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Great Britain from a Wheelchair by Tony Heaton

Motion Disabled Simon McKeown & Dr Paul Darke

Outside Centre 2nd Wolverhampton Disability Art And Film Festivals Self Expression

Promote and Develop Disabled Artists Develop Disabled as an audience and participants in Arts Culture The development of long term partnerships with Arena Theatre, Light House and Wolverhampton Art Gallery Funded by Arts Council and ScreenWM

Disability Art Festival In Wolverhampton 2009

What is Disability Art Disability Art is: Controlled by disabled people in a developing culture; The culture of disabled people that is the creative voice of disabled people that is Empowering & Political; Rooted in The Social Model of Disability (not Medical, Charity or Therapeutic).

Susan Austin - Underwater Wheelchair Winner of the ‘Judges Choice’ 2008, Holton Lee.

Justice & Oppression taken from I.M. Young's Justice and the Politics of Difference Someone who does not see a pane of glass does not know that he does not see it. Someone who, being placed differently, does see it, does not know the other does not see it. When our will finds expression outside ourselves in actions performed by others, we do not waste our time and our power of attention in examining whether they have consented to this. This is true for all of us. Our attention, given entirely to the success of the undertaking, is not claimed by them as long as they are docile … (said by Simone Weil)

Domination + Oppression + Exploitation + Marginalisation + Powerlessness + Cultural Imperialism + Violence

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Examples of Disability Art

Crazitis Cripplus Ann Whitehurst

Medication Time Aidan Shingler

Alison Lapper

Not Mark Quinn

Cultural Imperialism To experience cultural imperialism means to experience how the dominant meanings of a society render the particular perspective of one's own group invisible at the same time as they stereotype one's group and mark it out as the Other. from I.M. Young's Justice and the Politics of Difference

Cripple by the Sea Ann Whitehurst

Outside Nighthawks Paul Darke

Disability Holocaust Memorial Proposed Anonymous Sculpture

Angela Davis Said: When people call for diversity and link it to justice and equality, that's fine. But there's a model of diversity as the difference that makes no difference, the change that brings about no change. It was never about individuals. I never grew up thinking that the measure of my success was as an individual. There was always a sense that the measure of your success was to a large part one that was linked to community advancement. … [civil rights] produced individual successes but it never produced group successes.

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