lucky to have found such great people to go on the road with.” Her advice for budding musicians? “Build your family on the road, build people that make you feel fucking joy and excited to play music because it is such a privilege. It’s just the best job ever; it’s such a cool thing to be able to do. I’ve had times when I’ve been on tour with people who didn’t make me feel good and that’s horrible. But now I have this amazing girl band and all my lighting girls on tour with me. Just making sure you’re curating the environment and bringing only positive vibes—anyone with any negativity just gets, like, fired immediately from now on,” she laughs. “Because it poisons an environment really fast; everyone’s tired and run down, if there’s any negativity then it’s easy to become negative. Whereas if everyone’s positive, then even when you’re tired and stressed out and confused about which time zone you’re in, you are still having an amazing ride with people who are filling you with excitement.” | Spring 2018

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Cover Story | Kate Nash

Girl Talk The pop star has always been vocal when it comes to talking about being a woman constantly in the eye of the media. The new shift in the entertainment landscape makes it feel like women are having their moment; they’re finally being taken seriously. Does she agree? “I don’t know yet,” she says. “I’m not sure the effects are happening yet but I think people are really inspired to see that we can really change things. Ten years ago, it was not a great environment to be female… [But] I think there has been growth and we should always be striving for growth. Because 10 years ago, it was definitely a different scene for me. I’m seeing changes that are positive; teenage girls have reclaimed their voice and they’ve demanded that they’re taken seriously and they rule the internet and that’s the most powerful thing ever. I think young people are really doing something completely iconic.” I agree, vehemently. “The pendulum is swinging,” she muses, “but it’s also transitional. It’s going to be a painful shift, but there’s definitely been a positive change.”

powerful. I have such a connection with my physicality that I’ve just never had before; I never thought I’d have it.” I make a mental note to learn to wrestle before asking if TV will take precedence in her career now, or whether it’ll run side-by-side with her first passion, music. “I think I’m going to have to find a way to be parallel. I guess that it’s going to be depending on my commitments. Sometimes I have to take a dip out of each one. You know, when I’m shooting Glow, that’s extensive, like five months of physical wrestling and long hours. My time is really taken up by that. I was actually doing stuff for the record on the weekends which was intense. I want to do both, but I’m just going to have to learn how to balance them. I think that it’s key to carve out personal time and healing time, so that I can give my energy to

both in a fresh way each time I come back to them.” Is there anything on the horizon for the artist that we should keep an eye out for in the coming year? She tells me that season two of Glow will be released this year (“that’s gonna be fucking epic,” she says) and her tour is coming up in April. “At the moment, it’s sort of unknown to be honest with you.” But here’s something you didn’t know: Nash is about to study mycology, the scientific study of mushrooms and fungi. “I’m obsessed with nature and just learning about it. I think being in nature is so fucking important, like, it keeps me sane. But yeah, I’m really fascinated with mushrooms.” cn > > Yesterday was Forever is to be released March 30 and will be available to buy online and in stores nationwide.


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Way to Glow In the summer of 2017, Netflix’s smash comedy, Glow, streamed for the first time. Nash landed the role of spunky Rhonda after a pilot she shot with director Jenji Kohen starring Eddy Izzard failed to get picked up. “Because I’d done that, Jenji wanted me to read for the part of Rhonda in Glow, so I auditioned.” Glow is set in the 80s and sees a group of misfit women reinvent themselves in the form of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. “We trained to be wrestlers, we trained to be stunt women and wrestlers. The two best things about the show have been learning how to wrestle and doing it with the most amazing group of women and having this insane bond over our physicality and having a bunch of new female friends who I feel I can really lean on and trust. It’s such a fucking dream job.” She speaks with such verve that I wish I was a part of the empowering group of women, too. “Honestly, I can’t believe it sometimes, because I have so much fun with a bunch of ridiculously funny and talented women who I love and are actually my friends. We’ve learned to do really amazing things with our bodies and we feel really strong and

Spring 2018  |

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PC Tables - Horizon.indd 1

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e s o o L t Le

f f O t Je


After a strenuous academic term, get some much-needed R&R—check out our top destinations for your next spring/summer break


uring the academic year, most of us dream about our next exhilarating travel excursion. Be inspired by our collection of destinations that incorporate fun, sun and adventure—perfect for a spring or summer getaway.




Cancún is a vibrant city that lies on the Yucatán Peninsula, bordering the Caribbean Sea. Best known for its turquoise lagoons, magnificent beaches and buzzing nightlife, it makes for an ideal de-stress vacation. Days can be spent sampling the local cuisine; street food vendors serve up delectable soups and tacos that are easy on the wallet and packed with flavor. Diving is another popular pursuit in Cancún, with the Museo Subacuático de Arte being the main attraction. This one-of-a-kind underwater display was built as a way of diverting divers from the area’s deteriorating coral reefs—it features more than 500 intricate life-size sculptures. In the evening, visitors can head down to the notorious hotel zone: where the tequila is poured freely and the parties don’t end until sunrise.


There is a gritty, palpable and unmistakable air that flows through the streets of New Orleans: this indescribable charisma solidifies it as an unmissable destination. Thriving food joints offer indulgent delicacies: gumbo, biegnets and po’ boy sandwiches are all must-try dishes. New Orleans also has an interesting history that dates back hundreds of years, which is demonstrated by the French-inspired architecture and colonial builds of the area. The supernatural tends to play a major role in the culture here, too; voodoo preachers and tarot card readers offer their expertise to fascinated newcomers. Above all, the locals know how to throw a damn good party. While Mardi Gras is the main festival to draw in the crowds, parades and celebrations occur practically every week of the year. With hometown jazz flowing from the cafés and bars, we compel you not to get swept up in the magic of it all.

Spring 2018 |

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South Padre Island—which is nestled at the southernmost tip of Texas—undoubtedly has the “school’s out” feeling. Throughout the summer months, the coast’s Gulf breeze poses a welcome reprieve from the scorching heat of the mainland. During which time, the local bars buzz with a hive of fun-seeking visitors throughout the day and night. Live events often take place on the beachfront, with stages drawing considerable crowds. Meanwhile, regular party cruises set sail each day, allowing voyagers to mingle and meet new faces. Apart from its energetic party scene, South Padre Island makes a point of contributing to animal conservation. The Sea Turtle, Inc. center facilitates the recovery of injured animals and organizes educational programs for tourists. The island is especially suited to adventure junkies; the tranquil water conditions enable a wealth of watersports such as jet skiing, parasailing and kiteboarding.

Ko Pha-Ngan is an island positioned off the Central Gulf Coast of southern Thailand and is characterised by its luscious coconut trees and stunning seashores. While Ko Pha-Ngan is unquestionably idyllic, it is not necessarily a place of rest. Made famous by its monthly full moon parties, Ko Pha-Ngan is the perfect place to let your hair down. Flamethrowers, authentic dancers and world-class DJs are the biggest draws that beckon crowds of young tourists each year. Most boisterous festivities are centered on Sunrise Beach, while the northern coast is comparatively more peaceful. The island also offers an intriguing night market, spectacular waterfall hikes and secluded viewpoints to enjoy the ebbing sunset. Crystal clear waters also make snorkeling and scuba diving a popular pastime for visitors.



Located near the south end of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system, Utila is the smallest of Honduras’ major Bay Islands. But what Utila lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in character. With very few roads, Utila is only accessible by boat, making it the perfect retreat for city dwellers. This picturesque island is crawling with dive-obsessed backpackers in search of a good time. While recent diving taxes mean that courses aren’t quite as cheap as they once were, visitors often jump at the chance to see the juvenile whale sharks that frequent these waters. Otherwise, days can be spent soaking up the rays from a hammock or strolling along the white sands of the curving bay. As darkness falls, the island suddenly springs to life; exotic beach bars and clubs resonate with lively music and a distinctly youthful vibe. Cn | Spring 2018

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Save Your

Rethink your waste habits and put your leftovers to good use; try these delicious recipes According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Unites States wastes approximately 31 percent (that’s 133 billion pounds) of its overall food supply every year. Doing your bit to reduce the amount of food you throw away can help the environment and ultimately assist in saving you money—win, win! Check out our leftover recipes that transform commonly wasted ingredients into scrumptious meals.

Leftover Breakfast Muffins SERVES 12

These quick and easy breakfast muffins are a fantastic way to use up your leftover eggs or vegetables. They can be completely customized according to your tastes and are perfect for students on the go. Get creative with your flavor combinations: try feta, pea and shredded ham or caramelized onion and corn—the possibilities are endless.

INGREDIENTS • • • • • •

1 ½ cups plain flour 2 tsp. baking powder Salt and pepper, to taste ¼ cup melted butter 2 large eggs 1 cup buttermilk

• • • • •

Halved baby tomatoes Chopped red bell pepper 1 cup diced green onions Fresh chives, chopped 1 cup grated parmesan




1. Preheat the oven to 375F, then coat the wells of a 12-muffin tin with butter. Add a circular sheet of baking parchment to the bottom of each. 2. In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt and pepper. 3. Separately, melt the butter and leave aside to cool to room temperature. Once cooled, whisk the eggs, buttermilk and butter together. 4. Pour the buttermilk mixture into the flour blend and combine with a spoon. Add the vegetables, chives and parmasan, reserving a small amount of chives for the end. 5. Once combined, divide the batter and fill the muffin tin. Sprinkle the remaining chives on top and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Spring 2018 |

CN19.Leftovers.indd 26

09/03/2018 11:38


Makeshift Peach & Berry Crumble SERVES 8

This is the perfect sweet treat that uses overly ripe fruit. Their soft consistency makes them perfect for this dish. Crumble can be made with almost any fruit combination; you could stick to classic pairings like apple and blackberry or dare to go bold with pineapple, apricot and ginger. Ideally, use what you have stocked.

INGREDIENTS 6 soft peaches, peeled 2 cups mixed berries 1 orange for juice and zest 3 tsp. corn flour ½ cup demerara sugar 1 tsp. cinnamon

1 cup plain flour 1 cup golden caster sugar 1 tsp. baking powder 2 tbsp. mixed oats 1 tsp. grated nutmeg 1 medium egg ½ cup unsalted butter

1. Preheat oven to 375F, then line a shallow baking dish with butter. 2. Slice the peaches and place them on the bottom of the buttered dish

with the mixed berries. 3. Mix the juice and zest of the orange with the corn flour, ½ cup

demerara sugar, cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Sprinkle this over the peaches. 4. For the topping, mix the flour, caster sugar, baking powder, oats and nutmeg together. Add the eggs and combine to form a coarse crumb. Place on top of the peach mixture and drizzle with melted unsalted butter. 5. Bake for 35 minutes or until the top turns golden brown.


• • • • • •

• • • • • • •

METHOD | Spring 2018

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Only $10

The Secret is Out Love the Way You Feel

Angels Secret brings to the fore a new wave of sanitary products with hygiene at the very core of its philosophy. With seven breathable layers including its patented Negative Ion Core, Angels Secret sanitary napkins promotes clean and natural health whilst providing comfortable, super-absorbent and odor-free products. Angels Secret is the idea hygienic sanitary napkin that works to kill 99.9% bacteria and requires just two to three pads per day— compare that to regular brands that require an average of four to six tampons or towels per day!

For more information, visit

Kreation One Life.indd 1

17/01/2018 15:21

Check out our new website! Written by students for students, College News covers a range of topics including campus life, dating advice, money management, and lots more!

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09/03/2018 06/03/2018 09:05 11:50

Spring Bling | FASHION

Making a


Designers at the London, Milan and New York fashion weeks adorned their models with a new-wave of back-to-the-90s fashion trends this year—and we’re excited STATEMENT EARRINGS Spangly statement earrings are not just the reserve of Christmas-themed gimmicks. Shouldersweeping and bold-colored earrings add a touch of summer to your outfit well before the season gets underway. This year, leading fashion houses Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney have reinvented the statement earring for spring/summer 2018 and while the humble student wallet may be too shallow to acquire such prestigious examples, decently priced imitations will be available on the high street. ‘MATRIX’ SUNGLASSES Out with the old, in with the new (or so they say). Giant, face-obstructing sunglasses have had their time and ‘matrix’ sunglasses from the 90s are making a reappearance. One of America’s most revered supermodels, Bella Hadid, was snapped wearing these futuristic, slender lenses earlier this year. This soon-to-be accessory-staple gets a 10/10 from us. BERETS The inner Parisian in us can finally have their moment because—and I can’t believe it either— berets are back in vogue. The French classic was a highlight at this year’s various fashion weeks for both men and women. Brought back to the cat walk by leading designers, this chic accessory is a must-have for your 2018 wardrobe.


PLATFORM SHOES When Balenciaga models strutted down the runway in platform crocs at Paris fashion week this year, it wasn’t necessarily the shoe of choice we were hoping for. They—rightly or wrongly— stole the show and left a few mouths gaping, but looking beyond the eccentric foam footwear, we can definitely make space for a pair of platforms in our lives. cn | Spring 2018

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“What we in the industry call ~*MAGIC*~”

All natural Vitamin C Serum - Protect your skin from photodamage, while brightening & smoothing! Mad Hippie’s award-winning vitamin C serum works to even skin tone and smooth texture, keeping your skin clear & beautiful, while helping inhibit photodamage from the sun - the cause of some 90% of skin aging.



= :-) Want to keep up-to-date on everything that’s happening on campus, across the country and around the world? Follow us on Twitter (@CNcollegenews) and friend us on Facebook! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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Makeup | Fashion

Makeup or No? These are exciting times for both our generation and past generations when it comes to makeup. We’re evolving in the most positive way—we’re waking up! By Corey Demaline



hese days, it’s all about simplicity. People are setting aside their cell phones and tablets and spending more time with friends and family. The majority of our day used to be spent reading the latest Facebook status updates and tweets, now we see more people with their nose in a book and browsing public libraries. Remarkably, we’re even seeing—dare I say it—less makeup! Finally! Of course, there are certain occasions that call for that glam look that only eyelash extensions and plump lips can bring, but artists like Alicia Keys have taken a stand against wearing makeup on a regular basis and the audience agrees— less makeup, more natural beauty. Have you ever taken the time to browse through old photos of your grandparents or great-grandparents? I have, and every time I do, the first thought that comes to mind is, “Wow, my grandmother is absolutely stunning.” Did you notice in these vintage photos that most of them are hardly wearing any makeup? How can it be that we find our grandparents so beautiful without wearing any foundation, but in today’s society, if any one of us young folk were to walk outside with anything less on our face, people passing us might think we’re ill? Sadly, it’s because the bar for our generation is so high and the multibillion


The worth of the cosmetic industry in the US in 2016 Source:

dollar beauty industry is benefitting from our insecurities. When was the last time you were in public wearing little to no makeup? I bet you can only recall one or two occasions; let me guess, you were out buying cough syrup and Vick’s? I, personally, will not go to the grocery store without at least concealer on my face to cover dark spots and blemishes. Guys, what is wrong with us?! Why are we so afraid of what people will think if we step outside without an ounce of makeup on? It’s time to take a stand, just like Alicia Keys. Who cares if we have a few zits on our face? Every person I know has them at one point or another. So what if my eyelashes don’t look nearly as long as those times I spend 15 minutes perfecting them with three different types of mascara? They’re just eyelashes! It’s healthy to give your skin a break from all that primer, concealer, foundation and blush. Not only is it healthy for your skin, but also for your soul. Remember who you are and what you truly look like without a mask. Hey, if one of the most famous musicians of our time can do it, so can we! Take it off and let yourself breathe! cn  |  Spring 2018

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FASHION | Androgynous Fashion

BOYS Will Be

GIRLS By Kayley Loveridge


ashion has historically been a platform with which to reflect our sense of identity and the current social climate. Changing attitudes in society and our culture as a whole has meant that gender conformity is now often challenged and major fashion houses are listening. While androgynous clothing for women has existed in store and on the catwalk for decades now—namely, tailored suits, blazers, trousers and boy-cut jeans—it hasn’t so much altered the definition of clothing categorised as ‘men’s’. ON THE RUNWAY Young pop icon Jaden Smith—son of A-list actor Will Smith—has been challenging conventional norms for years with his beliefs and androgynous style. The star wore a pleated skirt for leading fashion house Louis Vuitton back in the 2016 Louis Vuitton show. And it’s not just for appearances, either. The 19-year-old regularly wears dresses and skirts blithely in casual occasions, too. When asked


by culture news site Nylon why he chose to wear skirts, Smith said, “So, you know, in five years when a kid goes to school wearing a skirt, he won’t get beat up and kids won’t get mad at him.” In Calvin Klein’s AW16 campaign, Atlanta rapper Young Thug wore a long tunic with a necklace. The hip hop star’s approach to style has consistently subverted convention, where he has been known to wear leopard-print dresses, mini-skirts and tunics. He said, “In my world, it doesn’t matter. You could be a gangster with a dress, you could be a gangster with baggy pants. I feel like there’s no such thing as gender.” ON THE HIGH STREET The image of men wearing skirts, dresses and sarongs is no longer the reserve of obscure, high-end fashion runways; genderneutral clothing is, in fact, dominating the conversation in the fashion arena. Over the last few years, the sartorial world has been

at the helm of a social shift where gender conventions are challenged. The concept of being able to define our gender has blossomed and widened our modern lexicon: terms like ‘gender fluid’ and ‘non-binary’ are now the norm. Gender fluid refers to individuals who do not identify themselves as having a fixed gender, while non-binary refers to not identifying as either. The lines between ‘male’ and ‘female’ clothing sections in stores are also (finally) being blurred. Gone are the days of clear pink and blue colors dividing the shop floor, directing consumers to their ‘rightful’ department. Major high street retailers have begun to stock unisex lines, including clothing giant H&M, who launched a unisex denim brand called Denim United back in 2017. The line consists of denim overalls, jeans and jackets, and basics items including t shirts, button down shirts and hoodies. H&M spokesperson Marybeth Schmitt said in a statement at the time that “Fashion should always be inclusive.” cn


Women have long appropriated men’s fashion, but now, the coin has flipped; gender-neutral clothing is extending to men’s fashion, too

Spring 2018 |

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Who am I? I am female. I am male. The body is for the masses. I have a soul that connects us, with a mind that separates us. I stay awake to find you. When I see you, I see me. When I see me, I see you. The good I bring is the good you aim to be. I start from the surface to begin my journey. I roam through many paths to find me, or did you find you, happy to recognize me. Here we are, together we should be. We need sustainability to make this last. Honesty and openness will champion us like everlast. Reset here and now. Who am I? We are you. AboveBoard (AB) is a lifestyle brand made for you. Inspired by the free and open-minded, AboveBoard creates products to encourage you to mindfully engage with the world. AboveBoard is a brand that stands for social compassion, environmental wellness, and ethical sourcing on a mission to kindle the spirit of our true nature, self-unity. AboveBoard is a beacon for interconnectedness and sustainability. Let’s show the world who we are. Be the best version of yourself and feel mindfully good with Aboveboard branded soft T-shirts, cozy hoodies, or classic mesh hats, which are all consciously made with sustainable fabrics. While we may have many fashion choices in front of us, let’s choose wisely and spread the word.

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New Wave Clothing AboveBoard is a lifestyle brand for everyone. Inspired by the open-minded and free, AboveBoard clothing is synonymous with social compassion and environmental wellness. With clothing that is ethically sourced, AboveBoard strives to bring sustainability to the mainstream. Choose from soft t shirts, comfy hoodies and mesh hats.

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Portable Laptop Stands Tabletote’s portatable, compact, lightweight and adjustable laptop stands are perfect for students on the go. This convenient workspace, which can slide neatly into your backpack, can be set up in under a minute, making it the perfect solution for when desks are unavailable.

Spring 2018 |

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College News: Spring 2018  

This issue of College News features Kate Nash, Ron Pope and much more!

College News: Spring 2018  

This issue of College News features Kate Nash, Ron Pope and much more!