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You do not need to look too far to see examples of big pictures on ecommerce sites. Open the Best Made site and you are greeted with a full-wide lifestyle photo. The Ann Taylor site is just one example of a large, omni-channel retailer using modals on-site to promote email subscriptions.

Rejuvenation uses a card-like layout, featuring large product images, to organize its home page.

Belk uses a card layout to promote sales.

Pop-ups and Merchandising

The driver is the fact that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to online sellers. Marketers understand that if they can get more email subscribers, they can get more sales. Thus, they use any means, seemingly, to attract subscribers.

In 2016, these pop-ups will become so common that perhaps as many as a third of the National Retail Federation’s top retailers will use them. Marketers will be selective though. Pop-ups probably won’t show up every time you visit the site. In some cases, you will have to take some action, like scrolling, to display the modal.


So-called pop-up advertising was, perhaps, one of the most hated forms of online promotion ever. The first popups, in the 1990s, opened new browser windows with ads or even whole websites in them. Many pop-ups were deceptive. Consumers generally hated these ads. Pop-up blocking services became common and, before long, web browsers were blocking these disruptive ads too. Interestingly, this sort of interruption marketing is making a comeback in website design. In its present form, the pop-up is a modal, typically offering a discount in exchange for joining an email list or following the site’s various social media profiles.

Dynamic Views Many, if not most, online stores display products or lists of products that are static, meaning they are laid out on the server and delivered to the user’s web browser. When the shopper makes a change to an option or filter, the browser contacts the server and gets a new static page. Watch for this to change in 2016, as more sites begin to use dynamic views that rely on JavaScript and Ajax. To see a compelling example of this, visit the JadoPado site and search for something. Notice that with each new keystroke, the products displayed on the page change dynamically.

Big Lots also uses a pop-up to promote email subscriptions

Large Photography and Videos “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and a video might be worth a few million words. In 2016, ecommerce sites will feature large pictures and an increasing number of videos. What’s more, designers and developers will optimize how these rich materials are delivered to boost site performance on all platforms.

Many thanks to Armando Roggio who is contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce and the director of marketing and ecommerce for a multichannel retail chain. He has 17 years of Internet and marketing experience. Follow Armando • Ecommerce tweets at @ecommerceboy

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