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Digital Aid is a registered charity who seeks a green approach to discarded computer hardware and provides them to those who want to be computer literate but do not have the resources. Do you know that every year, the world discards between 20 million and 50 million tons of computers, peripherals, mobile phones and other electronics? About 4,500 tons of e-waste discarded every hour. The world is facing an explosion of high-tech trash. Wondering what to do with your old computer? You have a choice - you can start thinking of it as recyclable. And even more, you can think of it as a possible way to help a child get better education. That’s what Digital Aid does. We recycle and refurbish old computers, printers, monitors, and other material, and we donate them to educational institutions, non-profit organizations or low-income households who cannot offer their children access to information technology. Our organization’s main aim is underprivileged children, because we believe that for the next generation computer skills will be a must for equal professional opportunities. We are trying to identify geographical areas or social categories affected by the “digital divide” phenomena, and to bring our contribution – and yours – to bridging it.


Our association has been registered on 20 March 2009 at the Prefecture des Alpes Maritimes with number W062001187.


Currently we are organizing a program that aims to create three socio-educational centers in three schools in Romania with a high percentage of students from poor families; many of them belong to the rrom ethnical minority, having known problems of social integration. We are working on this project in collaboration with the Rrom Association of Rimnicu Sarat, local teachers and public administration. The concerned elementary and middle schools are:   

School no. 3, Rimnicu Sarat, with 250 students, School no. 2, Rimnicu Sarat, with 210 students, School no. 2, Rimnicelu, with 160 students.

The above mentioned schools have 3 socio-sanitary mediators and 2 educational mediators, who contribute to this project and will support students in the centers.


Companies that upgrade their systems, people changing their computers, we will try to contact you and let you know that there is a way to give your material and preserve the environment plus supporting an educational project. In addition, any financial donations we receive shall go towards the expenses related to logistic and technical supplies – we are a non-profit making association. We also try to collaborate with local NGO, public administrations and educational system, in order to best adapt our actions to the real needs of the communities. We are supported by the Ubuntu (Linux open source operating system) international community, providing us advice on system versions that best suit children’s needs, CDs, and support for future users to learn how to use this system. But we need your help.


We wipe all data from hard disks using the KillDisk software; our commitment is to completely destroy all existing data on the computers donated to us. We are installing on computers Ubuntu (, a Linux-based open source operating system that contains all applications children might need: web browser, document, presentation and spreadsheet software, drawing and graphics applications, and much more. The versions used are Ubuntu 9.04 or U-Lite ( ), a light version for old hardware configurations.


Volunteering. We need volunteers to help us organize the events, the transport, to test, repair and configure computers, advertise our activity, raise funds. No computer skills are required, as we assure training for all those wanting to get involved into the technical aspects. Donations. Our activity relies on the donation of computers and peripherals. We accept computers, notebooks, computer accessories (mice, keyboards, power cords, etc.), computer peripherals (printers, fax machines, scanners, etc.), CRT & LCD computer monitors, printer cartridges, audio / video equipment. We also need financial support to cover logistic and acquisition of material we use for repairing the donated hardware.


Digital Aid Oana Crucioi “Le Primavera” 206 avenue Louis Pasteur 06190, Roquebrune Cap Martin France Phone/Fax : +33.953550044 E-mail : More information will be soon available on our website :

Digital Aid  

We are a non-profit organization recycling used computer hardware and donating it to underprivileged children or educational institution in...

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