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Digital marketing  Mid-­‐term     Jiali  Wang  MBA  2B   INFLUENCE  MARKETING  

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Mid-­‐term exam  Digital  marketing   Jiali  Wang     MBA  2B     1. In  YOUR  own  words,  what  is  the  difference  between  traditional   word-­‐of-­‐mouth  marketing  and  Influence  Marketing?     In  a  word,  the  new  influence  marketing  is  a  trendy  dimension  of  marketing  tool,   which  is  more  efficient  than  traditional  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  marketing.  By  defining  a   influencer  on  the  social  platform,  the  image  of  the  brand  and  the  message  which   the  company  wants  to  deliver  would  be  reached  more  directly  and  accepted  by   the  followers  of  the  influencer.     The  WOM  marketing  could  be  included  and  be  one  of  the  major  parts  of    the   influence  marketing.  The  influencer  could  be  someone  who  has  a  great  impact  on   the  company’s  market  segment  ,  it  could  be  a  person  or  even  a  third  party.     2. Post  a  link  to  the  article  you  read,  in  addition  to  the  Slideshare.   Higilight  the  key  quote.  How  did  the  article  expand  your   understanding  of  the  assigned  presentation?  Support  -­‐  contradict?   Please  be  specific.     Article  link:­‐in-­‐social-­‐ influence-­‐mar.html     This  article  is  a  complementary  lecture  to  the  PPT,  which  explained  the    also  the   importance  of  the  influence  marketing  and  listed  10  major  trends  of  the   influence  marketing.       Apart  from  what  have  already  listed  in  the  PPT,  this  article  also  mentioned  that   we  have  to  take  into  account  the  fact  that  different  influencers  would  matter  the   customers  in  different  stage  of  purchasing.     3. What  is  the  relationship  between  communities  and  your  social   brand  -­‐  give  your  insights  for  Slide  23.     According  to  the  slide  23,    there  are  to  objectives  which  we  wish  our  influence   marketing  want  to  reach.  It  could  be  divided  into  2  stages.  In  the  first  stage  of  our   influence  marketing,  the  goal  is  to  find  and  engage  the  community  of  our  target   market.  The  2nd  stage  is  become  the  core  of  the  community  and  as  a  result  to       influence  the  community.     4. What  is  the  relationship  between  Klout  scores  and  Influence   Marketing?  Is  a  Klout  score  meaningful?     Klout  is  one  of  the  tools  for  the  companies  for  their  influence  marketing   management.  It  is  useful  for  the  marketer  to  fist  of  all  know  our  market  situation,   what  is  the  major  opinion  given  by  the  public  on  the  internet,  and  then  define  


who their  influencers  are  in  their  targeting  market.    It  can  be  used  as  a  useful   tool  for  the  first  stage  of  the  social  influence  marketing.     A  high  scored  influencer  would  reach  a  wide  range  of  audience  who  could   potentially  be  our  customer.  Therefore  these  influencers’  comments  and  point  of   view  on  our  hotel  would  definitely  generate  a  great  impact  on  the  purchasing   decision  of  their  audiences.                  5.        Case  study  for  hotel  MOSSONI     1) SIM  action  plan   • Online  research  for  the  social  reputation  of  the  hotel  by  google  or  other   3rd  parties  where  customers  have  posted  comments  or  reviews  about  the   hotel.  Acquire  a  current  major  point  of  view  about  the  hotel,  response  to   those  negative  ones  as  behalf  of  the  direction  of  the  hotel   • Defining  the  influencer  of  the  hotel   By  using  the  influence  marketing  tool  such  as  klout,  find  out  who  our   influencer  are:     -­‐ Individuals  who  have  large  social  networks  in  the  target  market  or     -­‐ Bloggers  who  have  a  great  numbers  of  followers  who  write  about  the   travel  reviews  for  restaurants  and  hotels   -­‐ 3rd  parties  such  booking  sites   • Creation  of  social  network  account  for  online  interaction  and  promotion   such  as  facebook  and  twitter  etc   • Follow  the  influencer  on  the  social  network     • Send  promotion  information  and  invitation  to  those  followers     2) Clearly  state  your  objectives   • Widen  the  brand  wareness   • Increase  sales  and  booking   • Enhance  the  hotel  image     3) Select  at  least  3  Social  Media  as  tactics     -­‐  Twitter   -­‐  LinkedIn      -­‐Blog     • The  twitter  and  the  blog  could  be  used  as  a  connection  between  the   community  which  the  hotel  target  at  for  the  communication  purpose.  Hotel   can  post  any  information  of  hotel  to:   -­‐ present  the  hotel     -­‐ inform  followers  of  the  special  offers  or  events   These  2  types  of  media  could  also  be  used  to  interact  with  the  followers.  By   responding  the  tweets  and  comments  about  the  hotel,  both  positive  and   negative,    it  also  helps  the  hotel  to  improve  their  service  and  to  know  what   the  clients  want.     How  to  use  these  2  medias?      


Blog: -­‐ talking  about  the  history  of  the  hotel,  stories,  company  culture  and  of   course,  what  service  we  offer  for  the  guests   -­‐ uploading  photos  of  rooms  which  enable  the  guests  to  get  a  direct   vision  of  the  hotel   -­‐ promotion  details   -­‐ introducing  the  city  where  the  hotel  located,  suggestion  for  the  tourist   of  what  they  should  visit  here     Twitter:   -­‐ posting  attracts  of  the  blog  content  and  adding  links  to  the  blog  post   -­‐ information  of  promotion  and  events   -­‐ responding  and  interacting  with  the  guests     • LinkedIn     The  directors  of  each  department  of  the  hotel  could  sign  up  an  official  account  on   the  linkedIn.  Because  on  linkedIn  we  can  not  only  recruit  future  employees  for   the  hotel,  and  also  get  a  connection  with  the  experts  in  hospitality  industry  who   are  also  the  influencers  of  our  hotel         How  will  you  measure  the  results  of  the  Influence  Marketing     If  our  influence  marketing  strategies  has  worked  out.  If  we  look  at  the  comments   on  the  internet,  there  should  be  more  positive  ones.  And  the  booking  rate  and   reservations  should  increase.  


Digital marketing mid-term  

influence marketing

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