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(Far Left) Adelaide Damoah; image courtesy of MTArt (Above Left) Saype’s massive outdoor work Beyond Walls: image courtesy of MTArt (Left) Marine Tanguy of MTArt

OTHER ART Increasingly, young artists are taking the promotion and commercialisation of their work into their own hands. The Other Art Fair lets

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While the art world concentrates on selling art on walls for a few, we focus on investing in the top artists who could inspire everyone – Marine Tanguy, MTArt

artists display their work and sell directly to the public. The excitement of possibly discovering the next Basquiat or Jeff Koons at this sort of event give collectors every incentive to encourage young talent. Founded in 2011 by Ryan Stanier, The Other At Fair has hosted 38 fairs presenting over 1,100 artists from more than 20 countries. Acquired by Saatchi Art in 2016, The Other Art Fair continues to grow both in the UK and abroad. In 2019, a record twelve editions of the fair will take place across the world in London, Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne. Artists participating in The Other Art Fair are also featured on Saatchi Art’s online gallery, joining an international

powerhouse of emerging talent, including more than 50,000 artists from over 100 countries. The Other Art Fair in London over four days in July saw over 100 artists exhibiting in the West Handyside canopy in King’s Cross, including guest artist Chris Levine, famed for his lenticular portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and a unique exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, One Small Step, featuring the work of 12 artists including Anish Kapoor, the Chapman Brothers and Mr Brainwash. Also exhibiting was Kim Bongsoo, a sculptor who says the theme of his art is “The selfish duplicity of human beings in desire - I have highlighted these characters of human beings in my pieces. People in my works look gentle and intelligent, but have a long nose.”

STREET LIFE Disruptive art is also taking to the streets, with art curator and serial creative entrepreneur Kia Knight’s Mas•ter•werks Organisation stressing the link between public art and the attractiveness of urban areas as places to visit, work or live. Knight’s projects include a seven-day public art exhibition in Shoreditch, east London, taking place in October 2019, which will see a collection of privately-owned building facades e

worked with photographer Rankin in the Visual Diet opening exhibition with MTArt Agency in collaboration with MC Saatchi London. Another talent promoted by MTArt is Saype, whose massive outdoor works have recently made international headlines. In June he unveiled the largest piece of art ever created, stretching 15,000m along the entire length of Paris’ iconic Champ de Maris. Called Beyond Walls, the piece will be reproduced in 20 international cities over the next three years. Created using Saype’s own unique 100 percent biodegradable and sustainable paint, it showcases linked human hands and is inspired by photos taken of SOS Méditerranée volunteers rescuing migrants. It is designed to convey a message of human togetherness at a time of increasing political, cultural and societal fraction.


(Above) Public art from 1-of-1 Art Group


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